Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of the World’s Best Cat Litter!

Mon, May 11, 2009

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Here’s an awesome giveaway to start off the week! One lucky winner is going to receive a one-year supply of The World’s Best Cat Litter! And let me tell you, this product truly lives up to its name. WBCL is an all-natural cat litter made from whole-kernel corn, making it Earth-friendly on both ends of the cycle — corn is a renewable resource and it’s biodegradable. Not only is it good for the Earth, but it’s healthier and safer for you and your cats than traditional clay litter (see link below for more info on the dangers of clay litter).

To enter to win this great giveaway, please visit this special page at the WBCL site where you can sign-up to receive email updates from WBCL, plus there’s a discount coupon just for Moderncat readers. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what litter you currently use and what features of WBCL are most attractive to you. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 17. One entry per person. Limited to addresses in the US. The winner will receive 12 – 7 lb. bags of Extra Strength WBCL to be delivered in two shipments of 6 bags each.

Learn more about why it’s so important to switch from using clay litter to natural litter:

What’s In Your Litter Box?

* This giveaway is now closed. *

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854 Responses to “Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of the World’s Best Cat Litter!”

  1. 801

    I currently use Scoop Away. The features that are most attractive to me is that the cat litter is biodegradable & Earth friendly. Im so glad someone came up with a way to use corn as a cat littter, seems corn is the thing that sustains us in alot of ways in our lives. Kudos, great idea! electricisland(at)gmail.com

  2. 802
    Morgan the Pirate Gato

    The best cat litter on the Planet! The only one that doesn’t clog a Litter Maid – highly recommended!

  3. 803
    Marcy Strahan

    I use Special Kitty right now !
    I would love to try this product!
    I have three cats & buying litter often bust my budget!
    I love how this is biodegradable.& earth friendly!
    Sounds like it’s healthier for my kitty because it’s free of chemicals.

  4. 804

    I like that this cat litter is renewable and made of eco-friendly materials. I currently use a cheap cat litter from the dollar store.

  5. 805

    I use the World’s Best Cat Litter and love it. I have one cat who is allergic to most litters and this is the best litter for him.
    I do not use any clay litters and want to protect the environment.

  6. 806

    We currently use Johnny Cat Litter, and I most surprised that World’s Best is made from corn and free from chemicals!

  7. 807

    After years of using Fresh Step, we’re trying out different cat litters that are helpful to the environment, so far only Feline Pine & Yesterday’s news. I’d love to try WBCL as it’s made of whole-kernel corn and my cat isn’t liking the pine at all.

  8. 808

    we use store brand litters:)

  9. 809

    I love World’s Best — I’ve tried clumpable, granular, and “pearls” and World’s Best absorbs smells really well, is flushable, and doesn’t seem to scatter as much. This is a great product.

  10. 810
    theodore esteghamat

    I use tidy cat but I’d like a litter that was environmentally friendly.

  11. 811
    kathleen yohanna

    My cats like Tidy Cats but after reading your review, I am going to try”World’s Best Cat litter. I love my cats too much to think that they might get sick.

  12. 812

    I use this cat litter now and wouldn’t change back to a clay litter. This is much easier to use and much better for my kitty. It also seems to last longer than any other litter I have ever used, so I don’t go through as much of it. Great stuff!!!

  13. 813

    I’ve only recently started using WBCL and I love it! So does my kitty. She took to it right away and it makes me feel better knowing that I’m doing something nicer for the environment and for her. :)

  14. 814
    Tony Vincent

    we’ve been using arm & hammer since she was a kitten– but this sounds brilliant. a natural-form of litter… i’d TOTALLY be on board to giving it a go!

  15. 815

    Right now we use Arm & Hammer’s Multi-cat litter. I like that you can flush the litter – much more convenient!

