Odorzout: The BEST Way to Eliminate Odors Naturally BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Every cat owner fights the constant battle against odor. I have tried everything on the market to eliminate odors from carpets, furniture, fabrics, litter boxes, etc. and finally I found Odorzout. This is a product that I am totally addicted to, which is why I was so excited when I met Dr. Stink himself at a recent Pet Expo. I was even more excited when I found out that Odorzout is based right here in Phoenix, so I made an appointment to head over there and talk to Dr. Stink about just why Odorzout is so great.

I arrived at the Odorzout headquarters to find an impeccable facility. This photo is of the assembly line where the products are packaged and prepared for sale. Odorzout is made from a special blend of Zeolites, which are all-natural, non-toxic minerals that absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors. Dr. Stink explained that each of the products in the Odorzout line uses a special combination of Zeolites that are optimized for a specific use. The products include:

  • All Surface Granules – Great for use on carpets, furniture, bedding, carriers, etc.
  • Cat Litter Additive – For use in the litter box and can also be used directly on a pet
  • Laundry Additive Powder - Toss some in with your laundry to remove odors while washing
  • Pet Pouches – A convenient way to keep an area or even a gym bag fresh between application of the other products

During my visit, I told Dr. Stink about a recent experience I had with the Odorzout products. I’ve been having a little problem with my senior kitty urinating on the carpet. I Spot Bot almost daily and every so often I pull out the deep cleaning machine. After a deep clean, the odor is particularly strong, because deposits in the carpet are stirred-up and now the entire carpet is damp. This time, even after the carpet dried fully, the odor was especially bad. I sprinkled the Cat All Surface Granules on the area and literally, within minutes, the odor was gone. Not masked by flowers or other fragrance, truly gone. Dr. Stink explained that Zeolites don’t mask odors like most other products, they actually absorb and eliminate the stink. That is why the products are packaged as powders or granules — the more surface area exposed to the odor, the faster it will be absorbed.

My big question about the products was “are they safe?” I was very pleased to find out that Zeolite minerals are 100% safe for pets and people, too. If your cat licks the mineral off their fur it is completely safe. Not only are Odorzout products safe, but they also received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Seal of Approval and they are the ONLY “All Natural Mineral” Odor Eliminating products approved to carry this seal. The seal officially acknowledges that Odorzout products are environmentally safe and that they adhere to strict partner guidelines that encourage the formulation of products with environmentally preferred chemistry. Odorzout was selected to receive the seal because the products’ blend of natural Zeolite minerals exhibits a more positive effect on the environment than conventional odor removers.

Odorzout products come in 30 oz bottles, as well as 1-gallon, 2-gallon, and 5-gallon buckets. One bottle will last you a very long time. Just a sprinkle in the litter box or a teaspoon in the laundry will do the trick. Check the Odorzout website to find a retailer near you or order online.


Here’s your chance to try it yourself! The folks at Odorzout are giving one lucky winner a whole “cat package” including Cat All Surface Granules, Cat Litter Additive, Laundry Additive Powder, and a Pet Pouch. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and tell us which room in your house needs Odorzout the most. All entries must be received by midnight on Friday, November 14. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on Saturday.

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222 Responses to “Odorzout: The BEST Way to Eliminate Odors Naturally BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 151

    OMG so many posts! This is a great idea and may the most deserving cats win!

  2. 152

    Wow, this products sounds great! I definitely need to get some. Clyde has bladder stones and has been urinating outside of the box in several favorite spots. Clyde and his sister Etta have a playroom, where OdorZout is needed most.

  3. 153

    My bedroom and the downstairs bathroom! With 3 rescued Siamese/Tabby siblings, that’s a lot of poop to scoop eventhough the kids are very good about using their Booda Domes. Sometimes, I have to get up in the middle of the night to clean out the boxes as the stench gets really bad!

  4. 154

    I’d love to try this stuff, especially the litter box additive. Thanks!

