NEW! FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge REVIEW & BONUS GIVEAWAY

Mon, Apr 20, 2009


With six cats, there’s a lot of loose fur in my house. But the one tool that makes it manageable is my #1 must-have recommendation, the FURminator. I have always loved this grooming tool for the way it easily takes off the loose undercoat, reducing shedding and hairballs. And now the folks at the FURminator have gone and created a new version of this awesome tool, the double-edged FURminator. See for yourself in this video review how awesome the new FURminator is. I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the double edge, and Mackenzie likes it too.

Make sure to check out the FURminator website for more information about all their fabulous grooming tools and products.


And here’s your chance to try the new FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge for yourself! Leave a comment on this post telling us what you currently use for cat grooming and you’ll be entered to win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on April 28. This giveaway is open to international readers who are willing to pay the extra postage.

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660 Responses to “NEW! FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge REVIEW & BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 501

    my cat won’t let me get close to her with any kind of brush. :(

  2. 502

    I have three cats. One is long-haired. She gets sent to the groomer every couple of months for a shave. The other two are short-haired and I use a simple pet brush. Anything that could help reduce hairballs would be great to try.

  3. 503
    Gloria S

    i don’t use anything, but certainly would with this.

  4. 504

    The Furminator works great! It really gets my cat’s coat clean and shiny! I just wish she would stop hissing at the massive fur balls I pull off of it!!

  5. 505

    I have ten rescue cats and we use a variety of different tools to brush them out. We use a soft rubber brush like thing on the short hair cats and traditional slicker style on the long hair cats. I just recently inherited an older furminator with a new rescue cat and he loves it.

  6. 506
    Katherine Stevens

    Wow, if it really is faster I would be delighted. I have 5 cats, two of whom have long, shaggy fur. Only 2 of my 5 guys will sit for furmination, whereas the ones who really need it have no patience for it at all. If I could get more out of a few swipes of the double-edge Furm, it might be a big help.

  7. 507

    I just pet the girls (3 shorthairs) and then clean up the apt. with magic sponge and vacuum. Sounds like a great tool, though.

  8. 508

    I currently use a slicker brush on my cats, but mum has a furminator for her dog & says its brilliant!

  9. 509

    I use a traditional brush on my cat. She loves being brushed and would let me brush her for hours if I could. My other cat hates being brushed and likes to attack the brush while I’m trying to groom her.

  10. 510

    i use a regular furminator on my short-haired kitty, as it works wonders.
    but for the long-haired one, it just doesn’t work as well, and i have found that a budget brush (hart’s?) i got at the supermarket does an okay job.
    but the double edge furminator might change all that!

  11. 511

    This looks amazing. My cats don’t like being groomed — the only way I can brush them is with a flea comb (for about a minute!).

  12. 512

    Especially with the weather warming up, my two cats are definitely starting to shed!! The double edge furminator sounds great!!

  13. 513

    I’ve gone through a few grooming brushes for my cats, but they don’t really work that great. Although, they do love being brushed. Perhaps I should try the Furminator- Original or Double Edge, I need something for all this fur!

  14. 514

    currently a brush to groom our cat

  15. 515

    i use a small brush for my two short-haired cats. i have heard great things about the furminator and would love to use it with my cats.

  16. 516
    Huguette E.

    I just use a cheap cat brush

  17. 517

    McKenzie has a lot of fur, mine aren’t so densely packed. Though it looks like a great tool, would come in handy.

  18. 518

    i just use a standard cat brush…it works alright…

  19. 519

    We only have two precious kitties – but they shed enough to cover everything – everywhere. Right now we use a small two-sided brush (one side metal toothed) and a small plastic comb. The FURminator deShedding Tool sounds like a real godsend!

  20. 520

    I use a cat brush, does okay. This one looks amazing though.
    Especially with the warm weather coming their fur is flying off!

  21. 521
    Robyn and Rogue

    yep Rogue is shedding and I have noting to ‘deshed’ her with she is rubbing against everything. Poor kitty. This would be absolutly perfect.

  22. 522
    Deb H.

    I use a fine toothed ‘people’ comb, so a step up would be wonderful.

