Brand New! Introducing the ModKat Litter Box Debuting at ICFF

Fri, May 15, 2009

Green Design, Litter & Hygiene


With a brand new website that just launched today and an upcoming debut at ICFF, I’d like to introduce the ModKat Litter Box. Litter is an area that is wide open for innovation and this new product is taking on the challenge. With modern style, innovative function, and attention to green design, we may have a winner here.

There are obviously cat owners on the team over at ModProducts, the product design firm behind ModKat. They’ve addressed many of the main litter box issues that we face. By considering the experience of both the cat and the owner, the design team incorporated several unique features in the ModKat Litter Box.

Rooftop Access

The ModKat box uses a top entry which fully encloses the box and gives cats a better sense of privacy. The top of the box has a perforated, non-skid surface that acts as a litter catcher sending loose litter back in the box. The top removes for easy cleaning and the compact design takes up minimal floor space.

Reusable Liner for a Greener Design

This is the first litter box I’ve seen that comes with a washable, reusable liner. Made from durable rip-resistant tarpaulin material, the liner has sturdy built-in handles that make it easy to lift and empty. It fits perfectly inside the box so you don’t see it from the outside. No more plastic liners! That saves you money and it saves space in the landfill.

Ergonomic Scoop

Attention to detail continues with the scoop, which has an ergonomic handle and rounded edges to make scooping easy. It even has a brush incorporated in the side for sweeping stray litter back into the box. And, of course, (my favorite thing!) there’s a place to hang the scoop on the side of the box.

The ModKat Litter Box is expected to be available this summer. You can sign-up at the ModKat website to receive notifications. In the meantime, I’m sure they would love to hear what you think so please leave a comment here with your thoughts. Maybe they’ll even offer one for a giveaway! ;)

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211 Responses to “Brand New! Introducing the ModKat Litter Box Debuting at ICFF”

  1. 151
    Jennifer McDaniel

    I like it! It is so easy to fit in areas I couldn’t fit other litter boxes. I wish I’d thought of it!

  2. 152

    I love the look of the box! I hope it comes in different sizes. I have 3 indoor cats, so it would have to be very large. I like the idea of a reusable liner.

  3. 153

    that has GOT to be the most interesting design for a litter box that i’ve seen ever!

    my worry would be that my kitty would be freaked out by it!!!

  4. 154
    Cathy M.

    The ModKat litterboxes look soooo cool! I would love something that I could have more options with in terms of where to place it, and this would certainly eliminate the problem of those “thinking out of the box” (LOL) episodes my kitties sometimes have. I’ve tried enclosed ones before but the insides get so hard to clean, and liners always seem to rip and get rendered useless at that point. Four colors, too – I could have one for each of my cats … hopefully they’ll be affordable. Looking forward to when they’re available!

  5. 155

    this seems like a great idea for my young cat (1 1/2) but for my 13 and 17-year-olds, i don’t know that they could get in and out of this. i think there could be an elderly edition, that is longer to allow a step out (probably just a small shelf on one side on the inside) and a ramp or something on the outside to assist them.

    it also seems customizable for decor, for instance vinyl decals could totally change the look of it.

  6. 156

    I was about to go buy a totally different setup, but now I’m going to wait for this to come out. Thanks, Kate!

  7. 157
    Karen T

    This looks like a fabulous idea!!! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

  8. 158

    Wow this is so cool. I can’t wait for them to come out. I want one, I want one, I want one!

  9. 159
    Bonnie Goulding

    This is truly a wonderful idea.

  10. 160
    lisa & claudia




  11. 161

    The box looks great!!
    Seem the litter box is not big enough for few cats.
    Consider more size for choice.

  12. 162

    Wow, they look great – what a good idea. My only reservation is that they look rather small compared to the cat doing the modelling. with two cats who are often in all day, I think this would need cleaning out twice a day which would be a bit of palava.

  13. 163
    Rita Provenzano

    I think this is one of the best offers of form and function we’ve seen in a litter box!

  14. 164

    always looking for the green solution to my problems, i love that this comes with a reusable liner. why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

  15. 165

    This is an awesome litter box!! I love the fun colors it comes in. I wouldn’t mind looking at this one. We live in a small studio apartment and have to have the litter box in our “living room”. It looks so tacky but this would be so cute in there!! And my two kitties would love it too!!!