  5. 155
    Jen Cinclair

    Hello! First time visitor to your site and I am thrilled to have found it. I just adopted to orphaned kitties who are just about 3 weeks old. They were found in a bucket with a few litter-mates on a street in Brooklyn. Sugar and Spice are two energetic little girls and I’m thrilled to have them after not having any pets for a few years. Though they are currently taking up residence in my towel-covered bathtub, they will be running around my apartment soon. My apartment in New York city means that I live without any closets and with little extra space (your post on the scratching post/cat tree type shelving is genius and perfect for my place!). I’ve already made a plan to order a litter box that hides it’s true function since it will be out in the open (the flower pot version is my favorite thus far) but I’m thinking that Odorzout will be the solution to hiding the box even further! Please choose me and my two brand new little furballs to receive the giveaway and thanks for putting together such a great site which I will now be visiting often :)

  6. 156

    My office! I am in a super tiny condo. The office is upstairs along with the bathroom and bedroom. The office is my “work at home” abode and my cat’s bathroom. The smell extends out of the office into the bathroom and the bedroom. It makes for a very stinky situation. I am so glad to learn about these products because I hate using sprays to mask the odors – it just makes things worse!!

  7. 157

    How about “Nature’s Miracle Odor Remover”…?

  8. 158

    In my small apartment, this stuff would be useful all over.

  9. 159

    The basement which is also my sewing room. With 3 cats in the house and a lazy boyfriend (aka pooper scooper), let’s just say I don’t sew near the end of the week.

  10. 160
    Robyns Online World

    Our box is in the small alcove by the back door, but this is also where the main air return is for the heater/ac – so it is imperative that the box not be stinky! Unfortunately, one of my cats does not “flush” (cover up) very well even though she will paw around in there forever when she is done LOL – so this might really help things out!

  11. 161

    Oye, where to begin? Our bathroom (for kitties and humans) has to come 1st! Pee stinks! Thanks!

  12. 162

    Our spare room, which houses the cat’s litter and his cat furniture. My cat is so smelly that after one visit to the litter, you can smell the stink on the entire. other. side. of the house! You can tell it’s time to light a candle and open all the windows when he comes tearing across the living room like someone just lit him on fire. Either he thinks it smells just as bad as we do, or he really, really enjoys going poo.

  13. 163

    Oh this would be WONDERFUL for my basement apartment. Kitty’s litter box is next to the laundry where the scent of Gain conceals it… somewhat.

  14. 164

    We have 6 cats in the house and being complete neat freaks we’ve tried just about everything on the market to keep us from smelling like a crazy house. The cat bathroom is the source that we’d love to keep contained.

  15. 165

    I definitely need this for the laundry/litter room!

  16. 166

    One room? Living in a studio means that one odor penetrates everything. I’ve tried Nature’s Miracle, I’ve tried fanning and airing, I’ve tried the Litter Locker, I’ve tried Febreeze — I even bought a hand-held black light to track down offending urine spots in the hopes of scrubbing them out. But my place still has that taint of “cat” when I walk in the door. If OrdorzOut is a viable solution, I’d gladly put it to use.

  17. 167
    Carla Pullum

    My office and my daughter bedroom!!

  18. 168
    Jennifer P

    My sweet Sammie cat is now 15 years old and is having SBI: Senior Behavioral Issues. She has decided that the dining room is the best place to do both #1 and #2. This is especially handy when #2 is soft and runny which it often is because she has also changed food cravings………but that’s another story. So, the dining room (yes, the place where I eat) smells like a combination of kitty urinepoo. YUCK!
    I definitely could use Odorzout!

  19. 169

    I would love to have the package! We have five cats here, and two are VERY stinky! One doesn’t cover his poop, and one holds it until he has a lot, then lets it all out in one big stink-o. This would definitely be helpful!

  20. 170

    Our bathroom where the litterbox is located.

  21. 171

    Our laundry room is also the way we come into our home most of the time, and that is where our cat litter box is! It really needs it.

  22. 172

    the laundry room, where the litter box is. looks like this would be awesome!

  23. 173

    Our family room gets so stinky! The litterboxes live in the laundry room which is right next to the family room. Our younger cat has epilepsy, and she has left many puddles on the couch and throw blankets when she has seizures. Our older cat will occasionally “remind” us if we haven’t cleaned the litterbox to his satisfaction. Our dog (who isn’t a cat, but who was named Catt by her previous people) had some housetraining/separation anxiety related problems that led her to use one particular spot on the floor right at the bottom of the steps on an almost daily basis. My husband and I have tried every cleaning product we can find. I really like the idea of a natural product because his favorites always end up being the ones with lots of chemicals, even though he would like to like the natural ones too.

  24. 174

    Thanks for the review!! I’ve never heard of or seen this product before, but after reading it gets your stamp of approval, I will definitely be buying some! Thanks!!

  25. 175

    This sounds awesome. Our litter is in the dining room/kitchen area. We have a very small place so it is important for us to try to keep the odor to a minimum.

