Booda Dome Cleanstep is a Huge Hit

Wed, Apr 9, 2008

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Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

I’m still working on my natural litter comparison test, but in order to carryout my experiment, I needed to get another litter box, so I finally sprang for the Booda Dome Cleanstep covered cat litter box. If you’ve shopped for covered litter boxes anytime in the past several years, you have no doubt seen the Booda Dome line. I’ve had other covered litter boxes and I’ve always looked right past this one, thinking, “Oh, it’s just another covered litter box.” I had no idea how popular it would be! EVERYONE loves it (all the cats, and me, too.)

I think it has some features that make it a very well-designed product. First, I have a couple of “deep diggers.” The area for the litter is quite deep, allowing you to fill it up with a lot of litter to accommodate the digging, plus the top fits perfectly and prevents flying litter from escaping. Another issue with deep diggers is that they tend to deposit liquids on the very bottom of the box. The inner shape of the box has curved edges and no sharp corners (similar to its cousin, the Booda Swift Scoop) making it very easy to scoop away the deposits on the bottom of the box.

I chose the Cleanstep model which has a covered walkway/ramp leading into the box. The ramp is designed to remove litter from paws and reduce tracking. It does remove some of the litter, but plenty still exits the box trapped between furry toes. I’m not sure if there will ever be a great solution to this problem, but I think the ramp helps.

It does have a built-in air filter which is supposed to remove 99 percent of odor. That may be more like 10 percent. It’s still pretty stinky. I do like the handle on the top and think that it is quite easy to remove and replace the top for cleaning. It is a nice big box, so even my Maine Coon is comfortable using it. The form is actually quite attractive and it comes in some excellent colors, like gold, titanium, and silver.

I got mine at PetSmart, but it is also available at Amazon.

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17 Responses to “Booda Dome Cleanstep is a Huge Hit”

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    I tried the Booda Dome, but had two issues with it that led me to return to a rectangular covered box. First, I think my larger cat was rather cramped since the dome top leaves less head room, and the ramp also cuts down on the space for the cat to maneuver inside. Second, the plastic liners were extremely difficult to place on the oddly shaped base.

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    We have a couple of these and mostly love them, too, but we have issues with the cats peeing up the side and it leaking down the lid. Gross.

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    I looked at these when I was shopping for a new catbox, but ended up going with the CleverCat top-entry one instead. It actually keeps a LOT of litter in the box, and it’s super easy to clean. (Jeez, I sound like an advertiser).

    You should check it out though. Definitely the best one I’ve owned. :)

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    I had one a couple of years ago but stopped using it in favor of a standard box-shaped enclosed litter box. My cat just seems to track a lot of litter no matter what box I use. The main reason I stopped using it was because of the odor, even though I cleaned the box regularly. I think the door opening is too high and allows odors to escape easily. I did manage to reduce the smell by creating a card-board insert and hot-gluing it to the top of the door to lower the opening. In the end it didn’t seem any better than the other box. I think the cat’s personality and habits are greater factors.

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    I used to have the booda dome when I had 2 cats. I agree there was still plenty of odor. My main issue was the size. I live in a small apartment and it was like having another piece of furniture.

    I have the smaller booda for my new cat. I think rather than a litter box that keeps litter in, I need to find a litter rug that somehow magnetically removes all the litter from my cat’s paws when he steps out.

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    I have a geriatric cat who has problems hitting the litter box when she’s urinating. She stands in the box and urinates outside of it. High sided boxes are not an option because of the arthritis in her back legs. Before the Booda dome, we placed training pads around the box, which worked, but we were changing them several times a day. She has responded well to the Booda dome, mostly getting the urine inside. We do still have to clean urine occasionally at the base of the ramp. The lip is large enough that the urine pools there. Yeah, it’s gross, but it sure beats finding it on the floor. We have not had problems with scent, but we use the pine litter which seems to have much better odor control than other litters. Also, the filter needs to be changed about every three months. I gave up using the plastic bag inserts after the first use because they are so hard to use. The pine litter dust is easily swiped away when you change out the box.

    The Booda Dome is definitely a matter of preference. Our geriatric cat uses it exclusively, preferring it to all other boxes. Two of our other cats use it when they feel like it. Our fourth cat won’t even walk in front of it. He prefers the regular, nothing fancy box located in a more discrete part of the house.

  8. 8

    I have five cats and I have this exact same Booda Dome – it has changed the quality of my life!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Like with any litter box, the plastic liners are basically useless, but I just take it outside and hose it down periodically between litter changes.

