BONUS GIVEAWAY: Swarovski Cat Collar, Courtesy of The Pet Extraordinarium

Wed, Mar 4, 2009

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Every moderncat needs a little bling. And there is no better bling than genuine Swarovski crystals. These Swarovski Cat Collars are the ultimate in sophisticated glam, featuring three rows of crystals on a soft leather collar. The design incorporates an elastic stretch band for safety, always a big concern!


UK-based online retailer The Pet Extraordinarium is offering a free Swarovski Cat Collar to one lucky Moderncat reader. To enter, visit The Pet Extraordinarium and take a look around, then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what caught your eye. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on March 11. If you win you’ll get to choose one of four elegant colors. And thanks to The Pet Extraordinarium, this giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere!

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253 Responses to “BONUS GIVEAWAY: Swarovski Cat Collar, Courtesy of The Pet Extraordinarium”

  1. 201

    I love this site. My husband wants me to stop reading Moderncat before we go bankrupt! I also really like to raised cat feeders and I’m going to get one of the raised dining tables for my two, Tibbwini and Tumble.

  2. 202

    I love the idea of the KatKabins! My kitty is indoors only, but the outside kitties would very much enjoy it.

  3. 203

    Very classy. Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  4. 204
    Sasha & Sylvie

    How fab are those collars? Loved the site too- they had a really great collection of cat beds, especially the adorable valentine bed!

  5. 205

    Wow! I’m really impressed with the color choices-super bling for kitties.

  6. 206
    Shay Williams

    I really like the Velvet Diamante Cat Collar

  7. 207

    Love the Lincoln dog bed.

  8. 208

    Hi – I’m Paul, one of the founders of Just wanted to thank everyone who’s left comments and entered the competition so far, and answer a few questions with regard to products and delivery.

    The good news is that we do deliver to the USA and throughout Europe. As delivery rates from the UK vary widely, the way we work this is to calculate the best delivery rate for you before you purchase. So if you’d like anything, send an email to telling us which items you’d like and how many of them and we’ll give you a code to use on the website.

    More good news is that as both the $ and the EUR are very strong against the £ at the moment, you’re onto a winner ordering from the UK!
    We’re currently looking at adding a currency converter to the site, but as a guide, if you want the price in US$, multiply the £ figure by 1.4. So, for example, £10 x 1.4 = $14.
    If you want the price in EUR, multiply the £ figure by 1.2. So EUR10 x 1.2 = EUR12

    We can deliver about 75% of our products to the USA and Europe. As a general guide, this includes:
    > all breakaway collars
    > all designer collars (including the Swarovski Collar)
    > toys such as Catnip Bubbles
    > the soft cat beds (Arctic Fox, Hooded Bed etc)
    > the Cocoon Cat Bed
    > the Kumfy Kradle cat radiator bed
    > I’ve Been Chipped ID Tag and all other ID tags
    > the clear designer cat bowls

    Due to the size and weight of some items, we don’t currently have a way of delivering some items cost-effectively outside of the UK. These include:
    > the Banana Lead Raised Cat Bed
    > the Cairo Cat Bed
    > the Royal Willow Cat Basket
    > the Pet Cargo Cabrio and all other carriers
    > all scratching posts
    > the pet dining tables

    Great to see that people love the rabbit section as much as the cat section. Rabbits are widely ignored in many senses, but at The Pet Extraordinarium, we love them! As above, we can generally deliver most rabbit products to the USA and Europe. Just email us with your potential order.

    Good Luck with the prize draw! The collar is genuinely the best I’ve ever seen and will look amazing on whichever cat wins, so please send a pic to us and! Any questions, please do get in touch!

  9. 209

    What gorgeous collars! My gray girl would look fabulous in the pink crystal, my tabby man in the manly black with gold glitz, and my little boy (part flame point) in the blue crystal to match his wonderful blue eyes. Also, I loved the beds – especially that Leopard Cocoon – really unique. Also, those acrylic raised feeding dishes. Thanks for letting me know about a fabulous store! Now I just have to email to see what they can mail to the U.S.A.

  10. 210
    Liz C

    The banana leaf cat bed is really cool

  11. 211

    I loved the skull and crossbones cat collar!

  12. 212

    Ah, now I’ve added a million more things to my kitty wish list :)

  13. 213

    They’ve got that Catit Senses toy! I saw it at an animal shop last week and I was wondering how my kitties might like it.

