Odorzout: The BEST Way to Eliminate Odors Naturally BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Every cat owner fights the constant battle against odor. I have tried everything on the market to eliminate odors from carpets, furniture, fabrics, litter boxes, etc. and finally I found Odorzout. This is a product that I am totally addicted to, which is why I was so excited when I met Dr. Stink himself at a recent Pet Expo. I was even more excited when I found out that Odorzout is based right here in Phoenix, so I made an appointment to head over there and talk to Dr. Stink about just why Odorzout is so great.

I arrived at the Odorzout headquarters to find an impeccable facility. This photo is of the assembly line where the products are packaged and prepared for sale. Odorzout is made from a special blend of Zeolites, which are all-natural, non-toxic minerals that absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors. Dr. Stink explained that each of the products in the Odorzout line uses a special combination of Zeolites that are optimized for a specific use. The products include:

  • All Surface Granules – Great for use on carpets, furniture, bedding, carriers, etc.
  • Cat Litter Additive – For use in the litter box and can also be used directly on a pet
  • Laundry Additive Powder - Toss some in with your laundry to remove odors while washing
  • Pet Pouches – A convenient way to keep an area or even a gym bag fresh between application of the other products

During my visit, I told Dr. Stink about a recent experience I had with the Odorzout products. I’ve been having a little problem with my senior kitty urinating on the carpet. I Spot Bot almost daily and every so often I pull out the deep cleaning machine. After a deep clean, the odor is particularly strong, because deposits in the carpet are stirred-up and now the entire carpet is damp. This time, even after the carpet dried fully, the odor was especially bad. I sprinkled the Cat All Surface Granules on the area and literally, within minutes, the odor was gone. Not masked by flowers or other fragrance, truly gone. Dr. Stink explained that Zeolites don’t mask odors like most other products, they actually absorb and eliminate the stink. That is why the products are packaged as powders or granules — the more surface area exposed to the odor, the faster it will be absorbed.

My big question about the products was “are they safe?” I was very pleased to find out that Zeolite minerals are 100% safe for pets and people, too. If your cat licks the mineral off their fur it is completely safe. Not only are Odorzout products safe, but they also received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Seal of Approval and they are the ONLY “All Natural Mineral” Odor Eliminating products approved to carry this seal. The seal officially acknowledges that Odorzout products are environmentally safe and that they adhere to strict partner guidelines that encourage the formulation of products with environmentally preferred chemistry. Odorzout was selected to receive the seal because the products’ blend of natural Zeolite minerals exhibits a more positive effect on the environment than conventional odor removers.

Odorzout products come in 30 oz bottles, as well as 1-gallon, 2-gallon, and 5-gallon buckets. One bottle will last you a very long time. Just a sprinkle in the litter box or a teaspoon in the laundry will do the trick. Check the Odorzout website to find a retailer near you or order online.


Here’s your chance to try it yourself! The folks at Odorzout are giving one lucky winner a whole “cat package” including Cat All Surface Granules, Cat Litter Additive, Laundry Additive Powder, and a Pet Pouch. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and tell us which room in your house needs Odorzout the most. All entries must be received by midnight on Friday, November 14. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on Saturday.

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222 Responses to “Odorzout: The BEST Way to Eliminate Odors Naturally BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 51

    first i want to say i am really loving this litter week. though most of the products are out of my reach since i live in israel and no one imports them nevertheless since i am planing on going to school in the US in about two years this week helps me get acquainted with the different products that are sold in the US :-) so thank you for teaching me :-D

    and let’s see the room that is the smelliest is by far the extra room where i keep both litter boxes. one of my cats urine is really acidic so it smells when you open the box to clean it. my eyes tend to water and go into over blink :-]

  2. 52

    If this stuff actually works, it will be a godsend. We’ve gone so far as to remove all of the carpets from our house, with a few small areas still on the to-do list. We’re trying to bring back a couple area rugs, but our senior girl can’t seem to resist. Carpet cleaners and chemicals only do so much…

  3. 53

    What a neat little operation, looks like they have got it together. We would definately need this in the bathroom. That is where the litter box is and our kitties don’t always cover their little droppings properly. It would be nice to be able to add this to the box for optimum odor elimination.

  4. 54

    I have 4 cats (and one big dog), and it’s constantly a battle to ensure that all the litter boxes don’t smell!

  5. 55

    WOW! Wish this had been around when my cat had an accident on the brand new chair. It look 3 bottles of odor remover and 2 weeks sitting outside before the chair smelled good again. But my biggest problem is the area where the litter box is. It sits in the room where the heater/ac is located and on certain days the smell from the litterbox wafts through the house rather than just smelling up that room. Can’t wait to buy and try!

  6. 56

    this sounds like a great product….I need to try it. My litter box room needs to de-smell the most..

  7. 57

    The bedroom currently needs it most, because our kitten has peed on the bed several times. Once we give her free reign of the living room, though, I’m sure the couches will need it as well.

