Unbelievable Cat-friendly House Design from Japan

Wed, Oct 8, 2008

Climbing & Perching, Scratching

I think I’m going to have a heart attack, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen! As you may be aware, the Japanese treat their pets like children, and since they are also masters of good design, it’s no surprise that some Japanese housing builders are now designing homes with special features for pets. These amazing images are from Asahi Kasei’s Plus-Nyan house. Obviously a great deal of research went into the design of these beautiful spaces, from the perspective of both the cats and the homeowners.

Features include open air cat walks, climbing steps, nooks throughout the house for cat hide-outs, cat doors in every door, extra space in the bathroom designed especially for a litter box, an enclosed deck area, and special fences to prevent cats from escaping.

They have even gone so far as to use pet-friendly construction materials that resist scratching and are easy to clean.

Thank you to Sachie at My Cat Goma for finding this and for translating the Japanese descriptions for us!

I want to live in Japan!

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123 Responses to “Unbelievable Cat-friendly House Design from Japan”

  1. 1

    This is truly awesome! Those of us in the U.S. could incorporate these design ideas into our own home if we custom build one – for these types of reasons I’d like to build my own home someday – not because I want a huge mansion but so many details get overlooked in standard american homes. My (future) cats would be delighted in this japanese home :) Thanks so much for posting, and your site is fabulous!

  2. 2

    LOVES IT! I just bought a home. I hope to do some of these things for my 6 furbabies.

  3. 3

    That is so cool! I wish I could have something like this for my cats :)

  4. 4

    Wow! Thanks for featuring an article from mycatgoma.com! I recieved a daily update from Moderncat with familiar titles “Unbelievable Cat-friendly House Design from Japan” When I saw this I was soooo excited that you found this interesting too!! A pet-friendly house in Japan has been a huge hit! Not only Asahi-kasei who designed house, other major house builders are designing similar house as well!! Very interesting!!

  5. 5
    Erin, Calvin & Hobbes

    My guys are totally jealous and wondering if we could take a trip to Japan to see how the other half lives!! **grins**
    Thanks to Moderncat for all the greaT caT finds!!
    Unbelievably awesome!!!

  6. 6
    Dani B

    That’s a dream of every cat lovers!!!

  7. 7

    That’s great! Only, my kids would probably prefer more cushy places to nap than appear to be available in that super-cool house. But a bathroom with a built in cat box spot? Awesome!

  8. 8
    barbara cox

    finally someone recognizes the need for pet friendly homes.

  9. 9
    Carl Brutananadilewski

    There was a bookstore in Seattle that had similar features and cats a plenty including snoozing in the display cases, up on top of the bookshelves, and across the beams that connected the tops of the bookshelves. I think somebody told me they went out of business but it was so adorable that I had to go in and check it out and tell the owners how cool I thought it was.

  10. 10

    Too cool. I want it just a bit bigger: for my boy. Child-fun house!

  11. 11

    great! i got 4 cats.. i am thinking about moving to the countryside for them.. but this houses would be perfect for them.. even in the city :)

  12. 12
    Iona Konwaler

    I love this. Just moved into a new apartment and we have no room for a litter box. We only have one cat at the present time.

  13. 13

    Wow, this house is so wonderful!
    It looks fun to live in.

  14. 14

    Wonderfull solutions for frenzy cats.

  15. 15
    Cheryl Janis

    That is the best looking house for cats that I’ve ever seen. I’m inspired by the caring and creativity that has gone into cohabitating with the feline species. –Cheryl Janis, author of Planet Pink n Green (.com).

  16. 16
    Robyns Online World

    Love all of this! It’s funny, when my family and I talk about building a custom home, the conversation usually starts around what we want most for the cats rather than ourselves in the house.

  17. 17

    Hey I just wanted to say this is really cool! It looks like it would be so much fun for cats and kittens of all ages!

  18. 18

    This makes me wish I was a cat. Or at least very small.
    It looks like the funnest place ever.

  19. 19

    well, my greek cat would also love that! and I d love to watch her relax at her spot and not walk all around and all over me in MY bed!

  20. 20
    rachel wood

    this is truly awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! = )

  21. 21

    I use a plastic tub like a baby bath for my cat litter box. The advantage is the high sides!
    Any cat owner would know that all these surfaces (ramps, shelves, stairs) for cat climbing and resting need to be covered in carpeting to prevent cats slipping on the shiny woord. Actually a few partially closed carboard cartons also do the trick. Being curious and super-intelligent, cats like their toys and environment to be changed periodically to provide interest, learning opportunities, mental stimulation and fun.

  22. 22

    I have a friend with a couple of these features accidentally (open beams accessible from his balcony and a shelf along the other side of the room. His cats love it. The downside for him is that he now has to sneak up on them to get them to the vet or the groomer because they figured out almost instantly that there was no way he was going to CATCH them with or without a ladder.

  23. 23

    Nossa! Este apê é muito bom, meu gato, Ike iria adorar!!! bjs

  24. 24
    Cheri Allen

    These designs are just awesome!!! Such great ideas for our furbabies!!

  25. 25
    laura petrey

    wow my cats would be in seventh heaven with that….

  26. 26

    OMG that is the best thing I have ever seen. Its really what I would for my two cats.

  27. 27

    OMG, I want this house!! I wish I could build something like this. Wow! Thanks for the pix.

