BONUS GIVEAWAY: Swarovski Cat Collar, Courtesy of The Pet Extraordinarium

Wed, Mar 4, 2009

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Every moderncat needs a little bling. And there is no better bling than genuine Swarovski crystals. These Swarovski Cat Collars are the ultimate in sophisticated glam, featuring three rows of crystals on a soft leather collar. The design incorporates an elastic stretch band for safety, always a big concern!


UK-based online retailer The Pet Extraordinarium is offering a free Swarovski Cat Collar to one lucky Moderncat reader. To enter, visit The Pet Extraordinarium and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what caught your eye. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on March 11. If you win you’ll get to choose one of four elegant colors. And thanks to The Pet Extraordinarium, this giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere!

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253 Responses to “BONUS GIVEAWAY: Swarovski Cat Collar, Courtesy of The Pet Extraordinarium”

  1. 101

    I have one very social cat and one very hidey cat. Social cat would love the Banana Leaf Raised cat bed, while hidey cat would like the Water Hyacinth Igloo cat bed. I love basketry, and these would look classy with any decor!

  2. 102
    Sharon Arthur

    I just loved the banana leaf cat bed–very stylish!! My cats would absolutely enjoy this pad. Great website, lots of variety.

  3. 103

    The website is great! I saw a few items I would like to buy for my friend’s dog. I love the seagrass catnip scratch mat and the heart designer cat bowl!! My kitty just might be receiving a few new items for her home, afterall we do know that it is hers, not mine!!

  4. 104

    I was all set to nominate the Catit Senses Sensory Activity Centre as my fav., and then I saw the radiator bed. O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I only discovering this in March? It is definitely going on our wish list.

    And by the way: I highly recommend the Cabrio top-opening carrier. We already have a 20-year old model of similar style, and its great. I’ve loaned it to friends with scaredy cats and they find the travel process easier using the top loader.

  5. 105

    sooo fancy!! love the katkabin

  6. 106

    SAN FRANCISCO CAT TREE is what caught my eye! my boys love to sleep in hight places!

  7. 107
    Erin C

    I like the Gingham print cat collars – great for spring!

  8. 108

    WOW, what a great site. There is so much to love. I always have to check out the pet beds. I thought the Cosy Cat House in pink camo was adorable. So cute how there is a place for the pet’s picture on top of the opening.

    I would LOVE to win a pink Swarovski Cat Collar for my precious girl. Thanks to The Pet Extraordinarium (great name!) for offering this prize!

  9. 109

    First thing that caught my eye: the Catnip Bubbles! Oh my goodness! My cats would go nuts over these!

  10. 110

    It’s very neat they have a rabbit section with such a big selection. I’ve never seen so much rabbit stuff.
    I personally like and own kitties. The royal willow cat basket, the black single cat diner, and the toys caught my eye. Oh! and the break away collars with the little fish as the breakaway. Yeah, a lot of it is cutesy, but sometimes cute is good. Especially when it is unique and things I have not seen in the US.
    As for the bling collar, Joule-the-Diva-Kitty would love them all. This kitty even poses for photos.

  11. 111

    I really love those cat collars. My cats will love them too if they win.

  12. 112

    I like the sleek look of Moderncritter Cat Scratcher and the fact that it doesn’t take up much space.

  13. 113

    The KUMFY KRADLE cat radiator bed is very clever, and would be a hit at my house.

  14. 114

    The top-opening cat carrier looked extraordinary to me.

  15. 115
    Oscar + Cricket

    The Kumfy Kradle radiator bed makes me wish I had a radiator! My kitties would love that. Such a good idea, since cats love a warm perch. Also: The “I’ve Been Chipped” charm is a great idea! I’ve always wondered if people will assume a cat’s been microchipped if they find a stray….

  16. 116

    It has to be the rainbow swarovski collar!! I can just picture both my boy and girl cats sporting that and feeling extra fancy!!

  17. 117

    the cocoon cat bed won me over! i think all my kittys would love to have one.

  18. 118
    Cheryl Slack

    I LOVE the cat radiator bed. I want to tear off all the fancy radiator covers in my house and put one in every room!

  19. 119

    Those fabulous cat collars would make our girls look like the Divas that they are! Very classy!!!

  20. 120

    Oh, my. The collars are GORGeous!!
    And, I love the catnip tea!

  21. 121
    Michelle J

    The Daisy Double Cat idea tags is a wonderful idea. My cats are all microchipped and if they got lost the common person wouldn’t know to look for a microchip. It would be great if they had more design options and if you could also engrave your veterinarian’s info too.

  22. 122

    Pet Cargo Cabrio Cat Carrier looks like a winner to me! Sturdy top loading cat carriers are simply a must when raising rescues and ferals.

