Brand New! Introducing the ModKat Litter Box Debuting at ICFF

Fri, May 15, 2009

Green Design, Litter & Hygiene


With a brand new website that just launched today and an upcoming debut at ICFF, I’d like to introduce the ModKat Litter Box. Litter is an area that is wide open for innovation and this new product is taking on the challenge. With modern style, innovative function, and attention to green design, we may have a winner here.

There are obviously cat owners on the team over at ModProducts, the product design firm behind ModKat. They’ve addressed many of the main litter box issues that we face. By considering the experience of both the cat and the owner, the design team incorporated several unique features in the ModKat Litter Box.

Rooftop Access

The ModKat box uses a top entry which fully encloses the box and gives cats a better sense of privacy. The top of the box has a perforated, non-skid surface that acts as a litter catcher sending loose litter back in the box. The top removes for easy cleaning and the compact design takes up minimal floor space.

Reusable Liner for a Greener Design

This is the first litter box I’ve seen that comes with a washable, reusable liner. Made from durable rip-resistant tarpaulin material, the liner has sturdy built-in handles that make it easy to lift and empty. It fits perfectly inside the box so you don’t see it from the outside. No more plastic liners! That saves you money and it saves space in the landfill.

Ergonomic Scoop

Attention to detail continues with the scoop, which has an ergonomic handle and rounded edges to make scooping easy. It even has a brush incorporated in the side for sweeping stray litter back into the box. And, of course, (my favorite thing!) there’s a place to hang the scoop on the side of the box.

The ModKat Litter Box is expected to be available this summer. You can sign-up at the ModKat website to receive notifications. In the meantime, I’m sure they would love to hear what you think so please leave a comment here with your thoughts. Maybe they’ll even offer one for a giveaway! ;)

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211 Responses to “Brand New! Introducing the ModKat Litter Box Debuting at ICFF”

  1. 101

    Dig it. How does odor control work?

  2. 102
    Rebecca Kissane

    This is great – love the reusable, washable liner!

  3. 103
    Fred D.

    I’m actually shocked everyone likes this so much! I’m definitely not at all thrilled with this design and here’s why:

    1. Closed in = bad.
    For one thing, this isn’t then kind of privacy they want. We’ve got a few cats, and their litter boxes need to be wide open (lip of 6 inches or so) so they can feel safe knowing what’s around them, and that they won’t get snuck up on. This “privacy”… is that really for them or for you? Our cats don’t seem to care who’s watching, and there’s nothing worse than a cat not feeling safe using the litter box, because soon enough, they won’t.

    2. Not sanitary!
    The other reason: SANITATION. This doesn’t look at all clean!!! I don’t think it’s because my cats are especially sloppy, but there’s always …stains, and the like on the side of the litter box, right? Cats brush up against these (especially in a small space like that one!), it’s on their fur which they have to clean with their mouths, and it on your hands when you pet them… NO THANKS!!! I’ll stick to my wide and short box, thank you!

    Oh–and some people mentioned tracking: I’ve been using Pet’s Preference for years, so I don’t have this problem :D . This stuff doesn’t track, there’s no powder, it doesn’t smell, it’s flushable, and it’s made of recycled paper! Look for the dark pellets. Seriously, I’ve tried a ton and I’ll never go back. Best litter I’ve ever used. I’m not getting paid to say this. ^_^

  4. 104

    I haven’t checked their website yet, but I’d be interested to know what holds the liner in place. I could see one of my cats trying to use the edge of it to cover his business. Would also like to know how scooping against that liner would be. I agree with the others regarding the size. Looks “deep” but not wide enough which is really what a cat needs to turn around, etc.

  5. 105
    von Krankipantzen

    It looks great and I like the top access as I think this would really reduce the litter that gets kicked of one of my cat’s litter boxes. If they were reasonably priced I might just try one to see how it worked.

  6. 106

    This is an improvement! I am going to check the price points to see if I can afford it. I also need to see the size. I have two Bengals and one is a Big Boy- 23 pounder!

  7. 107
    Skeezix the Cat

    I wood like to put in a reqwest fur a pink one.

    This looks like a vary fun thing to have in owr howse. I can just see our 20-lb Tripper the Psyko Cat jump in and then git trapped inside. It wood be vibrayting like a Mexican jumping been with him inside trying to git owt! That wood krak me up!

    Yoo know, I have a little problim with the sqwerts, and my poop goes all projectile on me sumtimes. Is the inside easy to kleen? Cuz it wood need to be kleened abowt evry day.

    And just an observayshun abowt the liner. It’s good in theory and all, but washing it wood be kinda gross, woodn’t it? We have 5 litterboxes, so it wood not be fun having to wash liners all the time: PEE YOO!

  8. 108

    This has my Gunny’s name all over it, I can’t wait for it to hit the market. He will be in love!!

  9. 109

    This box looks fantastic. I’m getting one as soon as it’s available!

