NEW! FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge REVIEW & BONUS GIVEAWAY

Mon, Apr 20, 2009


With six cats, there’s a lot of loose fur in my house. But the one tool that makes it manageable is my #1 must-have recommendation, the FURminator. I have always loved this grooming tool for the way it easily takes off the loose undercoat, reducing shedding and hairballs. And now the folks at the FURminator have gone and created a new version of this awesome tool, the double-edged FURminator. See for yourself in this video review how awesome the new FURminator is. I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the double edge, and Mackenzie likes it too.

Make sure to check out the FURminator website for more information about all their fabulous grooming tools and products.


And here’s your chance to try the new FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge for yourself! Leave a comment on this post telling us what you currently use for cat grooming and you’ll be entered to win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on April 28. This giveaway is open to international readers who are willing to pay the extra postage.

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660 Responses to “NEW! FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge REVIEW & BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 551

    I use a fine tooth metal comb and the vacume!

  2. 552

    This looks so cool my kit is white and with hardwood floors we get some huge dust balls

  3. 553

    I have nothing, I pet, I shake the hair off, I sneeze.

  4. 554
    Jaye Northcote

    I currently use a “knockoff” version of the old furminator that I got at a 99 cent store, and it SUCKS! It pulls on my cats fur and they don’t like it.

  5. 555

    I use an imitation furminator for Frida and Freddy, I could really use one that actually works, the video makes it look awesome!

  6. 556

    I LOVE my Furminator. It’s been a god send

  7. 557
    betty crawford

    We just have the old fashioned standard pet brush.

  8. 558
    Shay Williams

    Wow…how long had it been since that cat was groomed..

    I just use a regular cat brush but that looks like it would really work for my longhair Deja.

  9. 559

    My medium-haired calico, Queen LaPeepa, loves to be brushed and for the first time she has developed a couple of mats. I was so proud when the vet praised the condition of her coat! The mats have been carefully removed and I want to make sure she doesn’t have to suffer with any more. (And ‘medium-hair’ means about 1/4 short hair and 3/4 long, thick fur, if anyone is wondering–bathtime means tangles if you’re not really careful.) The Furminator would be a wonderful help to keep Miss Peep looking gorgeous!

  10. 560
    Gail Cinninger

    With 5 cats, I have all types of grooming tools. My favorite so far is a slicker self cleaning brush. A rotating tooth comb is a favorite with my long haired cats. I hear the Furminator is all the rage!

  11. 561
    Katrien Verplancke

    Well, I have 7 cats and I use a furminator for dogs.
    Flo, Filou, Gigi, Turi, Tanino, Mimmo and Peppino are not allways
    very happy with “hairdresser Mumm” and her dog-material but
    it works too. But I am very interessed in your furminator, can I
    find it in Europe (Belgium)?

  12. 562

    I use a regular wire cat brush when they will let me get near them with it. My Joey looks just like your McKensie fluff and all. He especially don’t like it. I mostly stroke their fur a lot. With all the cat hair I vacuum I could make a cat or two.

  13. 563

    I have a small slicker brush that Delta likes to roll on but does not like to be brushed with. There is fur everywhere! I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these!

  14. 564
    Camila Porto

    I use a fine tooth metal comb, but my kittie hates it! And in this video looks aweasome, since i have a cat with long-hair (persa), it would be wonderfull!

  15. 565

    Life works in strange ways! Just yesterday my breeder told me to try the Furminator on my Ragdoll cat to help with her spring shedding. I currently use a hard-plastic-bristle brush and it works fairly well, but I think the Furminator would do a much better job. Here’s to crossing my fingers (well, paws) that we win!

  16. 566

    Wow – my boys, Sebastian and Ramon, would really benefit from this product. Right now we just use a regular brush. We have rigorous brushings when they are feeling affectionate and it looks like they would love this.

  17. 567

    Right now I use the original furminator on my 8 cats, but I can’t wait to get one of these and cut my grooming time in half!

  18. 568

    I use the FURminator right now, the single one that is, and it works wonderfully. Mila is a little fussy sometimes when I brush her, so being able to do it quicker would be great!

  19. 569
    Bonnie Goulding

    With 6 cats in my home this would be an ideal product. My family would count this a blessing.

  20. 570

    This sounds really awesome! It’s a little embarrassing to pull clothes fresh from the dryer with fur still clinging all over.

  21. 571
    a f r

    Cool! I just use a pin brush right now, but would love the FURminator.

