More from Urban Pet Haus: Vote for Your Favorite Perch Design and Enter to Win!

Wed, Apr 29, 2009

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Urban Pet Haus was so thrilled with the feedback from Moderncat readers on their pet stairs, that they are asking for your opinion again. This time you get to vote for your favorite perch design and one lucky winner will be selected to receive the winning design. There are three elegant options to choose from, so please leave a comment on this post with your vote. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 7. Here are the choices:

*This giveaway is now closed.*

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957 Responses to “More from Urban Pet Haus: Vote for Your Favorite Perch Design and Enter to Win!”

  1. 801

    My vote is for “CC”. To be honest, all three designs are great and have their unique merits, but #3, “CC” gives the added bonus of allowing multiple cats to play a game on the wall! My guys would have hours of fun with one above and one below. Just add a catnip mouse or rat and it’s “game on”! Terrific!

  2. 802

    I like 3. CC

    I think the cats would have way more fun on that design as it would require them to do a bit more thinking and judging than the other two. It looks like it would bring more play and batting at each other than the others. My cats love it when they can hide from each other and then pounce out in surprise to get one another.

    I’m not too worried about their comfort considering one of my cats thinks the skinny towel bar in the bathroom makes a great bed.

  3. 803

    The curves are the best! My girls would love them!

  4. 804

    They’re all gorgeous, but I like CC best; I can just see my two cuddling up in the corners together!

  5. 805

    I LOVE #3. The curves are nice, too.

  6. 806

    I want to be an original thinker, really I do. But the curve rawks. My kitties would love it, it’s the most comfy looking for a bit of napping, and I just like how intertwined it can be for moving back and forth from one to the other… So CURVE for me, too.

  7. 807
    Cat Lover

    The curves get my vote.

  8. 808
    Wendy Ott

    I Love #2: The Curve! And I know my cat would, too!

  9. 809

    Love #2, the Curve! Cat-tastic! :)

  10. 810

    i know #2 conforms to the kitty’s shape, but #3 seems the most interesting for both cat and human. so i vote #3

  11. 811

    No doubt, i love CC, and so will my little one!

  12. 812

    I like the design in general. But it’s always hard to tell, wether these products are available in Europe or not. My most favourite pieces are only available in the US. :-(

  13. 813

    I love both 2 and 3 but if it was up to my cats #2 would win. They can’t resist a curved surface.

  14. 814

    #3. my cats would absolutely love this! especially suede! she is too nervous to sit on the window sill b/c of the loud cars outside so she sits on the floor. she is ready for her elevation!

  15. 815

    Number 2. It’s stairs and perch that as a DIYer I wouldn’t be able to make on my own.

  16. 816

    They’re all fantastic, but #3 is my favourite!

  17. 817
    Sheila B

    I really like 3 and I am sure Tabs will also.

  18. 818

    I love the flow of the curve. It would be a lovely addition to any decor, and as other commenters have said, not something easy to DIY.
    The shorter curve could be placed under the up-curve of the larger piece to create a more enclosed space.

    This would be wonderful for my climbing tabby Delta.

  19. 819

    I like #3 – the cc – so many surfaces for kitties to play on!

  20. 820

    Me encanta la tercera. La CC es la mejor opción… Están divinas!

  21. 821

    I think that BJ and Monkey would like to have all three! But their preference might be number 3.

  22. 822

    #3 (CC). My cats would love it and and it is good looking enough that I wouldn’t cringe seeing it in my living room!

  23. 823

    #3 cc! Love the look and it would probably be a great place for the cats to get into a pounce fight!

  24. 824
    Mel T

    While I think my cat would be very entertained by both #1 and #3, my preference is #3.

  25. 825

    Number 3!!!
    Anything that looks and feels like a place good enough to hide is good for my cats :)

  26. 826
    Rhonda K

    The Curve, #2, hands down!!! Cats will love lounging on these curvy shelves! I think the box (#1) is too small to lie on. And as far as #3 goes, I think cats will only use the top of the ‘C’ shape…

  27. 827

    The curve is just so fantastic! My kitties are always lying on crazy curved surfaces, I know they would love it! :)

  28. 828
    sally wess

    i like the 3CC, and i’m sure that is the one Dozer would pick, also. he like to climb and then sleep where he can see everything around him.

  29. 829

    I think I like Curve the best, it looks the most playful

  30. 830

    Kitty gives the edge to 3CC with its quasi-cave like possibilities, but is tempted by Curve.

  31. 831

    I vote @2. You get all the yield of a form that fits cat-belly with the sneak attack of the over under method. Not to mention, it’s sassy.

  32. 832

    i can see the CC being the best choice for our two kitties, both for sharing and playing with eachother. i prefer the look of the curve, but it’s not really about me… :)

  33. 833

    I like the curves, the cats (we have 9) like a more open arrangement when they are up high. They like to hide when they are down lower to the ground.

  34. 834

    #2 the Curve

  35. 835

    I like #3 the best, I think it looks the best visually and I’m sure my cat Lotus would loooove it!

  36. 836

    I think #2 (the curves) looks more comfortable than the others… my larger kitty could barely fit on #1, and would knock his head on #3

  37. 837

    I vote for #2 because the curves look perfect for a nap!

  38. 838

    3. CC!

  39. 839

    My two babies would definitely love #2, the curve. Samantha and Cody would be able to comfortable fit along the curves dimensions. Also since it would be elevated, they would love this feature too. Whata great idea!

  40. 840

    #3 because my cats like to dangle.

  41. 841

    They are all great – but I think my fave is Curve – easy to move to each perch and the cat won’t bump his head. Thanks!

  42. 842

    I like the curve but my cats would probably like # 3.

  43. 843

    I breed some of the best Abyssinian cats in Australia and they are the type of cat that would always prefer to sleep, rest, perch and observe from anywhere that isn’t on the ground! I love the style and finish of these items – an Aby would too!!

  44. 844

    2. Curve, definitely. Best for lounging like tiny panthers.

  45. 845

    In order of preference:
    1. Box
    3. CC
    2. Curve

  46. 846

    I and my kitties vote for #2, the Curve — they like anything they can sink into.

  47. 847

    #2 the curve is the best : it follows the cat’s body lines gives a feline touch and it’s cosy, yet ellegant!!!

  48. 848

    Absolutely the Curve design. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing as wall ‘art’ and would fit the sleek curved cat body for lounging comfort. My boys would be all over this, and the higher on the wall the better!

  49. 849

    Definitely the curve.

  50. 850

    Definitely #2 the curve. Offers both options…leap and lounge.

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