Puchi Glamour Cat Collars BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Wed, Jan 28, 2009

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If your moderncat has a taste for couture, she will love these glamour cat collars by Puchi. These fancy leather collars have a diamante crusted buckle and diamante studs all around the collar. They do have an elastic strip to keep kitty safe. Finished off with an exclusive Puchi “P” logo tag, these collars are only for the most glamourous moderncats!


The fabulous folks at Pretty Paws Accessories are giving away one of these couture collars to a very lucky Moderncat reader! Please visit www.prettypawsaccessories.co.uk then come back here and leave a comment telling us what other items you’d love to see in a giveaway and you’ll be entered to win. The drawing will take place on February 4. Great news! This giveaway is open to readers everywhere! Thanks, Pretty Paws!

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179 Responses to “Puchi Glamour Cat Collars BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 51

    I asked both Metwo and Ditto which they would prefer. Unfortunately Metwo is too sick to really care at this time (cancer:( ) but his sister Ditto thinks they would both benefit greatly from a Zebra Swarovski collar. (she can be selfish) Patches is a full figured gal and feels that the Chic cat collars would be fabulous for her – and her figure! And Boo? Well, being the wild boy that he is – would look “Kool” in a blue camo collar – of course!

    Honestly – me – Mom – would love to have any of the gorgeous items – it isn’t often that we can approve so quickly on all our furdrens clothes and choices!

  2. 52

    I’m getting a cat in a few weeks and was on Pretty Paws’ website yesterday. I love the ID tags. The flower is my favorite.

  3. 53

    I would like to see cat clothes, please.

  4. 54

    I would love a pet bed giveaway as well.

  5. 55
    Carly Meyer

    It would be great to see an outfit set from this company for the kitties…like maybe a winter look for those people who are still facing cold fronts in late Jan/early Feb.


  6. 56

    The collars are adorable, but I LOVE the carriers in all the fun prints. I especially loved the leopard print one! (http://www.prettypawsaccessories.co.uk/puppy-angel-safari-leopardzebra-print-125-p.asp)

    The pet beds are all super cute and practical. Thanks for sharing this great site!

  7. 57

    This would be a fabulous collar for my 16 year old, Piewackett! I do like the enamel tags, too.

  8. 58

    I would love the Angel Safari Leopard Print pet carrier. This would be great to take my kitty to the vet in!

  9. 59
    Wendy Ross

    I went to the site…..and got completely wrapped up in the dog hoodies! Had to send to all my relatives with dogs…from shitzus to Newfies. From my kitty’s perspective, next give-away, she’s coveting the lovely gingham zip cat bed.

  10. 60

    Goodness! So many I’ll LOVE to see in a giveaway, the puppy-angel-paw-carrier–violet and/or gold are just divine! Also the two-way-house-cat-bed-puppy-angel-modern-gingham-zip-cat-bed look very comfy and what about those “My Precious” Heart-to-Heart and “My Precious” Heart Forever Tags? Although the whole selection of I.D. tags for cats is just too cute and I LOVE the Animal Print Heart Diamante Cat Collars.

  11. 61
    Lu Monte

    How lovely this collar! Today is my cat’s birthday, it would be a beautiful gift!

    I’d love a cat bed too: the Puppy Angel Modern Gingham Zip Cat Bed would be nice. My cat always sleeps with me… I wonder if she doesn’t like her actual bed. :P

    Great blog, btw!

  12. 62

    My cat Miitsu would a Puppy Angel Crown Heart Cat Bed from the other collection. It looks awesome!

  13. 63
    Liz and Cash

    Great site and great products. The hoodies would be wonderful for cold places such as Canada! Cash would look very nice in a pink collar…..thanks for thinking of our pets!

  14. 64

    What beautiful collars! I would love to see a cat bed giveaway, too :D

  15. 65

    I really like the Pet ID Tags… very cute!! The cat collars are so fancy!

  16. 66

    Love the tags and the Two Way House Cat Bed. Clever!

  17. 67
    Emily Lin

    I love the collars. I would like to see some carriers on wheels with some bling.

  18. 68

    I love the polka dot house/bed and the polka dot beds. They both say they are for dogs but I know my kitties would love them and look very cute in them. The collars are very pretty too.

  19. 69
    Karin C.

    Th Wallace and Jones Windsor Dog Bed would make my Princess feel like a Queen. I would love to have a chance to win one of these.

  20. 70
    Leah Daziens

    My adorable new kitten, Luna – Tique (sounds like a stripper name, I know!) would look FAB-U-LOUS is one of these gorgeous collars. I would also love to see bed / carrier giveaways : ) I actually loved the “Wallace & Jones Oxford” beds — even though it says “dog”, I think kitty would love it. She has already taken over the Mastiff’s bed, so she may think she’s a dog!

  21. 71

    I loved to win Lovely House Dog Bed- Pink it’s so cute!

