Roll’n Clean Litter Box: The Low Tech Solution for a Cleaner Litter Box

Thu, Nov 13, 2008

Litter & Hygiene

I just heard about this interesting litter box called the Roll’n Clean from Omega Paw. It works the same way that the Litter-Robot does, but the Roll’n Clean is not automatic. You have to roll the box to the side until the top touches the ground (make sure no cats are inside!). This will run the litter through a screen, separating the clumps and depositing them into the built-in tray. Now roll the box back to the upward position and the clean litter returns to the bottom of the box. Simply remove the tray and dump the clumps. Easy!

The Roll’n Clean box comes highly recommend by Moderncat reader Olya from Toronto. Thanks, Olya! Available from Amazon and comes in two sizes, regular and large.

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18 Responses to “Roll’n Clean Litter Box: The Low Tech Solution for a Cleaner Litter Box”

  1. 1

    Wanted to give a second high recommendation for this box… I’ve had it probably for two years (though I think it was called roll-a-way when I bought it, new name seems more fitting).

    Best point of evidence I can give is this: *Every person* who has watched my cat while we’re out of town has purchased this litterbox for themselves and their cat. The next time I go to visit them, they have this box. Every person.

    My cat used to sometimes go outside his box, and this hasn’t happened once since we got the box.

    The major benefits:
    * Ease of cleaning – We clean the box more often. Cleaning the box is no longer a chore. We don’t have to get on our knees… we don’t have to spend time bent over the box. It’s just easier and faster.

    * Thorough cleaning every time.

    Some issues we’ve had:
    * The box will sometimes get litter between the seal around the edge, so that (clean) litter leaks when you roll it. We have to take the top off, get the litter out of the cracks, & reseal. Not a big deal.

    * One clip that holds the top to the bottom broke at one point since I owned it, I wrote to the company and they immediately sent me about six new ones.

    * I bought a large litter box for my one tom cat. I think you cat would need to be pretty small in order to get the small size.

    * It needs room to roll it out … think 3x the width of the box.

    * If your cat has regular issues like diarrhea, or maybe strange habits when peeing, I can see how this would be more mess than it’s worth.

    We’ve been completely thrilled with this & have no desire to ever use another type of box. Even the automatic ones… This is so inexpensive in comparison, low-tech and great design. Cleaning the litterbox is super easy. I use in conjunction w/ a litter locker.

  2. 2

    Thank you for posting, Kate!

  3. 3

    This is one of the BEST products I’ve ever purchased! I just recently purchased a second one because I have three cats. I highly recommend this product, especially for multiple cat owners.

  4. 4

    I’ve used this kind of box before, too, and have been very pleased with it. The only reason we went back to a standard covered box was that these were not available locally and therefore too difficult to replace when they broke or when they became too befouled to clean effectively. They are really great and very easy to use.

  5. 5

    I tried using this for awhile, but it was just too much trouble than it’s worth. It has so many edges and corners on the inside that require cleaning that I spent hours trying to scrub it out between litter changes. Also, there’s no litter liner (even their brand) that really truly fits it and prevents the poo from gooing up the insides.

    If you can manage to always roll it when it’s been several hours since your kitty’s last poo, then you’re probably fine…but for me, I can’t predict it that well, and I often ended up with poo smears or litter smears from the roll process, because I did it while the poo was too fresh.

  6. 6

    Oh, this looks great! A question for those of you who actually tried it: We like to have a rather thick layer of litter, so that barely any clumps “reach” the bottom – less cleaning required. Does it work with quite a lot of sand, do you think? 3-4 inches deep or so?

  7. 7

    I don’t know what I am doing wrong. This was one of the worst purchases I ever made. My cats hated this litter box and we only used it for 2 weeks before pulling it apart. Maybe my cats have strange peeing habits but this did not work for me.

  8. 8

    I’m very interested in this box for my two kittens! I’ve been lusting after a litter robot, but they’re so expensive, and my kitties are too small right now to trigger the sensor.

