Are Plastic Food Containers Safe? BONUS GIVEAWAY from Stor-In-Style

Thu, Apr 16, 2009

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Have you given any thought to the type of material used in your cat’s food bowl and food storage container? Well, I recently learned a little about this topic when faced with Mackenzie’s breakout of kitty acne (see photo below – it’s not pretty.) This is really a two-part issue:

1) Plastic pet food dishes and containers can trap bacteria that causes kitty acne. What is kitty acne? It looks like little black flakes usually found on the chin and around the mouth. Not all cats are prone to acne, but when they do get a bad case, like Mackenzie did, it can lead to open sores and infection. I treated Mackenzie with antibiotics and “kitty facials” with a cleanser followed by Neutrogena On-the-Spot acne treatment, as prescribed by my vet. He’s all better now, but I also switched all the food and water dishes to porcelain*. Stainless steel, ceramic*, glass, and stoneware* are all excellent options, too, because they are not porous like plastic, which can trap oily food particles and harbor bacteria. It’s also very important to thoroughly clean and dry all food and water dishes daily and food storage containers weekly.

* With any glazed material, make sure that the glaze is food grade, it should not be marked “for decoration only.”

And as if that wasn’t bad enough…

2) Some plastics can contain chemicals that may leach into your cat’s food and water, possibly causing other health issues. This is a controversial issue which has been in the media quite a bit over the past year, specifically regarding Bisphenol-A (BpA) in water bottles and children’s products, as well as phthalates in other plastic products. Apparently not all plastics are bad, but since we really don’t know much about the long-term effects of eating and drinking out of plastic, I’m choosing to avoid it whenever possible, for both me and my cats (which is proving to be MUCH easier to do for the cats than it is for me!) Research done by Environmental Working Group has shown that pets have much higher levels of chemical contamination than humans, some up to 23 times the levels. The study points out that “with their compressed lifespans, developing and aging seven or more times faster than children, pets also develop health problems from exposures much more rapidly.” This is a complicated study that looks into chemical contaminants from multiple sources, but if eliminating plastic food containers might help just a little, it’s an easy change to make.

There are lots of beautiful and functional non-plastic pet food bowls available. If you haven’t already, please consider making this change.


And to help you make a change with your cat food storage, the folks at Stor-in-Style are offering one lucky winner a designer metal food storage container. The metal canister has a durable, non-toxic powder-coated finish and comes with six graphic decals and a metal scoop. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling us what you currently use to store your cat food. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on April 24.

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550 Responses to “Are Plastic Food Containers Safe? BONUS GIVEAWAY from Stor-In-Style”

  1. 351

    I have always kept my food right in the bag it came in. I would love to try this. Thank you

  2. 352
    Cynthia C

    I currently keep my cat’s food in a big plastic pretzel jar. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. 353

    I store food in a plastic container. I found the article very interesting.

  4. 354

    For my cat’s food storage I use an old pretzel canister. It is metal. The sleek, clean look of the container you are offering would make a nice addition to my home.

  5. 355

    this would be great in my kitchen ;)
    i store my cats food in the bad and they love to eat from the bag (crazy cats…)

  6. 356
    Carol G

    I store mine in a 5 gallon plastic container. Have never noticed anything like the kitty acne described, but would be perfectly happy to store the food in a better container.

  7. 357

    How Cute! I would no longer need to Hide the ugly food bad.

  8. 358
    Nanci K

    I store our dogs’ food in a big blue Rubbermaid container.

  9. 359
    Deborah R

    Miss Olivia’s food is stored in a (cheap) cooking pot. Miss Olivia proves, over and over again, that I am not clever by knocking off the lid whenever she feels the need to put me in my place.

  10. 360

    Great Ideal,My cat always tears open the bag.Help stop the self serve.

  11. 361
    ilene hyman

    I admit it. I have a terrible situation when it comes to storing cat food. I only have two cats. However, they like different kinds of dry food. So I have about eight different kinds of dry food, in their original bags, that line the floor in my kitchen. It’s a very poor system, so I would be very happy to be able to straighten out this mess.
    Thank you very much.

  12. 362

    at present our kitties store their food in an old plastic bucket left over from when we still used clay litter.

  13. 363

    My cats only have to small cans now, I think they would like to have all the food in the same can.

  14. 364
    Bonnie Goulding

    We use glass bowls to feed our 6 cats however we use a plastic storage container. This is a wonderful product.Very cute…..

  15. 365
    Sharon Aquilino

    I am currently using a food grade plastic container but would definitely like the cute one that you are giving away.

  16. 366
    Trisha R.

