Caboodle Corrugated Cardboard Cat Habitats: Stylish, Eco-friendly and Affordable BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Introducing the newest Moderncat fave, Caboodle Corrugated Habitats for Cats from InPlay Products. I spotted this the other day in my local pet boutique (The Noble Beast in Phoenix, thanks ladies!) and I loved it immediately. Made from double-wall corrugated cardboard, this structure comes packaged in a neat little box and assembles into a 20″ x 20″ x 30″ three-story interactive playspace. You can even customize the design by knocking interior passageways into the ceilings/floors. The sleek lines and simple materials make this a kitty condo perfect for a moderncat household.

The reduced packaging already makes this a green product, but add the fact that the condo is made from completely recyclable materials, the white portions are printed with non-toxic soy based inks, and it comes with three “tumblorz” cat toys made from scrap material — this is eco-kitty’s dream home!

The designers of Caboodle obviously achieved their goal of creating a modern, environmentally-friendly, affordable, and non-imposing cat condo that is appealing and entertaining. All that and it’s sustainably manufactured in the USA. Caboodle is available at fine pet boutiques nationwide or it can be purchased directly from


Of course we have one to giveaway! Would I let you down? Please leave a comment on this post telling us what you think of Caboodle and you’ll be entered to win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on February 1. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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543 Responses to “Caboodle Corrugated Cardboard Cat Habitats: Stylish, Eco-friendly and Affordable BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 51
    Dawn B

    What kitty doesn’t love a box? It’s great that these are made of recycled materials and can be easily recycled once the kitties have had their fun.

  2. 52
  3. 53
    Colleen O'Kane

    It’s so nice to know that mine is not the only house with boxes everywhere! The holes are a great addition and unlikely to be incorporated by UPS into their box design.

  4. 54

    Cats LOVE boxes. Our 6 girls would fight for the top box.

  5. 55
    Dan Anderson

    My 3 kitties would love to have this great play space! climbing around, and jumping in and out, rolling around! One on each level! Plus, when they finish and are “over-it”, I am sure they would then enjoy chewing on the cardboard as well!! hahaha!!

  6. 56
    kathy frankel

    What a great contemporary update to old fruit boxes! And a perfect place for Mickey, Zoe and Juni to hide away in fun and environmentally correct style :-)

  7. 57

    I love these. Perhaps my friend Fufi Arlington Skittlebrau III will stop destroying all my shoe boxes.

  8. 58
    hali larson

    perfect for a small apartment and they look lightweight — would make moving house a lot simpler!

  9. 59

    Very nice. My cats love boxes. I wrapped one box in Christmas paper to make it look nicer when sitting in the living room but one cat has claimed it for her own. It would be nice to have something for the other cat to enjoy. This would be a nice choice.

  10. 60

    I love this idea. My cat already uses a cardboard scratcher/lounger and it looks great in a modern home…so will this!

  11. 61

    Our three moderncats would love it!

  12. 62

    These are great! Who knew cardboard could look so good? My Muffin would love this!

  13. 63
    Rosalind C

    You know… I just might have to get one of these…

  14. 64

    I love it – my favourite part is that they made toys out of leftover bits from the manufacturing – great thinking!

    The only down side is that they do not yet ship to Canada. Guess that means I have to win this giveaway. ;-)

  15. 65
    Kenna Rogers

    This is such a darling product! What cat wouldn’t be thrilled to have this “house” to play in !

  16. 66

    what cat doesn’t love boxes! this would look nice in any house. love it!

  17. 67

    my cat already is obsessed with boxes anyway, these would be much cuter than the lettuce box she sleeps in from sam’s!

  18. 68
    Kris Brewer

    Finally! Someone has made a box that can live in my sitting room! (Because the kitties looooove a good cardboard box fort…)

  19. 69

    What is it about cats and cardboard? However, in her typically peevish pattern, Elizabeth ignores anything cardboard I make for her and prefers only cardboard I’m trying to get rid of!

  20. 70

    How cool and mod looking! My cats would adore such a fun play place since they love love love to play in any cardboard box they can find. This morning our Ms. Tildie was stealing the raisin bran cereal box straight from the recycling!

