Odorzout: The BEST Way to Eliminate Odors Naturally BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Every cat owner fights the constant battle against odor. I have tried everything on the market to eliminate odors from carpets, furniture, fabrics, litter boxes, etc. and finally I found Odorzout. This is a product that I am totally addicted to, which is why I was so excited when I met Dr. Stink himself at a recent Pet Expo. I was even more excited when I found out that Odorzout is based right here in Phoenix, so I made an appointment to head over there and talk to Dr. Stink about just why Odorzout is so great.

I arrived at the Odorzout headquarters to find an impeccable facility. This photo is of the assembly line where the products are packaged and prepared for sale. Odorzout is made from a special blend of Zeolites, which are all-natural, non-toxic minerals that absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors. Dr. Stink explained that each of the products in the Odorzout line uses a special combination of Zeolites that are optimized for a specific use. The products include:

  • All Surface Granules – Great for use on carpets, furniture, bedding, carriers, etc.
  • Cat Litter Additive – For use in the litter box and can also be used directly on a pet
  • Laundry Additive Powder - Toss some in with your laundry to remove odors while washing
  • Pet Pouches – A convenient way to keep an area or even a gym bag fresh between application of the other products

During my visit, I told Dr. Stink about a recent experience I had with the Odorzout products. I’ve been having a little problem with my senior kitty urinating on the carpet. I Spot Bot almost daily and every so often I pull out the deep cleaning machine. After a deep clean, the odor is particularly strong, because deposits in the carpet are stirred-up and now the entire carpet is damp. This time, even after the carpet dried fully, the odor was especially bad. I sprinkled the Cat All Surface Granules on the area and literally, within minutes, the odor was gone. Not masked by flowers or other fragrance, truly gone. Dr. Stink explained that Zeolites don’t mask odors like most other products, they actually absorb and eliminate the stink. That is why the products are packaged as powders or granules — the more surface area exposed to the odor, the faster it will be absorbed.

My big question about the products was “are they safe?” I was very pleased to find out that Zeolite minerals are 100% safe for pets and people, too. If your cat licks the mineral off their fur it is completely safe. Not only are Odorzout products safe, but they also received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Seal of Approval and they are the ONLY “All Natural Mineral” Odor Eliminating products approved to carry this seal. The seal officially acknowledges that Odorzout products are environmentally safe and that they adhere to strict partner guidelines that encourage the formulation of products with environmentally preferred chemistry. Odorzout was selected to receive the seal because the products’ blend of natural Zeolite minerals exhibits a more positive effect on the environment than conventional odor removers.

Odorzout products come in 30 oz bottles, as well as 1-gallon, 2-gallon, and 5-gallon buckets. One bottle will last you a very long time. Just a sprinkle in the litter box or a teaspoon in the laundry will do the trick. Check the Odorzout website to find a retailer near you or order online.


Here’s your chance to try it yourself! The folks at Odorzout are giving one lucky winner a whole “cat package” including Cat All Surface Granules, Cat Litter Additive, Laundry Additive Powder, and a Pet Pouch. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and tell us which room in your house needs Odorzout the most. All entries must be received by midnight on Friday, November 14. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on Saturday.

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222 Responses to “Odorzout: The BEST Way to Eliminate Odors Naturally BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 101

    I wold use Odorzout in cats bedroom, sometimes the odor is so terrible. Probably with this product teh problem will be solved.

  2. 102
    Amy Russell

    With 6 cats this definitely will come in handy for sure. I think it’s great that you actually went to the factory and interviewed Mr Stink (lol)

  3. 103

    Oh man my bedroom could use this stuff. Thats where my cats have their beds that are kinda funky after a year….I even washed their bed they lay in in the window to get sun…but it didn’t quite get the smell off.

  4. 104

    Oh my gosh – how great! I need some of this. Hopefully there is a store near me or I’ll have to order it online. tinawittmer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. 105

    its sounds great – I have a new rescued kitty (a street stray named Oscar) who is very stinky. His housemate is less stinky, but has been called the “aphyxiator” on occasion.

  6. 106

    Our bathroom is tiny and the box under the sink is stinky!

  7. 107

    My cat bed is in horrible shape. I always try to keep it clean but its hard to get rid of that smell.

  8. 108

    This seems to be a great product and epa approved EVEN BETTER as i am a tree huger. I do have 1 concern thought. I have a baby kitten that i believe has respiratory problems , she seems to sneeze a lot when i use the arm & hammer carpet freshener. Hopefully this will solve that issue!

  9. 109

    Wow. I need that!

  10. 110
    Stephanie P.

