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Sat, May 16, 2009

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I have received some comments about the high cost of certain items posted on Moderncat, such as the new beds by Kilowatt Design. I’d like to point out that these beds, and many of the other more expensive items posted, are handmade using all natural materials — they are an artisan craft. I post items like this because I want to support artists and craftsmen whenever I can and their work is usually much more expensive because it is unique and very high quality, not mass produced overseas using cheap materials and labor. The prices can seem a bit out-of-line when compared to mass-produced goods, but if you consider the quality and that you are supporting a craftsman, I think it can justify the cost.

I also try to post inexpensive products and lots of DIY projects that people can make for their cats with little or no cost. I know I couldn’t afford most of the things on the blog myself, but I find a lot of the high-end items very inspiring and hope my readers do, too.


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65 Responses to “A word about expensive products posted on Moderncat”

  1. 1
    Vanessa Sherwood

    I love what you do and everything that you post. I’m moving into a new place soon and since I’ll be getting some new modern furniture and have a chance to redecorate everything, I’m also carefully considering my cat’s needs and have found this site extremely helpful and VERY inspiring! Keep it up!

  2. 2

    I wouldn’t worry about the responses here and there that things are pricey. Of course fun and cool and contemporary things are expensive – 90% of the time. If it looks like it needs to be in PotteryBarn, then the price will reflect that. None of these things are available in, say, Petco. And there’s a reason for it – because it’s new, innovative and NOT mass produced. I applaud you in your efforts to show the best available for cats, regardless of price. For most of us, we dream about purchasing things like this, and one day the absolute PURRRFECT thing will come along and we won’t be able to resist!

  3. 3

    Um.. okay – a few thoughts.

    Contaminated pet food with melamine from China killed my cat.

    I’d pay a million dollars for high quality, handmade products that are NOT from China not to have gone through that. I have two rescued kittens now and have taken great pains with everything from their food to their toys to make sure I don’t harm them with some cheap product made by people who don’t love animals.

    I love everything you do, as I’m sure most of your readers do. This site is the Martha Stewart of pet sites – you might not have all these cool things for your kitties, but it sure is fun to ooh and aah over it all and it’s wonderful to know that someone is taking such great care in the design of products for pets.

    Can’t make everybody happy!

    Keep up the awesome and inspiring work!!

  4. 4

    Big fans here, and though we can’t afford most of the products, either, we love seeing them and imagining what life would be like living as TRUE Moderncats! (Other people like to watch “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” — with me, MODERNCAT.COM is my inspiration!

  5. 5

    I can’t afford most of this stuff either but I still want to know what is available. Also, I would rather splurge occasionally on something really good than buy the usual, poor-quality little things often. Keep up the good work. Keep up the good work! I love this blog.

  6. 6

    I love just looking at all of the great things that cat lovers have made. I may not be able to afford the vast majority of them, but they’re awesome to see! Keep up the good work! :)

  7. 7

    Kate, keep doing the blog so you’re happy with it. I enjoy it for both the high end furniture and the DIY projects.
    Besides, the cat’s college fund would be going to waste otherwise!

  8. 8

    Don’t change a thing. Quality products are an investment. You have class and style and I’m so thrilled to not have those horrible poorly produces cheezy looking cat trees as my only option now.

    Thanks oodles… keep doin’ what you do so well.

  9. 9

    Well put, indeed. Some don’t realize the advantage and/or reason why handmade goods are more expensive than store-bought mass-produced products. I personally can’t afford most of the stuff on this blog either, but I thoroughly enjoy looking at it for fun and inspiration. Not to mention it cuts out a lot of the hard work in finding these kinds of products online. This is the first place I check if I’m looking for something.

    Don’t let ‘em get you down. You’re doing a great job and the majority of us are very happy with it. Thank you! :)

  10. 10

    i agree! i think the website is great and how can people complain about a site that REGULARLY does giveaways to it’s readers!?!?! you can definitely afford it if you win it! so people need to stop complaining and start enjoying all the great things with modern styling that are posted on this site! it’s all about quality and style….
    p.s. as a recipient of a won “Cat Livin’ Rat” it can happen to you too! keep entering those contests! and Squash the cat loves it!!!