  21. 71
    Samantha Lewis

    My cat’s love boxes! Even little shoe boxes that their huge behinds don’t fit in. They would love Caboodle Cat Habitats, they’d be like little kids with a refrigerator box. They look cool too although just about anything beats those ugly carpet covered things they sell in commercial pet stores.

  22. 72

    Would love to win this for my cat…she needs some other diversions because she misses her playmate…Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. 73

    what a great design, and so glad they made it green! i love that this is simple and inexpensive–a fun toy with a great design that i can actually afford to buy my cat!

  24. 74

    Totally adorable! Millie and Alex would love it!

  25. 75

    What an awesome idea. Granted, we could do it ourselves with cardboard boxes, but I’m far too lazy for that. :)

  26. 76

    Brilliant in the simplicity- they should consider doing some additional colors or designs also!! (or make it reversible). Extra fun because they are stackable & reconfigurable & definitely not an eyesore! Kitties will universally love these!

  27. 77
    Gary LaKind

    Such a simple, great idea. My girls would love this! I love the idea of having a light, easily recycled cat condo.

  28. 78

    What cat wouldn’t love this? I can see my 6 month old kitty having a ball!

  29. 79

    hrm. i have a feeling my cats would chew it to pieces within days, but it’s cute!

  30. 80
    Wendy Ross

    Much more beautiful and stylish than my “under the dresser, cardboard box, with a hole cut out and a blankie”! What cat could resist?

  31. 81

    This beats having left over holiday boxes around the house :)

  32. 82

    My cat Maggie would LOVE that!

  33. 83

    This is so cool. I especially like the fact that they are clean-lined and white! Fits right in with my modern home!

  34. 84
    Jenn Miller

    Perfect! I foresee many cat-fights over who gets the top box.

  35. 85
    Robyns Online World

    This is great, I can see my cats in there trying to be sneaky and poking their legs thru the holes to “get us” as we walk by them.

  36. 86

    So cute! I also have a cat that is obsessed with boxes. It’s so simple yet so brilliant!

  37. 87

    Perfect! My cats love cardboard, but even more, they love anything they can call a bed. This is way better than a regular box.

  38. 88

    Cats enjoy novelty, a change of habitat, a challenge. I think this is an excellent idea, something my cat Casey would enjoy exploring, claiming for his own.

  39. 89

    This is a serious upgrade from the rotating cast of cardboard boxes my cats enjoy. I’ve also been looking for a climbing/lounging structure with levels that is affordable.

  40. 90

    This is a fab creation, there’s a spot for each of my three feline housemates. I can already imagine them exploring and finding their favorite new cubby!

  41. 91

    I would feel so much better about them chewing green than the non-green cardboard they seem to somehow always find now!

  42. 92

    I love this – I have a fear of commitment to the “furniture” type cat trees. This would be perfect, they have their fun and if I get tired of it I won’t have to have the trash company haul it away -I can recycle it!

  43. 93
    caroline w.

    my three cats *love, love, love* corrugated cardboard. i have visions of them going nuts in this thing. (especially if i tossed in a couple of catnip toys!) it’s a pretty good size, unlike some which just seem to small for cats to climb through. i do have funny visions of their scratching it to death, but that would definitely be after they use it as a little house.

  44. 94
    Rita Dobson

    That is just so cute. My kitties would love it. They are always
    jumping in boxes and hanging around in them but they hate it
    when I take boxes away. These would be great to have since
    they look good and also a “green concept”.

  45. 95
    Daisy the Curly Cat

    I think Caboodle came up with a great idea. I wish I had one, myself! (the boxes, not an idea).

  46. 96

    Ooh La La! My kitties would simply love this hang out. There are places to people watch and cardboard balls to swat!!

  47. 97

    omigod it’s like the package boxes but with peepholes and cuter! my cats LOVE boxes…


  48. 98

    Love it! My boys would be right at home. They love boxes; whether they fit in them or not, they always try to make them a nest.

  49. 99

    Oh my gosh, that is insanely cute. My cats would love those. It sure beats the makeshift one I made out of two regular cardboard boxes with holes punched in them.

  50. 100

    More fun than boxes, and hopefully slightly more durable – our male tabby enjoys chewing them apart… :)


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