  16. 816

    I use this litter! I LOVE this litter! It is incredibly clean, and nice smelling – the way natural fibers smell nice. No icky fake chemicals and their ensuing smells and ensuing bad impact everywhere. Healthy for the cats. Non Polluting. This litter and it’s beneficial qualities actually relaxes me! Haha – I’m serious! Flushing away those perfectly formed pee wads, leaving clean litter behind, is, well, relaxing!
    My two cats and I would be ECSTATIC to win this.

  17. 817

    I did a lot of research before choosing a natural cat litter. I was a little wary of leaving my regular tidy cat- luckily i found a website that had tried every option and decided WBCL was the best! it is! my cats had no problem switching since it looks and feels exactly like non-natural cat litter. the smell was also not a problem. it works great! I also feel much better not breathing in a lot of silicates every time i change the litter. I have seen silica lungs in med school and they are scary! I would never want to do that to me or my cat

  18. 818
    Kisu & KuJu Ku

    I hope we are not to late to enter this contest. If we won that would be the bomb diggity of prizes.
    We have always used WBCL (thats a whole 1 1/2 years cause thats how old we are)
    We will NEver in one million years (or all nine lives which ever comes first give it up)

  19. 819
    Dru Vratil

    I use a store clumping litter from Petco. I’m most interested in the healthy aspects of your litter.

  20. 820
    Lora B

    Dr. Elsley’s. This would be a great alternative to clay due to it’s non-evasive impact on the environment.

  21. 821
    Bill Holt

    We currently use Tidy Cat, but disposal is a smelly and tedious process. World’s Best may be the solution since it is flushable. Biodegradable is not an issue when it is, in fact, flushed. If World’s best is all that it is advertised to be, I will be an avid user; and our three cats will be happy about the change, I am sure. I will try to find it at the store this week.

  22. 822

    I was introduced to WBCL when my cat was treated for Thyroid cancer and we needed to use a flushable litter. I loved its other features so much I never went back to clay litter. My cats and I would LOVE to win this giveaway. Thanks Moderncat!

  23. 823
    Loreta Steidl

    I have used “flushable” cat litters for 25 years. Never had a problem with toliet or drains. Two years ago, I started using World’s Best Cat L:itter-flushable and I am so glad I did. The litter is odorless and non-trackable throughout the house. My cats like it better too. Now
    California’s Governor has decided to eliminate flushable litters in our state. You cAn tell he’s never had any cats!! He’ll allow the poop from drug-adicted people, but not from cats!! Figure that one out!
    Anyways, thanks for the great product. I’ll continue using it until its totally outlawed, then I’ll switch to your Clumpable litter.
    Thanks, Loretta Steidl

  24. 824


  25. 825
    Linda Montgomery

    Help! With four cats we really need it!

  26. 826

    I have never tried any of the alternative litters, but I plan to in the near future.

  27. 827

    I use Safe and Organic, which is also corn-based. But I have been told that World’s Best is, well, better.

  28. 828

    This stuff is fabulous! The multi cat formula is everything they say it is and my house is now virtually odor free…as a mom of a multi cat household, we really appreciate it! Helping the environment makes us happy too!

  29. 829
    Frank S

    The regular kitty litter use to drive us nuts.Scraping the litter box and then bagging it, then disposing of it in the garbage. Now you scoop up whatever there is and then flush it down the toilet, it’s a breeze! There is no odor or dust. This says it all.

  30. 830
    Raven Fabal

    I currently use WBCL and I love it! Times being what they are though, it would sure be a relief for me to know I have a years worth of my favorite cat liter! Awesome product, and terrific contest! My cat and I wil keep our paws crossed!!

  31. 831
    Abby - Commercial Furniture

    I might have to look into this stuff. If it’s as good as you claim, I may be able to stop my place smelling like cat.

  32. 832

    With 9 cats and 6 litter boxes?——–Need I say more?

  33. 833
    Linda McClintock

    For more than ten years, I have used Scamp cat litter. It is not easily found but it has very low dust, and the odor control is fabulous. Plus the cats like it. The reason I am interested in The World’s Best Cat Litter, is due to the reputation and the fact that it is not clay and thus I can simply dump it in the field as opposed to putting it in the garbage. Plus the consistanly is more like regular clay litter and according to the website, it will end up saving money in the long run, due to lasting longer.