    Right now I keep it in a large rubbermaid container – this seems much healthier!

  17. 367

    Really cute container & a great idea.

  18. 368

    my kitties eat out of glass bowls, but i store their food in a plastic bin.

  19. 369

    I love Shadow Cats!

    Yes, plastic bowls are bad – stick to stainless steel and wash them after every meal!

    I love those containers!

  20. 370
    Cathy Thornburn

    My indoor kitties all eat canned food right now, but my outdoor guys eat wet and dry – the dry is stored in a small plastic container that looks a lot like the metal one on your site. It would be a healthy upgrade to switch. Thanks for making me aware of the danger.

  21. 371

    I currently leave the cat food in the bag it came in, so I could really use a storage bin like this one.

  22. 372

    Very cute container! I currently keep my cats’ food in a plastic cereal dispenser.

  23. 373
    Lydia S

    I currently use a ceramic ” flour ” crock from an old canister set. Its safe for food storage and relatively air tight. Their crunchies stay fresh but its seen better days.

  24. 374

    Thats a nice container. I’ve been wanting to get something to store the dry food. My cat will eat dry food for about a week then refuses it, and i’d finally decided maybe it’s getting stale or something.

  25. 375

    Lovely containers.

    The sanitary problems of plastic are well known, so thanks for reminding us about our pets’ exposure.

    The Bisphenol-A issue is trickier. It’s a more serious problem with polycarbonate plastic, not the plastic used in “tupperware” style containers. Still, metal with food-safe paint is likely a better choice. And these are so stylish!

  26. 376

    We have a sturdy, hard-plastic container with a tight rubber seal to foil break-ins, but everyone would prefer this container!

  27. 377

    Sadly, the bag it comes in is all I have!

  28. 378
    Cathy S.

    I just leave it in the bag. And with seven cats … that’s not a good option. Just haven’t found anything worth trying … but this looks like a good option. I’m going to check it out!

  29. 379
    Wendy L.

    I keep my catfood in the original bag it came in and store the bag in her carrier. I find it’s convenient storage and it protects the bags so she can’t get into them on her own. Plus they leave a familiar smell inside and she always associates her carrier with a good thing – FOOD!

  30. 380
  31. 381

    I use a plastic container I got from Target… it has a scoop built into the lid.

  32. 382

    I have used both stainless, crockery and old cottage cheese containers, but no more. The old cottage cheese will be used for beads or something like that. I store cat food in one or two of those great old Iams brand metal containers.

  33. 383

    I will be getting rid of Annie’s plastic bowls today :/

  34. 384

    i currently use a big plastic ugly container. :(

  35. 385
    DaisyMae Maus & Feline Americans

    Hmmm. My pet food is stored in plastic bins that Utz pretzels used to be in. I could use that metal tin.

    I’m interested in the cat acne issue … I’ve noticed that only my light colored (white and ginger) cats with pink lips seem to get the acne … the brown tabby and the tuxies don’t get it and their lips are black. Strange …

  36. 386

    Metal bowls to feed, but for now a food-grade plastic bin for storage. We would do anything to keep our cats healtheir :)

  37. 387
    Linda Lansford

    I use the bag it is sold in.

  38. 388

    I feed my cat on a paper plate.

  39. 389

    My cat likes variety, so the dry food is stored in the bags it comes in on a rotating corner shelf in my kitchen. I was feeding the strays a less expensive mix, but now they get what my cat eats!

  40. 390

    We store our cat food in a plastic container–but my cat has acne too & I’m wondering if this is the cause!? Yikes!

  41. 391
    Vivian Eversole

    I store my dry cat food in a plastic container and clean it with each new bag of food.

  42. 392

    I have one 1-gallon plastic container I do “bulk” storage and a smaller plastic container designed for cereal or flour storage that I dispense out of.

  43. 393
    Linda J.

    Yes, you guessed it. I store in plastic. Sigh. Would love to win this.

  44. 394
    lilly mathews

    Plastic bin of course. And I got fancy modern plastic bowls for her food. Out it goes…I don’t use plastic for myself. What was I thinking!

  45. 395

    I’ve repurposed an empty litter bucket into a cat food storage container. That’s what I’m currently using!

  46. 396


  47. 397

    Well, we use the pastic kitty bowls, but will change them. I didn’t know about those chemicals.
    Good post

  48. 398

    Anything to make my precious cat safer! I used to have a cat that had acne on his chin, but I didn’t use plastic bowls. He never washed himself much so maybe that was it.

  49. 399
    Vicky Boackle

    we put the bag in a metal trashcan.

  50. 400

    I use a plastic storage bin. This can is really cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

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