Red Tango Giveaway!

Sun, Mar 22, 2009

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Here’s your chance to be super-styling with a fabulous giveaway package from Moderncat fave Red Tango. One lucky winner will win a black & pink Red Tango bowling bag with a matching compact and pillbox. Too cute!

To enter, please visit the Red Tango website and take a look at all the fabulous mod-cat merchandise, then come back here and leave a comment on this post letting us know what you love the most. The winner will be selected in a random drawing on March 29.

For Red Tango licensing information, please visit The Current Company.

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390 Responses to “Red Tango Giveaway!”

  1. 51

    love the retro vibe!

  2. 52

    what a cool kitty, looks like my girl Luna!

  3. 53

    Love the Wicked Kitty tee!

  4. 54

    I love the Blackjack watch – especially the black/red design. The bags are also super cool, especially those with the pirate kitties and the blackjack kitties. They so resemble me and my cats… mischievous creatures

  5. 55

    I like the bowling bag!

  6. 56

    I like the Dot Kitty Brown longsleeve shirt

  7. 57
    Lydia S

    I luv the JackSport Watch in Black. The intro video to the site was pretty cool too.

  8. 58

    Love the Houndstooth Baguette and the art of Red Tango book!

  9. 59

    I like the Double Kitty on brown shirt

  10. 60

    LOVE the pirate kitty character – especially on the t-shirt!!

  11. 61

    Love the business card holders! I neeeeed it!

  12. 62

    I have the green and yellow business card holder. I had a heck of a time finding even plain looking ones, let alone cute ones, and then I found these. I would love to win this set.

  13. 63

    Very cool stuff!
    I really like the tees. Especially the brown one with blue cat.

  14. 64

    Amazing awesome stuff. It’s all great. Here’s a few I’m adding to my birthday wish list:
    Double Kitty on black long sleeve T and the black lounge pants
    Pirate kitty canvas bag, or the blackjack messenger bag
    And the temp tattoos would be great fun!

    The egg moon logo reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas – one of my favorite movies (it could be Nightmare before Catmas instead) : )

  15. 65

    the bowling bag too cute

  16. 66

    What don’t I like?? It’s all adorable. I’m lusting after the grey & pink baseball-type shirt, the big kitty tote, the business card holder, the weekend tote, etc etc. Even the pillboxes for all the vitamins and supplements I take every day. Want it all!

  17. 67

    i love the dot kitty long sleeve shirt in brown, cute stuff! :) Thanks for the contest!

  18. 68

    Super cute stuff! Love the bowling bag.

  19. 69

    Love the retro 60′s kitties! I want the pillbox!

  20. 70
    Sharon Arthur

    I just love the bags and stationary, too cool for words!

  21. 71

    Retro kitties! Wonderful!

  22. 72

    love love love the whole website. All the bags are cute, though I think that on my budget right now the stickers are the thing for me. I do believe the Jyles sticker will be mine soon.

  23. 73

    I like the lounge pants and the purse shown on this page but I didn’t see it on the web site?

  24. 74
    Kali Marie

    I love the compacts and the pillboxes, but Pirate Kitty is my favorite & anything with her on it is great!

    I hope that it’s finally my lucky day & I’ll be able to win something!

  25. 75

    I love their Chrome and Art Deco Stickers which would go nicely with their Greeting Cards and Post Cards. I’m a stationary junkie and love their paper products! Too cute and then you have the option to share with your feline loving friends!

  26. 76

    I’m a HUGE red tango fan and have some of these goods in a different color. I’d recommend their products to anyone, they’re great AND cute!

  27. 77

    Everything is adorable, but I especially like the business card holders and the watches. They’re subtle but fun!

  28. 78

    the bags are soooo cute! i love the little change purse and the card holder! the bowling bag would be great for overnight travel. heres hoping I win win win!!

  29. 79
    kerry winger

    What a fabulous website i loved the artwork in the artwork lab what amazing stuff, makes me wish I could draw! I loved the dot kitty brown shirt, what a great retro feel.

  30. 80

    I Love the pink and gray cat shirt and the BlackJack Gray Tartan Messenger Bag. This would look so cute together and is priced so reasonably. :)

  31. 81

    This designer is great…gives me ideas! :) I definitely liked their totes and compacts, but I think I may need to get that “Blue and brown layered” look t-shirt – I really love it!!

  32. 82
    Cece Keeling

    I love this website and her great ‘stuff’!!!!!

  33. 83

    I’ve been drooling over the Red Tango site for days and have forwarded the link to my husband so he can help my kitties choose my birthday present (April 7th)! What don’t I like?! A bowling bag would be perfect for carrying crafting tools to a silversmithng course I’m signed up for.. and the t-shirts… the hoodies… oh, how to choose?!

  34. 84
    Nicole Martin

    That bag is too cute!

  35. 85
    Moo's mom

    it’s all so cute! i love the pink and black bowling bag though.

  36. 86

    I love the black jack pack!! It is so cute, I would have to say I like just about everything on this site and am so excited you pointed it out to us! Modern Cat Rocks! I will for sure be getting a few gifts from Tangoland and maybe something for myself too :)

  37. 87

    I love the pink and black bowling bag – that cat totally looks like a tattoo I have too!

  38. 88

    I love how simple and chic the bags are. SO adorable!

  39. 89

    i have a couple of their things now, and i LOVE them. when ever i carry my purse, i always get comments on it. i could definately use more stuff!

  40. 90

    Loving 50′s retro style, it’s hard to pick a favourite. But the black hoodie with pink kitty would suit me very well! As would of course the bowling bag!

  41. 91

    i can’t decide! it’s all so cute – do i HAVE to pick a favorite?!?!?

  42. 92

    OMG! I absolutely love the Redtago website! I spent most of the morning playing around with the Fortunes, Lucky Cat and Imagination portions of the web site. I also bookmarked this site so I can go back to it. I also sent the link to my daughters and my sister.

    Thank you for sharing.

  43. 93

    What a great store! I love the keychain clock!

  44. 94

    I like the double kitty on brown shirt


  45. 95

    I love that site! I had a lot of fun goofing around with the Lucky Cat. I also love this bag. I have always loved pink and black as a color combo. Thats why I love the Double Kitty on Black tee.

  46. 96

    You have wonderful stuff! But I must admit I love your bags and kitty-bags most of all! I say it shamelessly, I’d be so glad to be the winner.. I’d have this cool set a few have seen around here in Italy! :-)

  47. 97

    I love this bag the most! I have seen it before and have been wanting it since!

  48. 98

    TARTAN CARRY ALL is my fav! I love all the pockets but I would like more cat images on it.

  49. 99

    What a fun site that is!

    I love the Pirate Kitty Canvas Bag!


  50. 100
    Debbie Dorsett

    I love the Skull Kitty short sleeve tshirt. My daughter loves that kind of thing.


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