Designer ID Tags Customized for Kitty BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Mon, Nov 17, 2008

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These stylish ID tags for cats are not only cute, but they are quite durable, too. Made from stainless steel with enamel designs, they come in a variety of colors and styles. The manufacturer, Pretty Paws Accessories, will engrave each tag with your customized message. Pretty Paws is based in the UK but they ship anywhere. They also have a big selection of adorable cat collars.


Pretty Paws Accessories is offering one free cat ID tag to a lucky Moderncat reader! To enter the drawing, please visit the Pretty Paws website then come back HERE and leave a comment ON THIS POST telling us your favorite cat ID tag design and what color you would choose. Entries must be received by midnight on Friday, November 21, 2008. A random winner will be chosen on Saturday. The best news: this giveaway is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!

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157 Responses to “Designer ID Tags Customized for Kitty BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 51

    Wow, lots of people digging the fish bones design.

    I’d have to go for the fish bowl on black for my orange tabby. Although the default blue is pretty killer as well.

  2. 52

    Metwo and Ditto would have loved these. Ditto is still here (Metwo passed a month ago) and is attempting to re-assert herself without her other half – and she has found a new friend in the mirror. I wonder what she would think with a new charm? These are GREAT!

  3. 53

    Oh, how cute! my favorite is the fish bowl with the dark blue background… as blue is my fav color and fish are something my kitties enjoy watching!

  4. 54

    Definitely the fish bowl.

  5. 55

    I love the mouse…in any color! The pink or yellow would look lovely on my kitty!!! Choose me!

  6. 56

    Hi. Oh my are these wonderful tags! The heart tag in black would look great on my grey kitty! (Named GraKitty). Second fav is the fish bones design.

  7. 57

    Living in the city is tough for my kitty Casbah. Restrictions a plenty especially when it comes to outside time. I feel a black tag with a fish bone would definitely help to ID him and keep him in style!

  8. 58
    Hope K

    finally some nice tags! I think one of my girls would like the fish bones in black.

  9. 59

    Cassie loves all the tags, but she has placed her paw on the first one, the Fish – Cat ID tag. She said to leave the fish in the bowl, the flower in the garden, the mouse in his hole, and my heart is hers anyways. The paw print tag would look better on her brother Casper, the dog, and fish bone looks too sad. She would never fo that to a fish! The red fish tag would complement her for every occasion.
    Thanks a CAT-tilion!

  10. 60
    A. Davis

    Tank would definitely like a black fish bones tag and Junior would look great with an orange fish in bowl tag.

    Their Doggy Art is pretty neat, wonder if they will be doing something similar for cats?

  11. 61

    It’s a tough call, but I think I’d have to go with the black-and-white fishbones tag, for my three monochromatic cats.

  12. 62

    They are all so cute. So hard to choose. I think I like the fish bones on black the best for my oldest cat and the mouse on pink for the youngest.

  13. 63
    Princess and Montys Mom

    for my babies it would be pink with a picture of a tiara … for princess after all ( actually green with a frog would also be cool) and my other cat Monty Burns would get a $ sign or hazardous liquid sign …very apt for his temperament ..

  14. 64

    I am quite fond of the pink paw print ID tag because it is adorable and very much embodies my cat Allie!

  15. 65

    Lily, my 14 yr. old would look cute with the fishbones, but in the hot pink, and Gracie the kitten would like the mouse, also pink. I have MANY dogs, who would look snazzy with a cute little tag as well!

  16. 66
    Sonya Sparks

    I like the pink paw print. Thanks for the chance.

  17. 67
    sally schwartz

    they are so cute; i decided on the fishbowl in dark blue. my cat, sarah, is alll black and looks good in blue.

  18. 68
    Robyns Online World

    These are adorable! I have 2 cats that are different so I couldn’t just pick one favorite (have to be fair to them). For Peaches I would pick a dark blue tag with the mouse, and for Lottie the light blue tag with paw print.


  19. 69
    Sarah Hock

    I have to say that I absolutely love the fish bones cat id the best. They are all cute, but since my boys are all feisty I think that one suits them the best!

  20. 70

    ok this is hysterical- my lovely blue point siamese actually plays fetch with these little mice i bought. throw and come back. throw and come back. it’s pretty awesome.
    so i think he would like the magenta one- to compliment his blue and appeal to his mousing activities.

  21. 71
    Victor Tabbycat's Mom

    Victor would love the mousie on purple, while Nina’s preference would be the mousie on orange. They both love their mousies! :-)

  22. 72
    Melanie Ceraso

    I love the black fishbones!

  23. 73

    I would get the pawprint on black for my ticked tabby, the fish in the bowl on dark blue for my big bengal boy, and the mouse on orange for my baby bengal. Maybe it’s time to update the tags on their traveling harnesses!

  24. 74

    i like the paw print in green!

  25. 75

    fish bone tag without a doubt. too cute!

  26. 76

    The yellow flower. Definitely.

  27. 77

    awww. the pink mouse fits my kitty to a T!

  28. 78

    I like the black one. I think my cat would look quite stylish in it!

  29. 79

    I would choose the fish bones on black for Mila, it’s a perfect fit for her personality.

  30. 80

    I’d choose the fish bones in light blue.

  31. 81

    The fish bones on black are my fav, but the heart or flower would be cute on my key chain or as a zipper pull. They all are very cute!

  32. 82

    These are definitely cute, but for me there is a larger issue. I like these because the color looks durable. I would want a tag that has a stand-out color, to help insure my cat’s safety and so that I or another could find her if she was lost. So I looked at the color first, and the yellow stands out the most. Then I looked for the design that had the most color: the fishbones.

    So my choice would be for the fishbones on yellow.

    And thank you for your great giveaways! We moderncat readers do love them!

  33. 83

    The Mouse in black for Mr. O’Malley! He loves to play with his stuffed mouse.

  34. 84

    We love the fish in a bowl and our new kitten would too!

  35. 85

    I would want the Paw Print – Cat ID Tag in black. I think it would look stunning on my white kitty Majic

  36. 86

    Paw print on a black background. It would look great on my solid white cat.

  37. 87
    Carly Meyer

    i absolutely love the blk bkg with the fish bones tag…too cute!

  38. 88

    I can’t decide between the fish bones and the paw print! Both on black since all 3 of my fur-kids are black kitties…

  39. 89

    Definitely the mouse. In honor of my own “Mouse Mouse” who brings delight to my every day life.

  40. 90

    Yellow flower would look lovely on my special-needs kitty’s Rastafarian collar.

  41. 91

    i’d definitely get the black fishbone one, it’d go with charlie’s fur the best! haha!

  42. 92

    my kitty loves the black fishbone design. handsome.

  43. 93

    I like the fishbones on orange

  44. 94
    jen s.

    I think my friend Dexter would choose the fish bones on black, he’s always chasing my other cat Boo around so I think he would go for the “tough” kitty look!

  45. 95

    the fish bones on black is my favorite :D

  46. 96

    I would chose the Fish in a bowl on pink and put it on a pink puchi collar. So c-ute!

  47. 97

    Black Fish Bones. So Cute!

  48. 98
    Jennifer B.

    I like the fish in a bowl in pink.

  49. 99

    I would get the Paw Print design on orange! Nice designs.

  50. 100

    I would get the black fish bones one, it looks a little pirate-y and my monster Mack is certainly rowdy enough to be a pirate!

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