  23. 123

    The CAIRO LUXURY CAT SOFA is out of this world gorgeous!


  24. 124
    Linda Jauregui

    I looovvveeddd the ORLY PRINT IGLOO CAT BED. I think I might be trying to get one soon. It matches perfectly with my living room decor.

  25. 125

    I LOVE! the Plum/Silver crystal collar. My Snapshot kitty would prance around in that like the queen she knows she is. I love a lot of the cat beds, but my cats think MY bed is their bed, and they don’t sleep in any bed as small as a cat bed :D

  26. 126

    LOVE the banana leaf kitty beds!

  27. 127

    I love the banana leaf raised cat bed!! The kitty girls would love it. They also have lovely things for dogs.

  28. 128
    Lizzi K.

    Wow! The “Igloo 2-in-1 Cat Carrier & Cat Litter Tray” is really unusual. I’ve never seen anything like that! Neat.

  29. 129
    Sylvia Hanne

    I love the KatKabin!! That is amazing!! I need to get one for my babies!!

  30. 130

    I got a kitten a few weeks ago and she really needs a cooler collar. This would be great. I also love the katkabin for my outside cat. It doesn’t get that cold in Austin in the winter, but the cardboard box with a blanket she’s got now just isn’t going to cut it.

  31. 131

    Ooo! So sleek! So awesome! The silver crystal collars would look very high fashion on my trio of black beauties!

  32. 132
    Dee Dee Cantley

    nice site, have some things I might be interested in. Although I would like to see a place for currency conversion.

  33. 133
    Pascale Lacombe

    Nice site… a lot of choice! Beautiful collars, nice pet carrier (cargo) I would like to find one and original beds. But I would like to find price in U.S, CDN…



  34. 134
    Kari Follett

    I could really use an igloo carrier. We have 5 cats, one boy and 4 little miss diva kitties. I WOULD LOVE this collar.

  35. 135

    I just love that gorgeous Rainbow Swaroski cat collar — Hey — if it came large enough I would wear it!!!!

  36. 136
    Joao Barreto

    the blue crystals collar fits my tuxedo cat’s coat perfectly, yet the golden crystals one matches his pretty yellow eyes. i believe he should be using one of those in our next dinner party. ;)

  37. 137
    Carol G

    I like the Monaco Cat Play Tree–nothing like combining a couple of things cats love to do!

  38. 138

    I love the acrylic single cat feeders! It’s so hard to find a nice, single bowl raised feeders. My boys can’t eat in a double feeder because they fight over food.

    I also like that the Swarovski collars incorporate an elastic band, since “breakaway” collars tend to be too hard to break to actually be safe.

    Looks like they have some nice designs for cat carriers, too.

  39. 139

    The BEDS. Definitely the beds. Especially the Valentine, the Arundel, and the piece de resistance, the CAIRO cat sofa. Tres chic!

  40. 140

    THE COCOON CAT BED is adorable!

  41. 141
    Shelley Green

    For the Swarovsky Cat Collar contest
    Oh my god, the Cat Radiator Bed on the Brit site! We live in a cold Victorian home with radiators and 4 shivering cats (one is a Maine Coon, like the one so “warmly” staged on the bed on the website. The radiator bed would be perfect for them! How do I order them in the USA??

  42. 142

    I loved the 2 in 1 cat carrier.. They had alot to choose from. I loved the select that is on the site. However I couldn’t find the a place on the site that would convert currency.

  43. 143

    The igloo carriers are great………….My Siberian cats
    would love them and a cool looking collar 2

  44. 144
    Matti and Melli

    Loved the gloss black double cat dining table. Price in euros would be a nice addition.

  45. 145
    Angela Rubio

    This website has some very interesting cat carriers that can double as litter boxes. The collars and ID tags are very much what I am looking for in the two, style and safety.

  46. 146

    The top opening cat carriers are a MUST for anyone who has a cat who doesn’t like to come out of them when at the vet (and whose cat does?) Gone are the days of having to reach inside and pull a resisting cat out.

    My showboat Trimble would look amazing in a crystal collar. The fat tabby? Not so much… ;-)

  47. 147
    carla Johnson

    These collars are just what a girlie girl needs!

  48. 148
    Leah Daziens

    Very nice products. The CAT RADIATOR BED, KUMFY KRADLE is a great idea!

  49. 149

    I love the Thermotex infrared heated cat bed. My cats would go nuts over it!

  50. 150
    Courtney Witty

    I love the Leopard Cocoon cat bed. The design is original, adorable, and cat-friendly. I also like the cat carriers because they are cute and some have multiple doors so it won’t be so difficult to get a shy cat out of the carrier. I wish the prices could be shown in USD though.


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