  23. 523

    We just use a kitty brush to groom our cats. It’s totally loosing teeth and stuff, but I’ve had it forever, so it’s to be expected.

  24. 524

    I would love this

  25. 525
    Jennifer Nerrie

    I don’t currently use anything to groom the little furball…but this looks pretty snazzy! I wonder if she would go for it…

  26. 526

    2 brushes: one for undercoat (thin metal) and one for overcoat (bigger plastic) but always wind up with fuzz flying in the air. If my cats would tolerate being vacuumed, I’d do it. The furminator looks like it’s worth a shot!!

  27. 527
    Sophie's mom

    My current grooming tool is a flea comb. Sad, I know, but it does tend to get the fur, and it doesn’t let it float off into the air like some of the brushes I’ve used!

  28. 528

    “We use mommy and daddy’s clothes and bed to get our loose fur off”

    We try to brush and bathe them but it just aint happening. You would think we had a shag carpet.

  29. 529

    This would be nice to have. I’m drowning in fur.

  30. 530

    We’re currently using a pin or wire brush. We’ve been wanting to try to furminator for a while now.

  31. 531

    a simple cat brush

  32. 532

    I use a wire brush. I don’t even know what brand it is. And it certainly doesn’t work on my Himalayan!

  33. 533

    How great! There is not a lot of attention for cat trimming, so I think it is so great that finaly products like these are being produced! Here in Belgium they are hard to find, so I hope this product will be world wide available soon!
    Please… go on inventing products for cat trimming!
    I’m sure I’m not the only cat lover and owner that appreciates this!
    warm wishes,

  34. 534

    I currently have a cat brush I bought off of Amazon which doesn’t really work on the Persian fur. I also use a regular brush and comb

  35. 535

    We use a cheap immitation of the furminator – and it does not work! This looks great & so useful for the warm season that’s about to come.

  36. 536
    Tina Renee

    I just bought a cheaper copycat of The Furminator called The Shed Ender and in my opinion it isn’t much. I should have known better!

  37. 537

    An ancient slicker comb. Works really well, but losing its wires.

  38. 538

    My dad just loves he’s cats ‘Miko’ and ‘Radja’ he combs them a lot, but he always complains about the hair they leave everywhere when summer comes. Sometimes they just float around the house! I really would like to give him a Furminator!

  39. 539

    I bought a cat brush, but my kitty doesn’t really care for it so it has become more of a toy. I do comb him with one of those combs that comes in the pack of ten. He likes that one.

  40. 540

    hello …

    Here is Veniale and Roméo my cat, from Paris in France.

    I usually use a furminator, which I discovered one year ago accidentally on the web, but I had to buy it on ebay in the US.

    I wrote an article about it on my blog, which generates a lot of interest here in France, ’cause it’s very difficult to find furminator in the store here.

    That’s why I hope I will win the new furminator which I’d love to try !

    So I wish me “Bonne Chance”

  41. 541
    Mary Casper

    Since I show dogs I have tried everything, rake comb, wire brush, prong comb, furminator. I like my rake the best

  42. 542

    I would try that! My cat as to go to the vet to have is fur wipe out twice a year or my house becames a fur cloud :)

  43. 543

    I love the results of using my furminator on my cat, she almost doesn’t shed at all. Unfortunately she doesn’t like being brushed, at all. Maybe this one would do it more quickly so she suffers less!

  44. 544
    Lydia S

    I have a nice little Metal Cat Groomers brush our vet gave us. He traded it with us for a classical music CD.

  45. 545

    I would like to try furminator. I just use a brush now.

  46. 546

    Wow my vet sells these and I always thought they were a bit pricey but didnt realize how well they work. Im gonna have to buy one next time Im there and hope hes got the double edge one.

  47. 547

    I have 3 cats and use the regular furminator. One of cats hates being brushed so this new furminator should help a lot.

  48. 548

    Would love to give it a whirl.

  49. 549

    I use a plastic comb. I just vacuumed for several hours as a result!

  50. 550
    Laura Richardson

    I use a shedding comb, but it doesn’t help my shorthairs at all.

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