  16. 166
    Connie Hurtado

    I have 3 cats now and have had many in my lifetime. I have yet to own a litterbox that the cats don’t kick the litter all over the outside of the box. This new litterbox looks like it might be the thing to try. I just hope it’s not expensive because I have a litterbox for each cat. Please let me know when they do become available.
    Connie Hurtado

  17. 167

    Great idea. I have a top entry box that has been great for the bedroom. It keeps the smell and litter tracking down! This box is WAY better than the one I have. I like the holes in the top to let the litter back in. :) The liner is also a great idea. I don’t use any currently but this one looks like something my cats wouldn’t have problems with.

    My only worry would be the size. My current box is fairly long and I have orientals, so they need the room for their long bodies.

  18. 168

    neat idea!

  19. 169

    I currently use a larger top opening cat box. It’s been a great help for keeping down the amount of scattered litter from my two construction-worker/digger cats.

    The problem is that it’s a rather ugly litter box. This one is very nice looking and I love the fact that it has a smaller footprintn than my current one.

    Can’t wait til it’s available.

  20. 170

    Pretty colors, but the lid doesn’t have as much surface area for the cat to jump on before entry as the Clever Cat top entry litter box does (although I like that it has holes, CC only has grooves). NOTE: my fat cat didn’t like the top entry and wouldn’t use it, and while my skinny cat used it at first, when she got older she couldn’t jump up anymore. My mom’s Maine Coone got smart and sat on the lid and squatted over the hole, haha!…initially he’d reach in to brush the litter over his mess, but then he got lazy and didn’t bother, so it would get pretty stinky.

  21. 171
    Vitoria R.

    I am REALLY excited about this! I have a BIG girl who is looking for something to keep her happy. I am looking for something that has a modern aesthetic and is colorful. This looks perfect!

  22. 172

    What a great looking litter box. I love the idea of a reusable liner and the little holes on top, so the litter will fall back inside. Hope they aren’t too expensive.

  23. 173

    This looks great. My only concern is that it seems narrow. I have two very long cats. Based on the pictures it doesn’t look like they would be comfortable in this box. Are they planning for offer a “grande”?

  24. 174
    Mary Wightman

    Wow, I love this design. But my biggest complaint with litter pans is the liners! And the reusable liner is wonderful! I use liners much to the dismay of the environment and I have been in a constant search for a mroe environmentally friendly choice that keeps down the odor in my home as well as plastic liners. I am psyched to try the reuseable ones!!

  25. 175

    Form meets function!
    How practical and attractive

  26. 176
    Edwin Wityshyn

    Remember in my comment (#147) when the cat ladies said “…that the “mod” design just reinvented a rounded corner box, so no big deal, who’d pay money for that?”. Well, they were Right. This is an old idea that has been proven to be a bad idea for cats. Sure it looks good, but practically, it’s useless.

    There has been for sale on a similar type box for $27, called the Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox (, and when reviewed by a vet that did research into litterboxes over a 1 year period, found these to be the worst type.

    This is from her blog:

    “This is one reason why I really dislike the Clevercat Top Entry litter box and I strongly urge people to stay away from it. This box is an example of Man inventing a product that is very clearly not made with the cat’s best interest in mind.

    This box has a hole in the top of it and the cat has to jump down into the box. This box is too small and too confining especially for an older cat and, because they have to jump up at an acute angle and push off of a surface that gives way, it is very hard on their joints, tendons and ligaments.

    I also wonder what happens when one cat in the household does not bury his waste and now the housemate has to jump down through this hole and try to miss any uncovered urine or feces. Please do not use this litter box. There are much better options for your cat. ”

    So, I thought that I would mention this in all fairness, that while Modern Cat brings Modern designs to your readers, I think that it should also be balanced with Practicality, as your readers are looking for the next best thing for their pets, and this one, while looking good, has no “get up and go”. Kinda like putting a Farrari body onto a Yugo frame, eh?

    Yer loyal reader,

  27. 177

    my cats don’t have privacy issues. and although the top entry design is a great solution for the tracking of litter, i don’t think cats would like the entry or the small, enclosed space. would you?? also, the washable liner is pretty great.

  28. 178
    Brian S.

    My 3 cats love their current top-entry box. Personally, I wouldn’t use anything else these days. After one of our cats had surgery he doesn’t squat as low, so in a traditional box he accidently misses the box and pees on the floor. The top-entry design prevents this problem. It also keeps the cats from knocking their litter out of the pan.
    This top-entry looks way better than our current ones. I love the scoop hang and especially the liner! Brillant!

  29. 179
    jen t.

    looks great but i wonder how much it’s going to cost? i don’t see any price info. am i missing it somewhere obvious?