  26. 176

    My laundry/cat bathroom could sure use a spritzing. Sounds like a great product. Luv to try it!!!

  27. 177
    miranda morsch

    Our living room could use it the most. We have a cat who decided to get VERY territorial when my mother came to stay with a kitty of her own. The other kitty has left, but ours still thinks the living room floor is a giant litter box. She uses the litter box, too, so I’m convinced she only still uses the floor because it smells like urine. :/ I’m embarrassed to have company over anymore.

  28. 178

    I could really use it, a few times my cat has not used the litter, think i may have left it a little too long by accident, now i have a dog, same thing, very stinky. I have tried many products to no avail, spend lots to get rid of odours, and i have 2 cats and a dog, im sure if i could try this and i was convinced, i definitely would buy it.

  29. 179
    Yvette Pina

    We have 8 cats and currently have 9 litterboxes – every room in my house could use some odorzout!

    I have one particularly bad kitty – we’ve done everything under the sun (even re-named him based on numerology), but he just prefers to pee outside the box.

  30. 180

    I could definately use this product. The previous owners of my house must have had pets, because my cat and dog both go to this one spot. I have tried everything to try and get rid of the odor. Most of the products I’ve tried just mask the smell. I will try this one for sure.

  31. 181

    My living room needs this the most. One of my cats was inappropriately urinating and $700 later (vet visits to rule out medical including an ultrasound to rule out stones and various cleaning products), my living room still stinks.

    Please help, I want to actually have people over and not feel embarrassed from the smell.

  32. 182

    Wow my stinky ones need this!!!!

  33. 183
    Alex unwin-graff

    So need this!!! please give it to me haha

  34. 184

    Unfortunely, it’s my office that needs help the most…
    Milo the friendly rescued spraying kitty has graced my file cabinets (now rusted file cabinets) and my flat files with his, well, pee-pee.

    I have a feeling that the last owners ditched him at the shelter because of it, but he is such a love and I am working hard on a solution…this could be one big part of restoring my peace of mind (and pleasant working environment)!

    We have all smelled cat pee before, and it ain’t purdy…………………

  35. 185

    In the cats room of course. Which I happen to be temporarily sleeping in. And it’s killing me.

    Thanks for the giveaway! >^..^<

  36. 186

    definately living room

  37. 187
    von Krankipantzen

    I’ve tried baking soda and it doesn’t make a dent in my new kitten’s stench. I wonder if this would work…

  38. 188

    My living room needs it the most.
    Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  39. 189

    I would love to try this one and even if not for free, this article made me think of buying it on my own. Thanks for sharing!

  40. 190
    Chester Siuta

    My toms are all neutered, so I’m spared that pungent aroma but there’s always the dreaded litter box smell and since I use shredded paper, it’s worse than if I would use litter. If the product can knock out the smell, great!

  41. 191

    This sounds great!

  42. 192
    Ian St. Germain

    my 6 cats and i desperately need this!!! The basement carpet around the boxes, the cloth living room chair that one cat decided was a good place to mark her territory, etc. I definitely need this!

  43. 193

    Living in a NYC apartment, the kitty smell does tend to get overwhelming if I’m the least bit lax on cleaning. I have to find a place to buy this stuff and give it a try!

  44. 194

    My cat clears the room faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Arm and Hammer doesn’t even touch the smell. I’m just so happy to hear about a product that works!

  45. 195

    The corner of my dining room could really use this product!

  46. 196

    The bathroom – the cat pee smell never quite goes away. Now if this could only get the cat puke stains out of the carpet too….. Thank you!

  47. 197

    My back room needs it the most, because if I work long hours and don’t get to the litter by Friday, the back room and hallway that runs the length of my apartment smells. That and the new cat quarantined in my bathroom is causing all my clothes to smell like a litter box. Baking soda is only helping so much…

  48. 198

    i’m really interested in the laundry additive powder.

  49. 199
    Melanie Lee

    Unfortunately I also have an elderly kitten who doesn’t always make it to the box. She seems to like the great room carpet. That would be my most needed odorzout room. This sounds like a great product. I have spent literally, hundreds of dollars over the years looking for an effective odor removal product. After 25 years and almost as many cats, this sounds like what I have been searching for. Please enter me!

  50. 200

    Our large closet needs it the most. That’s where our big litter box is kept. Unfortunately it’s only a few feet from my boyfriend’s desk so when it get smelly, it’s impossible for him to avoid!


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