    The lip at the bottom of the steps keeps in ‘spills’ and much of the litter, which is really nice.

    As far as maneuverability, my cats are huge and have no problem with headspace or turning around, but I have the large-sized dome, not the smaller one.

    Definitely worth the money in my multi-cat household, and I’ve tried just about everything.

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    I had this litter box for six years and liked it. However, if your cat thinks it is a sprinkler it will run out of the crack between the lid and the base. Also, though it is very large there is really not that much usable potty room for kitties. Lastly, the snap in filter holder tends to give and then there is a filter in the box blocking the way and a swinging holder whacking the cat in the head. The box is really pretty good but I actually recommend my new one which is the Pet Mate Hooded Litter Pan with the raised back. I have to scoop it more but my cats seem happier.

  10. 10

    I was shopping for a liter box and all of your comments were very helpful tips. Thanks!

    As helpful as it is, I do have to say that it’s pretty funny that all these people are on here taking the time to write about a box for their cats to poop in. How many of you have taken the same amount of time to write about your toilets? Which ones have the most comfy seats? do they splash up on your backside? Which ones have the best echo effect? Nope. Just litter boxes.

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    Wishing someone would sell me an old-style Booda Swing-Top box … I’d probably be willing to pay over $100 for it. Waaaaaay better than these domed styles they’re selling now.

    Problems with domed styles:
    * Very hard to clean because of rounded shape. Litter scoop easily scratches the plastic box, and then you feel you have to bleach it all the time. That never happened with the Swing-Top.
    * Does not control odors anywhere near as well as the Swing-Top.
    * The ramp itself retains tracked litter, so unless you clean the ramp a couple times a day, it just gets tracked out from there. And trying to use a wisk broom to clean off the ramp is an exercise in patience too – really, no part of the box is easy to clean.

    Why did Booda ever change designs?

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    I didn’t choose the Booda, my 1 feral cat did. I took in a stray, now house cat. He was a little thing so I had a regular litter box, no problem, just the typical tracking.

    Well started to notice litter outside the box against the wall. I thought humm, I just cleaned it up. Then I saw my 1 feral jump into my window. I followed him without him knowing. He went downstairs to the cat litter bathroom. Without going downstairs I heard the digging, scrapping, then the pause, then the covering, then at 100 miles an hour comes running the cat up and out the window.

    I thought, you stunker I just cleaned the litter box and there you have it, the Booda entered into my life. I slowly did the change with 2 litter boxes until the stray go use to it. The feral didn’t care, it went in any box or large house plant.

    My feral uses the step part, my stray just kind of pops his head in and by passes the steps and going into the tanks.

    So if you have the SPACE it is a investment. I have no other experience with covered boxes except the booda.

  13. 13

    This is for Jason: Most women have to clean up after the cats most men do not unless they live alone and they have a cat. Most if not all women clean up after men in the bathroom and we wished there was a toilet set especially for men but there isn’t so we don’t write about it. So with that said, “Covered” toilets (litter box) is good for all felines and males :)

  14. 14

    I just want to second the recommendation of this box. Admittedly, it only lessens the litter tracking problem not completely solving it but our main concern was keeping our dogs out of the box for special cat made “treats”. This was the only covered box that keeps most of the litter further back from the opening (dangerously easy dog accessability zone). We would face the opening closer to a walled corner but enough room for the cats to get in and all was right with our animals. It’s odd to me that there’s hardly any discussion about interspecies logistics of this type of problem with alot of readers.

  15. 15
    jeffrey edman

    this thing SUCK’S i’m taking it back for a refund.. would rather use a cardbord box!!!!!

  16. 16

    I liked the idea and I liked how it acted, but of my 3 (used to be 4) cats, only 1 will use it. I guess they felt cramped because they’ll use it without the lid (but what’s the point of that?). Also, I find the stairs extremely hard to clean, I was basically vacuuming them to get all the litter out. I think it captures it a little too well. I took the lid off and kept using it as a sort of high side box. It’s funny to watch them, they still use the stairs! But I definitely regret spending so much on it.

  17. 17

    WOW sorry to see so many sad reports. Our cats love the booda. We have two cats each weighting about 15 pounds and they have no problem with this box. You can put a line in it if you want to. I find it easy to clean and love the fact it holds a 25 pound box of litter so I don’t have refill a lot. GREAT buy. The steps are great for leaving a lot of litter in the box. We added a little cat rug underneath and we have minimal litter in the house.

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