  30. 180

    The design looks great, though I’m not sure it would be friendly to aging cats. would probably need a step or two.

  31. 181

    I’m an Industrial Design Student who appreciates things like this. Looks great, but I would have to give it a test drive with my cat to see if it really works.

  32. 182

    I’ve always wanted a litter box that looks great, saves space and save money. I have four cats in my small apartment. This is really the ideal of them all!

  33. 183
    Samantha Fonger

    I’m concerned Franklin doesn’t always bury his litter and when he steps in it now he tracks it all over the house. I don’t think him jumping into the box would be a good idea. I scoop his litter daily but he still sometimes doesn’t know what he’s doing in there.

  34. 184

    Awesome Idea! Love the design

  35. 185

    great look
    Just wondering if it smells great

  36. 186
    Huguette E.

    I think this is a cool idea, I hate having the kitty litter for all to see in the middle of the hall. This would be great to hide it, and tequila could have some privacy ;)

  37. 187

    I think it looks great, but I am not sure about how effective the little tiny holes will be at allowing litter to all back into the box. I think a lot of the litter will probably end up on top of the box, between the holes. They could make the holes bigger, and the cat would still be able to jump out.

  38. 188
    Anne Thompson

    I have the CleverCat box (same general idea but looks more like a rubbermaid) and it works marvelously. Rather than holes, it simply has zig zag plastic on top to catch the litter and when I empty it i dump the excess litter back in. Downside? It looks like a storage bin. This box looks darling AND has the great top entry that cuts down on litter tracking so much. I can’t wait til they come out and I can get an attractive AND functional litter box!! I will be buying at least one. Anyone want my littermaid? I hate it!


  39. 189

    This looks sooooo cool!

  40. 190

    I was going to get that CleverCat Box! And yes, the reason i didn’t is becoz it looks like a rubbermaid storage bin, like u said, Anne. I almost got the CleverCat Box wanting to repaint the outside so it’ll look less like rubbermaid. But this thing is awesome!

  41. 191
    Gaby Alicandu

    The concept is pretty cool. My only concern is about the access to the box for senior cats.

  42. 192

    Excellent idea,

    I use homemade affair very similar, However I found it necessary
    to use clips on liner, velcro would be even better, as the liner would
    fold or slip and make a mess. As to top-entry for older cats, I/we use
    spiralrampkittypole thingy, to allow gentle climb/wild leap! LOL whichever works.

    Good luck with your endevours,


  43. 193

    For people concerned with size the website ( now has a comparison chart showing the size differences between a few standard types of hooded litter boxes. There is also a great video of a cat using the box. Cheers!

  44. 194

    Prrre-order now!
    Order your ModKat before June 14th and Save $20.

  45. 195

    A much more stylish version of my Rubbermaid bin with a hole cut in the lid. It keeps the dog out, (he likes “chocolates”) and I can line the top of the lid with a shaggy bath mat to catch litter. I got the 20 gallon size, to accomodate my chubby cat, and it works great. When they get older, I’ll have to go to a low open pan, but by then, the dog will be long gone.

  46. 196

    Why oh why is this so expensive? I’m buying a nearly studio apartment, and would love to have this, but can’t afford it!

  47. 197
    amy winnewisser


    I live in Brooklyn Heights and have been anxiously awaiting your modkat. Unfortunately I am unemployed right now and worried that I won’t be able to afford one when it comes out. Any chance that you guys need a few people to try it out and write reviews or do marketing for you? I have lots of cat friends!!

    Amy Winnewisser

  48. 198

    It would be great if:

    There were two liner bags AND the scooper was made to fit the entry hole. WHY?

    Because then you could:

    1. Take out one liner bag (filled with litter and… poop).
    2. Put the new one in.
    3. Snap the scooper over the entry hole.
    4. Pour the litter back in over the scooper.
    5. Scooper picks up the poop, clean litter goes back into the box.
    6. Unsnap scooper (ooh! the poop & clumps would be in the scooper, no scooping!) and toss poop.
    7. Voila! Cat owner heaven!

    Could you invent this for “version 2″?
    (And send me a prototype? :D )

    Oh yes, and my cat is 16lbs and NOT the biggest cat in the world so hopefully this product comes in multiple sizes. Otherwise, great idea and good design!

  49. 199
    Michelle Wiseman

    This is exactly what I need for my six messy cats. It would also give my little female extra privacy and security. Please manaufacture it soon! Thanks.

  50. 200

    What a cool design! I like that you really can’t tell that it’s a litter box. I really had to study the photo to “see” it as a litter box.

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