    I’m buying this!

  11. 111

    My bedroom/livingroom/kitchen needs this product. I recently moved into a 1 bedroom apartment that has an open layout with no doors and anytime one of my 2 cats does their business, the smell permeates throughout the place for a little bit. I have Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works to cover the smell, but this product looks amazing since it absorbs and doesn’t just mask the odor.

  12. 112
    Vikki C.

    I have an elderly cat who is just like yours, so I really could use this product for my whole house! However, the area of my house that could use this product the most would be the couch that all the cats insist on sleeping, and throwing up hairballs on. Even though I keep up with cleaning up the mess and Febreeze’ing it regularly, it still stinks!

  13. 113

    my basement needs some help immediately. i have a dog and a cat and both seem to compete with each other on using the basement when they can sneak down. we also had flood damage down there which just spread the smells out everywhere. i spot clean and steam vac allll the time! i need help!

  14. 114

    One of my cats (Fonzie) appears to be allergic to Odorban (very bad skin irritation) – would he be allergic to OdorZout to?

  15. 115

    Help! I am in dire need of this product, as I live in a super-small 1bd, and the only spot for the litter box is in the kitchen/living/dining area. With two cats, even despite cleaning out the box 1 – 2 times per day, it can get pretty stinky.

  16. 116


  17. 117

    We recently moved to a new apartment, and the only place were we could “hide” his litter box was in the kitchen. It seemed like a good idea, until he actually used it! It’s next to the fridge, so it seems that every time we open and close the door fridge, we’re encapsulating the smell with the food!

  18. 118

    I’m embarrassed to say, it’s our dining room that needs OdorZOut! One cat decided that’s where she wanted to go to the bathroom so both litter boxes are in there. We’ve had the carpet cleaned but periodically she decides she still wants to urinate on a nice, fuzzy surface. The smell isn’t that noticeable to anyone else but I sure notice!

  19. 119

    I moved into a new house which is almost purrrfect except for the extra small laundry room where I keep the litter boxes. B/c it’s extra small, it’s also extra smelly. Help Me! Please!!!

  20. 120

    It’s SO great to find an effective odor remover that is also environmentally safe. i wont use products that aren’t okay for the environment and making sure that my babies wont be harmed by chemicals is always a worry. Thank you so much for sharing the lowdown on Odorzout, and for taking the trouble to dig deeper with your tour and meeting. It’s so great to have a champion like you in our corner and that of our kitties!

  21. 121
    A. Davis

    I’ve often used Nature’s Miracle and found it works pretty good on cleaning up cat urine and eliminating odor. However, I am always looking for better products that are environmentally safe. I’d love to give this try in the laundry room where our litter box is. Every so often one of our guys will miss the box and leave a landmine for us to clean up. It’s important to me to know that a product is safe for cats, humans and the environment but still actually work at sanitizing the area and eliminating odor. In a small apartment keeping litter box odor to a minimum is a must for a livable habitat!

  22. 122

    We’d use this in Garth’s “poop alley”, which is actually a small hallway to outside off our mudroom (we live in Canada- a mudroom is critical) where Garth’s litterbox & paraphenalia reside, however it is also right beside the most used entrance to our place. How can something so small make such huge, awful smells!

  23. 123

    we’ve got a small apartment, and unfortunately the litter box was “best” placed next to the fridge. horrible, isn’t it? but at least when I bend to grab something from the crisper, I don’t put off changing the litter….


  24. 124

    I love what you’re doing here!

  25. 125

    One of my cats is somewhat neurotic and every couple of days prefers to urinate somewhere other than one of the litterboxes(even if they’re all completely clean). I’ve tried everything, from his Vet to Behaviorists and even a pet “communicator”, but to no avail. I have also tried every odor remover recommended, but I still detect the odor especially on the ceramic tile in my entryway. I am ordering OdorZout today and I have my fingers crossed.

  26. 126
    Morgan the Pirate

    My Family Room could use this! They’ve decided the carpet is better than the litter boxes, and I’ve tried everything to get the smell out. So frustrating! I’m game to try anything that REALLY works!

  27. 127

    In our designated cat litterbox room (aka the living room), there are old urine stains all over the carpet from previous cat tenants. One of our cats started peeing in the room when we moved in this spring. It had gotten so bad (despite trying Nature’s Miracle) that we had to buy a large, thick rug to put over the nasty carpet. We would love to get rid of the smell in our carpet instead of merely covering it up.

  28. 128
    Amy B.

    The living room where the area rug is located!

