Designer ID Tags Customized for Kitty BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Mon, Nov 17, 2008

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These stylish ID tags for cats are not only cute, but they are quite durable, too. Made from stainless steel with enamel designs, they come in a variety of colors and styles. The manufacturer, Pretty Paws Accessories, will engrave each tag with your customized message. Pretty Paws is based in the UK but they ship anywhere. They also have a big selection of adorable cat collars.


Pretty Paws Accessories is offering one free cat ID tag to a lucky Moderncat reader! To enter the drawing, please visit the Pretty Paws website then come back HERE and leave a comment ON THIS POST telling us your favorite cat ID tag design and what color you would choose. Entries must be received by midnight on Friday, November 21, 2008. A random winner will be chosen on Saturday. The best news: this giveaway is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!

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157 Responses to “Designer ID Tags Customized for Kitty BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 101

    I’d like the Heart tag (and it’s gotta be in red, right?!) for my Sam. Because, as my flatmate says, he has a whole lotta love to give :)

  2. 102

    I love the pink tag the best because that’s my favourite colour. But, for my two manly male cats, I’d have to choose the black one with fish skeleton for Gary, my orange tabby, and for my white and orange Turkish Van, Finnegan, I’d choose the blue fish bowl design.

  3. 103
    Alice H.

    Wow, I like so many of the designs, especially the fish and the mouse. If I have to choose, I will have to go with the fish in pink for my female tabby. The fish is very comical, just like my cat :)

  4. 104

    I would most certainly go for the black heart for my sweet darlin Jade. She would be sooo cute with the heart peaking out from her long black fur.

  5. 105

    fish bones in black for my sable swooning (at the) sight (of) salmon sweetie Serif!

  6. 106

    I would choose the mouse in black. It would look so good on my MoJo. He is my mouse catcher. Who needs a mouse trap when you have a MoJo. :)

  7. 107
    Matthew Kolb

    Fish Bones in Orange for my Aby/Bengal Lola!!

  8. 108

    Wow something great for cats…my siamese would look great with any but I love the mouse and fish…lol…their last tags were from animal control – big enough for a great dane in the shape of a star, they all look like cops now…

  9. 109

    I definitely like the fishbones in light blue. Cute!

  10. 110

    Brigid the calico prefers to be accessorized in black. She imagines herself a Halloween cat and loves the Fish Bones tag.

  11. 111
    Kat Sederquist

    I would get the fishbones in black for my boys.

  12. 112

    Bity needs the fishbones to go with her evil streak.

  13. 113

    Pink paw print for my little princess.

  14. 114

    I love these tags, my dog has had his for over a year, and not a scratch!! If my cats wore collars they would all have one, but they are all very anti-collar and never go outside, so they have one that battle :)

    Just wanted to note: I’m pretty sure Pretty Paws is not the manufacturer of those tags, just a distributor. They are made by Red Dingo, out of Australia.

  15. 115
    Amy Russell

    Fish on Orange. I’m getting some either way!

  16. 116

    My feline friend picks the paw print in orange or pink or blue or…!!! Decisions, decisions.

  17. 117

    I like yellow or orange flower – it is different and identifiable if my cat is lost. The fishbone in yellow would be great as well.

  18. 118

    Rori kitty would love a purple paw print tag, to go with her purple and silver collar. :)

  19. 119

    i lov ethe paw print one!!

  20. 120

    I think that paw on orange will make my cat very happy :)

  21. 121
    Chester Siuta

    I would go with the yellow-but they’re all very nice colors and the tags look durable.

  22. 122

    I like the fish bones and the fish in a bowl, too cute!!!

  23. 123

    The fish bones on black is so cute! I always end up getting the same thing for all three kitties but it would be hard not to get different designs for them all. :)

  24. 124

    Wow! I like so many of the designs. :) And I would choose the paw print in green.

  25. 125

    I would choose the fish bowl design in orange. They’re all adorable.

  26. 126

    I would love to put the Light Blue Mouse tag on my fluffy blonde kitty. He’s so pretty that everyone mistakes him for a girl, and it doesn’t help that his current tag is a purpley-pink heart!

  27. 127
    Cathy S

    I like the flower, because my cat is named Daisy. :-) I like the fish too. All the colors are great. I love how bright they are in combination with the sleek silver. Plus, they are cat-sized!

  28. 128

    I like the fish tag in red the best for Swirls and the the fish in bowl in dark blue for Pokey.

  29. 129

    I would pick the flower on purple – they’re all super cute though.

  30. 130

    I like the mouse on red. I hope the girls don’t fight over it.

  31. 131
    Carol G

    I would pick the fishbones on either black or dark blue. Would go nicely for my white, voracious eater cat!

  32. 132

    I’d go for the fish bones in black… very cute!

  33. 133

    I would get the heart in light blue to go with the silver and blue collar my buff/white kitty, Bean, wears.

  34. 134

    Fish bones in black and light blue for my two kittens.

  35. 135

    Fish in bowl please….

  36. 136

    I love the little fish bones tag
    When we first gout our kitten she was too small for many collars, so after a very long search, we found one that was adjustable enough to fit her, fittingly a bright yellow with little orange fish bones on it.

  37. 137

    I have to go with the fish bones on dark blue, it’s just so adorable.

  38. 138

    The most I like Puppy Angel Crown Heart Dog Bed – Pink
    and white heart tag.

  39. 139

    I like the fish bone on black ground (for Pepe the youngest male), the flower on yellow back ground (for Shada who is white), the mouse (for mischeveous Kalo) and the paw print (for the lazy Hulo).

  40. 140

    They are really cute, but VERY HEAVY. I bought two, and had to throw them away.

  41. 141
    Gareth @ Pretty Paws

    Just to reply again to the miya’s comment:

    I’m really sorry to hear you didn’t like the tags. That is honestly the first piece of negative feedback we’ve had about them and we’ve sold hundreds this year alone. All our cats and dogs have the Red Dingo tags on at least one of their collars without any trouble. I will get the tags weighed and post it up on the site, unfortunately they are too light for the scales we have here.

    Thanks for the feedback,


  42. 142
    Diana Hill

    These are so great! I have four cats, this is a great giveaway. Its hard to choose though, since I have four kitties! lol
    I would have to choose the red paw print cat ID tag.
    At least for JJ Moon, its her favorite color!
    Nice you get two lines of engraving with 12 characters per line
    Im thinking name and address and phone number plus cats name!
    Really Great giveaway!

  43. 143

    i bought these tage for my cats. they are so beautiful and sturdy!! the colors are true to the picture, the designs are sooo adorable and so many to choose from!! =)

  44. 144

    I love the fish bones one! for almost all of my cats i would want blue like their eyes, but my Indy cat has yellow eyes and this would be so cute on him so Fish bones in yellow it would be!

  45. 145

    i love fish bones in black!!!

  46. 146
    Kim Castro

    My cat has a spiked kitty collar. The fish bone would be great to add to his collar.

  47. 147
    Jennifer kershaw

    Fish Bones in Black for my 17lbs. Feral Coon Beast with a stubbed tail (so wrongly) named Fluffy!

  48. 148

    These are cute! Love the fish bones in black.

  49. 149

    I would like the fish ID tag in Dark blue

  50. 150
    Liza Kramer

    Eva would look great in the pink paw print!

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