Pet Stair Giveaway: Vote On Your Favorite Stair Design and Enter to Win!

Sun, Feb 22, 2009


The design team at Urban Pet Haus is asking Moderncat readers to choose the top pet stair design. The design you choose will be put into limited production right away and one lucky winner will be selected to receive a set of stairs.

To enter, leave a comment on this post voting for your top choice. One entry per person, the winner will be chosen in a random drawing on March 1.

* This giveaway is now closed *

1. Trace

2. Float

3. Profile

4. Slant

5. Repeat

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376 Responses to “Pet Stair Giveaway: Vote On Your Favorite Stair Design and Enter to Win!”

  1. 301

    I vote for #5 repeat – my cats can hide between the steps and nap (or pounce on the next person/cat who walks by).

  2. 302
  3. 303

    Hi there,
    ALL awesome but I think no 1 with a significant amount of more depth (not height) from to back on the horizontal plane of the step would create a wider and extra hiding hole for kitty…..
    Failing that being possible, then no 5 woud be the go, you would need to have space for the kitties to travel and starting all of them with a lower first rise would be best for older kitties. OR maybe you have two ranges, one for older and one for younger OR make the steps like Ikea shelving somehow that you can slide the steps on where you like height wise, gives more options….cute idea though, really XX


  4. 304
    jessica leishman

    I think #1 is what my 18 year would go for, I’m not sure about the open floating design, although it looks way cooler, I think she’d think twice about climbing them.

  5. 305
  6. 306
    Becky G

    #5 is my favorite. It looks sturdy enough to handle my big cats and has spaces for my small cat to hide and sleep.

  7. 307
    Erin C

    I love the look of #4

  8. 308

    I am going with #1. It looks cool and fun!

  9. 309
    Courtney Witty

    I simply adore #3 (profile) and I know my cat Jinxie would too. He loves lounging and playing on stairs, so I’m sure these small stairs would entertain him.

  10. 310

    Great website! #4 is the one…

  11. 311

    These are lovely! #5 is my favorite. My dogs can handle the steps and my cats can hid out in between! :)

  12. 312

    I like #4, the slant. I think cats would like to sometimes go between the steps.

  13. 313

    Ik vote for number 3.
    It has the most style! (and easy to keep clean)

  14. 314
  15. 315
    Carolyn Tobin

    My favorite is #3 – The sleek lines, with the solid wood structure seems more suited to blend with a lot of modern furniture. Well, it will suit my stuff better than the others – haha. So please make it so I can get one :)

  16. 316

    Numbers 2 and 3 are both beautiful designs. I think #2 is my top pick. It looks like a divine modernist staircase. I love the idea of a piece of cat furniture that looks like it could be part of your house. Kudos to the designers. Love the walnut and the chrome.

  17. 317

    I love #4. Very sleek and cool. But they all look good!

  18. 318

    #1 is my favorite, (although I like #3 as well). #1 works for me because the metal support is minimized and the wood has an interesting look to it – it doesn’t remind me of a step-stool like the open-design models do.

  19. 319

    The Float #2 is my pick, though #4 the Slant was a close second. I prefer the openness of these designs.

  20. 320

    #4 – Slant! I love the retro look of this one, and also the choice of cool color and vertical grain on the steps! It would be even more awesome if these could somehow collapse and lock into place when in use, but only if it requires very minimal alteration to its total “sleek” look.

    Thanks for finally coming up with these aesthetically pleasing alternatives to the standard plastic steps!

  21. 321

    3 and 4 hmmm, 3 looks solid and chunky – more traditional I guess. 4 is more modern and airy, very chic. 4 I think wins becuase it is more minimal and unobtrusive, it fits very easily into modern decor complementing the sense of light and space in a room without being distracting.

  22. 322

    I love #2 they appear to be floating, great for giving the illusion of not being there but is.

  23. 323

    I love #4, Slant!

  24. 324
    Rho McCormack

    #2 Float would look awesome up against a window so kitty could climb, look, and nap!

  25. 325

    I vote for #4, Slant. It’s interesting looking and kinda’ wide open and I’m sure my kitties would prefer to play and rest on this one.

  26. 326
    sarah beth

    I vote for #3

    Profile looks very nice

  27. 327

    I vote for #3, perfect place for Paris & Rocky to play hide n seek!

  28. 328

    i love #3…simple, classic, and solid. perfect!

  29. 329

    My vote goes to #4, Slant, very modern and airy

  30. 330

    They are all a vast improvement over the cardboard boxes I currently use, BUT my vote is for #4, “Slant”.

  31. 331

    I vote for #3, easier to clean underneath!

  32. 332

    #2, I totally agree with Melissa and Rho. It’s a feast for they eye – but you’ll have to spot it first! It’s an attractive, subtle design.

  33. 333

    # 2 Float — modern and minimal, and multi-functional (both as steps, and as a cat ‘playground as has been mentioned by many posters)

  34. 334

    #4 definitely. Clean lines with modern angle twist to it.

  35. 335

    I love #1 Trace (with #5 a close 2nd)!

  36. 336

    #3, Profile, is my fave!
    Thanks for featuring me on your etsy faves! I love your site and will be visiting often for sure :)

  37. 337

    My vote is for #4, Slant!

  38. 338

    All are very cool-I like #4 the best!

  39. 339

    My favorite is number #3 identified as Profile. The reason is really fun. I have two kitties, Twinkle and Mynx. Twinkle is a princess and smaller than the average kitty. She is the type who “glides” up stairs, pauses and then leaps to her destination. Mynx on the other hand is a bit larger than the average kitty. She is a little clumsy and kind of bounds up stairs and then bounces off the top step to reach her destination which usually results in the first half of her body making it and the “bottom” part hanging off a bit as she scampers up. (Think Baby Huey) With the Profile I wouldn’t worry about Mynx slipping through the open spaces of the Slant, Repeat and the Float. With the Trace I am afraid she (Mynx) would hit it and knock it over…the Profile just looks like a more solid piece. They are all lovely…but for my princess and my Baby Huey…it is the Profile that gets my vote!

  40. 340

    # 1, Trace, is gorgeous!

  41. 341

    I’m gonna go with Slant…. or Float? Or Slant? Or Float? Actually I’m going with Float!

  42. 342
    Kelsea Grimes

    I personally like #2 float the best. All are awesome though!

  43. 343

    I really love the float as far as style goes, but since this would most be useful for aging and geriatric pets which may have some balance issues, I wouldn’t want them to slide through the steps and so would therefore probably think the profile is the best for both style and usability. Love them all though.

  44. 344

    #4, Slant. In a big way.

  45. 345

    Hey, my initial favorite was slant but I prefer the wood on float so I’m going with float! They are all great though!
    Nikkie x

  46. 346

    I like Slant with Float’s wood.
    My vote will go to #4 (with hopes that the wood grain is customizable)!

  47. 347

    I like Slant, #4. Very sleek

  48. 348

    I like five. It does not shot I am stairs.

  49. 349
    Matthew Kolb

    #1 Trace really has a nice subtle floating illusion. The framing of the stairs have a nice hollowness/airy feel to them.

  50. 350

    Love the diagonal lines of #4, but am still drawn to the illusory effect of #2.

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