Holiday Hit: Fling-ama-String

Wed, Dec 10, 2008


Although not really modern in its design, this just may be your cat’s new favorite thing. I first saw the Fling-ama-String Cat Toy last year at a pet product expo, but I had forgotten about it until I just saw it again on the new People Pets website. I was literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this thing in action at the expo because I’d never seen another cat toy like it. The device hangs on a door knob and a battery-operated motor whips a string around and around, disappearing and reappearing in the flash of an eye. We’re talking about hours of entertainment! See for yourself:

The tagline is my favorite: “If cats had money, they’d buy one!” Available for holiday gift giving at Amazon.

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24 Responses to “Holiday Hit: Fling-ama-String”

  1. 1

    Thanks so much for this post; I’ve got a lot of cats who would love a toy like this. I ordered mine off with a $5 off coupon: 3100/4001, which helped knock a little off the shipping cost. I can’t wait to get it!

  2. 2

    My cats would never stop playing with this. They would just fall asleep right next to it and immediately play again upon awaking.

  3. 3

    We bought this for our cats and they love it. All three of them were playing for the first 45 minutes or so straight (that juts doesn’t happen with our cats), and two of them will play with it whenever it gets turned on. One of our more “relaxed cats” will wake from a dead sleep and come running when we fire it up.

  4. 4

    I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    P.S. Siamese Rescue sells it too and I like to help them whenever I can :)

  6. 6

    how loud is the motor? my cat is quite picky and I’m afraid he’d be scared of it if it made noise

  7. 7

    Thanks Kaze. I saw your post and ordered mine from there too. Great price and shipping plus it helps rescues. This looks like a purrfect toy for my 17 yr old.

  8. 8

    We ordered two of these toys from for $19.99 each after reading a review of it there (sorry we missed ordering it from somewhere like Siamese Rescue, where I assume some of the proceeds go to help the organization). Can’t wait to receive them. We watched the video of a cat’s paw coming from underneath a door to grab the string. Our cats LOVE playing with things underneath the door so we hope they’ll love this!

  9. 9

    So does the string just ride along this track over and over? What happens if a kitty pulls really hard on it… will it break, or just need to be reset? Anyone got any insight?

  10. 10

    My monsters would probably destroy this in no time flat. However…sent this to my daughter who has 7 cats, let her try it and if it survives then mine will get a shot at playing with it as well

  11. 11

    This would be a great xmas present for my cat!

  12. 12

    The video is cute! but a lot of money for just a string being tossed around. TY to post #5 that is the cheapest that I can see. I’ll wait till Walmart gets it . $10 -15 is the most I would pay.

  13. 13

    To post #6: the motor has a humming sort of sound – not overly loud, and my scaredy cat has absolutely no problems with it. It’s his favourite toy and he comes running every time I start it :)

  14. 14

    This is my cat’s Xmas present this year. It is already wrapped and waiting underneath the tree.

    I can’t remember where it is I read about this product: if it wasn’t at moderncat, then Cat Fancy, perhaps?

  15. 15

    We got one of these and it works as advertised. The motor noise is a little squeakily but that didn’t deter our cats. It’s a simple concept. The string just goes round and round, and our cats played with it for a while, but lost interest after about 5 to 10 minutes. You have to manually turn it on and off, and so we turn it on every few days, they play, then we turn it off. Someone asked what happens if the cat grabs the string. It stops the motor and so is safe. Also, the band that the string is attached to is elastic. One of our cats gets it in her mouth and backs up stretching the thing out and can get about three feet away from it before letting it go. It’s very funny!

  16. 16

    I wouldn’t get real excited about this if your cat plays “rough”. My cat (7 months) will try to paw at it and will get her claws stuck in the elastic band. It’s no trouble to her, she gets her claws out quickly, but it wears the motor down, making the toy run louder and slower. At times it stops completely and mine is currently not working after probably only 5 or so hours of play all together.

  17. 17

    I received the Fling-ama-string in the mail today. It was Rocky Ann’s Christmas present but we let her open it today. She loves it! She is 17 years old so it is harder to find something that really interests her. This does! She is having so much fun watching it and going after the string. Very happy with this purchase!

  18. 18
    Robert Mueller

    I use a waxed shoestring such as you get for men’s shoes at your local cobbler. A similar pattern of fun is created as the string slips through the paws, and other variations can be devised, such as tying the string around a natural-fur mouse pet and swinging and dragging the mouse in different ways. The point is, tagline is great but do not use it as an excuse to become lazy. Be sure also to involve yourself in quality play-time with your cats. Plus, the cat can “win” by ripping the pet mouse out of the noose and nailing it down for herself.

  19. 19
    Microchip Cat Flaps

    I’ve seen these for the past two years but never knew whether to buy one or not because they look so naff but having seen the video I’m converted. My two kitties are definately going to enjoy receiving that this Christmas!

  20. 20

    My cat loves this thing, to the point of attacking it for hours when it’s turned off. She’s obsessed with it. Basically the string is tied to an elastic conveyor belt, such that it flops down the front, is sucked into the bottom entrance of the conveyor belt, then falls out the top again, over and over. It’s set up so that it will stop automatically when the cat grabs it, then infuriatingly retracts it and keeps going when the cat gives it any quarter.

    My cat has made it her paramount priority for the last 2 months to destroy the toy, but to no avail.

  21. 21

    My parents bought this for my cat for christmas. He is OBSESSED with it. This is a great toy, I highly reccomend it. I saw it on here and decided he needed it! :)

  22. 22

    My cat also loves this toy. We are already on our 2nd set of batteries. I do wish it had a timer on it so you could turn it on and it would shut off again in 10/15/20 minutes. Still a great toy!!!

  23. 23

    I purchased this for my two cats. My siamese went nuts! This is/was by and far her favorite toy in 6 years. She played with it like crazy, getting a hold the string and pulling it about 3 feet or so before losing her grip and having it retract back and begin over again. It began slowing down on the 2nd day so I changed the batteries only to then find that it gets stuck. She had chewed on the string itself so it had become a little bit frayed. I clipped some of this off, and it helped for a little while, but no amount of clipping or changing of batteries seemed to keep it from getting stuck. I returned it and exchanged it for another, thinking maybe I might have somehow purchased a defective toy the first time. Sixteen batteries later (in 4 days), the second one began doing the same thing. I returned the second one for a full refund at PetsMart. I think this is an amazing product and my cat has been whining and missing it since I returned it. My female siamese is very smart and needs a whole lot of interaction compared to my male tuxedo cat who is happy just to be sitting in my lap all day long. While any type of ribbon or feather keeps the siamese somewhat entertained, this was truly the first interactive toy purchased that she could play with herself that kept her happy. A timer would be a fantastic idea. Fixing the issue of using up batteries would also be a plus as batteries can get expensive if you’re using them at $7.50 a pop per week. I really wish this toy would have worked better because it is very ingenious. Hopefully your kitties will have better luck.

  24. 24

    One of my cats would pull out the string, eat it and end up in the vet’s office needing major surgery. She also munches on venetian blinds cords.

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