  8. 58
    Katherine D.

    my living room needs these products the most: it’s where the litterbox lives, where any (ahem) problems resulting from the litterbox tend to occur, where most of the vomiting occurs, and where most of the play occurs!

  9. 59

    So versatile! And eco-friendly, I would use this everywhere! It’s nice not having to worry about whether how my cat will react.

  10. 60
    Sheila Gross

    MY front hall, unfortunately, is the site of peeing on th4e carpet, despite having a litter box there! Miss Smoochie just isn’t litter box reliable, and the wall-to-wall, which really wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place (they forgot to order the lino tiles) sometimes gets hosed.
    Also, my youngest male sprays! The other day I had to launder a whole pile of clean bedding that he backed up to. Some days I feel like wringing his neck.

  11. 61

    Sounds like an awesome product! I love that it’s safe for pets and is all natural. I could definitely use this in the bathroom, where the litter box is :)

  12. 62

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a kitty that makes some rather interesting smells.

  13. 63
    Julia Williams

    What a great product! If I had to use it in a particular room, I’d have to say my living room as I have two cats, two boxes and even though I keep up with the scooping (twice a day), anything to help with the smells is always a plus. More importantly, I might consider using this occasionally on one of my cats, as one used to be obese, has since lost lots of weight and sometimes still have trouble reaching all of the necessary parts when grooming. Eventually he gets it all but it might mean he’s a little uh, fragrant for a few days.

  14. 64

    Sounds cool! I’d tried Planet Urine products most recently. I’m not entirely convinced of their effectiveness and I’m CERTAIN they are not particularly “safe”. I would love to try the Odorzout product in my general laundry since 1 of my 4 cats occasionally decides she’d rather pee on something soft instead of in her box :-( She has also peed on my couch, but I’ve recently replaced that. I hope there’s not a continued problem!!

  15. 65

    Just when I thought I would have to replace the carpet with hardwood! This might be a great option.

  16. 66
    Stephanie S.

    The bathroom and our bedroom! It’s awful… we live in a cement loft (which is awesome), but the overall layout is a bit odd. To get to the bathroom (the only “convenient” place to put our litter box), you have to walk through our bedroom. We also have a window problem of either have no screens or simply not functioning, so we can’t easily open windows to get fresh air.

    When one of our kitties leaves a “present” the stink hangs around the bathroom, spreads to the bedroom, and then goes out into the living room/kitchen area. It’s awful. Even hours after the so-called “present,” I find pockets of odor just lingering in dark corners. It’s terrible, so terrible.

  17. 67

    Thank you for giving each of us a chance to win this amazing product.

  18. 68
    Debra Bashford

    The laundry room!! That’s where our kitty’s litter box is.

  19. 69

    Having 6 cats in the house, we have multiple litter areas that I would love to try this product on – living room, bathroom, etc. I have one cat that pees where my 18 year old cat did – so it would be great to finally get rid of any smells that remain, and hopefully break his habit.

    If it gets rid of litter box smells, I wonder if it would also get rid of the skunk? My dogs have not yet figured out that skunks are not play toys!!

  20. 70
    Stephanie S.

    Also, has anyone tried Pet-Clear Crystals?


    I’m curious, but now I think I might try Odorz-Out first…

  21. 71
    Stacey Taylor-Kane

    Our landing needs it, ’cause that’s where the litter box is. Bella and Mia never have accidents… but, some times they kick out little “surprises” onto the carpet. I would LOVE to give this product a chance :)

  22. 72

    This stuff sounds fantastic. If I win (and even if I do not, I am buying some), I will use Oderz out in our bathroom which also houses our two litterboxes. Because of one kitty’s asthma and environmental concerns, we use Feline Pine Clumping. It’s pretty good for a natural littler (we tried several! and the cats do not do pellets). But, it doesn’t contain the super-stink of the poo-bomb terribly well. I recently had a friend tell me my apartment smelled like “cat.” It made me pretty sad :( My husband and I try hard to keep the boxes clean! I’m sure my carpets could all use it too. And my mom’s house! She would love this stuff. Guess she will be getting a random present :)

  23. 73

    We could use this in our bedroom – one of our cats will not poop in the box and seems to have settled on a spot in our room. We would love to be able to breathe more deeply!

  24. 74

    it’s not so much a room, as a specific piece of furniture that is in desperate need—- our couch!!!! it has been beat to death with nature’s miracle, dumb cat, woolite…. and the smell still lingers.

  25. 75

    We use Yesterday’s News cat litter cause it’s less tracking but, it gets real stinky, real fast. Know it’s the pee factor and want to see if Odorzout will help!

  26. 76

    My office needs it the most. This is the room that the litter box stays in because the kitties sleep in here at night and need to use the facilities. There is also a food odor from spills onto the floor while they chow down. This product seems too good to be true! I would love to find out for myself how amazing it is.