  22. 572

    I use a fine toothed comb and a prickly brush that my kitty, Bella does not really care for. It sounds like I’m ripping out her fur every time I run it over her and she is always trying to bite it or grab it. The furminator looks like it would be much better and I’m sure Bella would like it a lot more!

  23. 573

    a toothbrush!

  24. 574
    Barbara Burney

    I have a small brush but it isnt great

  25. 575
    Gaby Alicandu

    This is the answer to the prayers of any shedding creature parent ….!!! I want it for my babies, Lucky and Thomas.

  26. 576

    I love the furminator and am very excited about the new double blade. I have three cats and hardwood floors so if it wasn’t for the furminator I would have furry little balls rolling around my house. Before I bought the first furminator I killed a vacuum a year and now my vacuum has lasted for two and is still going strong. Its a sanity saver.

  27. 577

    We use a regular cat brush which leads to chewing on me. This would be cool since I can’t actually vacuum the cat directly.

  28. 578

    The Furminator is truely amazing! I’m so excited for the double blade action!

  29. 579

    oohhhh… double edge! i have the original single-edge furminator but this one looks way cooler!

  30. 580

    pick me pick me pick me… now

  31. 581

    I just live with it…my allergies are killing me!

  32. 582
    Karin Stewart

    Boy, could I ever use one of those! I have 3 cats ,one gives me hairballs on a dailybasis and the other has such a dense undercoat she hates me to comb her. Poor long haired kitty! The third is easy but does need to be groomed, just no MAJOR issues. Please think of these poor souls!

  33. 583
    Claudia M

    wow ! that looks like its enjoyable for both — the cat & owner and it gets the job done ! :) not like our brush :( a pain in the know what … :) and does not do a very good job.


  34. 584

    i use a brush by bamboo. it has tiny bristles on one side and a weird brush on the other. only one side is useful.

  35. 585

    We have 3 cats at home. Before entering work I have to make sure all the hair is off of me. It would be nice to get a product that would finally work. I feel like I eat hair in my food it’s so bad. Nothing seems to do the job. I will have to get this asap :)

  36. 586

    I currently just use the plain little brush that they gave me when I adopted Miss Natasha. She’s got longish, rather fine fur, so I think this would be a great tool.

  37. 587

    I have tried several different combs and brushes. Currently I’m using a zoom groom. But my kitties just arent big fans of being groomed. I need something quicker for this time of the year.

  38. 588

    I use a grooming brush from Petsmart on our cat Tango

  39. 589
    Janice Wright

    At the moment I use just a dog brush on both Oscar (the cat) & his buddy, Chi-Chi Dog. I know, the poor cat has to suffer the indignity of using something the dog also uses. :)

  40. 590
    Caitlin B

    I use a combination of a zoom groom, fake furminater, and then a regular cat brush. I would rather have just one thing that does it all and is easy to clean.

  41. 591
    Maryle Malloy

    Currently use a Greyhound metal comb with medium and small teeth on my Ragdoll, the gorgeous DIVA.

    Maryle Malloy

  42. 592
    Ed L

    wow, that looks great–Nefertiti and Clancy barely tolerate de-furring now. that should really help me.

  43. 593

    My cat loves the cat brushes i used, until my dog chewed them up. This would be a great replacement!

  44. 594
    Richard Doyle

    I use a regular ole cat brush, but then again our kitty has quite short fur

  45. 595

    I recently bought an off-brand FURminator, and while it does a great job, I have to clean out the brush every pass when I use it. This new design looks awesome!

  46. 596

    Mckenzie looks like my cat Halo’s twin!! and we have the old version and I am thinking this one would be better since she hates when I do it…. she usually get a new cat nip toy to drool over while I get all that hair off…

    amazing isn’t it

  47. 597

    AGHHHH, the first time I saw that Furminator commercial I was ENTRANCED! hahah ;) It looks so awesome and I’d love to have one for my two kitties! I’m just using your average cat brush now… but cripes, one of my kitties sheds SO much. :P

  48. 598

    I just got two kittens… with them I use anything handy – my hair brush! a zoom groom, a wet hand… you name it.

  49. 599

    Right now, the only grooming tool that we have for our 9 month old Tortie kitten, Minaccia, is our miniature schnauzer named Peluche. The two are constantly chasing each other around the house and rolling around together and often times he will play bite her all over and come up with loose hair stuck into his beard.

    Probably not the most affective grooming tool, and she seems to like it tons, but I would still love a new FURminator!

  50. 600

    I have a slicker and a double edged comb in girly pink (last colour in the shop). My macho boys don’t usually mind being groomed but they’re embarrassed about the colour as they won’t sit still if there’s anyone watching :-)

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