Kick Litter: A Stylish Guide to Toilet Training Your Cat BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Fri, Nov 14, 2008

Litter & Hygiene

Now that I’ve done some research on flushing cat litter (please see post #1 and post #2 regarding this controversial topic) I can safely say that if you have taken the necessary precautions and considered the pros and cons of toilet training your cat, then there are some terrific resources out there to help you with the challenge.

For one, check out this adorable new book Kick Litter by Perre DiCarlo. It is the story of his two “litter addicts” Moxie and Cooper and how they got over their addiction to the sandy stuff and now prefer porcelain.

With some very hip graphics from San Francisco-based design firm Chen Design Associates, this little book would make a great gift for anyone considering making the change.

The author is an award winning Hollywood web designer and a great cat dad. He has created two hysterical blogs, Miss Litter (Moxie’s) and Dig Litter (Cooper’s), where his two fabulous felines blog about their experience with toilet training, complete with tons of videos and photos.


As the final giveaway for Litter Week, one lucky person will get a special advance copy of Kick Litter. Please leave a comment on this post telling us about your experiences with toilet training or why you think your cat would take to it. I’ll give you a few extra days so you have until next Friday, November 21 to enter. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced next week.

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44 Responses to “Kick Litter: A Stylish Guide to Toilet Training Your Cat BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 1

    I’m getting a new cat after the holidays, it would be awesome to be litter-free.

  2. 2

    How cute a book about the cold grip that litter takes on our kitties!

  3. 3

    I am way too crazy a cat parent to ever let my cats use the toilet; however, i know i would love this book!

    Thank you moderncat for exposing the world to products like this.

  4. 4
    ellen miller

    My husband and I havenoticed that Rosie, our pleasantly pudgy feline, has recently taken to spending hours just sitting on top of the closed toilet seat staring into the ether. Now I get her silent message! She WANTS to be potty trained. As usual, her wish is our command. We will obey!
    This book will help.

  5. 5
    Matthew Kolb

    I am currently using the Litter Kwitter and love the no-mess life style we will one day live. She gets up on does #1 into the water but am having trouble with her doing #2 on the floor, therefore I need this book! It has been a year of training.

  6. 6

    At the end of this week, I think I am ready to give toilet training a try. I have at least one cat that would be the first one to give it a try. He is an old smartie.

  7. 7

    Basically, my cats love to poop, and this will give them a new location!

  8. 8
    Amy B.

    Litter-free furbabies? I would love to find out if it’s possible.

  9. 9

    My girlfriend has 2 toilet trained kitties……..for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do it.

    Needless to say, this book would solve that mystery for me!!

    Thanks :-)

  10. 10

    I have 2 beautiful black cats who are very messy litter-box users. I have to vacuum daily to clean up. I’d love to be able to train them to use a toilet.

  11. 11

    I love the idea of toilet training. I haven’t a clue if all three would take to it but it sure would be worth trying!

  12. 12

    My two 17 year old cats would look at me like i was crazy!!! well they do that daily anyway. i luv them dearly but my cats are just not the toilet training type. they pride themselves on being litter box scratching queens!

  13. 13

    About 20 years ago I tried toilet training our two cats. It really did almost work! The “splash-back” factor deterred them a bit as I remember and that was ultimately the reason we kept the litter box. But many toilets now have far less water in them so I have a feeling this would be less of a problem. I bet kittens/young cats would take to it pretty quickly; it seemed to come fairly naturally to our two girls.

  14. 14

    Our cats already like to sit on the toilet (with the lid down) – why not train them to USE it?

  15. 15

    Mr. Nugget and toilet training. We’re about a week into the toilet training experiment – the litter box has been raised up toward the toilet seat and he’s fine with the change. I’m hopeful it will continue to be well received – and would love the book – in the case it works as memento – if not then as encouragement for a second round.

  16. 16
    Amy Russell

    I am loving this litter week!

  17. 17

    This book looks great! Super cute, too.

  18. 18

    I’m blogging about toilet training my cats right now. It’s exciting and going smoothly and hopefully in a couple of months my two cats will be litter free. I also hope my blog will give people insight about how this process works, how much time it can take (especially with more than one cat), and what sorts of problems/successes we’ll encounter.

  19. 19
    A. Davis

    I’ve keep looking in to toilet training my cats. I’m pretty confident one will learn very quickly, she’s smart & not very picky about the litterbox. My other cat might be more of a challenge. Right now he thinks the toilet is a big water dish so I have to make sure I always leave the lid down to keep him from drinking out of it! This would make awesome reading!

  20. 20

    I toilet trained my cat a year ago with another toilet training product – CitiKitty. It’s great to see people talking about it more because it really saves you money and also you help out by not using litter anymore.

  21. 21

    would love to read this!

  22. 22

    I’m with Ellen, I think at least one of our cats would actually like using the toilet, as much time as he spends in the bathroom. This book would be great for all of us.

  23. 23

    That would be an interesting read.. Love the graphics too!

  24. 24

    My cat Phil already acts like a human since he knocks on the door to come inside, talks back, and eats pizza by the slice so you’d think he’d want to use the toilet!