  27. 77

    My basement is my bedroom and it stinks of the cats!

  28. 78

    I would love to get this for my mother’s house. She has a front hallway and dining room which need help.

  29. 79

    The litter box is in the fire pit, which is part of my living room. It’s also right near the front door, and visitors could use a nicer greeting!

  30. 80

    My under the stairs closet! I have 4 cats and 2 litter boxes (large bins actually) in this closet. The problem is one tall cat who walks into the bin and pees standing up. And sometimes he doesn’t know his back half isn’t in the bin yet! I have to make sure I shut the door before I let anyone in the house.

  31. 81

    litter that is good for my cat and the environment? sign me up!!!

  32. 82

    It is so nice to see that a company dedicated to kitties is also dedicated to the environment!

  33. 83

    Thank you moderncat for exposing cat lovers around the world to such wonderful products as this one!

  34. 84
    Carly Meyer

    I initally had the litter box downstairs…but, the smell from the “kitty-stuff” was just WAY too strong…maybe because I have a male. :S So, I ended up moving the box to my bathroom…but, living in an open loft layout…the scents flow way TOO easily from space to space. So, what I can smell in the bathroom…can be smelled in the bedroom (doesn’t help when trying to sleep) as well as the kitchen (doesn’t help for hunger).

    Please help!! :(

  35. 85

    I would love to try it for our bathroom where we keep one of the litter boxes. And for the office, where we have carpet.

  36. 86

    We kept our litter box right outside the porch and left the slide door open enough for our kitties to pass, but because it’s getting cold we had to move the litter box inside. The litter box stinks and I’m not sure what to do. Help us Dr. Stink!

  37. 87

    I have used Odorzout on many things throughout the years, about 16 years. Once we had a dead raccoon in our attic at our cottage, which of course, we didn’t know about until we could smell it. I honestly could not believe we were able to get rid of that odor; but Odorzout worked great! A couple of times my cat was skunked; I sprinkled odorzout directly on her and rubbed it in, and within an hour she was bearable. I’ve also used it on musty smelling books, poker chips, my basement. It’s done wonders. I use it in the laundry, especially for my towels. I love this product!

  38. 88

    Need this product in my bathroom where my sr. citizen kitty who has chronic renal failure occasionally misses her box.

  39. 89

    I would love to have this product. Our one cat, Pocatalico (AKA Pokey) has an occasional unpleasant odor. This would make the kitties all that much more enjoyable addition to our home.

  40. 90

    I have four cat friends and four plus cat boxes and I work from home. Just a constant battle to keep the odor down. Since I can’t open any windows now this sounds like a great solution. Get me in the drawing please!!

  41. 91
    Mary Hall

    I would like to win the free sample package for my sister. She has MS so has trouble cleaning all these spots. She has one cat that is elderly who just goes wherever she is and one cat who pees in her laundry basket. Her house smells really bad and I’d like to help her out, ODORZOUT that is.

    ============ <( ============

    “Saving one pet won’t change the world, but surely the world will change for that one pet.”

  42. 92

    We could use Odorzout in the TV room where a very nervous kitty marked the couch repeatedly.

  43. 93
    Scott See

    I have three dogs and two cats. And they live in a carpeted, enclosed room between my house and my office. When it rains, they drag in serious soggy mud. Wet dogs/cats in an enclosed carpeted area is a guaranteed formula for some serious smell. I sprinkled Odorzout all over the place. (Over the dogs, too. The cats didn’t like being sprinkled.) The smell disappeared within about 60 seconds. Pretty amazing stuff.

    White Salmon, WA

  44. 94

    My 17 year old kitty Pork Chop has chronic renal failure and he doesn’t always use the box. Our house is old, and there are cracks in the hardwood floor and the baseboards, especially in the bedroom and the bathroom. I would love to try this product, thanks!

  45. 95
    Catherine Chandler

    We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, which has very little storage space. Soo..the litter box lives in the bathroom, since that is the room that is “supposed” to have questionable smells, as well as a fan. It could definitely use some help!!!

  46. 96

    My office is definitely in need of some OdorZout! we have two lovely felines here to keep us company…however, they tend to leave us presents in the showroom when they aren’t satisfied with the litter box maintenance.

  47. 97

    Sounds like a great product! I could use some in the litter boxes in my “cat room”. Would love to try it on carpet mishaps too!

  48. 98
    lilly mathews

    The office. I turned the closet into the litter room with a mouse hole door to admit the cats so I can keep the closet door closed. Out of sight, out of mind until the smell hits me.

  49. 99
    Jason Bodary

    Our bathroom needs it the worse – one of our cats is very high strung and whenever she has a panic attack she runs to the bathroom, into the linen closet and pisses all over the place.

  50. 100

    We could use the Odorzout in our sun porch where the litter is located. unfortunately one of our cats missed the box quite frequently and the floor has absorbed the odor. Thank you for this!


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