  10. 110
    B Nestman

    What a great idea.
    It would be a a fantastic way to hide the litter box in our small condo, whichas many geust chide us, is an unfortunate focul point in our single bathroom.

  11. 111

    I think the design is gorgeous and clever. However my two siberian cats are quite large and it would nice to have one in the larger size. I would do without the liner- I scoop daily and have never used a liner. The beautiful design is wonderful, though.

  12. 112

    i must have it. immediately.

    can’t wait to check it out!

  13. 113

    Great design, but it doesn’t seem cat-friendly at all. My cats are not that big, but even they appreciate having room to move around inside the litterbox. At 15″ tall, 16″ deep and 16″ wide – the stated dimensions on the Modkat website – this litterbox is just too cramped for the average cat! Of course, most cats are fastidious about hygiene and will probably use it even though they’re uncomfortable, but as a caring cat-mom, I would not want to put my cats through having to use this thing.

  14. 114

    Yeah! My little kitty won’t be peeing all over the place.. hehe. Still have to see the price and size though.

  15. 115
    Lili Killian

    My litter box is just a plain plastic box…this one would be sooo mush better!

  16. 116

    very nice! I love the look… I am so about look in my home; however, the biggest issue I have is my cat going outside of the box…. This would solve that issue. Love it!

  17. 117

    I too, have concerns about size: it looks a bit small & awkward for my big kids to turn around in. A larger one is definitely something I’d examine further. I do like the idea of the re-usable liner. I have seen comments that concern the sanitary qualities of having a liner, but see no difference between a re-usable liner and the sides of a litter box. I have been using large storage boxes to keep the litter IN the boxes and off the floor, as my kids seem to fling it everywhere possible. Overall, I love the design, just think I need a bigger one. And hoping it’s not too expensive, of course.

  18. 118
    Tasha Costa

    I’m not normally super-impressed with litterbox designs. This one has me sold, though. I really like it. The reusable liner and the fact that it’ll be harder for litter to get everywhere – both are a huge selling point for me.

  19. 119

    I love this!! But I have a large cat also and wonder if he’d be happy in it. I’d still like to have one :-D

  20. 120

    Functional and stylish! Love the design. I imagine this box would be better suited for smaller, younger cats. This would be great for apartment dwellers who oftentimes have to keep the litter box right out in the open. I could definitely use one of these for my cats.

  21. 121
    Jennifer Phillips

    Don’t believe my cats would use this.

    My cats love boxes! But, even though they will hide, sleep, play in any size box they see; they will not go inside of an enclosed litter box. I have had to remove the top from the one I have and just use the bottom half of the litter box. I do not know if they would use this one as a litter box either. Possibly the ones they have out there now look too much like the carriers I take them to the vet in, but whatever the reason they won’t go through the entrance hole to use it.

    I love the look of these, but still do not know if my cats would actually use it. I will have to see what other cat owners say when they hit the market and get used more widely. And top of the list will be price!! I do think this was made with humans in mind more than cats though.

  22. 122
    Deb H.

    I like the top tray to catch excess litter as your cat leaves the box–hopefully it’d mean less litter outside the box.

  23. 123

    Wow, this is very cool, but I have to say that my kitty probably wouldn’t use it, either; we don’t think he likes closed boxes (we’ve tried). Plus, he’s just a naturally big cat, and this looks a bit smallish for him.

    But if one has a kitty that doesn’t mind the enclosure effect, it’s definitely nice as far as design goes and innovative!

    I, too, would like something to catch the litter as they leave the box. Right now we have a little mat, but it doesn’t really work and is a pain to clean out.

  24. 124
    Theresa H.

    This litterbox looks amazing. I think my 3 cats would even have fun going in and out of this box. Not to mention it would probably have less tracking problems then my current box. The size looks perfect from my Brooklyn apt., not to mention the reusable liner and scooper attached to the box. I can’t wait for this to be available.

  25. 125
    Angiy Michael

    my cats would love one of these . I love the design :-)

  26. 126

    Looks great, but I too question whether my cat would use it. He likes to stand half in his box and half out of it when he does his business. I’m not sure why, but he’s being doing that since he was a wee kitten. I’d love to try this litterbox though, especially since I’m looking to replace one of the ones I have now.

  27. 127

    Is it tip-proof? My cats love to tip over anything shaped like that. I don’t know if they would go for an enclosed litter box, let alone one they enter from the top.

  28. 128
    Pat C

    YEA! A litter box to beat all the others. Sure looks like a great idea. Hopefully it works better, and is priced better, than any of the others I’ve tried. My kits will probably like it best since they can go in from the top…it’s that ‘hide in the box thing’ ya know.

  29. 129
    terry Sweeney

    awesome and sleek design…would like to see it a little bigger…I currently use a large plastic clear storage bin for a litter box. My cats seem to prefer to poo on one side and pee on the other. But I would buy and try this unique and stylish one!

  30. 130
    Becky G.

