NEW! FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge REVIEW & BONUS GIVEAWAY

Mon, Apr 20, 2009


With six cats, there’s a lot of loose fur in my house. But the one tool that makes it manageable is my #1 must-have recommendation, the FURminator. I have always loved this grooming tool for the way it easily takes off the loose undercoat, reducing shedding and hairballs. And now the folks at the FURminator have gone and created a new version of this awesome tool, the double-edged FURminator. See for yourself in this video review how awesome the new FURminator is. I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the double edge, and Mackenzie likes it too.

Make sure to check out the FURminator website for more information about all their fabulous grooming tools and products.


And here’s your chance to try the new FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge for yourself! Leave a comment on this post telling us what you currently use for cat grooming and you’ll be entered to win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on April 28. This giveaway is open to international readers who are willing to pay the extra postage.

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660 Responses to “NEW! FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge REVIEW & BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 601

    My tongue.

    No, just kidding. A regular slicker brush and an occasional bath.

  2. 602

    I use my hairbrush. It was a special brush for curly hair (it was supposd to help smooth frizzyness. It didn’t help much so I decided to go back to a wide tooth comb and use the brush for my cats instead. It sort of works but they shed a lot. the furminator seems like a good option I wonder if it works as well as its very intense name suggests.

  3. 603

    I have 8 cats and use the original FURminator on them. When I’m done, I have enough fur for a few more cats!! We all love it and it really helps with shedding. Can’t wait to try the new version!

  4. 604

    I use a dog brush =/

  5. 605

    furmidable. I think this can make every grooming time unforgetable

  6. 606

    We use the old school furminator. It works so well, I’d love to try the double edge one!

  7. 607

    Dex Dexter does not appreciate a thorough brushing like he used to when he was a tiny kitten. So I have to sneak attack him while petting and currently use a small rubber brush to get the loose hairs off him before he hauls a$$ away from me.

  8. 608

    I have two cats, and their fur is out of control. I’ve never really found a good grooming product for them, and after seeing the video for the furminator I need this! Well..They need this.

    Pretty please pick us :)
    -Chaplin & Dottie

  9. 609
    Rho McCormack

    We use a double sided brush from bamboo brand. It comes with two fine combs, which freak our cat out a bit. Brush, good, comb, bad!

  10. 610

    I use a cat comb that has teeth that spin. it works pretty good but not for matts. My Maxx could be Mackenzie’s twin. He will be 15 on June 17 and is a rescue cat that has lived the good life. I have had him since he was 7 months old and he continues to delight me every day.

  11. 611
    Lori Berman

    I have two shed-monsters. I brush them daily… even hourly!

  12. 612
    Latisha DePoortere

    I use the pet zoom brush and it works pretty good on my cats and dog!

  13. 613

    I use my dog’s brush and it barely makes a dent in all the fur my kitty likes to leave around the house.

  14. 614
    Sue Pompetti

    I use the original, prehistoric furminator… I have 8 cats, so this would be awesome! Thanks so much for the info.

  15. 615
    Bobby jones

    i currently use brush i found in the ethnic hair section a walmart. It works and the cats love the way it feels on their fur/between their teeth.

  16. 616

    I use a standard cat brush with soft bristles on one side and hard ones on the other side…..i get a 5 min window to brush my cats as then they attack the brush so this speedy furminator would be great for us…..

    Lhea xxx

  17. 617

    I just found your site (via, and boy am I glad! What wonderful things you show us! We currently use the FURminator model that comes in yellow (I think it’s for small dogs) on our cats. They don’t much like being brushed, but they do like losing five pounds in about a minute.

  18. 618
    karen ussery

    My Peet won’t tolerate a regular brush… he actually prefers it when I use his flea comb. So to be able to get it done in double time is a real plus. Thanks, Kate!

  19. 619
    Mike Johnson

    I use a pet hairbrush. It removes some of his hair, but somehow he has a hidden reserve that i cant reach.

  20. 620

    I have a cat that hates being brushed so this would be GREAT for him!
    His is 16 years old and need the help! :)

  21. 621
    bethany f

    I have a couple brushes. One has bristles on one side and metal pins on the other and the other one is essentially a comb. Our short hair cat doesn’t need brushing, but our long hair kitty is out of control with hair.

