BONUS GIVEAWAY: Swarovski Cat Collar, Courtesy of The Pet Extraordinarium

Wed, Mar 4, 2009

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Every moderncat needs a little bling. And there is no better bling than genuine Swarovski crystals. These Swarovski Cat Collars are the ultimate in sophisticated glam, featuring three rows of crystals on a soft leather collar. The design incorporates an elastic stretch band for safety, always a big concern!


UK-based online retailer The Pet Extraordinarium is offering a free Swarovski Cat Collar to one lucky Moderncat reader. To enter, visit The Pet Extraordinarium and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what caught your eye. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on March 11. If you win you’ll get to choose one of four elegant colors. And thanks to The Pet Extraordinarium, this giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere!

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253 Responses to “BONUS GIVEAWAY: Swarovski Cat Collar, Courtesy of The Pet Extraordinarium”

  1. 151

    This site is great and I have bookmarked it for future use. They have wonderful things and this collar is simply FAB! My sweet Magnolia, being a true Kitty Diva, would simply LOVE one.

  2. 152
    Kristen R.

    I enjoyed browsing the website, especially the cat accessories. My cat loves to hang out in the yard – so the Katkabins are pretty cool!

  3. 153
    Candise McGill

    I personally would wear one!!…….. but to spoil my kitty with one would be truly puurrrrrfect!

  4. 154

    I love the modern design you guys have here. I am in the process of furnishing an apartment to make it super cat friendly but very modern at the same time! I love all the ideas for litter boxes. I’m looking for a perfect collar and this would be amazing for my kitty.

  5. 155

    The Moderncritter scratcher would be nice… :)

  6. 156

    The katkabin is really cool. I’ve never seen it before! My Princess Cat (yes, her name is Princess) loves anything sparkly. That collar is perfect for royalty!

  7. 157

    The arctic fox cat bed is lovely!

  8. 158
    Petra van Duijl

    Wow! That rainbow swarovski collar would look incredible on my Norwegian Forest cat!

  9. 159

    Those collars are very swanky..
    I really like the idea of the kumfy kradle cat radiator bed. I Don’t have a wall radiator, but if I did, I would definitely buy that bed! My cat lies on my floor heating vent until his fur starts to practically singe! :-)

  10. 160
    Elli Cox

    What caught my eye was the story of Michelle an Paul and their dedication to the “style is instinctive” concept. The store is great!
    My grey cat Cory would wear a bling collar with panache; it would reflect his (and my) high opinion of himself.

  11. 161

    It’s alright. Nothing special.

  12. 162

    I spent a lot of time surfing the Pet Extraordinarium website, and I have to say it was amazing. I have never seen a site with so much coverage for cats, dogs and even bunnies. Loved the choices for the enjoyment of cats, the Catit senses, catnip rope balls, and fantasy fish would make any cats day better. Love the bling on the Swarovski collars, would look beautiful on my Siamese cat, he is already a diva. Forwarded this link to my friends with pets, I think it would inhance their lives as well as their pets. Great job!

  13. 163

    I love the igloo 2-in-1 carrier. It would be great to have when we take our cats to the cottage in the summer.

  14. 164

    Cute site! I really like the banana leaf raised bed and the cat radiator bed (if only I had that sort of radiator!). We have a beautiful grey cat who would look fabulous in a pink Swarovski collar!

  15. 165

    Cute kitten and bunny photos on the website.

  16. 166
    Tina B.

    I love the KatKabin. It would be perfect for Hueycat to enjoy while I’m outside gardening this spring!

  17. 167
    Michelle Karmozyn

    I love the contemporary cat scratcher. Very cute. Great site with lots of cool stuff. Some of my extended family live in London and I will tell them to buy some stuff for me.

  18. 168

    I like the moderncritter contemporary cat scratcher. What elegance.

  19. 169
    Paula Klug

    My black/white cat, Oreo, would look great in that rainbow collar! I also liked the coccoon beds and the moderncritter cat scratching post. Thanks for having this contest!

  20. 170
    Lydia S

    I liked a number of items, but the UltraViolet Dual Cat Feeding Table was a favorite.

  21. 171
    von Krankipantzen

    I love that they have included rabbits. Yay for rabbits!

  22. 172

    Well, there were so many things, and we have 10 cats and a rabbit. But I have to say the rabbit camo bed was what caught my eye.