  34. 834

    I love the World’s Best Litter and hope we win the year’s supply… two cats.

  35. 835

    Would love more so I can adopt more. If you haven’t tried it you’re throwing your money away on other products, give it a try.

  36. 836
    lisa Brown

    this is the best natural cat litter I have used. It is odor effective, clumps great. I am a sweat wheat convert to your product. Would love to have this product for a year!

  37. 837

    i have been using WBCL for years now, it is by far the best litter. i recommend it to all my cat parenting friends. i like that it’s natural and safe for my cats. it doesn’t smell bad, it’s easy to scoop, and lasts a lot longer than other litters. i can tell my cats also prefer it! i’d love to win a year supply :)

  38. 838

    my cat’s really like this litter and i would love a free year’s supply!

  39. 839

    My cats would love to be using the World’s best cat litter. Currently they use whatever is on sale in 4 of their litter boxes, and the WBCL in the one by the living room.

  40. 840

    eco friendly is always welcome. I like that it’s natural & kitty safe.

  41. 841

    I love this litter! It clumps quickly and isn’t as dusty as some other natural litters. My four cats would love a year’s supply.

  42. 842

    I haven’t tried this litter yet but it was highly recommended by a salesperson at my local pet store. This was because I had to ask for help lifting the container of clay litter. Not only was the WBCL much lighter but he raved about using it, as did a friend of mine shorty thereafter. I’m planning on trying it but a year’s supply would be quite a nice gift right now.

  43. 843

    It is lovely to use and I recommend to friends who would love to have a kitten/cat in their homes but afraid of where to place the kitty litter tray. No problem I reply as it is WBCL the tray is no longer offensive and on moderncat.com the lovely new cat tray designs only add to the deco in your living room. Cheetara and I would not be without our World’s Best Cat Litter – not now that I have found it. It is all that it says on the bag and more! Being disabled now with RA I am not worried about how to clean the tray for Cheetara – easy, light, firm clumping, no odour and easy to sweep off the floor if I miss the toilet. Thank you for World’s Best Cat Litter!

  44. 844

    Been experimenting with different cat litters this winter. . . Need something besides the CLAY!!!! Hope, hope, hope we win. . .

  45. 845
    Holly Davidson

    At present I buy ExquisiCat (because it clumps best) Fresh Scent and Unscented and mix them to make it a little less scented; I have a number of cats so clumping is pretty important.I like that World’s Best Cat Litter comes in a multi- cat formula that clumps, and controls odor. I signed up and printed off the rebate and am looking forward to trying it. I go through a lot of litter so winning a years supply would be awesome.
    By discount coupon, do you mean the rebate?, I couldn’t find a coupon.

  46. 846

    I buy the World’s Best Cat Litter and am glad that I do. With 8 cats, no matter how frequently I cleaned their litter boxes, there was still an odor with the other litters I tried (and believe me, I tried them all). With the WBCL, there is never an odor and it does indeed last much longer than any of the others. A year’s supply would be fabulous!!!

  47. 847

    I love World’s Best Cat Litter but I can’t always afford it so I switch with Natures Miracle Just for Cats Litter. One whole year of litter would allow me to buy more kitty houses for my feral colony.

  48. 848
    john schiavo

    I’ve been using the worlds best cat litter for a number of years now. I have 3 cats and I use the Green bag which is all yellow litter and I think that one works the best. The cats love it and keep the bath room smelling fresh. I do sprinkle a little of arm & hammer in with the litter. once a week. They only problem I have is that it is costly compared to other litter in the market place..

    John Schiavo

  49. 849

    I am currently trying a recycled newspaper product, which is ok. I would love to try this product with the lavender oil added. I will say that I absolutely hate the clay litter, it is such a mess to use. I hope we win!

  50. 850
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