March Moderncat Giveaway: Curve Bed by Akemi Tanaka

This month we have another beautiful designer offering for the Moderncat monthly giveaway, a Curve bed by Akemi Tanaka! These elegant wall-mounted beds offer kitty a very stylish and comfortable napping spot, as Akemi’s three cats demonstrate in the photo above. The snap-on cushion provides padded comfort and has a removable, washable cover that comes in a variety of mod fabrics. Available in walnut or maple veneer, both are finished with non-toxic linseed oil.

Make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat email updates in order to be entered to win the monthly giveaway. And because so many international readers have made this request, if an international winner is chosen Akemi has agreed to ship overseas if the winner would like to pay the extra postage. The drawing will take place on March 31.

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137 Responses to “March Moderncat Giveaway: Curve Bed by Akemi Tanaka”

  1. 51
    Kari Follett

    Oh my gosh! My 5 cats (Luna, Moxie, Oliver, Adia and Athena) would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

  2. 52

    Those are really sweet beds! :D Both my kitties would enjoy those… Best to put them somewhere high up!

  3. 53

    My bengal would love it. I like the shape of it. It really looks more secure than the flats ones

  4. 54
    pam and kismet

    i just LOOOOOOOOOVE THESE!!! i don’t think i could ever get my kitty off the wall if we had one! ;)

  5. 55

    These look wonderful – good looking modern syle furniture for the kitties. :-)

  6. 56

    Tigger would love this instead of the makeshift cardboard box that is collapsing

  7. 57

    Meiko identifies himself as a bono fide puma, hence climbing to the highest peaks and draping himself over a make believe tree branch, this would be ideal for him. Apartments are cramped for anyone, using the walls for a sleeping area is a wonderful idea.

  8. 58

    I need about 5 of these!

  9. 59

    Super cool! Two for my girls PLEASE :)

  10. 60
    von Krankipantzen

    Oh oh! Pick ME! Yoshi’s birthday is coming up.

  11. 61

    oh my goodness, our house has 5 kitties and they are always fighting about the bed space. They’d adore these!

  12. 62

    One is not enough! Could I get 5? ;)

  13. 63
    Kelsea Grimes

    Wow, what a gorgeous bed. I absolutely love this. I think it’s probably my favorite thing ever posted here. The elegant curve and nifty wall design are amazing. Kudos!

  14. 64
    cece keeling

    My kitties would be in heaven and so would I. I am a new mom of kitties and never realized how much cats love being up high. My decor is also very compatible with the curve….how very cool!

  15. 65
    Carly Meyer


    There isn’t much square footage in the wee loft that I live in…so, the concept of giving my kitty, Merlin, his own space that wont take up space…it’s fantastic!

    Great Item!!

  16. 66

    Twinkle and Mynx both give this a paws up!

  17. 67

    Those are so neat. I’ve two kitties who would totally love those!

  18. 68

    I love these curved beds!!

  19. 69

    ~~~~~~dash would dig it~!!!!
    ~~~we love you chloe~
    ny cats~!

  20. 70

    My sweet Sishya snowshoe rescue, who loves to be “on high”, would LOVE one of these. Does he do pink faux fur?

  21. 71

    Oooh, how cool to have them on the wall like that! I’d never run over them again (I’m a qadriplegic. Truly). Please please please? Pretty please?

  22. 72

    \o/ That means I’ll have a chance to win it! My very spoiled cat would love that, just would have to pick the perfect sunny spot!

  23. 73
    Jessica Hudson

    My cat Mia would love to lounge in this in the sun all day!

  24. 74

    I have more square feet of cat than I do house-I think I need to go vertical!

  25. 75

    I live in a bachelor apartment…one of these would add some much needed cat relaxation space to my place! My cats would really appreciate it. I know they are getting tired of sharing THEIR bed with me :3

  26. 76

    Gorgeous design!

  27. 77

    my cats would love this bed especially sunshine

  28. 78

    Just think, you can mount this up high so your cat can look down on you! They love that!

  29. 79

    oh man – we need one of these so badly. my boyfriend and I are new kitty owners and our crazy little kitten loves to be perched high up. when we first got her she kept climbing into the sink as her self made pedestal! love the design as well – as we are modern furniture buffs!

  30. 80

    Both my kitties are purring over these gorgeous cat beds. Both kitties have their first choice; Sadie is more partial to the maple, and Elsie is more of a walnut girl. But both agree they’d be happy with either one mounted on their walls. Their owner would love to win one of these too, by the way!

  31. 81

    Oh these beds are sooo adorable! hehe it makes the cats look like they are part of the wall decor ;)

  32. 82
    amber ryder

    These are cute and look comfy!
    my cats would love to lounge on this.

  33. 83
    Catalina Spencer

    Living in a studio w/ 2 cats such a bed would be a blessing… in addition to the fact that they would be less inclined to sleep other places, like on the couch and bed, where they leave lots of fur! Comfort is good too. :)

  34. 84

    I’m pretty sure all 3 of my cats would be fighting over this bed.

  35. 85
    Carolyn Tobin

    I am in love!

  36. 86

    This seems like sucha good idea! I love the different fabric choices.

  37. 87

    This is great! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, thanks… Great & Simple Design.
    Can’t wait to win!

  38. 88

    Since I moved my cats really missing napping on top of the cabinets. This bed would be a great high napping perch for them!

  39. 89

    This looks like my two naughty boys would fit in one… they always fight over their hammok & try to fit both in it ;) So I guess they would really like one of these =^.^=

  40. 90
    Diane T

    All my rescued cats would love this and since most have them have had a hard life, this would make them very happy! Maybe it would help them get adopted, too! Okay, that’s a stretch, but you never know!

  41. 91
    Ann n Alden

    Those are some happy-looking cats.

  42. 92

    My cat for sure would love one of these. Great idea !
    Super giveaway.

  43. 93

    These are beautiful! Chili and I don’t have much floor space in my small apartment, and the wall steps I have for her aren’t big enough for her to lounge on. I would LOVE to have this in my place (and Chili would love to stop napping on the couch, where she gets shifted around every time I sit down!)

  44. 94
    Kristal Abu-Thredeh

    I hope I am not to late to be considered for the giveaway, my cats would love this!

  45. 95

    So how do I enter the give away? I signed up to receive the email newsletter just now…Will I be automatically entered? My cats told me they need this, too.

  46. 96

    Absolutely love these! If we win one we will buy a second one, so there will be no fights :)

  47. 97
    Morgan the Pirate

    These are awesome! And they are great because you can just change the covers to match your decor.

    One would look perfect on the Pirate Wall in Morgan’s Room.

    LOVE these!

  48. 98

    The design is amazing and so functional. This would look great on my wall so Odin can have a stylish bed. I just cannot wait for her to surprise someone when she jumps off her bed from the wall.

  49. 99

    This would fit perfectly into our modern decor and both of the boys would love to watch the action on the street from this perch.

  50. 100

    These have class!
    These have style!
    And they are practical too!

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