  23. 173
    Rachel Newman

    I love the Cat Cocoon bed – it’s adorable. Almost as adorable as the cat inside it!

  24. 174
    Michelle :)

    The Cairo Cat Bed all the way!!!!!
    it is amazing! my sweeetheart is a very wanting!!!! But Unfortunately
    i dont have the money to do spoil him as much as id like! this would be PEFECT for him!!! he would look stunning in the collor

  25. 175

    hee well since it is so hard to find a good quality not to mention high quality scratching posts in my country my favorite item was the: Moderncritter contemporary cat scratcher
    as for the collers i really liked all of the colors except for the pink one, we don’t like the pink maybe if it were a bit darker like bourgndy(?).

  26. 176
    Gina O'Bryan

    Their modern cat dishes are way cool!

  27. 177

    Took a look at Pet Extraordiarium and loved their modern selections. Enjoyed the Rabbit selections too.

  28. 178
    sharon c

    the catit senses cat scratcher looks like it would be cute…a friend got my cats one of those cardboard catnip ones…someday I will get even! thanks for the giveaway! all the collars are beautiful…any cat would be proud to be seen wearing one.

  29. 179

    Either of my girls would look lovely in one of these.

  30. 180

    The Cabrio cat carrier looks great!

  31. 181

    The moderncritter scratcher is nice, but so expensive!

  32. 182
    Theresa F

    SAN FRANCISCO CAT TREE <<—- Love! Love! Love this! I have had the hardest time finding something lik this for my cats. One loves to scratch carpet and the other sissel. I had a cheap version that got really old and grungy that was pitched last fall. Maddie misses her resting perch.

  33. 183
    Jami E.

    I loved all the different styles that allow me to match the right color to my cat’s personality

  34. 184

    cool, i thought the Neon pink double cat feeder was nice, might get one of them

  35. 185
    Brittany Knowles

    I thought the Cat Nip Tea was really interesting!! I would love to see how our kitties responded to that!

  36. 186

    Wow! – This is a lovely site.

    As to what caught my eye? So many wonderful things – this could be a very dangerous shop. Just to mention a few that I would love to give my kitty – the royal willow cat basket, the Cairo cat sofa and the radiator bed. I do have to note that the Catit Senses line looks awesome.

  37. 187

    I really like the KatKabin – my kitty would probably love that in “her” backyard!

  38. 188

    the Moderncritter Contemporary Cat Scratcher!!

  39. 189

    I didn’t want my cats to see all the lovely things on this site. They would all be begging for some of them. I think some of the beds are great as well. And then to see some nice things for rabbits was cool.

  40. 190

    these collars are awesome!!! my kitty needs one!

  41. 191

    Cat stick hey? hmm just might catch on. Otherwize it has some really lovely modern cat furniture, housed and I adore the Rainbow Swarovski Cat Collar. I was surprised to find everything reasonably priced too!

  42. 192

    The item I love the very most is something we Americans can’t have: the fab-o cat bed that hangs off a slim European radiator~~how absolutely lovely for a happy English kitty!

  43. 193

    Wow! I have never seen these clear cat bowls before, I especially like the one with the floating pink fish :)

  44. 194

    Nice site with cool stuff! I like the Water Hyacinth Igloo Cat Bed. My kitty would love it!

  45. 195
    Karen Sasso

    Beautiful collars – I’ve got four cats and all of them would look good in this collar.

  46. 196

    the CAT RADIATOR BED, KUMFY KRADLE is brilliant, what a great way for a kitty so soak up the heat!

  47. 197
    Cathy S.

    I love the radiator cat bed. Now all I need is a radiator! LOL! The modern scratcher that mounts on the wall is cool too! Lots of nice stuff to browse!!

  48. 198

    Thanks for so many wonderful products for cats! So often sites have great things for dogs but just a few items for the felines. I especially admired the leopard cocoon cat bed and the igloo 2-in-1 cat carrier/litter tray. That last one would be great for my long trips with my little beasts.

  49. 199
    Stephanie LaPlante

    I fell in love with The Leopard Cocoon Cat Bed. My cat Molly would use this a lot and it’ll match my bedroom once I redecorate. <3

  50. 200

    I love the raised feeding bowls! I keep looking for something cute and ergonomic for my cat, and these are perfect.


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