  22. 72

    While Pepe loves the Puchi collar in silver, Kato thinks the the Animal Print Swarovski Crystal Cat Safety Collar would suit him very well. Thanks for the giveaways!

  23. 73

    ooo i love the Wallace and Jones Oxford II Dog Bed!

  24. 74

    Hi! I would love to see the Wallace and Jones Windsor Bed – I know it is supposed to be for dogs, but I am positive my three cats would love to stretch out on that luxurious piece of furniture! Plus, its easier for their Mommy to clean than the regular old sofa she sits on :)

  25. 75

    A cat bed would be very useful :)

  26. 76

    I liked the (dog den) bed on their site (other than in princess pink)but I would like to see more fab cat beds. Also a cat collar that is jewelry. My troup don’t go outside so any stretchy neck jewelry that I can put a tag on would be great!

  27. 77

    I loved the tags that you pointed out to us a while back. How about those again or one of those GREAT beds they have! Love these collars my cat Smudge could use a little bling.

  28. 78
    Diana Hill

    I would ove to see this
    Two Way House Cat Bed as a giveaway from http://www.prettypawsaccessories.co.uk/two-way-house-cat-bed-115-p.asp
    Sweet prize! Im in!
    Four cats- all family~

  29. 79

    Cat beds, cat beds!! Love the Posh Designoâ„¢ Pet Donut Cat Bed!!

  30. 80

    Love the cat beds, especially the pink one! :)

  31. 81

    Love the website. Cute stuff. I would LOVE one of the glamourous pink Puchi collars for my little girl. So feminine.

    I think it would be neat to see one of their luxury beds in a future giveaway. Such as the Lovely House Bed in pink. They had lots of cute beds. Or a heart ID or any of their tags would be great. Pet carriers were very nice too. ANY thing they gave away would be a wanted prize!!

  32. 82

    I would love to see the POSH DESIGNO Pyramid Cat Bed as a give-a-way sometime!

  33. 83
    sally schwartz

    my cat, sarah, is pure black. she would look absolutely elegant in a silver leather collar.

  34. 84
    Ima Peccable

    I haven’t read all the previous responses to see if they mentioned these items or not, but there are two things I’d like to see in future giveaways.
    One is the harnesses, the other is the hoodies.

    Harnesses because Claude Pistachio might be happier travelling back and forth from Milwaukee to Southern IL when his people visit family.
    Hoodies because Gomez and Chewy and Kitten would be warmer when they want to explore outdoors in their country home in the winter.

  35. 85

    Not much for cats. I do love the fishbone tag though.

  36. 86

    I like the Two Way Cat House Bed! I think its adorable and would love to see it as a givaway!

  37. 87

    My kitty would look darling in the silver or blue collar with the “My Precious” star ID tag… I also like the POSH DESIGNO Pyramid Cat Bed, and all the pet carriers are gorgeous! Much better than the plastic jail cell he currently has!

  38. 88
    Lizzi K

    I would love to see harnesses, collars or tags in a giveaway. The “POSH DESIGNO Pyramid Cat Bed POSH DESIGNO Pyramid Cat Bed” is really neat looking!

  39. 89

    Posh Designo Pet Donut Cat Bed or the Puppy Angel Moo Moo Cat Bed.

  40. 90

    I adore the little hoodies!!!!

  41. 91

    My cats would adore the Wallace and Jones Oxford II Dog Bed. Perfect size for them to share… and it’s gorgeous.

  42. 92
    Julie P in AZ

    The doggie art is super cute. But we know felines are more sophisticated. How about a giveaway for a personal piece of artwork of our felines?

  43. 93
    Sherry B.

    Cat beds and I would love the chance to win the Crocodile collar and lead set for my little princess!

  44. 94

    The dog hoodies! Specifically the Dotty Bear Hoodie! SO adorable.

  45. 95

    The Posh Designo Cat Pyramid Bed is Purrrfect!

  46. 96

    Oh, a pink collar would look so precious on my Mini Mia :) I think the “Two Way House Cat Bed” would be a good give-away, too. Or, one of the tags would be nice :)

  47. 97
    Janice Romano

    Those Oxford beds for dogs, look wonderful, both styles, as do all of the pet beds. They look to fit into any style of decor, as well as being accepted by a furry friend. And the pet ID tags, would make for a nice giveaway, also. Many styles to choose from, assures that there is one for everyones’ taste. I so enjoyed the 10 doggie outfits that Tia showed, and said they would never sell. Thanks for the smile.

  48. 98

    Loved the whimsical cat tags, hard to choose but with 5 cats I won’t have to. Would like to see a conversion chart so I would know how much money to send from American money to the British pound..
    Great things on the pages..keep em’ coming

  49. 99

    the Animal Print Swarovski Crystal Cat Safety Collar or the Puppy Angel Crown Heart Cat Bed

  50. 100

    I have a sneaking feeling that come next Christmas, the Santa outfit will be making an appearance.

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