  29. 129
    Miss Alexandra

    I live in a studio, and I would love to try the all-surface in the living room/bedroom. My two boys just got neutered, but leading up to their surgery, I’d wake up every morning and a few more items that were… marked. Although they’ve had their surgery, I think that they still smell their marked spots and have peed on them as well, most recently. So I could also use the laundry additive for the things they marked, too!! I have two 10lbs in an 800sq ft apartment! They’re taking over, lol, and still growing!

  30. 130

    I need this so bad ! you have no idea!

  31. 131

    I can’t wait to try this stuff! My bedroom could particularly use it. I keep a litter box in there so the cats can spend the night locked up with me when we have company (for some reason, houseguests don’t seem to enjoy the cats’ 4am wakeup call as much as I do). I clean it regularly but it still gets a little stinky in there sometimes.

  32. 132

    None of the windows in our apartment face the street or the back of the building. All windows face internal shaft-like courtyards. We get no outside air at all. Kitty (and other) odors hang in the air like weighted down balloons. The bathroom (and litter box) face the entry, so *bam* — box smells hit you as soon as you open the door. We need help.

    And if there’s a Dr. Shed out there with products that help remove fur from clothing in the wash, we could use those too.

  33. 133

    Our basement could really use this product!

  34. 134
    Sarah W

    OH yes please! We recently went from 0 to 3 cats in our newly remodeled house and I can’t bring myself to invite anyone over lest I discover who my true friends are. :)

  35. 135

    We sure could use this. Our cat loves to leave “gifts” on the carpet. If we don’t clean thoroughly he will use the same spot over and over. We would love to give this a try.

  36. 136

    The litter box room. No matter how often I scoop, there is always a smell at some point.

  37. 137

    The whole thing!! I live in a small studio and have a terrible time keeping my two kitties (a brother and sister duo named Rufus and Frannie) odor under control. These products sound like a god-send!

  38. 138

    The kitty closet could really use this product. It’s the closet that welcomes me as I come home and sends the sweet aroma throughout my small one bedroom apartment. I know I would appreciate it, and I think Sasha, who has stinky, stinky poos every time; Riley, who leaves me nuggets of love in the corner of the closet; and Tyler, who complains that the kitty closet and litter boxes are not up to par, would enjoy it as well.

  39. 139

    The cat play room. One of my cats decides the spot two feet from the litterbox in this room is where he should do his business. I’ve tried everything including Nature’s Choice, but he keeps doing it. Strange he doesn’t do it near any of the other three boxes in other locations.

  40. 140
    Justin Phillips


  41. 141

    my car needs immediate help. my cat got scared during the trip to the hospital and accidentally she peed in a car that smells stay forever. I really need this product since I have to take her to the hospital often. Please help!!!!

  42. 142

    I would love to try this product in the office/ litterbox room!

  43. 143

    Our laundry room, because it is musty and smells like a litterbox.

  44. 144
    mary ellen

    the only place i can fit the litter boxes in my house are under my bed! it makes it hard to sleep sometimes when my cat lays a fresh one! I’m embarrassed to bring people over!

  45. 145

    our office/den area is where we keep our litter box. it gets especially smelly after one of my cats goes (I don’t know why, but her poop is really stinky!). i can’t even sit at my desk and work after she’s used the litter box. i use a specific scent-free litter possible because i am allergic to almost every other type of litter we’ve used (esp the ones that are stronger smelling and dusty, which coated all of our surfaces with the scented smell). i try to add more fresh litter after she goes to help cover it up, but it doesn’t always work. i’ve thought about an additive and wondered if there is anything safe out there that would work. i just might try this one.

  46. 146

    Oh brother, my sofa, dining seats, lounge chair…all of my cat’s favorite sleeping places!

  47. 147

    …living room, dinning room, bedrooms, bathrooms…basically would use OdorZout everywhere! Tried several other products, but nothing seems to work.

  48. 148

    My living room most of all. After my vet recommended immediately switching to a non-clay litter to help my cat’s asthma, all three of my cats did not take to the suggestion very well! For a few weeks they refused to use the litterboxes consistently in an all-cat angry protest. I’ve had to toss my overstuffed chair and couch is going this week. Since I rent, I cannot replace the new carpeting, so I need an odor solution fast! I’m desperate.

  49. 149
    Carol G

    One of my bedrooms is the worst right now–a couple of my daughter’s cats were visiting, and decided the carpet under the bed was much better as a potty than the litterbox (I have 2, but apparently sharing with my cats even with a choice was not to be considered!).

  50. 150

    my ellen has the worst smelling poo ever!! i would be eternally grateful for a product that kills the stink on contact!


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