Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of the World’s Best Cat Litter!

Mon, May 11, 2009

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Here’s an awesome giveaway to start off the week! One lucky winner is going to receive a one-year supply of The World’s Best Cat Litter! And let me tell you, this product truly lives up to its name. WBCL is an all-natural cat litter made from whole-kernel corn, making it Earth-friendly on both ends of the cycle — corn is a renewable resource and it’s biodegradable. Not only is it good for the Earth, but it’s healthier and safer for you and your cats than traditional clay litter (see link below for more info on the dangers of clay litter).

To enter to win this great giveaway, please visit this special page at the WBCL site where you can sign-up to receive email updates from WBCL, plus there’s a discount coupon just for Moderncat readers. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what litter you currently use and what features of WBCL are most attractive to you. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 17. One entry per person. Limited to addresses in the US. The winner will receive 12 – 7 lb. bags of Extra Strength WBCL to be delivered in two shipments of 6 bags each.

Learn more about why it’s so important to switch from using clay litter to natural litter:

What’s In Your Litter Box?

* This giveaway is now closed. *

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854 Responses to “Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of the World’s Best Cat Litter!”

  1. 751
    Ozzy and Harriet

    We love this litter because it feels good under our paws and isn’t heavy. We also like it cuz it clumps real nice. Mommy likes it cuz we like it and it isn’t dusty either.

  2. 752
    Ginger Cushman

    I have 15 cats, but only 13 are inside only, and scooping is a daily chore around here. I have not tried this brand yet, but I am sure reading some great reviews on it. Even if I don’t win, I think maybe I will be trying this!

  3. 753
    Michael Kuntz

    I currently use the costco brand litter. It was nice at first but I don’t like it anymore. It doesn’t clump well. I watched the video for the cat litter. Looks amazing. I like that it doesn’t make the dust cloud and that it can be safely flushed in the toilet.

  4. 754
    Leann S

    We currently use Arm and Hammer for our 4 kitties but I would like to try a biodegradeable litter that I don’t have to worry about the cats ingesting.

  5. 755

    I use Tidy Cat right now but I would love to try this litter because it is safe for cats that have allergies like mine. And , I love that it is flushable!

  6. 756
    Skeezix the Cat

    I like the fact that it is good for the planet, and purromises superior odor control. Cuz I have stinky poops and odor control is importunt. We usually git Arm and Hammer fragrance free litter. Or whutever’s on sale.

  7. 757

    Looking forward to trying this – I hate have a litter that’s not eco-friendly and biodegradable, but our cats won’t use the pine sawdust stuff…

  8. 758
    sally wess

    we use plain clay, because of all the possible problems for our cat, with the scented, flushable, etc.
    i really like WBCL because they “manufacture a product that is safe for humans, animals and the environment – made from a renewable resource that is biodegradable”

  9. 759
    Gail Cinninger

    Cat Litter has come a long way! I am so amazed by Worlds Best that I can’t go back to clay! Amazing product!

  10. 760
    Phillip Fry

    I use Tidy Cat or Arm and Hammer, depending what is on sale. What I like about WCBL is it is made with natural ingredients from corn and other plant materials and it’s biodegradable.

  11. 761

    We switched to WBCL a while back, love that it’s safer for the environment and my cats, and really really love that it doesn’t stick to the box…I’ve got two boys that like to dig all the way to the bottom, and I hated the hassle of trying to scrape up wet, crumbly clay.

  12. 762


    My cat Jiji is using the same litter. Hope I could win this. Thanks!!!

  13. 763
    karen ussery

    Peet uses WBCL and it is so effective at neutralizing odor, I don’t even realize sometimes that he’s used the box. Good job!

  14. 764

    Tidy Cat clumping.
    I love that World’s Best is a natural product with less dust :)

  15. 765

    I like how WCBL is made with natural ingredients and it is safe for my cats to lick themselves clean. Plus it does a good job of keeping clumped when I am scooping instead of falling apart.

  16. 766

    Just got a new fella named Hank and got Cat’s Pride. It is really dusty and sticks to the bottom of the litter box and thus WBCL looks like a definite switch if it is truly safe, less dusty, and doesn’t stick!

  17. 767

    I currently use arm & hammer. I love that this is all natural and better for my kitty.

  18. 768

    We really need to think about being ecological with how we dispose of our cat litter no matter if it is a few dollars more than what we have spent in the past. If you think about every family who has a cat(s), how much is going into our landfills of litter that we disposed of in plastic?

  19. 769
    Vicki Andrew

    I like the natural aspect of the World’s Best and also the “clumps on contact” promise. Right now I use the clumpable tidy cat or store brand, with 4 cats this takes a bite out of the budget

  20. 770

    I currently use scoopable clay litter, but the fact that WBCL clumps and is flushable is really nice!

  21. 771

    I use Swheat Scoop. I love that WBCL clumps on contact. Thanks!

  22. 772
    Frank Urena

    casue neo its the best cat

  23. 773
    Joy Venters

    Tidy Cat is currently in use but would love to try this

  24. 774
    Sarah Lehan

    I use sweat scoop. Haven’t used clay litter in several years. I like that it is renewable. Thanks for the contest.

  25. 775
    Kelly F

    I currently use Tidy Cats litter. I had no idea that such a natural alternative existed! I love that it is septic safe, so you can actually flush it.