  22. 622

    My cats get groomed with a catbrush. They love it and keep asking for more. I wonder how they would react to the Furminator!

  23. 623

    I’ve been using both a regular comb and one of those retractable brushes. My impatient kitty is not a fan or either, especially given how long it takes to really get that fur off! The new FURminator’s efficiency would surely be appreciated!

  24. 624

    I currently use a regular furminator, but my cat’s not a fan, so if I could make the process go quicker with a double edge, that’d be fantastic!

  25. 625
    Yvonne in southwest Virginia

    Standard generic slicker brushes and metal-toothed combes. They work well on the tortie…not so well on the Maine Coon cross.

  26. 626
    Deb H

    Oh, I want this! I have the original but my “problem” is that my cat likes it so much that she starts rolling around and purring after just a few strokes making it difficult to finish the job!! With the double blade I could get twice as much fur before she starts rolling!

  27. 627

    I use a normal hairbrush on my kitty but she is shorthair so ok…but in a couple of months a new kity will come, a long hair ragdoll so furminator seems a must have product!

  28. 628

    I just use a cat brush. It definitely takes some hair off, but the cats still get hair balls, and there is still always hair all over the place.

  29. 629

    We have an 8-month-old snowshoe kitten and he is just starting to shed…A LOT. He doesn’t really like being brushed so the defurminator would make his torturous brush sessions less so. We use a regular flea brush from PetSmart.

  30. 630

    My cat loves to be brushed. I just use one of those plastic wire-bristle brushes.

  31. 631

    I so need this for my long haired cat.

  32. 632

    I use a simple comb (from my catshow days). But the Maine Coon in particular really should be furminated. By the way, my mom just got one for her dog, and she (mom, not the dog) loves it!

  33. 633
    Ray Wilson

    We use a regular brush from the pet store for our three cats.

  34. 634
    Terry Mtz

    I just use a regular old cat grooming brush. The kitties love it but I don’t think it gets enough of their fur!

  35. 635
    Soya Ng

    I just had my Doubl Edge Furminator delivered to me last week!

    It’s the 1st time I am using & I am truly amazed! I made a video, posted it on Youtube ( ) and sent it to all my Kitty friends!

    Now they are asking me to order it for them!
    Let me win! I will give it away for good cause!

    Soya Ng

  36. 636

    I use the small version of the furminator – I wish I had waited! Or bought a bigger version. It gets rid of so much hair, I have to empty it on each brush stroke.

  37. 637

    Ooh, I’ve never seen the double edged furminator! I’m intrigued and hopeful of winning! :)

  38. 638

    I’m currently run my wet hands over my cat to remove loose fur/hair as he does not like to be brushed. Strange cat. I’d love to try the furminator.

  39. 639
    Dj Cram

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve heard of this. I love it and I would like to give it a try!

  40. 640

    I use the Zoom Groom followed by Furminator – we are under a cloud of fur over here – double edged sounds like it might mean only one kitty grooming device – thanks for a chance!

  41. 641

    I use bristle brush and slicker on my medium haired kitten. Have been thinking about getting a Furminator to try since he is started to shed a lot.

  42. 642
    reva skie

    I use a knock off Furminator.

  43. 643

    I am currently using a thin metal comb and the kong for my two cats. There is always hair floating around my house and I would love to try this new double bladed version!

  44. 644

    I have a wire bristle brush my cats love, but I’ve heard these work great!

  45. 645

    I use the regular middle-sized Furminator on my seven cats, and only occasionally get bitten!

  46. 646
    Mary Anne Schoonover

    My cat won’t let me touch her with a brush or comb, but she gets hairballs all the time and I would love to see her Furminated. Super give-a-way idea! Thanks.

  47. 647

    I use a shedding blade and a flat brush. I’d love to try this!

  48. 648

    I have a four longhaired cats, the regular brushes are just not cutting it HELP!

  49. 649

    We have the old, single-comb furminator. Our little boy LOVES getting furminated, and our little girl will sit still for it but for some strange reason we don’t get much fur out of her. They have the same type of coat, so I don’t know why one sheds and the other doesn’t.

  50. 650

    I’m using the single bladed furminator, I just bought it a few days ago and filled my backyard w/ gray kitty fur. Aries hates his fluffy back legs and belly being done tho, a double blade would make it sooo much easier!!

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