Why The Smart Cat Box Really Makes Sense BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Thu, Nov 13, 2008

Litter & Hygiene

I made another great find at the SuperZoo Pet Expo back in September and I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one with you. The Smart Cat Box is in my opinion one of the very best natural litter systems on the market. I met the inventor, Sarah Maguire, President of Providence House Manufacturing and immediately understood that she is completely dedicated to creating an alternative cat litter box that is healthier for you and your cat and better for the environment.

The Smart Cat Box is the original patented two-part litter box. You may have seen another two-part box from a large manufacturer recently. This other two part-box uses plastic pellets and replaceable pads, both items that require repeat purchases (see my Litter Locker review to read about how happy refill purchases make me.) This other box has been getting good reviews, but I want you to know about the Smart Cat Box and why I think it is a much better choice.

The Smart Cat Box uses all-natural, non-absorbent litter pellets and a patented two-part box design to separate solid and liquid waste. The top portion of the box holds natural safflower seed litter that allows urine to pass through the slotted floor into a covered urine collection reservoir below. Solids can be easily scooped from the litter pellets and liquids are disposed of by emptying the reservoir. By separating solid and liquid waste and containing urine in a covered reservoir, the Smart Cat Box dramatically reduces unwanted odors.

Healthy for Cats & People
Recent concern about the dangers of using clay and clumping cat litters that contain silica and sodium bentonite has caused consumers to seek out natural litter alternatives. The safflower seed litter used in the Smart Cat Box is completely natural and safe for both cats and humans.

Collecting liquid waste separately also allows cat owners to easily test blood sugar levels in urine for diabetic and special needs cats. This feature of the Smart Cat Box makes it an excellent tool for both cat owners and veterinarians who need to regularly monitor a cat’s health.

Healthy for the Environment
Traditional clay litters have a negative impact on the environment on both ends of the lifecycle since clay litter is a non-renewable resource that is gathered by strip mining and it never biodegrades when placed in a landfill. The safflower seed litter used in the Smart Cat Box is made from a renewable resource that is fully biodegradable and is grown in the U.S.

I am currently testing the Smart Cat Box and so far, so good. The reservoir is very easy to empty and the cats seem to like the safflower seed pellets. I added on the extender walls (shown below) to give the sides of the box a little more height to prevent litter from being kicked out. The pellets are completely dust free and I imagine if there is an issue with odor that sprinkling a little Odorzout over the seeds would take care of it.


One lucky winner is going to receive a free Smart Cat Box starter kit which includes the box, a 5 lb bag of safflower seed litter and a scoop. To enter, please leave a comment on this post and be sure to include your email address in the email field. All entries must be received by midnight on Friday, November 14. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on Saturday.

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227 Responses to “Why The Smart Cat Box Really Makes Sense BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 101
    Sue C

    This looks like an excellent system. I’ve had difficulty with the litter boxes with the automatic rakes, etc., and would like to find something that does not require power or have moving parts. Sue

  2. 102

    Great idea, I have several boxes with clay-based litter that I would gladly get rid of, too much dust!

  3. 103

    My cat wants this!

  4. 104

    I love the concept of an environmentally friendly cat box, that will be healthy for my four fur-kids to use. The clay litters sold in pet stores, while inexpensive, are not the healthiest things for cats. Not to mention the fact that two of my cats really enjoy playing in the litterbox, and will toss out the litter all over the floor, and roll in it!

  5. 105

    Sounds like a great product! I would be very interested to try the Smart box!

  6. 106

    Sounds good. The reviews at Amazon seem almost too good to be true…

  7. 107

    This is brilliant! Sounds like it would really make a difference, my boys would be quite interested in trying it out =)

  8. 108
    Joanne Mullen

    I like this so much I am going out now to adopt more cats! (only kidding). I am thinking that this would be healthier for my dogs that go in the litter box after the tootsie rolls..I have always thought that digging through the urine is bad for them in their quest.

  9. 109

    With six kitty-cats ruling my life, I always am willing to try anything new to keep down smell, costs, dust…UGH! This sounds like a step in the right direction!

  10. 110

    That is new and different. Would be great for my 15 year old who would love her own litter box away from the new young kitties in the house

  11. 111

    I know for a fact that my ‘roommate’ Quiki would absolutely love to do her business in this sweet litter box! And it would just make me smile to see her happy! Great product! I WANT ONE!

  12. 112
    Lisa Roth

    Not often you see something really innovative. Good job! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  13. 113
    Billy Rape

    look like it would work

  14. 114

    the concept of this litter box is very interesting. i currently use the omega paw roll & clean with a clay-based litter (the most dust-less, frangrance-free one that i can find). i have thought about trying a more natural, earth-friendly alternative but am a little nervous about switching things up, especially with trying litter made out of different substances. i’ll be keeping an eye on this option…

  15. 115

    This is pretty neat. I’m still a little skeptical about the two part system, but I can tell you that my office is covered in cat litter dust. I can only imagine how harmful this stuff must be on the cats’ and my lungs.

  16. 116
    Hope K

    I’m looking for a better litter solution!

  17. 117

    Count me in !! I have 2 VERY large Cats that really need a VERY Large Litter solution. I would love to try it !!

  18. 118

    I would love, love, love to try this system and hopefully, so would my 3 feline roomates!