  9. 9

    I have this litter box! Actually I have three of them, the large and two mediums. We have four cats, ranging from a very large and fluffy tom cat to a 4 month old kitten and we do not have litter box problems with any of them.

    I def. clean this much more often than I used to clean the litter box I had to scoop. If you use Swheat scoop litter with the box, you can dump everything that ends up in the little drawer into the toilet and flush it. Alternately, we have a diaper genie to put used cat litter in. It has a little battery-run fan that circulates the air through a filter and I think it did a lot to cut down on odours.

    I agree with Theresa, everybody who have seen our litter box went out and bought their own. I have had our boxes for upwards of two years and have not had any pieces break.

    I love this box and would recommended it to anybody.

  10. 10

    Kate, thanks for this post. This box looks fantastic. Has anyone tried it with Feline Pine clumping litter?

  11. 11

    “A question for those of you who actually tried it: We like to have a rather thick layer of litter, so that barely any clumps “reach” the bottom – less cleaning required. Does it work with quite a lot of sand, do you think? 3-4 inches deep or so?”

    Anna – If you look at the pictures above, check out the one that says “Screen separates clumps from clean litter” … Below the screen that the line points to is a little reservoir that the clean litter flows into during the cleaning process. If you have more litter inside than can fit into the reservoir, then it will flow right over the top and end up in the tray, & get thrown away with the clumps.

    I checked out my box & would estimate that it holds between 2-3 inches, but I think 4 might be pushing it.

  12. 12

    The price is amazing for a self cleaning box.

  13. 13

    I must state that I have 2 of the roll and clean, both the regular and large sizes (we had to get the large size for my little boy kitty…he couldn’t fit his whole body in the regular size box). WE LOVE THEM!!! They are the most wonderful litter boxes for a 1/4 price of the litter robot. I use the Nature’s Miracle corn litter with them and they work great. They are a fabulous investment.

  14. 14

    I have several cats and several roll aways.
    I also have a bad wrist which I gets stressed by the old fashioned scooping method.
    My roll aways are fantastic.
    My only complaint is that small clumps do go through the screening process and end up back in the main compartment of the litter box.
    Other than that, my larger cats do not use the roll away…I think it’s too small for them so I still use two of the old style litter boxes.
    I didn’t know there were different sizes, I’ll have to look into getting a large box.

  15. 15

    i loved this thing at first, but it wasn’t long before i was hating it. cleaning them is no joy. you do realize you have to clean it at some point right? i mean thoroughly clean it… those gross little clumps and god forbid your cat have a bad stomach one day.

    granted, it did take me a while to get rid of it because i love not having to scoop, but in the end it just wasn’t worth it for me.

  16. 16

    hey there–

    the cleaning process on this one was not for me (i mean, the thorough cleaning process, not the rolling process) – im with maharet. eventually all the gross little clumps will catch up with you when you do the ‘big clean’ and to me, that was not what a ‘self cleaning box’ is about. The key word in self-cleaning is SELF, not OWNER. :-P

    I now use ScoopFree, as it truly is a self cleaning box (automatic rake and all), and their trays are disposable, so I am not left scrubbing out the gross little clumps on a regular basis – i toss it and am done with it. Easy! Just got on their subscription service, and they even ship my trays to me so I dont even have to think about ordering or lugging litter from the store. Free shipping on the subscription service, and they took $20 off my first order. This deal is going to be on their website by the end of the week, but for now you can call the company directly and they’ll hook you up. 888.726.MEOW (6369)


  17. 17

    I bought two of these (the regular size didn’t know their was a larger one at the time – not in store) and now my cats keeping peeing out of the litter box, they are going in but obviously hanging their buts out of the opening of the liter box HELP! any suggestions???? I like these liters box because they are very easy to clean, but now I have to clean my basement floor!

  18. 18

    Lisa – try turning the box to face the other direction – maybe your cat thinks it is getting privacy when turning around. And put something outside the box to catch misses until you get it figured out.

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