  28. 28

    wow. this is amazing. my kittens would adore this, as would my big cat. the house is not only a gorgeous one, but a functional one. i like to exist in the best manner possible with my furbabies, and that house would be perfect. i know it’s inspired me in construction for my future home… mm. fantasies. :]

  29. 29
    David Millar

    Unbelievable. I love it! Some day I will do this. Some day…

  30. 30

    I want it!
    I want it… now.

  31. 31

    This is so Awesome!!!!!!! Its the best cat house ever but people live there to its so cool

  32. 32

    omg i wanna be a cat in japan!

  33. 33

    Very impressive indoor features, but it amazes me that so many ‘cat-lovers’ have failed to state that cats need free access to the outdoors in order to exhibit natural behaviour. With the new Animal Welfare Act (2007) it could well be argued that it is now ‘illegal’ to keep a cat indoors.

  34. 34
    Timo Kulhia

    Great Nippon architectur ! Great Miau-thanks to Pacific Ocean. We must do it also here in Finland, Scandinavian. My friend Liisa has builded in her cottage and city-home in Helsinki something like that in a smallscale: over ten meters shelf where Taneli and Rosa can lift themselves climbing up textail wallpaper.

    Timo Kulhia

  35. 35

    Personally I am more of a Dog-person, but I must admit that those designs makes you want to have a cat ..

  36. 36
    Jeffrey New

    Hi my 41 kitties would love to just go crazy in a house like this. What is the name of your arcitect? I may be building a new house soon and my little famiely would like it to be happy as your cats are. How many cats do you have?

  37. 37

    I am gna get a cat… woohoo…. and to ’43 jeffrey new’ should you have 41 kittens?

  38. 38

    any ideas on how to build anything like this? id love to do it when i move in june!!!!! im so excited.. thanks so much for the pictures… i just spent about an hour searching for a house like this… if nyone knows anymore links please PLEASE let me know

  39. 39
    ron brenner

    If you did not see the cats you would notice that this is a very well designed house. All of those “perches” could be bookshelves.

    Simple,Unique, Creative and Green House Plans
    Spreading the word on great home design

  40. 40

    Bon Jour!Salut!
    Amazing! That house design is fit for the people who really love cats. I wish someday I will have that house for my cats too!

  41. 41

    Paul, maybe you would like to talk about easy access to the outdoors with the fifteen+ indoor/outdoor cats I lost to cars, pests, animal abusers, and poison before I turned 18 and could get my own place . . . where my rescue stays safely indoors.

    There are ways to make outdoor access safe, but where I live there ain’t no way to make it cheap. Outdoor cats incur greater vet bills and are at greater risk, and a lot of places (apartments, condos, rental properties, etc) don’t really allow customization of the landscape because you don’t own it. Some neighborhood associations don’t allow it, either. A lot of cities have laws against cats being let to roam . . . wrong as they are, they are still empowered to take the cat away and fine you . . . assuming they know who you are to notify you, and you are able to get them from the pound before they are put to sleep after 72 hours. Also, not all neighborhoods are safe for cats, especially bad neighborhoods with really bad kids. And people who breed pit bulls for fighting. And train them using live cats. That they find outside. Just as a for instance.

    Surely you don’t expect only wealthy homeowners in upscale neighborhoods and pet-friendly cities to own cats? We should all be responsible, but rich and dreamily suburban in Pleasantville, USA? Please.

    How about we just say it’s a good thing that people have cats and love them and just occasionally save them from misery, and that this is a better thing than either leaving them to unhappy fates or not having cats in our lives.

  42. 42

    I have been wondering how to do something like this in my bedroom. this gave me some ideas that are easy. my siameses samsam and saphire will love this especially to tease the puppies! haha Also, the photos are of such a clean design. love it.

  43. 43


    No, I wouldn’t expect a person who doesn’t live in an area which is safe for cats to own one. I wouldn’t expect someone who wasn’t able to properly exercise a dog to keep one either. Owning a pet isn’t a right – it’s not something you should do if your situation doesn’t allow it, no matter how unfair that seems.

    Take care,


  44. 44
    Sue Swisher

    For another house built for cats take a look at http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/features/multimedia/080215houseforcats/index.html

    Bob Walker and Frances Mooney have transformed their house in the San Diego area into a wildly colorful playhouse for their cats, and their collection of Mexican folk art. Totally unique, they have had tours in the past as fundraisers for animal rescue organizations. Dick has also written 2 books, the first one is The Cat’s House http://www.amazon.com/Cats-House-Bob-Walker/dp/0836221834

  45. 45

    Is a beautiful house!

  46. 46

    pretty cool. would be hell to clean though…imagine if one of the cats sicked up on one of those ledges in the middle of the room. you’d never know it!

    paul (#40)- in addition to blazes (#57) comments, cats with access to the outdoors live much shorter lives than indoor only cats, along the lines of 5 vs 18 years. theyre exposed to many more disease causing agents (rabies, fiv, flv, worms, etc), as well as the risk of getting hit by cars or attacked by dogs, coyotes, or other cats. also, cats are a huge problem with regard to the songbird population. it has been shown that even well fed cats will hunt and kill smaller animals, even though they’re not doing it for food.

  47. 47
    Cindy Lee Bergersen

    so wonderful! No one I know can resist the temptation to make comments on the image of a spinster, studio apartment, 3 cats etc. My position that my cats are dear little kids has vindicated….with great design!
    Thanks so much.

  48. 48
    premium finance

    Crazy cat lady goes totally modern and cool. I love it!

  49. 49

    Hi everyone,
    That is really cool modern metarials.

  50. 50

    nice stuff.. especially for cats but the house looks too beautiful and the cats have greatly enhance the appeareance of it… NICE


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