  11. 11

    My motto is that even if I can’t afford to shop, I can always look! Plus, you never know when I will be able to afford to shop and then I will know what is available! Keep going strong!

  12. 12

    A lot of the things you post are too expensive for me to buy for my cats, but I love looking at them! The things that I can buy, I definitely consider, and the posts are always well-written. I consider your site like a fashion magazine for cats. I just started a blog about finding inexpensive products for cats, and it’s tough to find things to post about because there’s not much out there that’s good quality but inexpensive. If it’s worth the quality, it’s worth the price! So keep on writing like you’re doing!

    — Karen of PDX pride and Frugal Feline.

  13. 13

    Hey, looking is always free, and often inspirational. I think you’re doing a great job, and love reading your blog for just these reasons. Along with the less expensive products and DIY hints and ideas, you have lots of giveaways, too, which is yet another thing that keeps me coming back regularly. I may not be able to afford some of the higher end stuff, but I can try and win it or figure out how to make it myself. This is far better in my opinion than just being able to buy any and everything I see. Keep up the great work!

  14. 14

    Kate, I love your website. Although it upsets me that I often can not “beat you to the punch” with discovering these new products for our site…I’m so glad to know there is a great resource that presents people with modern, healthy & eco-friendly choices for their kitties. It is sites like yours that has helped inspired us to even create our own company in the 1st place. You are doing such a great job. :)

    p.s. I wish we could afford everything we sell as well – hopefully one day!

  15. 15

    I only discovered this site a couple of weeks ago, and I’m now checking it every day. One great thing about this site and some of the unique, expensive goodies it showcases is that I can no longer say my kitters is the most spoiled kitten ever… we have so much to aspire to! And looking at pricey things isn’t all about buying, it’s about inspiration, and creativity. I love design and I love my kitty, and I’m so pleased this site combines both worlds! Keep up the great work! Meow!

  16. 16

    Hi Kate,
    I’m an American living and working in the Middle East and have several rescues that I have acquired here. I accidentally found your blog a few months ago, but it is now my favorite place to visit. After I check my e-mail I come to your site for a bit of creative cat therapy and ideas for things I can make for my cats since most things are unavailable here.

    Please keep doing what you are doing because moderncat.net is one of the highlights of my week!!!

  17. 17

    Just because it’s on a blog doesn’t mean you have to buy it! I love the inspiration you provide, and really appreciate your commitment to supporting skilled artisans and tasteful design. Thanks for all you do. :-)

  18. 18

    Hello Kate! I love all of the items that you post. I always believed quality over quantity and though some items may be expensive I will always splurge on my beloved felines. Dog owners do it all the time! In any case keep up the work you are doing an amazing job and I love it!

  19. 19

    i love all the hot products, whether they are in my pricerange or not. they inspire me. and the ones out of my pricerange, well, maybe i can build something inspired by it, or just covet.

    i love the modern design pieces, please keep them coming.

  20. 20

    I love modern cat! Before finding this site, I thought the only places to shop for my cats are at major pet store chains. You really opened up a whole new world for my kitties!

  21. 21

    I think these products are a heck of a lot better than what you would find at a pet store. I would buy if I could. I like to stay informed of new products and if I could someday afford them at least I know who to come to.

  22. 22

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Moderncat!!!!
    I can’t always afford everything that is posted, but I love to know about ALL things kitty!!! You always have such great posts…lots of pics and information – links and all kinds of goodies!!!
    As an artist, I know it can get hard trying to explain why pieces are more expensive – not being mass produced and made overseas of much cheaper products and of lesser quality! I totally get it and have a couple of these goodies on a “saving to get” list. I love the litter box that was just posted and can’t wait to try one out!
    I hope you don’t change a thing!
    Moderncat ROCKS!!!!

  23. 23

    I’m with everyone above – what you’re doing is great. The point is to find cool, original, high-quality, well-designed and made products for cats. It’s great to have a resource like this. The cheap stuff you can find anywhere, who needs a guide for that? Personally, I want to take great care of my cats and keep them healthy and happy – but I also want my house to look good. I enjoy reading moderncat exacty because the products featured here do exactly that. I’ve bought a number of things seen here, and I doubt I’d have found them on my own. Thank you.

