Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of the World’s Best Cat Litter!

Mon, May 11, 2009

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Here’s an awesome giveaway to start off the week! One lucky winner is going to receive a one-year supply of The World’s Best Cat Litter! And let me tell you, this product truly lives up to its name. WBCL is an all-natural cat litter made from whole-kernel corn, making it Earth-friendly on both ends of the cycle — corn is a renewable resource and it’s biodegradable. Not only is it good for the Earth, but it’s healthier and safer for you and your cats than traditional clay litter (see link below for more info on the dangers of clay litter).

To enter to win this great giveaway, please visit this special page at the WBCL site where you can sign-up to receive email updates from WBCL, plus there’s a discount coupon just for Moderncat readers. Then come back here and leave a comment on this post telling us what litter you currently use and what features of WBCL are most attractive to you. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on May 17. One entry per person. Limited to addresses in the US. The winner will receive 12 – 7 lb. bags of Extra Strength WBCL to be delivered in two shipments of 6 bags each.

Learn more about why it’s so important to switch from using clay litter to natural litter:

What’s In Your Litter Box?

* This giveaway is now closed. *

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854 Responses to “Enter to Win a 1-year Supply of the World’s Best Cat Litter!”

  1. 51
    Cece Keeling

    I would love to try an alternative litter that is safer for the environment.

  2. 52
    Caitlin B

    I switched to WBCL based on a friend’s advice. The cats were unsure of it at first, but I no longer get perfumed paws everywhere b/c of the dust in tidy cats. This clumps the best AND lasts forever.

  3. 53

    I have used WBCL for a very long time. I’ve used countless other natural litters, and “World’s Best” is a title well deserved. I recently tried another well known natural litter to try and save a bit of money, and what a mistake that was. It stuck to the bottom of the litterbox, was so much more dusty, brought out the worst smell, and tracked everywhere. It did everything that WBCL doesn’t do. I won’t be making that mistake again, I’ll only use WBCL from now on. Worth every penny.

  4. 54

    I currently use Swheatscoop, I love how World’s Best Cat Litter is enviromentally friendly and safe for pets and us!

  5. 55

    I use two litters but World’s Best is the one I use for my kittens – I’m a breeder of Siberian cats. I think its one of the safest and easiest to train kittens. Since I usually have kittens, I always have at least some litter boxes with World’s Best. My two daughters also use this litter for their cats.

  6. 56
    Amy B

    We currently use Tidy Cats. While the odor control works for our two kitties, I am interested in trying out World’s Best. To find a natural litter with great odor control would be awesome!

  7. 57
    Heather E

    We currently use Tidy Cats. I really like this, “World’s Best Cat Litterâ„¢ is made with natural ingredients from corn and other plant materials grown on American farms. These materials are biodegradable and renewable. “

  8. 58
    DaisyMae Maus & Feline Americans

    We use the Target brand litter in our four litterboxes and have for many, many years. It’s a clay-type litter, but we’re happy with it. The WBCL sounds interesting. We like that it’s biodegradable because our litter most certainly isn’t.

  9. 59

    I’ve used WBCL in the past, but it’s just too expensive for this single mom & student to afford on a regular basis. My 3 cats seemed to do fine with it. They never liked the pellet-type litters. I’d love to be able to use WBCL again. It was excellent at controlling odor, and I really liked that it was all natural.

  10. 60

    We currently use WBCL and love it! We tried another corn-based litter which was slightly cheaper but it had a perfume-y smell which I’m sure was an additive so it wasn’t completely natural. WBCL has almost no odour and my little kitty has been using it since she was a kitten. I’ve tried both the regular and the extra strength and they’re both great!

  11. 61

    I have used WBCL for over 6 years. The odor control is great and it clumps hard so that it doesn’t fall apart. I first used it because before painting I found clay dust all over my walls, even with hooded boxes. I love the fact that it’s natural and won’t hurt my cats health (or mine!). Also, big bonus-it doesn’t stick to the bottom or litter boxes like clay based clumping litter does. Love WBCL extra strength!

  12. 62

    I love the “green story” of WBCL. As an architectural tech, working towards LEED certification, I love the idea of a sustainable and biodegradable product for my Modern Cats. Currently I use standard clumping litter for my cats, and I dislike seeing the amounts that I am adding to the waste stream. I guess I’ll have to give it a try…even if I don’t win!

  13. 63

    My kitty’s litter boxes currently contain feline pine, which I like because it’s all natural, but it can be a bit stinky from time to time. I love the idea that World’s Best comes from corn rather than trees (being from a corn area) and can’t wait to give it a try!

  14. 64

    Love the fact that this product is safe for humans, animals and the environment – made from a renewable resource that is biodegradable.

  15. 65

    We use Arm & Hammer unscented because it works well with our LitterRobot and Kadina and Dagny seem happiest with unscented litter. Also something about baking-soda based cat litter always seemed natural to me. However we use all biodegradable and natural cleaners in our house, for ourselves, and our laundry, and we want out kitties to have contact with only safe, non-chemical cleaners too – especially since they probably ingest the litter cleaning themselves – yikes! I can’t believe that WBCL lasts longer in addition to being safer. It is always great when something natural works better than something synthetic.