  25. 25

    HAHAHAHAHA! (x a million) Those blogs are frickin’ hilarious. I clicked on the links expecting to be bombarded with too-cutesy cat photos and another cat-lover site. (Am I the only person who loves his cats but has started to hate cat-lovers? Moxie and Cooper are the perfect anecdotal antidote.)

    Moxie: “You don’t hear thunder much in LA. That is a good thing. It is the way Chaos intended it.”

  26. 26

    I would love to live litter-free. I did try to train our one cat years ago and that didn’t go really well but our second baby is one smart cookie and he might take to it.

  27. 27

    I’ve definitely been kicking around the idea of toilet training. My 2 cats are still pretty young (just over a year old) and they’re very adventurous. When I tried to give Buster his very first (and only) bath, he bit the crap out of me — but now, as soon as I turn off the water in the shower, he jumps in and lays on the wet floor. Figures.

    And besides, their catblog that I’ve been running since their adoption has been relatively dry on content since they turned 1 (and not as cute and kitten-y). Like Moxie and Cooper’s blogs, this could make for great fodder : )

  28. 28
    Kyungmin Kim

    My 7-month old kitty, Boong, is an indoor-only cat, and we recently did a full check-up and found that she doesn’t have toxoplasma! My family is debating on whether we should try toilet training Boong. Everyone agrees that we hate litter, but would toilet training be too stressful for Boong? This book would be an excellent guide for us! Hope I can be the lucky winner!

  29. 29

    Sounds like a great read!

  30. 30

    Toilet training cats would be great but I have 5 cats and only one bathroom..however it would be worth the move to eliminate cat litter, scooping, bagging, etc. Any my cats seem real interested in the toilet.

  31. 31

    Gody, my 8-month-old kitty, already has her litter box in the guest bathroom (small one with only a toilet and a sink) and it would be great if we could free her (and us) from the litter! Kick Litter sounds like an excellent read!

  32. 32

    Having to maintain the box daily and then fully wash out and replace with new litter weekly is quite a nightmare sometimes. I’d love to read Kick Litter!

  33. 33

    I recently bought the citykitty toilet training kit, but am waiting to try it until after holidays, since the cats and I will be traveling and I think it’s best to try this out when things are settled and routine. I have a feeling my younger cat, Henry (2) , will take to it more quickly thank Niko (5) because he very curious and adventuresome. He took to raw meat quickly whereas Niko had to be lured with tuna fish. I figure it’s worth a try, though.

  34. 34

    My boyfriend and I live in such a tiny tiny apartment that the litter box is crammed into a corner of the bathroom. We have a brother and sister, so the box needs to be accommodating for multiple cats.
    I have tried every type of cat litter to minimize the ick of living in a shoebox with litter, but the boy cat, Schrodinger, tends to make a mess of the box no matter what I do.
    I think he has some kind of deep-seeded neurosis that makes him claw at the bottom of the box much longer than needed to bury his…deposits. I have tried every type of litter box liner to try and keep the box sanitary, but Schrodie’s digging frenzies reduce even the super expensive super durable litter liners to shreds. And if you’ve ever tried to change the litter in a box where the lining has failed and two cats have been weeing for a week…you understand why it gives me nightmares.
    Clumping cat litter seems like a good idea, but then it makes a disgusting paste on the box once the liner has been damaged. Clay litter does little to cover up the smells or contain the mess and with the amount of times I have to change the cat litter (1 to 3 times a week), crystal cat litter is simply unaffordable.
    So, I often dream of my cats being able to use the toilet. They’d be cleaner, and the apartment would be cleaner. Most of all, no more nearly fainting from the harrowing task of cleaning the “amonia box” as I’ve come to call it.

  35. 35

    My cats have always been super laid-back when it comes to litter. I think they would love to not have to be in the messy box.

  36. 36

    Bree, am I correct in understanding that you only change the litter once a week? No wonder it smells like ammonia. No wonder the clay litter turns to paste. No wonder your kitty is digging and digging. Try changing it every other day at least.

    If I’ve misunderstood, please accept my apologies.

  37. 37

    i would love to be able to toilet train my cat

  38. 38

    I have tried potty training and couldn’t get them to agree to it. Would love some tips.

  39. 39
    Enid D

    I think Stan is ready to kick litter. Love the artwork on this book, too.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    I have four cats and their litter boxes are in constant need of cleaning. The idea of the kitties using the toilet and being litter box free sounds fantastic.

  42. 42

    A book for no more discusting smelling litter box! This is amazing and you don’t need to clean the box! :)

  43. 43

    I am a cat lover with three adorable cats but they are away from me since I am abroad now and not yet settle down in a cat friendly environment. However, there are quite a few cats waiting for adoption in the city that I started to foster little kittens since this June. I think it would be a good start for these little kittens to be toilet trained before they find a new home. It is more environmental friendly, safer for kitties (litter is not totally no harm), and cost saving too!
    Wouldn’t you agree?

  44. 44
    Cat cuddler

    My newly adopted 5 year old Siamese/Ragdoll mix adapted fairly quickly using Litter Kwitter. If there is still urine in the toilet (ie. he used it and i didn’t flush it yer) sometimes he’ll still go on the floor near the toilet, but at least its still on the lineoleum and easy to clean. If there is an auto self flushe I’d put it on a time delay and this would probably solve the problem. ;-)

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