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Sat, May 16, 2009

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I have received some comments about the high cost of certain items posted on Moderncat, such as the new beds by Kilowatt Design. I’d like to point out that these beds, and many of the other more expensive items posted, are handmade using all natural materials — they are an artisan craft. I post items like this because I want to support artists and craftsmen whenever I can and their work is usually much more expensive because it is unique and very high quality, not mass produced overseas using cheap materials and labor. The prices can seem a bit out-of-line when compared to mass-produced goods, but if you consider the quality and that you are supporting a craftsman, I think it can justify the cost.

I also try to post inexpensive products and lots of DIY projects that people can make for their cats with little or no cost. I know I couldn’t afford most of the things on the blog myself, but I find a lot of the high-end items very inspiring and hope my readers do, too.


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  1. 51

    when I got your post this morning in my inbox, I was so upset that anyone would motivate you to justify yourself. I promptly want to come on and give my support to the great work you do. But clearly everyone who has left a message today is on the same page and you have tonnes of support….phew!

    Love your work, love the site, don’t change anything.

  2. 52

    No complaints from here – it’s aspirational.

  3. 53

    If the rest of my apartment looked like most cat accessories, even my cats would be embarrassed to live there! I may not buy the modern space-pod cat bed… or the zen kitty condo… or the teak wall shelves/perches …but it’s a relief to know that a gaudy quilted brocade cat bed from Petco isn’t my only option. Keep it up!

  4. 54

    Sometimes eye candy is as tasty as regular candy.

  5. 55

    Please keep up the good work you do here! As a first time cat owner I was mortified at what the PETCOs and Petsmarts out there offered. I found your site and it saved my home from being a tacky cat household! Somethings are beyond my budget. But through your site I found alternatives that are within my budget. I loved a bed a that you had found on ebay that was a great alternative to the mass produced products and it was only $45 and it was customized by the designer for my home. It’s my cat’s favorite! I am sure it is hard to read the negative comments people leave. Keep in mind you have a broad audience and not eveyone is going to be a fan or benefit from your product offerings. But there is someone who will appreciate it.

  6. 56

    while things here generally are quite expensive, the thing that gets me is that none of it is available in australia, the stores don’t ship here and there are no alternatives provided.

    if you could look outside the US/Europe and consider the asia pac region (we are here although far away) that would be most appreciated.

    feeling ostracised

    n :)

  7. 57

    My turn !

    I’d say that you found a great balance between high-end products that inspire us, even if we can’t afford them, and DIY or mass-produced items that we can afford. I especially love the Etsy references, since I can afford most of them, and, let’s face it, Kerry Beary prints and Kitty’s ville beds are awsome. Toy week was inspirationnal; I couldn’t join in, living in Europe, but I crocheted, sewed and embroidered tons of toys for my beloved kitty.

    So, on behalf of myself and of Be Bop the Chartreuse cat, thank you for your great work !

  8. 58

    I love this blog! I wish that I could spoild my cats rotten with this stuff, but honestly, their favorite toys are cardboard boxes anyway. I’ve gotten some great ideas from your blog and have a cat hammock on my to do list. Keep up the great work Kate!

  9. 59

    It’s true that a lot of the items featured in the moderncat emails are expensive, but if you want quality craftsmanship, you’ve got to be willing to pay for it. Assembly lines may have brought down prices on a lot of items, historically, but that doesn’t make them good items. Just cheap.

    I’m having the best time seeing all the new things people are creating in support of our furry friends. I’m inspired not only to spoil my brats, but to gear up my own imagination in making their little lives more interesting.

    Thank you!

  10. 60

    I’m glad you post what you do. If I wanted to buy mass-produced stuff, I already know what’s on the shelves at Wal-mart and every Petsmart in the nation. I don’t need a daily e-mail telling me what’s on the shelves at the Target, I wouldn’t read it. Even though some of what is posted I’d never buy, there are just as many things posted that are made with cheap materials from Ikea… “Modern” does not have to be expensive, but more often than not it requires making things yourself if you’re wanting a low price option that isn’t mass-produced in China.

  11. 61

    Hi Kate: really like your blog. I had no idea that all the stuff you blog about even existed. Plus I love the series that you do such as the informative one on cat litter, and the fun one on cat toys. Keep it coming!!

  12. 62

    I love Moderncat and am so happy to have found you. While there are some items that are out of my price range, I love seeing and hearing about them even though I may not be able to purchase them. There are also many affordable items and many great ideas to inspire. Window shopping is always fun!

  13. 63
    Pussy & Pooch

    Don’t change a thing Kate! Your blog is the BEST ever for us cat peeps. Clearly you can see from all the positive comments that whoever amongst the ‘negative Nellys’ out there must be only a fraction of your readership. Clearly anyone that is a fan of modern design – expensive or not- can appreciate your eye for style and innovation. You have touched all price points in your posts and yes, you arrange for a ton of value-added freebies from the manufacturers – what other special interest blog does that? You are awesome. Sure we’d all like to purchase fabulous products as inexpensively as possible, but unfortunately the big manufacturers must not employ truly talented product designers, trend forecasters, marketing gurus, graphic designers, and lifestyle brand managers on their payroll… b/c if they had, we’d be reading about them on ModernCat.
    As a specialty pet retailer and lifelong cat owner/lover, part of our core focus is to spotlight innovative and stylish cat products within our store EQUALLY to the canine products, proving that dog is not only man’s best friend. Cat products often get shelved in a corner because frankly they suck. At Pussy & Pooch, we sell/highlight much of what’s been featured on ModernCat too, including the uber-cute handmade toys and things found on Etsy… our clients, like your readers, are always inspired. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  14. 64
    luscious loofa

    I do find some products that are posted in your website too expensive. Good example is the Killowatt bed which I thought was so super fantastic until I saw the price tag. Yes handmade products are always more expensive than mass produced items and I do appreciate that however I do know thing about material cost and labor. It would have not costed more than 50 dollars in material for the maker to make that bed and to charge well over 400 dollars, i thought was a bit extreme for a bed. Listen, I am planning to buy it anyway ubt I do feel that it is a bit overwhelmingly expensive. I wish it was around 250 to 290, that’s all. Cheers. Love your website. It is simply a pure joy!

  15. 65

    I am glad that you post everything that looks great – expensive or not. I have gotten lots of great ideas from your expensive posts, and have changed quite a few of them into personalized diy projects for my kitties. Keep posting! Even if we can’t afford it, it’s nice to know it’s out there!

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