  16. 66

    We are currently using Fresh Step, but are not too satisfied with
    the odor control. I am very interested in trying WBCL out not only because it is biodegradable but it is also made with all natural organic
    ingredients. Would love to try this out!

  17. 67

    This looks like amazing litter. I am currently using the Arm and Hammer clumping for multiple cats. It works ok but I always worry what the clay dust will do to the girls. I have 3, all sisters and they are a picky bunch. The all natural is nice and the longer I can keep them happy and healthy the better.

  18. 68
    Lana Kipling

    I currently use Fresh Step. It clumps well but that is the only positive. I would love to try the World’s Best Cat Litter for several reasons: no chemicals or dust so it is completely safe for my cats and equally important isn’t damaging to our planet!!!

  19. 69

    Hi I currently use Swheat Scoop. This is a really good litter and is readily available. A few problems with it are that it’s odor control can be questionable and it’s clumping power and be somewhat dissapointing at times. I would like to try WBCL and see how it goes.

  20. 70
    Liz and Cassie

    Love TOM!
    We are currently using Kitty Comfort.
    WBCL’s biodegradable quality is really good and will be the determining factor for us to switch!

  21. 71

    I use fresh step scoopable litter right now. I have tried to change most of my household products to GREEN products, but have yet to find a kitty litter to do so! I’d love to try WBCL!

  22. 72

    It would be soooooo cool to win this! =) It helps you, your kitty AND the Environment…

  23. 73

    I use both WBCL and Feline Pine-
    My 4 kitties are not subjected to dust.
    They all like it – easy on the paws.
    It is earth friendly.
    It doesn’t smell.

    The only problem is that I literally spend $20 per week! There is no way a 7 lb. bag could last a month- even with just one cat! That is the only problem- that is $20 times 52 weeks, it is expensive for people like me. That is why I sneak in some Feline Pine.

  24. 74

    My friends just told me about this last week! I currently use Everclean, but I like how WBCL kicks up less dust, especially since my cat has respitory problems, and doesn’t track as much. I also like the green aspect, as I hate the bagfuls of litter I throw away each week.

  25. 75

    I signed up for their mailing list: “Thank you for Signing Up for Our Mailing List”.

    I currently use whatever scoopable litter I have a coupon for, this week I am using Tidycat, last week it was Arm & Hammer. I’ve tried them all.

    The thing I like best about the WBCL is that it is biodegradable.

    Thanks for the contest! My cat Chloe and I hope we win!

  26. 76

    I love this stuff! It’s flushable and that’s the key. My little guy uses it and it’s easy to scoop, doesn’t track much – though I’ve set it up to reduce any of that with a little rug and all – and controls odor well.

    I am however a quick scooper-outer so I don’t leave a lot hanging around to get stinky.

    I’m also starting to potty train him and so the flushable is great since it works through that process. But I’d still love the years supply in case the training doesn’t take and for our elder cat who is too old for balancing on the bowl.

  27. 77
    Kim B

    I currently use Sweet Wheat litter. I am quite happy with this litter because it does not have a perfume odor and is flushable. WBCL sounds really good also. I plan to buy some and see what all the raves are about. Thanks.

  28. 78

    I’ve used Nature’s Best Secret, and now Arm & Hammer… because they are similar. I have not used WBCL nor have I noticed it at the store. I did try the Wheat type of cat litter and found it turned to cement if you were tardy in shoveling. Too much to ask from someone who is out of town a couple of days a week. I like the brands I use now. They have a pleasant smell, and are all natural. Flushable too… but I don’t do that, because my father is a plumber and its BAD for your pipes. I have 3 very big cats.

  29. 79

    We currently use whatever clumping litter is on sale. Becoming more aware of the environment, I love the fact that WBCL is all-natural. And having four cats, the phrase ‘unsurpassed odor control’ is very exciting to me…lol

  30. 80

    I currently use Tidy Cat, which clumps up nicely and is easy to scoop, but I am always looking for something which is more environmentally friendly and less dusty.

  31. 81

    I would love to try this litter! I currently use tidy cat clumping litter, which gets tracked all over the place and is dusty. I am realizing that is is also not natural and therefore not very good for the environment. I think the WBCL would make me feel like better about the amount of waste and I am always looking for something that works better!

  32. 82

    I currently use Crystals cat litter (either PetCo generic or Precious Cat), in my teeny tiny studio apartment. I haven’t tried the World’s Best Cat litter before, but it seems like it could possibly replace my Crystals… I like that it has no silica dust, can be flushed, and that it lasts soooo long without having to be replaced!! I’m really crossing my fingers on this contest!!

  33. 83

    I like the fact that it is dust free and biodegradable. Currently, we use Premium Choice All Natural Unscented Cat litter.