  19. 119

    I have wanted one of these for MONTHS. My friend (who’s a vet!) told me about it. I can’t afford one currently, but as soon as I can, it’s going to be a present for my kitties!

  20. 120

    I’m willing to try just about anything, especially if I don’t have to buy it, just to find out that the cats reject it. Someone should come up with a cat-stuff exchange club where we could trade with each other all the toys and gadgets that our cats have rejected.

  21. 121
    Arthur Goulding Jr

    I bet it works wonderfully! Great idea!

  22. 122
    Justin Phillips


  23. 123

    Ooooh, hopefully I get it, I’ve been wanting to try the other one..

  24. 124

    Wow, I’d love to have one of these. We keep our litter box in the kitchen and I worry about the dust getting into our (and the cat’s) food. Plus, anything that helps cut down on the wonderful cat-emission smells can’t hurt!

  25. 125

    it’s worth a try. I always hold my breath when scooping litter – you never know.

  26. 126

    Interesting. I’d love to try it out!

  27. 127

    We are adding a new kitten next week to a household with two 17 year old cats (new: Maine Coon; old: Himalayans. Should be interesting!). I would be thrilled if this worked for everybody!

  28. 128

    I love the idea of dust-free litter!

    However, like several others here, I am skeptical about the following two things:

    1. Doesn’t a pee reservoir stink?
    2. How do you keep the pee from sloshing around when moving it to empty it?

    I would love to see a followup post to this post answering those two (frequently asked, I see) questions.

    Meanwhile, I’d also love to win one and see for myself! ;)

  29. 129

    I’d love to give it a try!

  30. 130

    ingenious! i love that you’re taking the time to put all these products through their paces to the benefit of us all! this one sounds really promising with the separation of “1″ and “2″. could be great for my cat going through renal failure.

    thanks so much!!

  31. 131
    Christine O'Connell

    This looks amazing- good for the environment and good for the cat. Is it available in Canada?

  32. 132

    We need more natural options like these!!!

  33. 133
    James R Scally

    Would be interesting to try. I share the same concerns about emptying a tray full of cat piss.

  34. 134

    I would love to try this although I don’t know how it would please my boy because he is a deep, deep digger!

  35. 135

    I would love to have one of these!

  36. 136

    I tried the Breeze system and it’s okay but I don’t know about having to buy giant maxi pads that you have to empty… full of kitty pee. Ick. I would love to try this box, I wish I’d heard of it before I got the Breeze.

  37. 137

    This looks like a great litter box! I love that it has extender walls, too :)

  38. 138
    Sara Maguire

    Thank you, Modern Cat for your thorough review of the Smart Cat Box. And, thanks to your readers for their interesting comments. I wish they could all win the Smart Cat Box Give Away.
    Some comments addressed concerns about the urine collection reservoir and the possibility of spilling. The covered urine reservoir holds up to 24 fluid oz. and this should be sufficient for one or two cats if it can be emptied daily. The urine reservoir has a spout for pouring without removing the lid. With a reasonable degree of care, one should be able to remove the reservoir from the litter box for flushing without spilling. Thousands of Smart Cat Boxes are in use and spilling has not been a problem.
    Sara Maguire, President & Inventor

  39. 139
    christine joo

    looks cooool!! how long does 5 lb seed last in the box?

  40. 140

    This looks fantastic! I would love the opportunity to win it!

  41. 141

    are we talking about about carrying a urine tray to be dumped in the toilet? Looks neat, but I’m awfully clumsy.


  42. 142

    I have seen this litter box and it was highly recommended, thanx!

  43. 143

    Looks like a great product! I wonder if I would be able to find the litter in a store near my small town?

  44. 144

    My high energy kittens always play and chase each other in their litter box, and litters usually scatter all over the floor or got stuck all over the wall. This unit will be great to minimize the chaotic litter box situation.

  45. 145

    Great concept. I wonder how many I’d need for a 9-cat household? The add-on sides are a great idea. We currently have two very high-sided, huge conventional litterboxes we bought from a small private company some years back that are the best boxes I’ve ever seen. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find the company online and guess they may no longer be in business. Hope that’s not so. These do look promising as well! Please enter us in the contest.

  46. 146

    This looks great.

  47. 147

    I wonder if there is anywhere in Canada you can buy one of these- and the refill safflower seed litter? We’ve tried lots of different types of enviro-friendly litter, the pellets (feline pine and yesterday’s news don’t seem to impress our cat much, so I’m interested to find litter that is smaller in size and seems like clay litter, but isn’t). I like the idea of the add-on walls, Our cat Garth is a VERY energetic litter-digger. I’d definitely be game to give it a try however….and thanks for “Litter Week” , it has been fascinating!

  48. 148
    Claudia Regina

    How long does 5 lb seed last in the box? [2]
    I liked this :)

  49. 149
    Michelle KLamm

    Now doesnt that sound tempting! I have two cats and there poop is as bad as having 5!!!! so I am always open to new and improved litterboxes espeacilly if it come with new and improved litter!!!!

  50. 150

    I would be willing to try it if I win, but I am leery of the smell and issues with the pee container, like the others said. Also wondering if the poop smells more or less with that litter (since it doesn’t get covered up). Worth a try if I win, though.

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