Pet Stair Giveaway: Vote On Your Favorite Stair Design and Enter to Win!

Sun, Feb 22, 2009


The design team at Urban Pet Haus is asking Moderncat readers to choose the top pet stair design. The design you choose will be put into limited production right away and one lucky winner will be selected to receive a set of stairs.

To enter, leave a comment on this post voting for your top choice. One entry per person, the winner will be chosen in a random drawing on March 1.

* This giveaway is now closed *

1. Trace

2. Float

3. Profile

4. Slant

5. Repeat

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376 Responses to “Pet Stair Giveaway: Vote On Your Favorite Stair Design and Enter to Win!”

  1. 251
    Amanda M

    #2 Float! because its so simple and clean yeti can imagine jade laying on one of the steps purring the day away

  2. 252

    I’m a fan of #4 – Slant. I love the wood finish and the overall look. Very elegant.

  3. 253

    Although I love the look of the slants, my dachshund would most likely prefer #1.

  4. 254

    no. 4 slant looks like the best choice to me. easy to use and move and easy to keep clean.

  5. 255

    #4, I love angles and the space behind and through the stairs would make a great new place for my twins to play through.

  6. 256

    I have to go with #4!
    Very clean design. Simple,
    elegant, and not too bulky.

  7. 257
  8. 258

    Having a cat blind in one eye, I must vote for #5. When she started looking her sight, anything like 1 & 3 would have been imposible for her to tell where each step started and stopped.

  9. 259
    Sami & Brini socolik

    We love Slant! (#4)!!!! We would definitely run up & down those stairs as often as possible if they were in our home! Plus, they match all the other cool “step” designed furniture we have to play on around here! :) Thanx, Sami & Brini (dictated, but not read)

  10. 260

    I vote for Profile. Some other colors would be nice, too.

  11. 261
    Pattie Hage

    I think my cats would like #4. Looks fun to pay on too.

  12. 262

    I like #5 … Repeat! It will look equally nice as a perch in the living room or as a step by the bed.

  13. 263

    #2; it’s clean, the negative spaces are beautiful and it could double as a footrest for the humans!

  14. 264

    I think my cats would like #4 – not only easy to climb, but they can also attack each other from underneath while the other attempts to climb up.

  15. 265
    Jami E.

    I vote number 2 it looks the most modern

  16. 266
    Jami E.

    I like number 2

  17. 267
    Anne S.

    I really like the look of #4 (Slant). Looks like it’s easy to climb, and with the open back, kitties can whack passing siblings as they climb the stairs. :)

  18. 268

    Float me away! The float design is very sleek and minimal. I love it!!!

  19. 269
    Leah Daziens

    #4 SLANT — very nice — I am hoping that none of the corners are sharp, since I hate running into sharp corners in the night (if used w/ a bed)

  20. 270
    Cynthia Z.

    All are very elegant. I think #2, “Float”, would be well received by the cats (and dogs) in my life.

  21. 271
    Brian Enigma

    I think #2, Float, has the best design — simple and clean.

    Although I also really like the style of #5, Repeat, all those little nooks between the stairs look like they’d be a pain to clean dust and hair from.

  22. 272

    But really, I love them all.

  23. 273

    # 2

    So cool!

  24. 274

    #2 for me. The others look interesting, though. Repeat on the other hand looks like it will be a bugger to clean. Simple, modern, but very beautiful goes to number 2. =]

  25. 275
    Wendy D.

    #1 really is super mod. Mmmhmm.

  26. 276

    I really like # 3. It’s looks a bit safer than the other stairs. It has very clean lines.

  27. 277

    I like no. 4. the slant stairs. Looks like it the step could be a good sleep spot for kitty.

  28. 278

    #4 Slant

    Based on two reasons – 1st & foremost is whether or not a pet can USE these stairs. I think out of the five, #4 has the lowest rise (needed for arthritic & elderly animals).
    2nd – It is stylish; looks good

    It would look good in my home also! hint…hint.

  29. 279
    Julia Hockley

    I vote for #2 The Float…functional, attractive and cats can have fun hiding underneath it and popping out to surprise their littermates!

  30. 280
  31. 281

    Another for Slant (#4), followed closely by #2. Because the steps are open, they remind me of cat perches!

  32. 282
    Les Cooper

    #2 is beautiful

  33. 283
    Kylee Kirkpatrick


  34. 284

    #4! It looks like the steps might be a little wider than the others- nice places to lounge. Its also very attractive.

  35. 285
    Amy Russell

    This took me a minute. I do like all of them, especially number 2. But for over-all design and function I choose #4 It is the only one that has any sort of traction or something to dig your claws into, if need be. I figured most people who buy pet steps are for animals with disabilities or are in their golden years. So safety is the most important element in my decision making process.

  36. 286

    #2 – Looks classy and modern, and the kitties will also enjoy batting each other between the steps, or randomly diving through the tiny space in ways that defy physics.

  37. 287

    #2 – clean, elegant, architectural

  38. 288

    Big fan of #3 Profile!!! Nice and clean!

  39. 289
    Mark W

    I like no. 4. the slant stairs

  40. 290

    The Trace steps #1 look like the most fun. I’m sure a couple of my cats would end up hiding toys in it and giving them even more enjoyment than just steps. This would be my favorite.

  41. 291

    Definitely #1. The others are just lacking in some way….too many ways for me to get my foot caught in those things near the bed….scary.

  42. 292

    #4 takes it for me…nice dynamic lines

  43. 293

    I vote for slant #4!

  44. 294

    These stairs are a fantastic idea! I’m looking forward to the product availability.

    My vote is for 3. Profile. Because it’s such an iconic stair shape, it has a clean, modern presence. I could see it being repurposed as a side table or plant stand, even.

    Products 2 and 4 don’t look as clean in design to me, and I positively dislike product 5 because of the fussy layers and inner white laminate. Product 1 has an interesting color and pattern of wood, but the back looks unfinished to me.

  45. 295

    I like number 5 – looks easy to climb yet practical. Functional, too!

  46. 296
    Carly Meyer

    #4…the slant model is by FAR my favorite model! :)

  47. 297

    I like #4 Slant. It’s a nice modern design but most important is it’s funcionality and comfort of use for elder pets. It seems to have less hight from the floor to the first step and between steps plus more surface space to each step making it more comfortable and safe for an elder pet to use. I’ll love to have one for my 2 15 year old cats. ;-)

  48. 298

    I like #3 the best. It has solid, bold, contemporary lines and looks safest. The other choices seem to have more sharp edges and nooks for rambunctious cats to get hurt on.

  49. 299

    #3, the profile! It’s close though, they are all sleek and creative.

  50. 300
    Jen S.

    They are all pretty neat. #2 is my fave.

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