  26. 776
    Jennifer gersch

    i use tidy cats but this is biodegradable so thats why I like it

  27. 777

    We currently use Fresh Step clumping. I would really like to switch to an all natural, biodegradable litter like WBCL. The tough part is finding one that is acceptable to my 4 cats.

  28. 778
    Denis Howard

    We have used WBCL for many years. We have tried many different brands in the past, but would never want to use anything but WBCL now. We love the idea of being able to remove the urine immediately. This would be a great prize to win. We currently have 4 cats.

  29. 779
    Julie Hopper

    Wow, I really need this! I have multiple pets am unemplyed, and feed the ferals in the neighborhood!

  30. 780

    I currently use Tidy Cat, but WBCL says it has unsurpassed order control; and with 3 indoor cats, I really need that.

  31. 781

    Not only is it the best option for your pet, but its safe for the environment! Thanks!

  32. 782
    R Hicks

    I currently use a clay litter called Special Kitty.

    What I like about WBL is that is natural and made from earth friendly materials.

    also signed up for their email

  33. 783
    Phyllis Adams

    I currently use Tidy Cat . The feature I like best about WBCL is that it’s flushable.

  34. 784

    I’m currently using Swheat Scoop and, while I like the more natural aspects, it doesn’t work well in my automatic litterbox and doesn’t clump well. It sounds like WBCL is a great product – biodegradable AND clumps well!

  35. 785
    Eric Rathbun

    I currently use Tidy Cat Scoop. I like that The WBCL is septic safe.

  36. 786
    Leigh Nichols

    We currently use Fresh Step.
    I like that this litter is biodegradable- thanks for the contest

  37. 787

    I’m using pine litter, but it gets tracked all over the place and doesn’t clump too well. I want to try World’s Bes, as it does a better job of clumping.

  38. 788

    I’m currently using Fresh Step but I am really intrigued with World’s Best because I think it’s a much healthier alternative.

  39. 789

    I’ve never tried this cat liter before. But it sounds really good. My cats smell terribly, u walk through the laundry room, and they’re all you can smell.

  40. 790

    I’ve been through so many brands, I’m not even sure what I’m using at the moment! I went through an Arm and Hammer phase for a while. The dust always makes me feel slightly nauseous, and the guilt I feel when throwing away the non-natural clay brands doesn’t do much for my conscience. I’ve also read that a lot of “flushable” brands are causing the death of certain sea mammals (otters, I think), so I don’t do that anymore.

    I’d definitely like to try out the WBCL brand, mostly for its environmental impact, and the fact that it clumps with no odor is a huge bonus!

  41. 791

    I use whatever is least expensive. Right now it’s the store brand. Fortunately my kitty isn’t picky about litter but I know there are certain ones she prefers. I’d love to be able to afford a really great litter for my baby.

  42. 792
    kathy pease

    right now i use tidycat this looks great i love that its all natural and clumps on contact..ooooooooooooh and odor control :)

  43. 793
    Lisa Davis

    I use Arm & Hammer and the idea of having natural products is most appealling.

  44. 794

    Just found you. Excellent site.

  45. 795

    I just started using World’s Best and so far so good! I live in a condo and disposal is an issue for me. Flushable cat litter is the best option for me, but my previously favored brands have either discontinued their flushable litter (Arm & Hammer) or gone out of business (Cedar Fresh and just recently Premium Choice).

    This left me once again in search of a flushable litter that clumps AND controls odor since I have two cats. I’ve been using World’s Best for a week (mixed with the old stuff) and the cats have had no issue with the change so far. I’ve had no odor issues and it clumps very nicely.

    A year’s supply of this litter would be AMAZING. Pick me!!!

  46. 796

    We actually use World’s Best Litter at the small cat shelter/sanctuary where I volunteer. We switched from a dusty clumping litter for multiple cats because the dust would cover everything and leave a film everywhere. We like World’s Best because it is not dusty, it clumps well, and if accidentally ingested by the cat, it won’t harm the cat. It makes washing the litter pans a breeze since it rinses off so well. It’s cleaner and greener and friendlier to the enviroment – and it doesn’t get better than that!

  47. 797

    I currently use Tidy Cat, but like that WBCL is a natural product. Cool!

  48. 798
    Sabine Blanch

    I currently use whatever is on sale for my two cats. It would be great to try a product that is made from natural components.

  49. 799
    John H Kleschinsky

    We use World’s Best Cat litter Extra Strength. We used to use tidy cat, but didn’t like all the dust. WBCL is great, it’s all natural, low on dust, clumps well, and keeps the smell way way down. A+ all around.

  50. 800

    Well let me start off by saying I’m skeptical. The little commercial telling us “why it’s so great” had way to much of an infomercial feel to it to be trusted IMHO. Infomercial’s always promise way more than they can deliver. That being said, I still love my infomercials & have a list of many infomercial items I’d love to have, even though most aren’t worth even trying.

    I would love to try this litter & see if it’s really worth it. I’m always on the lookout for better products & safe alternatives to all of the harmful products that we are bombarded with in daily life.

    The odor control & the long lasting use are very attractive to me. We recently got a new sifting litter box that works great but for some reason the odor is worse with the litter box than with any others we have had. So I’d love to see if this stuff really knocks out the smells. We currently don’t really use any certain brand of kitty litter, whatever clumping litter is on sale is what we usually purchase.


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