Caboodle Corrugated Cardboard Cat Habitats: Stylish, Eco-friendly and Affordable BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Introducing the newest Moderncat fave, Caboodle Corrugated Habitats for Cats from InPlay Products. I spotted this the other day in my local pet boutique (The Noble Beast in Phoenix, thanks ladies!) and I loved it immediately. Made from double-wall corrugated cardboard, this structure comes packaged in a neat little box and assembles into a 20″ x 20″ x 30″ three-story interactive playspace. You can even customize the design by knocking interior passageways into the ceilings/floors. The sleek lines and simple materials make this a kitty condo perfect for a moderncat household.

The reduced packaging already makes this a green product, but add the fact that the condo is made from completely recyclable materials, the white portions are printed with non-toxic soy based inks, and it comes with three “tumblorz” cat toys made from scrap material — this is eco-kitty’s dream home!

The designers of Caboodle obviously achieved their goal of creating a modern, environmentally-friendly, affordable, and non-imposing cat condo that is appealing and entertaining. All that and it’s sustainably manufactured in the USA. Caboodle is available at fine pet boutiques nationwide or it can be purchased directly from


Of course we have one to giveaway! Would I let you down? Please leave a comment on this post telling us what you think of Caboodle and you’ll be entered to win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on February 1. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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543 Responses to “Caboodle Corrugated Cardboard Cat Habitats: Stylish, Eco-friendly and Affordable BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 101

    My kitties would enjoy one too.

  2. 102
    AnnL in DC

    I think my two cats would love this. With a baby arriving in a few weeks I need to figure out how to give them a space of their own.

  3. 103

    What an innovative and green idea! I love it, and I’m sure my furbulous five will too!

  4. 104
    Doris S

    This the cutest thing ever! Plus it is reasonably priced. My boy Max would love it.

  5. 105
    Christie S

    I’ve been looking for an attractive, modern, affordable yet green cat condo for months and voila! A lovely, forward-thinking design I know our cats would love.

  6. 106

    Boxes taken to a new level! My kitties, like most, love boxes and turning boxes into a green and non-toxic play area with all those cool holes and hiding spaces is very cool.

  7. 107

    my 5 rescue kitties want one! (or two…)

  8. 108
  9. 109
    Carly Meyer

    My little wizard…aka…Merlin…would absolutely love this little magical cardboard tower! He has far grown out of the “cat shack” I made him (completely out of cardboard) when he was a wee kitten!

  10. 110

    My Kitties would love this, they would have a box for each one of them instead of waiting their turns like polite kitties they are. LOL…..

  11. 111
    Lydia Stern

    these look great! I live in a small apartment with 3 cats and a man, and these would look much nicer then what we currently have for the cats to hang out in!

  12. 112

    My cat would love this

  13. 113

    I’m a fan… And it really is affordable, compared to other towers and compared to what others may call affordable. I will have to add this to my wish list (no room in the budget for it right now).

  14. 114

    As most cat owners know you can buy the fanciest toys and lounges but the most fun cats have is in the empty boxes that are absentmindedly left behind. This is a great idea from the cat’s point of view and from a green leaning owner’s point too.

  15. 115

    This is so cute and modern- I love it!! You could even paint it or decorate it for more color-

  16. 116

    My cats and fosters love boxes and play in them all the time. I love the way it stacks. If I do not win the drawing I will have to get it:)

  17. 117

    What is it with cats and boxes? Every time I get a package, the box is quickly taken over by my boy cat and he reigns from it. This would be a great hiding place/throne. Thanks for all the cool product reviews.

  18. 118

    Wow, it looks fabulous. Are they planning on putting out more designs?

  19. 119

    my cat would love this so much. he loves hiding and cardboard. also we try to be eco friendly and i love that about this habitat. thanks moderncat!

  20. 120

    Love the idea! My cats are always trying to find a cardboard box to call their own.

  21. 121

    Ecofriendly is great. Also I won’t feel bad recycling this after my cats destroy it. Permanent cat furniture isn’t a good idea in our house.