    Besdies, it’s your blog. Do what you want. The readers who agree with you will stay with you!

  24. 24

    Hi Kate,
    Please don’t change a thing, you are purr-fect just the way you are. Some people just have some innate need to vent and complain – but I hope you never take it personally.

    Like you, we go out of our way to support local and small businesses. My heart goes out to Lydia: for many of us our cats (pets) truly are our children and we want to do the best we can for them.

    We shouldn’t feel bad if there are items we simply can’t afford, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist! I would like to think that any product I buy for our kitties was made by people who love animals, not just looking to make a profit with no regard for the animal’s well being! And I want to support those people/businesses who’s hearts are in the right place!

    So thanks again for your wonderful blog/website. Keep up the good work and I have just one question:

    How and when do you sneak in and take those delightful photos of OUR kitties? That tuxedo cat (in the “controversial” review) looked just like our Twinky Dude!

    Thanks again and best wishes always and allways,

  25. 25

    The stuff you show is beautiful ,but I could never afford anything .I shop at walmart for me and my family and the cats.That is my price range . I would perfer you show some products I could treat my cats . I appericate what you doing for the craftspeople. But I do get sick of seeing nice things I only wish I could buy for my cats.

  26. 26
    Karen R

    I love your blog, Kate! I can’t afford most of the products you showcase but I enjoy looking. I want the best for my kitties and buy the best food I can and I enjoy getting ideas and seeing new products here.

  27. 27

    I’d like to add one thing in keeping with Kate’s last comment:

    YES! these high-end products/creations can be very inspiring. My husband (who is a bonafide cat lover – one of the many many reasons I married him!) is very handy AND creative: often when we see something we love but can’t afford, he finds a way to create a “poor man’s version/interpretation” of them.

    Our kitties, like all cats, are guilty of having “attitude” – but they love his homemade creations (made with love) every bit as much as they would the designer version!

    And besides – isn’t an important part of life made of dreams? And dreamers who make their dreams come true (like making wonderful pet products – or delightful and helpful blogs!) deserve recognition and support.

  28. 28

    You are perfect just as you are. Don’t change a thing. I read your updates every day – there are very few sites I can say that about. You have lovely taste and geniunely care about cats and design. I love that. Thank you!

  29. 29
    Angela Davila

    I totally agree with the overall consensus of everyone who appreciates the artesian and unique craftiness of people who create such useful and tasteful cat products. True, I can’t necessarily purchase all the items but I can appreciate them all the same and refrain from impulsively buying my two cats overpriced, drab, and chain store cat items. If people find complaint in what moderncat is posting perhaps they should check out lesser design inspiring pet sites and stick to those rather than find reason to gripe about petty things here. Furthermore if they are complaining about that then they are most likely complaining everywhere about something.

  30. 30

    I think you balance the droolworthy but prohibitively expensive stuff with a lot of very insightful articles (healthy cat litter trials and cat rescues come to mind) and also quite a few affordable handmade items. While we might not be able to splurge on a high-design cat bed, we can certainly admire the aesthetic and aspire to create the same mood in our homes, at least…

  31. 31
    Cathy M.

    Kate, keep up the good work – I love seeing what’s new on Moderncat today, even if it’s just the cute kitties in the pictures themselves! I work for a veterinary medicine startup company and three out of four of us in my office are cat lovers – the other one needs to see a therapist, obviously, but he’s the boss so what can you do. If people don’t like reading about the products offered by a blog, an online store, a website, whatever … simple solution! Stop reading it! Honestly, I don’t know why people have to be so uptight and oversensitive. I can’t afford a lot of the products on here either but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about what I’d buy for my four felines if I won the lottery! And there are so many inspiring, DIY posts as well – I’m trying to figure out how to mount 4 unused old IKEA shelves on my high entryway wall for potential cat perches – a little FLOR carpeting and maybe some paint should do the trick, and I would never have thought of that if it wasn’t for your blog! And I love entering the contests – I won the Red Tango purse and I absolutely love it and love that site, too.

    Thanks again for bringing this to us!