    It looks great if you have a cat that can use a top access box. My older cats would never make it in or out. Also, if you have cats that hate covered boxes, this will not work for them. However, it does look like it would prevent litter scatter and the messy clean-ups that happen when my male cats get too close to the edge of the box.

  31. 131
    Courtney Witty

    This litter box would be great for when I move back into an apartment. I’m not sure if my 10 year old kitty would like having to jump in and out of the box though. He’s still a really active and playful cat, but that may change with age. I still wonder if the litter box really would prevent litter from scattering outside the box when the cat jumps out.

  32. 132

    Living in a very small house, I appreciate attention given to the litter box design. I don’t think the box is too small, but wonder how to train an older cat to use something this different. Very innovative!

  33. 133

    It really looks amazing… I love the cube style. Fingers crossed on a giveaway when it comes out!

  34. 134

    I’d love to try this for my cat. And it’s better designed than the standard litter box.

  35. 135

    I’m already measuring my litter box spot to see if it will fit! Love this. I have 2 young, curious, normal weight cats, and I can’t wait to get this. Hope its not toooooo pricey!! :) Here’s to less litter tracked all over the house!

  36. 136
    Lily S

    OMG, I want this litter box! If I could, I’d use it too :) ! But since I can’t, I’ll settle for my cats having it … when will they be available again?

  37. 137

    are you serious…a resuable washable liner?!?!! GET OUT! that is so incredibly brilliant. this is genius & i want one….which is not so good for the litter box obessesion that i have developed in the past year. with all my monies spent on a variety of boxes, i could have invested in a ridiculously expensive self-cleaning gadget long ago & still come out ahead; but there is something in me that is not quite convinced that the self-cleaners are the answer to my litter-box woes.

    i love this site! …AND i totally wanna try this one, too!

  38. 138

    I need one of this! Our foster cat has issues guarding the litter box so other cats can’t get to use it. I think this would solve the problem.

  39. 139

    Wow, this is great! Maybe I can finally have a litter-free bathroom XD I haven’t used liners before because it’s bad for the environment but since this is reusable it might be worth the shot… but is washing the liner easier than washing the litterbox….?

  40. 140
    Carolina Niebres

    Interesting idea. I like the design but I’m not sure about the top entry. I’m not sure my cat would go for it.

  41. 141

    I do love the idea of a reusable, washable liner! I’d love it if this company branched out and made these kind of liners for conventional litter boxes.

    I also like how this box looks, but like other posters, I’m a bit concerned about whether larger cats would fit. One of my cats also likes to ambush the other when he comes out of the box, so I can see some issues coming from a top-entry box. =T

  42. 142

    I LOVE it! Specially because I know it will cut down on the tracking and dust plus it is cover just enough without making the cats feel traped in with odors. A really good item, can’t wait til is available for sale.

  43. 143
    Matti and Melli

    Love the idea of rooftop access, sense of privacy is essential to many cats. Also the functionality seems very well thought of, easy cleaning and place for the brush. I’m impressed!

  44. 144

    Visually the litter boxes are very appealing. Functionally I have significant doubts that my cats would want or be able to use these boxes. The interior looks rather small – even the hole for entry. The reusable liner is interesting. I myself do not use a liner because it is just another expense. Consequently, I do scrub my litter boxes monthly. I guess I would have to scrub the liner. Personally, if I have to scrub either way, then a liner isn’t really useful.

    Perhaps I am wrong about the functionality – I would like to be because I do love the smart design!

  45. 145

    This is a BAD IDEA. Think about the cat, they do not like enclosed litter boxes, nor the odor that they hold in. Bad design. Why don’t we also bombard them with a nice strong scented litter to put inside?

  46. 146

    These are very cool. You know we will be trying to get these!

  47. 147
    Edwin Wityshyn

    I introduced your litter box to my online cat board, and the women totally dissed you guys. They said the litterbox FAQ was out to lunch and that cats should not be using a closed in litter box as it goes against their instinct. They said that cats need to pee in the open, with ready access to flee in any direction. They also said old cats cannot climb into the box, the liner will reek of urine within days and need to be thrown out and that the “mod” design just reinvented a rounded corner box, so no big deal, who’d pay money for that?

    Of course, as I presented it to them, I had to defend it, so a “discussion” ensued… I thought the hole in top is an engineering genius idea. What cat does NOT like to jump into a box or container with a hole in the top? One dear lady called the liner “just fabric” – I told her that “Tarpaulin” is hardly “just fabric”, and said that her couch probably has a form of tarp holding the cushions up LOL, and that in all seriousness, your tarp was most likely especially selected to be “urine-proof”. There’s more, but man, am I thristy (and honestly, kinda scared now too!)

    Jeeze, you guys owe me a beer!

  48. 148

    wow What a litterbox. One like that I want to win =)

  49. 149

    so glad to see companies coming up with new innovations for litter boxes. the self-cleaning ones are far too big for my small condo and it’s tough to find nicely designed litter boxes fit for small spaces.

  50. 150
    Patricia Roseman

    The trick will be in the size of the box itself…..

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