  22. 122
    Stephanie S.

    I love the caboodle! My cats love cardboard play structures, and this is perfect!

  23. 123

    Simple and fun. My cats would love these.

  24. 124

    i wonder does it come in different colors? my cats were hanging out in my empty cardboard boxes when i left the house this morning.

  25. 125
    Isabel Wang

    Wow – thanks for writing about this! Just bought one, but my 3 cats could certainly use another. They LOVE cardboard and their 13-year-old carpeted cat tree is overdue for retirement.

  26. 126

    I think my cats would love this, but since I have many foster kittens I think it would get destroyed pretty quickly, but I am sure they would enjoy the destruction process just as much as the tower!

  27. 127

    aww I can just imagine my little kitty loving this!!! she’ll probably live in it…..

  28. 128
    Katy B

    One of the best cat toys is a box… what more could a kitty ask for than a condo made of them?

  29. 129
    Katherine D.

    What do I think of Caboodle? I love it! it looks simple and fun and I know my cats would love it too.

  30. 130
    Gill Ackroyd

    I love this idea, my cat Lily loves any cardboard boxes and is without a hidey hole at the moment (her large cat tree broke). My lounge is littered with boxes which she leaps in and out of every day. These look great, so stylish, a pity they don’t ship to the UK yet.

  31. 131
    diana G.

    Ooh, I love it. It is also great that it is a green product. I will have to look for this, I know my kitties would love it.

  32. 132
    Laura Katz

    What a great green, affordable way for my cat to be the master of her domain! I like how spacious the boxes are, and that you can rework them if you like to fit your cat’s unique needs (I dig the peekholes too). I’ve been looking for cat furniture, which is usually so ugly, and this is a perfect alternative…thanks!

  33. 133

    Stylish cardboard! Very cool!

  34. 134

    I have four cats. Whenever I receive a package, I cut holes here and there in the box and everyone goes crazy with it. Mine don’t look anything as good as the Caboodles though. I and my ‘kids’ would LOVE these!

  35. 135

    Very sleek & modern (for boxes)… and with levels! They would look much better than the Costco boxes all around the house for our cats to play in!

  36. 136

    I like this idea! It’s attractive, fun, and recyclable. With the holes, the cat can hide but still keep an eye on the world.

  37. 137

    I love this! It looks sturdy enough, too

  38. 138
    Regina Dew

    My friends, Mr. Buster Brown and Miss Gigi(for Gangsta Girl) would really love to wreck that structure, and have a great time doing it. They would surely love to win it!!!

  39. 139

    Wow! This is awesome! Green and fun. My cats would love it and it’d be a great replacement for the current cat house that’s falling apart.

  40. 140
    Janet L

    What a neat idea. A green product and it stacks. It would work for me and I know my kits would love spaces like these.

  41. 141
    sonia zjawinski

    What a rad idea! I concur with sally. No matter how many toys I buy for my cats, as soon as there’s a cardboard box in the house they are in it!

  42. 142

    my cat’s favorite thing in the whole world is boxes, so he’d love this. i particularly like the little round holes cut out of the sides because i know he’d hop in there and then stick his paw through the holes to smack the dogs as they walked by. he would get such a kick out of that.

  43. 143

    I love the peek-a-boo holes…my 3 cats go crazy with anything they can stick their paws thru!

  44. 144

    I am always looking for something that is both eco friendly and affordable for my cats. This fits that perfectly.

  45. 145

    Ooo… want! WANT! My Mini Mia would LOVE that.

  46. 146

    affordable, eco-friendly, and stylish? what more could you ask for?

  47. 147

    We just got our new kitten and I think she would love this! Boxes are always kitty favorites! Great price also!

  48. 148

    This is so perfect! My cat too loves Boxes! Husband and I always bet on how many seconds it’ll take for our cat to jump in a box!

  49. 149

    My cats WILL chew this up, but if I don’t win, I’ll likely get one anyway. It looks like fun and SO much cheaper than certain other corrugated cat items.

  50. 150
    Jeri Dansky

    My kitties would love this!


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