  32. 32

    I love this site and this blog as well. I do have to say though that I am used to seeing the higher prices which is fine but when I looked at those cat beds and saw the price my mouth fell to the floor. I’m sorry I know it is all natural and what not but those beds are not priced appropriately. You compare them to all natural wood and such products that are not even near that price. I do appreciate seeing all the products I love spoiling my cats but man I can get a new mattress set for myself for less than the cost of that cat bed.

  33. 33

    DON’T QUIT!!!! AND DON’T CHANGE A THING!!! Kate, I love your blog items… expensive and cheap. The expensive items do indeed inspire and there have been many of the cheaper items that have inspired me to purchase. There is not many days that go by where I don’t say “wow” as a result of the Moderncat blog email received automagically, and there have been many of those days where the blog entries have been shared with friends. This is one HUGE fan that would be incredibly disappointed if you’re blog weren’t JUST the way it is!

    Thank you for all the time and love you put into it.

  34. 34

    I think you should continue showing a variety of products that touch all price ranges. I would guess that your subscribers fall in a variety of income brackets and what you post will appeal to some and not appeal to others.

    Personally, if I want to see inexpensive items then I will surf at petsmart or some other retailer online. What you bring to the table are the more high-end type items that I just might not find where I live.

    For those readers who object I will say that well executed design is not cheap-design with in reach products and prices should illustrate this.

    Anywho…keep up the god work!

  35. 35

    Frankly, you don’t find many items that are both “modern” and “cheap” … I would rather you stick to your original vision, and post modern items, no matter what the cost. I’m sure there are plenty of other sites covering the mass-produced (Wal-Mart & Petco) items if readers don’t enjoy the free inspiration you post. I enjoy everything you do here, and am currently saving up for a new scratching post, so thanks for all the ideas! :)

  36. 36

    I appreciate innovative design and great workmanship that you showcase. I look forward to your blog because you show what is available, even it isn’t at my pricepoint. Since I work my hands, if I truly see something that my cats would love, it makes me think about how I can achieve something similar.

    I live alone with 2 cats, they are as important to me as my children. I want my home to be foster a physically, emotionally and mentally healthy environment for my cats. I want a stylish home that doesn’t scream crazy cat lady for anyone coming in here.

  37. 37
    a f r

    Please don’t change a thing, Kate. This is a very special blog just as it is. Besides, expensive things sometimes go on sale! That is how I came to purchase my Lotus tree and litterbox from The Refined Feline.

  38. 38

    I think the site is great and just because I can’t afford all of it doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting to look at it all. Half of it just plain isn’t my style anyway, I’m more post modernist Victorian than modern. However I recently referred an amazing company to you and your site who should be included! Felix Cat Company makes amazingly affordable and incredibly durable cat posts and one floor to ceiling model of cat tree which I’ve had for years in my house. When the post gets too destroyed you just order a replacement sisal post and it pops into the base again. Affordable and simple in their execution…I think they’ll qualify for your modern cat requirements and they definitely deserve a broader audience. They’re a family run business that has been around for literally decades! Talk about dedication to our feline family! http://www.felixkatniptreecompany.com/index.htm

    I also think it’d be great to broaden your base of products beyond simply modern as well, but perhaps someone else needs to pick up that torch…

    Thanks for all your hard work and interesting finds!

  39. 39

    Kate, I love the different things you post on here! I can’t afford everything you show, but it’s great inspiration to see how awesome some of these products are. I recently purchased a Trendy Pet 3-bowl feeder because of your post and I love it :D Keep up the great work!!

  40. 40

    Dear Kate,
    I can see you take a lot of time with screening items that are brought to the site as well as the DIY items. A lot of people are cost conscious right now and would love to purchase the wonderful things that are shown on modern cat, however we would also like to see items we can afford. Don’t our pets deserve nice things as well? Keep up the great work, I know myself and everyone I suggest Moderncat to enjoy the things you bring.
    Thanks again
    Mommy Cat of 5

  41. 41

    no need to justify! that’s why i signed up for your blog, because it’s modern design for people who want to co-exist with their cats and not sacrifice style or taste. the items you talk about are creative, high-end, and inspiring. don’t listen to the haters…..they can sign up for pet supermarket and petco emails, which just has mass-produced, low-quality, generic items. thanks for keeping us informed about all these great products!
    owned by 3 cats

