Brand New! LitterPod Modern Covered Litter Box BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Mon, Nov 10, 2008

Litter & Hygiene

I’m very excited to share with you this brand new product called the LitterPod. I first saw a prototype of this product almost a year ago at the Global Pet Expo, and just today received word that the first LitterPods are now shipping. Perfect timing! This stylish container conceals a built-in oval-shaped litter box, and completely encloses the sides to reduce litter scatter. The generously sized oval structure sets-up in minutes with no tools required. When assembled, the LitterPod measures 22″ wide by 16.5″ deep by 16″ tall. The LitterPod is made from stain- and odor-resistant materials and is easy to clean. It even includes an odor absorbing charcoal filter.

The LitterPod is now shipping to select Petco stores in the US. Please call the manufacturer directly at 800-545-1840 to find a location near you. The LitterPod will retail for $60 US.


One lucky Moderncat reader will be the first to receive his or her very own LitterPod! This is a special giveaway just for litter week, so in order to enter to win, please leave a comment on this post and be sure to include your email address in the email field. All entries must be received by midnight on Friday, November 14. The winner will be selected by random number and contacted on Saturday.

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435 Responses to “Brand New! LitterPod Modern Covered Litter Box BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 401

    AWWWWW! I WANT ONE!!!!! Does anyone ship to APO addresses? I have two BIG boys and I need to move them out of their balcony room. They love having the room to themselves with a HUGE window to see out of, but it’s really damp in there in the winter, the big window and the wall all condense water like mad. The landlord says I should keep the door shut to stop it, but that only makes it worse, and besides that, the cats wouldn’t be able to use their box. I need to move their box into the main living area, but nothing is big enough, nice enough AND is hidden.

    Please help me find one so I can dry off my kitties?!?!?!?!?!

  2. 402
    Pussy & Pooch

    Bad news for some of you out there:
    Here’s my update to my post #222– If you have a cat that is a sprayer or sideways pee-er.. this is NOT the box for you. I was thrilled to try this innovative design.. even went so far to customize the look (I was not a fan of the woodgrain) with paintable/textured wallpaper on the outside that I painted a slick gloss black for a super chic look… only to be disappointed that when 2 out of 3 of my female cats (who squirt backwards when they pee…) made a HUGE mess each time they used the box because of a design flaw. When the urine hits the back/side walls, it flows down and between where the top/main portion of the unit rests on the base, creating a giant lava flow of urine so large that it leaves a giant liquid mess all over the floor. NOT fun. I gave up after a couple of weeks of constant cleaning. I also am a specialty pet retailer that was selling them. I say ‘was’ b/c I cannot in good conscious sell it for $70+ knowing it has such a huge flaw. It needs some type of lip or seal, or something to prevent ‘pee run-off’.
    I am seriously considering designing an ultra fab, mod, functional litterbox for cats of all sizes & potty patterns. If there are any serious industrial product engineers out there interested in a partnership, Pussy&Pooch is interested to discuss. – Janene

  3. 403


    We have had our Litter Pod for less than 2 weeks and urine is seeping through the bottom pan and onto our floor!!!

    Any litter box that can’t hold liquid is not a good one.

    $75 later… I will let you know how the return process goes. We ordered with Puutty Power

  4. 404

    A follow up to my above post:

    Puutty Power is an excellent business!

    Within a few hours of contacting them I got a personal call and a store credit for my defective Litter Pod.

    I highly recommend buying toys and other products from them!
    Our cat is IN LOVE with this: (

    I am going to try the ModKat litter box when it comes out. Looks like a much better product.

  5. 405

    Awesome! I LOVE incorporated wood designs! Now do I get THIS one or the MODKAT one??!!

  6. 406

    I love this design. It’s a beautiful looking litter box.

  7. 407

    Very stylish!

  8. 408

    This is the best litter box I have ever seen – I have two big boy cats and I have two litter boxes one covered and one open – my one cat can’t seem to keep things in the box if you know what I mean LOL – and my daughters friend just stepped on the other covered one and broke it — I would love to win this Litter box :)

  9. 409

    This litterbox is great! It’s stylish and affordable. Can’t wait to replace my unattractive DIY cabinet.

  10. 410

    This has a smooth style. I like it!

  11. 411

    I’m about to adopt a cat from the shelter where I volunteer. I would LOVE to win this litter box.

  12. 412

    This is so pleasing to the eyes you could leave the litter box anywhere

  13. 413

    I wish my bathroom was half as stylish as this.

  14. 414

    I would love one of these stylish litterboxes for my 3 cats. Will you ship to Canada??

  15. 415
    Maggie Hobbs

    A round litter box, what a great idea.

  16. 416

    These are beautiful and actually match my home! You can not even tell that this is a litter box. The cave-like design will also hide any unwanted scent of a regular open litter box. This is the first BEAUTIFUL litter box I have ever scene… and I LOVE IT!

  17. 417
    Colby Feller

    Great to see a stylish litter box!

  18. 418

    Always looking for ways to fit litter boxes in tiny bathrooms! It would work perfectly in ours.

  19. 419

    Wow! There are so many sleek, modern accessories for cats available! I had no idea. Thank you modern cat!!

  20. 420

    Way cool! This would be very nice in our computer room, as the cats enjoy hanging out in here.

  21. 421

    what a great idea! that would be a real improvement to my current (ugly) litter box! it’s super cool.

  22. 422

    Litter litter everywhere. Could use design.

  23. 423

    Hope I win :) My cat could really use a new litter box.

  24. 424

    what a cute box no more litter on the floor and peeing all over the sides this is great.

  25. 425

    Very cool. My guy would love it!

  26. 426

    Wow, that’s really cool!

  27. 427

    I bought a Litterpod last month on Ebay. Just be sure that the cat’s spray didn’t run in between the top of the bottom section and the outside wall, I used a piece of cardboard to make the inside wall taller. It works great!

  28. 428
    Rachel Seeds

    So modern…….my two little kitties would love this!

  29. 429

    Wow this modern cat litter box looks great. I just rescued 2 kittens and their Mom. I just had them vetted and I am keeping them. I could certainly use this little box. The kittens are a Tortie, named Justice, a gray tabby, named Liberty, and their Momma, a solid gray, named Freedom. I have named them to honor my son Eric. He went to his forever home on Dec 31, 2011. He spent his entire work career working for the US Air Force and then the US Dept of Justice. He had lung cancer diagnosed on November 11, 2011 and was taken very quickly.

    So I could now really use this littler box. No kidding.

  30. 430

    Hi – I have 3 cats and think this would work wonders. I have been having a problem with their urine getting on the floor and I need an enclosed box. This would be perfect. I love my cats, and I want them to love their restroom.


  31. 431

    This is so cute! I need it for our new home!

  32. 432

    I want a LitterPod please.

  33. 433

    I want to use this for my two rabbits! I love the style of LitterPod, and the most unstylish accessories are available for bunnies. Love, love this!

  34. 434

    We have one and there is a major design flaw. The cover fits over and on the outside of the base so when the cat urinates against the side of the box (inside) it runs down the side of the cover, over the edge of the base and onto the floor. We solved this problem by buying a 120 qt translucent storage box and used the lid as a tray under it. This way we can carry the tray to the bathroom and empty it. It is a nice box but it has a major flaw.


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