  34. 84
    Emily H

    I started with WBCL and will use it forever! Even get others to use it to. With two boy cats the extra strength is BEST! :)

  35. 85

    i use fresh feline original (the pine pepples). i like it as it uses no artificial perfume, is natural and does not leave tracks.

    WBCL is interesting to me because it is also all natural and will save me the time and effort of changing the entire litter box every week.

  36. 86

    I have two cats, I use MAXScoop multi – which is a clay litter. After reading this post, I feel like a jerk!

    I didn’t know about all the dangers of clay litters!! WBCL would be so much better for my babies.

    I try to do my best when it comes to greening up my life and home, this would be another great addition to the list of initiatives.

  37. 87
    Cheryl in Tx

    We use fresh step litter for our 3 indoor cats. I’d love to try a more ecologically friendly litter. Fingers crossed!

  38. 88

    We are using tidy cat litter, which clumps fairly well, but still makes a big mess. I would love to try this if it works better and is natural.

  39. 89

    I love WBCL! This is the best litter I’ve ever used. I have 7 cats and it is great for odor control. I hope I win this contest…I buy a lot of cat litter!

  40. 90
    a. hawkins

    I currently use fresh step clumping litter. Would love to try WBCL because I hate the dust that traditional litter kicks up… also love the fact that it is all natural.

  41. 91

    I admit, I use the cheap stuff. :( But the all-natural ingredients of this litter sound great!

  42. 92

    wow, i never really paid attention to what’s in the litter…. that’s terrible!!


    i have tried natural litters before (feline pine) but my cat didn’t like it….

  43. 93

    I actually currently use WBCL and absolutely love it. I am deeply concerned about the environment and this is one more way in which I try to make my personal impact. Most of all though all commercial cat litters have too many perfumes/chemicals and too much dust. I actually get asthma attacks just from those types of litter. WBCL does not irritate my asthma at all. It clumps better than anything else I have used when I cat sit for other people and I love that it is completely biodegradable. I started using it with my cat as soon as I got her home from the Humane society and she took to it right away, not one accident. It controls odor amazingly and even I can’t smell it (I’m extremely sensitive to smells, some sort of cosmic joke I’m sure.) The flushable aspect is great too.

    I almost ever get this excited about a mundane product but I have seriously converted 3 of my cat-owning friends and hope to get more. God, a free years supply would be lovely. I’d probably give a few to friends to convert some more!

    I sound over the top i know but everyone should try it!

  44. 94

    I currently use Yesterday’s News. When I first got my cats & started trying litter I was happy to find they were not picky about litter texture/type. However, I was. I was appalled at the amount of dust most litters produced. Also I wanted something that was environmentally friendly. Yesterday’s News does produce dust, though less than most litters.

    The video on World’s Best Cat Litter is convincing me to try it. Because of it’s smaller texture, I assumed it would have a lot of dust. Seeing the video of the litter’s benefits and having already heard testimonials on the Modern Cat blog I’m ready to give it a try. Thanks so much for the $2 off coupon!

  45. 95
    Jackie Godleski

    Cinderlilly currently uses Fresh Step litter which I like for it’s clumping ability since she scratches the wall of box rather than covering the litter but I feel extremely guilty using one that is so bad so the environment so this one sounds like it has the best of all qualities rolled into one!

  46. 96

    i use WBCL exclusively- the original one. i like it because it is natural without perfumes. my cat has asthma and this litter doesnt cause her asthma any issues.

  47. 97

    Joy M – I’ve found that switching over to a new cat litter is made easier by combining the litters, mixing a little bit of the new litter brand in with the old, and gradually changing the ratio until you have phased out the old brand. The cats take to the change in texture better that way.

  48. 98

    We use The WBCL and will NEVER go back to any other cat litter. We have 2 cats that share a box and use regular strength and have no problems with smells. I LOVE this stuff!

  49. 99

    We use Tidy Cat because it’s available at the grocery store next door and does a good job of masking odor from two cats in a very small apartment. (We also clean the box twice a day!) There are a lot of things about WBCL that are attractive. I like the idea of no perfume. We buy “unscented” litter, but it still has a masking smell that I find almost as offensive as the smell that it is supposed to be masking (which it never really does). I also like that WBCL is flushable. We live in a city and are encouraged not to dispose of cat waste in dumpsters to avoid attracting rats. Some aldermen are proposing a ban on plastic grocery bags, which is what we use to dispose of cat waste now. Finally, I would like to move away from clumping clay litter because of the health risks clumping clay litter poses to our cats. Our biggest obstacle in buying a specialty litter like WBCL is that we don’t have a car, and it’s only available at pet supply stores, none of which are as convenient as the grocery store next door.

  50. 100

    We use this litter. It’s great.

    We started off with a clumping litter when we just had our female. Then changed when we got our male because we were afraid of him ingesting too much with his long fur. We tried crystal then ended up with a different corn based litter but it went everywhere then WBCL. The cats love it, we love it. Our female does occasionally try to eat it, but since it’s all natural that doesn’t matter ^_^

    I like that it clumps (really well) like clay and the extra strength absorbs odor like no other litter we’ve had.

    Great stuff!


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