  42. 42
    Burman Kitties Mommy

    Hi Kate,
    I love your blog! I feel so lucky to have stumbled across it. I’ve bought several nifty things for my kitties Caity Sunshine and her son Frisky Business that I learned about because of you. I can’t afford EVERYthing I see on your blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy learning about them! I don’t spend a lot of time on the ‘net, but I DO have a folder just for moderncat.com! How I learned about you BTW is you had a banana leaf cat bed on your blog. I found and bought that before I even picked up my new kitties last Halloween! That was pretty pricey, but the kitties love it, and they love their Caboodle as well! That’s one of the great things about your site. You can spend a lot, or not, and it’s ALL unique and quite fantastic. Thanks so much for all the hard work! There are lots of us out here who appreciate it much-o! Thanks and purrs, me and my kitties.

  43. 43

    Don’t let any comments about price get you down, I love your site. I don’t want to read an email with all the things I see at Petco. I enjoy seeing what you post and I agree about supporting artist and craftsman. Our money is our power and I have purchased items you have posted. You post items in all different price ranges, even items you make. Suitcase bed, I loved.

    Thank you for your email/posts. It brightens my day.
    Big hug to you.

  44. 44
    Lizzi K

    I do love looking at interesting modern and stylish pet products and new pet gadgets. It would be nice if there were more stylish products that were also affordable though! I see so many things I would love to get but I could not afford them so I will just keep admiring them ‘from afar’.

  45. 45
    Colin Beadle

    This site is the best place on the net to find new and interesting products for cats. I hope whoever was complaining about the cost of items on this site reads all the replies to your latest post.

    Please keep up the awesome work you’re doing !

    your pal,

  46. 46

    I think this site is great as well. My cats tear through things, but i dream of boyig them nice stuff if i could afford it. I think having a few nice chioce piece is great. I would LOVE to get a hepper pod for my kitties, but I would never pay alot for a scratching post since they are supposed to destroy them. I love seeing whats coming out and when i’m rich, I can have a beautiful apartment with beautiful cat stuff :-) until then, I’ll just keep trying to win it :-)

    keep up the good blog! It’s inspiring! and i LOVE when you post stuff you can find on etsy! Its one of my fav sites!

  47. 47

    Hi Kate, Please don’t change a thing! This is the only place we can come to for beautifully crafted and/or modern cat furniture. Yes, it’s pricey but no one else is making “modern” cat furniture except independent designers. I for one will be buying “Curve”, by Urban Pet Haus, when it comes out. For those that want “affordable” furniture there is a ton of it out there albeit none of it with a modern style. The folks that want cheap should know that modern styled cat furniture doesn’t exist in mass market retail stores and if they want it then they will have to spend the money or complain to the manufacturers for being so one dimensional.

    Kudos to you and keep it up. I may not be able to afford a lot of stuff here but there are some things I can :) . Thanks for a wonderful blog!

  48. 48

    Sometimes I cannot believe how much an item featured here costs… sometimes. But that isn’t Kate’s fault and it doesn’t mean the item shouldn’t be featured. If the killowatt firm can find people to buy their beds for $500+, good for them! Some people can afford to spend a lot of money on a quality hand-made item like that (I see it as more art-with-a-function than just a bed). For the rest of us, we just look. Modern design, for anything, tends to be on the highend anyway. I’ve always gotten the feeling that Kate tries to search out and find the more affordable items (remember the Etsy sellers?!) and she posts a lot of DIY and quality articles about kitties, like the informative litter series. So, good job Kate. I like looking at what you post.

  49. 49

    There’s nothing wrong with posting info on expensive items. It’s not as though your readers MUST buy everything posted! We love the products you feature, expensive or not. And I, for one, have managed to get some expensive items on sale at great prices. Plus, even if some items are out of reach price-wise, they can inspire us to find/create/substitute.

    Keep up the great work!

  50. 50
    jone gagnon

    Thank you for posting all these ideas.i find it very inspiring and price is irrelevant if it gives me ideas to re-create items that may be pricey but i can make for a smaller price.(althought some items are well worth the money)I do love the originality of all these artists/designers!Kudos for what you do,and please don’t stop!=^.^=

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