  14. 214

    I love the banana leaf raised cat bed. So cute!

  15. 215

    I liked the cocoon bed. It is fitting for my cats as that is what they love the most! Sleeping!!

  16. 216
    Kat C.

    The Chinese Catnip Tea sounds very interesting =)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  17. 217

    ooo lovely. My sweeties would love the sweaters to keep warm.

  18. 218

    Cool collars!!

  19. 219

    I think my kittehs would love the Banana Leaf Raised Cat Bed

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  20. 220

    Looove the site! sending it to a friend as she has cats and a rabbit and never can find cool rabbit gear.

    the cat beds are great as are the KatKabin’s… my cats would love this (inside or out) I have one that sleeps in the dog kennel most days so she it might be nice to get her a cat kennel of her own… :)

    the collars are so cool, definitely have to look into picking one up.

  21. 221

    I know my cat would say he wants all the toys! The Catit Senses Sensory Activity Centre especially. He would probably also enjoy the San Francisco Cat Tree.

  22. 222

    My 70lb boxer mix would love the Oxford leather dog sofa. He prefers laying on our leather (human) couches to the hard tile floor and my husband and I have joked that he needs his own couch from which to survey the world and take long naps.

  23. 223

    Great selection of toys!

  24. 224

    I like the San Francisco Cat Tree….I would love to win this collar for my kitty she just turned 9 months and finially has a neck for a

  25. 225

    The site is well laid out and very clearly articulated. Very cool to see such a variety of goodies for bunnies as well as cats and dogs!
    My lovely Maine Coon princess has her eye on the glittering gold collar, and would love to hide out in the water hyacinth igloo when I’m doing something annoying like hoovering!

  26. 226
    Giveaway Goddess

    I like the arctic fox cat bed. fun :)

  27. 227

    I thought the sisal catnip ball looked cool…

  28. 228

    We have 4 cats that would look FINE in a Swaroski (sp?) crystal collar

  29. 229

    Bling for the cat! :D

  30. 230

    My baby would think she was one of the gals in Sex in The City if she had a collar like one of these to style around in.

  31. 231

    My cats would love to sleep in “water hyacinth igloo cat bed”! It’s so elegant!

  32. 232

    This is perrrfect for my elegant cat.

  33. 233

    i like the blue diamond studded collar

  34. 234

    My new sphynx kitty will look FAB in one of those glittery collars!

  35. 235

    These collars are chic and beautiful. my kitty would look very elagant in this on a special occasion. i especially liked the breakaway collars for pets on the site. very safety concious and the cat senses product toys look very entertaining for everyone lol.

  36. 236
    Bonnie Goulding

    Beautiful. Any kitty could be so proud to wear one of these collars

  37. 237

    I wish I had seen this site sooner! I love the Princess food bowl… it would be fabulous if they designed a similar bowl reading ‘ Prince’ … I woud DEFINETLY buy the set for my royal pets!!

  38. 238

    This website has super cute collars, so many choices with rhinestones! And man do I LOVE RHINESTONES!!! Every kitty should have one and feel like a prince or princess.

  39. 239
    Nicky McCarthy

    oh this would be so perfect for my izzie because she’s my very own furry princess!!!!

  40. 240
    catherine ashworth

    wow!!! i saw this picture and was so exited i could realy imagine my cat stroling arounf the house like queen wearing one of those beautiful cat collars i have never seen any thing like it!!!

  41. 241

    Dazzling jewelry for stylish kitties! Beautiful!

  42. 242

    I have been looking for the perfect stuff for my new kitten and I think I found it!

  43. 243

    oooo just want kitty neeeeds, shinny stuff :)

  44. 244

    Me gustan mucho los collares de perro y gato de Swarovski.

  45. 245
    Shawnelle Brophy

    Love the collars, perfect for a little diva kitty!

  46. 246

    Oooo, BLING!! I always wanted some bling for my kitty, lol! :)

  47. 247
    Nicole LeBlanc

    they have some really cool items.

  48. 248
    Nicole LeBlanc

    love thwe break away collars

  49. 249
    linda hauff

    hi new to site. so excited to find swarovski cat collars; anything swarovaski! Hope my kitty gets lucky; she loves your site too. linda and me’nu

  50. 250

    I really like the rainbow studded collar. Very flashy & cool! My kitten Babii would look amazing in it! :)


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