Caboodle Corrugated Cardboard Cat Habitats: Stylish, Eco-friendly and Affordable BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Introducing the newest Moderncat fave, Caboodle Corrugated Habitats for Cats from InPlay Products. I spotted this the other day in my local pet boutique (The Noble Beast in Phoenix, thanks ladies!) and I loved it immediately. Made from double-wall corrugated cardboard, this structure comes packaged in a neat little box and assembles into a 20″ x 20″ x 30″ three-story interactive playspace. You can even customize the design by knocking interior passageways into the ceilings/floors. The sleek lines and simple materials make this a kitty condo perfect for a moderncat household.

The reduced packaging already makes this a green product, but add the fact that the condo is made from completely recyclable materials, the white portions are printed with non-toxic soy based inks, and it comes with three “tumblorz” cat toys made from scrap material — this is eco-kitty’s dream home!

The designers of Caboodle obviously achieved their goal of creating a modern, environmentally-friendly, affordable, and non-imposing cat condo that is appealing and entertaining. All that and it’s sustainably manufactured in the USA. Caboodle is available at fine pet boutiques nationwide or it can be purchased directly from


Of course we have one to giveaway! Would I let you down? Please leave a comment on this post telling us what you think of Caboodle and you’ll be entered to win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on February 1. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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543 Responses to “Caboodle Corrugated Cardboard Cat Habitats: Stylish, Eco-friendly and Affordable BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 401
    Lori G

    I really like this.
    I think I’ll get one.
    My foster kitty Sugar can not jump high due to an old untreated injury to her left rear leg. This looks like it would be easy for her to climb into the different levels and she could have her own space.
    I could put her little fleece blanket in it, a couple toys, a little nip :)
    Very nice.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. 402

    Wow! This is cool looking. I’m always looking for cool eco-friendly items for my kitties. Great idea!!

  3. 403

    Looks easy to assemble. Love it!

  4. 404

    This is such a clever idea, but so simple. Makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it. Of course, I could never make something that looks so good.

    This would be perfect for my cats. Ever since I got my second cat, Ludo, he has taken over the windowsill (and the cat tree), and Eva (#1) now just hangs out in cardboard boxes on the floor, like a cardboard box captain. It would be nice to give her something for just her to climb on.

  5. 405

    I think this is a great idea! My 4 cats love boxes and what a fun way to stack it for playing and napping.

  6. 406

    Very chic – especially considering it’s cardboard!

  7. 407

    Great idea! I know my cats will love it.

  8. 408

    Both my hubby and me think that this is really cool and I’m sure our two kitties would, too. Swirls and Pokey would love to have this.

  9. 409

    lots of good climbing and places to hide. peak a boo

  10. 410

    My boy Turk loves cardboard boxes! This might be a “cardboard box” I’d love!

  11. 411

    My cat would love this! (and destroy it!) I love that it is eco-friendly!

  12. 412

    Our house is green spot certified by the city and this would make a great edition!

  13. 413

    My cats are super rompsome, so can you not stack them? I worry that one would dive-bomb into them and crush the other kitty inside. But this is awesome other than that, my kitties love cardboard

  14. 414

    My kitties love cardboard boxes already..this would be a huge hit! I love the height on this too–not too tall, but tall enough for looking out the window. great!

  15. 415

    My cat would chew that up in a week!

  16. 416

    Wow! This looks fantastic. I am sure my Impers would adore this.

  17. 417

    I love this, I’m going to try to make it if I don’t win it.

  18. 418

    My cat would fall head over heels in love with this! It’s like a cardboard box + bin, 2-in-1, his two most favorite “toys”. Cool idea.

  19. 419

    Nifty concept. I like how the toys appear to be made from the cut outs.

  20. 420

    My cats would love this & it’s way less ghetto than the beaten up cardboard box they hang out in now!

  21. 421

    My cats LOVE boxes so I know they would never want to stop playing in this! What a great idea!

  22. 422

    My two cats love boxes with holes in it. This one looks great and I think it fits in great with modern decor!

    And environmentally friendly products are always the way to go!

  23. 423

    I think this is wonderful!!!! We take pains to try to be more ecologically responsible for ourselves but often don’t have many options to do the same for our pets.

  24. 424

    Merlot would love this. I’ve been trying to find a cat tree for her for a while. But most are extremely expensive or really ugly.

  25. 425
    Julie P in AZ

    I love this concept. My kitty loves boxes and after a couple days I throw them out because they are ugly. This one is attractive and I like how they stack. I also like how environmentally friendly they are. If I don’t win, then I am going to Noble Beast to purchase.

  26. 426

    Ooh that is so much prettier than the carpet covered wooden monstrosities, and my kitties adore sitting in cardboard boxes so much that I can’t even imagine how much they’d enjoy this one!

  27. 427

    My cat Francesca would love to have this….thanks for the chance – she’s keeping all 4 paws crossed….

  28. 428

    Great idea. I can easily picture my cats in the boxes – the tabby in some of those photos looks just like mine. She would find a nice resting spot and our black kitty would enjoy finding and startling her inside. :-)

  29. 429

    My cats would love this.

  30. 430
    Hanni & Austin

    Oh we always play hide and seek with a chair, this is just so much better. And I like it a lot that this is eco-friendly. I wish I could make something like that myself, unfortunately I can’t, so please make Austin and 3 other cats happy and give us a new awesome, stylish playground.

  31. 431

    wow the gang would love this

  32. 432

    So environmentally-friendly and so sleek!
    Ooh ooh I want one please!!!

  33. 433

    Very cool. What cat doesn’t love a box.

  34. 434

    What a cool place for my MoJo to hide out in. He loves to get in boxes, bags, etc. and jump out when you walk by. I could definately see him loving this.

  35. 435

    This looks fantastic and my cat would love to claim it for her own.

  36. 436

    I can’t keep my kitties out of boxes, they would love this. They are really cool looking.

  37. 437

    This is such a great idea! My cats would LOVE it.

  38. 438

    My cats would love it!

  39. 439

    Looks great! Mine are in a box at this moment, so clearly this would be perfect for them.

  40. 440

    My boys love cardboard. They would love to have a tower that they could jockey for top spot.

  41. 441

    I love it! And I think my boys would, too. I want! :)

  42. 442

    I think the boxes are so cute!
    (I just wonder if they’re scratch-resistant… our kitties love cardboard!)

  43. 443

    Miss Kitty Fantastico and Drusilla would love this! Such a modern style – and cute!

  44. 444

    The boxes are fabulous! Really creative and practical!

  45. 445

    great features, good looking, love the environmentally-conscious factor and that it’s made in the USA.

  46. 446

    Great idea! My kitty loves cardboard boxes, and I like that they are attractive and green.

  47. 447

    these are really cute! perfect for the modern cat lover’s home.

  48. 448
    Michelle Karmozyn

    This looks like what I brought my cats home from the shelter in. I would not pay for it as it looks like what it is — 3 cardboard boxes with holes cut in them. If my cats do not have PTSD from the trip from the shelter, they would probably enjoy this.

  49. 449

    Hope I can win this, but if not, I’m gonna get it for my cat. He loves cardboard boxes.

  50. 450

    Very sleek, not bad!


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