January Moderncat Giveaway: BRAND NEW! Hive bed from Hepper Home

Sun, Jan 4, 2009


It’s a brand new year and to kick it off, we have a brand new product from Hepper Home! In fact, this is so new that it’s not even on their site yet! No one else has seen this, it’s a special Moderncat sneak peek!

Introducing the Hive bed, named because of its six-sided honeycomb shape. The Hive bed comes with a removable and washable cover, which we all know is very important! The poly filling ships vacuum-packed to reduce your shipping cost and expands to its full 24″ x 24″ x 6″ size in about an hour. The winner will get to choose from one of four colors: Earth and Sky, Herringbone, Racetrack Graphite, or Spring Bud Green.


This month, you can get an EXTRA chance to win. In addition to signing-up to receive Moderncat emails, you can leave a comment on this post and your name will be entered in the drawing twice. Please leave a comment telling us which is your favorite Hepper Home product or share your ideas for future products you’d like to see from Hepper.

Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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348 Responses to “January Moderncat Giveaway: BRAND NEW! Hive bed from Hepper Home”

  1. 201
    Kent Schnepp

    I love the Pod bed. Very modern!

  2. 202

    The Pod would have to be my favourite. however its a bit hot in Australia at the moment so i think my Alvin would love the hive right now

  3. 203

    I think my cat would like a Spring Bud green Hive bed

  4. 204

    definitely herringbone. I wish I could afford this for my cat!

  5. 205
    Cathy Hart

    My two Siamese girls would just love one of those sleek but comfy looking beds!

  6. 206
    jo-anne in vancouver

    I sure wish Hepper made beds in human size – they look deliciously comfortable! My only suggestion, a bed with raised sides.

  7. 207

    Pod Bed 2 – Earth and Sky or the Hive Bed, thanks!

  8. 208

    wow i love the beds!!

  9. 209

    My kitties would love the Earth and Sky Hepper Hive Bed!

  10. 210
    Courtney Witty

    I like the design of the cat bed, but I prefer more interesting color prints such as leopard or pirate themed. The price is much too high for me considering that I’m paying off college loans and still need to pay for graduate school. Less expensive versions of the products would be greatly appreciated.

  11. 211

    the “earth and sky” pod is fantastic.

  12. 212

    I’m excited to see a Hepper bed my fat cat will fit in! I love the pod beds, but they’re a little tight for such a “healthy” girl…

  13. 213
    Michelle :)

    these are so amazing looking! my punkin Panic would LOVE this he is very picky about what he lays his royal body one and this looks like just the thing!!! thatns!! :)

  14. 214

    I’m always searching for cat beds and cat furniture, etc. that are made with non-toxic materials – organic fabric, no dye or at least “cat-safe” coloring, and carpeting or textured material like sisal which isn’t chemically treated since my kitties love to put everything in their mouths!


  15. 215

    I love both the Earth and Sky and Spring Bud Green.

  16. 216

    WoW such a cool shape my babies sleep on pillows but with this shape they can curl in a tight shape ball and not worry about rolling off and also two of them can curl up together and have room.

    Love it Love it Love it

  17. 217

    This is my favorite Hepper cat bed so far — I covet the Earth & Sky version — but I suspect if I gave the kitties a vote, paws down they would plump for the Pod.

  18. 218

    the Pod Bed 2 – Earth and Sky is my favorite, would love that in my home (and my cats would fight over it)

  19. 219

    Gosh, decisions, decisions. Spring Bud Green is beautiful. But then, so is Earth and Sky. Herringbone is also very chic. I wouldn’t choose the Graphite. But Calo cat might! ^^

  20. 220

    I love this gorgeous design! I think my cats will too!
    herringbone is my fave.

  21. 221

    My oriental shorthair Sid needs a Hepper Pod, where he could both snooze and stash loot from his daily rounds of apartment plundering (like, say, my socks, my gloves, my dishtowels, his 1,238 bottlecaps, our roommate’s plush toys…). Ahh, someday, kitty!

  22. 222

    Yet another cool product! I love the green.

  23. 223

    These look real funky! I may get one!

  24. 224

    These beds look awesome! I love the shapes! My cats would have a comfier bed than mine ;)

  25. 225

    Peewee would love this bed.

  26. 226

    Martini would love that Pod, I’m sure! However, he is smitten with the couch so a Hive to call his own would be most appreciated!

  27. 227

    Cool. Sure would like to win one.

  28. 228

    Chloe would love one of these she’s been sleeping on the bean bag lately.

  29. 229

    Ticky would love this. He’s just back from his dental cleaning and very woozy and uncoordinated. Of course that could just be jet lag catching up with him from the weekend :o )

  30. 230

    Modern Cat is the #1 resource for hip kitty digs! Thank you Modern Cat!

  31. 231
    Tina M.

    My cats and I love the earth & sky pod! Thanks for the purrfect giveaway!

  32. 232

    Very pretty design covers on the Hive beds. Although I think my dog would be fighting my cat for this. My cat would completely *love* the Pod beds.

  33. 233

    Wow! Those are awesome!

    I bet my Cheyanne would adore one of those… she’d snuggle up with one of her stuffies and snooze the day away!

  34. 234
  35. 235
    Melanie Diehl

    I can see multiples of my seven little girls &guys laying on this together. Its very attractive as well. Thanks! I love all the new and innovative products that I get to see through modern cat. The videos are great too.

  36. 236
    Jazmyn Huyghue

    I really like the Podium and Pod for Cats. :)
    That would be really cool/weird if I actually won something.

  37. 237

    This bed is so cute!! Thanks to Hepper Home for unveiling it to the moderncat readers!!

  38. 238

    Wowee! all gorgeous! (or says Solly.)

  39. 239

    got to love modern design and kitty beds.

  40. 240
    Robert McGill

    I think our Big Boy cat would love a Podium Bed. He’s gotten a little large for the bathroom sink which used to be his favorite nap spot.

  41. 241
    Robert McGill

    Sorry – I forgot to say that the Herringbone Hive Bed is my favorite color.

  42. 242

    They’re all so cute, but the spring bud green one would be perfect in my bedroom. Maybe my cats would let me sleep in on the weekends!

  43. 243

    i have 5 cats and one dog bed – they are not too keen on sharing, these would make a wonderful addition to this group, maybe I could get a couple to share

  44. 244

    The new beds look incredible. I’m excited for the chance to win one!

  45. 245

    I think the beds are the best idea yet!

  46. 246

    All the products are great, but the beds will fit the bill perfectly.

  47. 247

    My cat (oddly) prefers to nap on ground level rather than somewhere high. The hive looks like the perfect bed for her!
    Herringbone seems to go well with her fur color :)

  48. 248

    I wish Hepper Home (or some sort of cat product manufacturer) would make an easily climbable table for cats to get up onto…like perhaps with stairs for them. Then, on the table, maybe have it covered in carpet or a “scratching” material for them, but most importantly, room for a very large litter box. It would be great if it had a place on it that would hold open plastic bags for your hands to be free as you clean the litter. I say all of this because my mother is disabled (and so am I) and we wish there was an easier way to clean the litter boxes. Just having them up higher so we don’t have to bend over would be a great first step!

  49. 249

    Wow these look super nice. I love the color schemes on each one – and they wouldn’t show all the grey cat hair…

  50. 250
    Alicia Kerbo

    Great beds!

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