Urban Pet Haus Bed Designs: You Decide! Vote for Your Favorite & Enter to Win

Tue, Jun 2, 2009

Beds & Loungers, Giveaways

It’s time for your opinion again! This time Urban Pet Haus wants to know which of their five bed designs you prefer. All the beds are finished with real wood veneer and the cushions have a washable cover. Take a look and leave a comment on this post with the name and number of your favorite design. The top designs will go into production and one lucky reader will be chosen from all the comments to receive a winning bed. Drawing will take place on June 9. Please feel free to leave other comments, including which colors you’d like to see for the pads and any other thoughts you might have.

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1,021 Responses to “Urban Pet Haus Bed Designs: You Decide! Vote for Your Favorite & Enter to Win”

  1. 851

    my favorite is #4 the fin

  2. 852

    #1, Curve looks nice. #2 is nice also. #1 design is very modern looking.
    I like the neutral colors. My 14 year-old cat Honey, would blend in with it.
    Cat hair wouldn’t show up so much.
    Great designs!

  3. 853

    I love CURVE!

  4. 854

    #2 Float is my favorite, #1 Curve comming in second…
    They would be nice in a sand color or dark gray…

  5. 855

    #1, the Curve! I think the tunnels created between legs and cushion would be fun for reach-through kitty games. A graphite-colored cushion would be nice.

  6. 856
    Debbie K

    Number 4, the Fin Bed. Our cats love the curved posture pillows we have in bed. We’ve had to put extras in the windows so they could curl up in the middle of the wave (and not kick us off our pillows). I’d buy the Fin in a heartbeat. It looks better than the ones we use now.

  7. 857
    Carol G

    To my mind it is a tie between the float and the fin–they both have a curved format, which cats seem to like.

  8. 858

    My favourite is curved format, but in orange colour with wenge :-)

  9. 859
  10. 860
    Mel T

    I love #3, but much more so in the wood than the yellow.

  11. 861

    My cats would definitely prefer #1, “Curve.”

    I like the look of ##4, “Fin,” but I would stub my toes on the metal bits. :)

  12. 862
    Tiffany Harvey

    Curve, #1, definitely.

  13. 863

    I think I like the float the best.

  14. 864

    Definitely #1, the curve. My cats would love to the play in those small holes!

    My personal preference is the linear. The lines are sleek and it looks easy to clean.

    However, I believe the cats’ opinions trump mine…

  15. 865

    #1 definitely. my cat likes it when there a part he can use as a head rest. I’d like the cover in a bright orange red or a charcoal grey to match the cat.

  16. 866
    Anna-Leigh Drury

    I love the curve one! It looks really comfy for a cat and it would fit in well with a home surrounding! I love the finish on it to!

  17. 867

    I vote for #1: Curve. But I love the color of Fold.


  18. 868
    Gloria R

    #4 fin

  19. 869

    #1 seems the most comfortable…

  20. 870

    I think my favorite is number 3, Fold. I really like the modern look of this bed. As far as the colors that the cushion should come in, honestly almost every color would be great. Then you could select a cushion to match your cat, your decor, or both. Me personally, I would select purple, blue, brown, or cream.


  21. 871
    John Carr

    number 1, Curve

  22. 872

    the curve, the ends are perfect for any pets head to rest on. Bright red cushions so she can be a queen on her bed.

  23. 873
    Barbara Fox

    I like them all, but since I have to vote…I vote for the Curve.

  24. 874
    Melanie W

    My favorite is #1, The Curve, I can picture my cat in it already!

  25. 875

    I like the Curve. #1

  26. 876
    Cat Lover

    I like curve #1.

  27. 877
    Laura G

    #4 is my fave

  28. 878
    Kelly Graham

    #5 Linear is my favorite design. I chose this particular design because it’s urban flare is simple and sleek. I could picture my persian sprawled out atop the cozy cushion. With the bed elevated from the wood floors in my house it would provide warmth in the winter and the washable cover would be cool in the summer. I would like to see a variety of color choices. An olive green, a sandy beige, and a sea blue would work well in any home. The design portrays a well made product that is still comfortable and made with a cat in mind. Congratulations on another amazing design.

  29. 879
    Green Yak on Etsy

    I like the look of the curve bed (#1) the best!

  30. 880

    I think my cat’s favorite would be #1, the curve. Their second choice would be #2, the float. Aesthetically, I like #2 the best. Regardless, I think my cats would like either one! I like the brown colors but I think the particular shades shown contain too much yellow; it would be nice to see richer browns, greens, red, and oranges for the mats.

  31. 881
    Debby E

    I like the Linear #5, I know my cats would like it too. So if I win will you send me 6 so I don’t start any cat fights, I have 6 cats

  32. 882
    Laura Nogales

    I love #1, Curve. Looks so comfy and will work in almost any decor. Lovely!

  33. 883
    DeLona King

    Love these beds !! I especially like #2 Float. Very sleek and modern. I think it would look great with a black cushion. These would look good with most types of decor.

  34. 884

    It’s the float, and Gaia says she loves it too.

  35. 885
    Yi-Ling Lee

    I love #1 cos it has a little arm on sides for my cat to rest her head… ^__^

  36. 886
    Cindy Zawalich

    I love #3, the Fold. Very chic!

  37. 887

    I love #1, the Curve! It’s perfect for cats!

  38. 888
    Anne S

    Curve is my favorite. First, it looks comfortable for the cat. Second, it has no corners for me to walk into. Everyone wins.

  39. 889

    I love them all, especially the CURVE and the FLOAT. NUMBERS 1 AND 4.
    Think my cats would love the curbe- looks so comfy- number 1.
    VERY nice designs.

  40. 890
    Vicki Andrew

    I am redoing my living room and need a new look for a cat bed. I really like the look of the Float bed but the Linear comes in a close second

  41. 891

    definitely the curve.

  42. 892

    I like Fin, #4, which I think my Kismet Kitty would perceive as stable.
    Chocolate brown is good for a color, as would be dark grey, and I’d also like to see red! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  43. 893

    The thought and presentation of all are excellent!
    My first impression was #1, but my final choice would be #2 because of my hardwood floors.

  44. 894

    1 is my fave, but they’re all purrlicious!

  45. 895
    Amanda Gitglicklin

    The curve! #1 is #1!!! >^..^< It appears to be the most comfortable design and accessible for felines. I know my cats would love it. They love to lounge and primp themselves..

  46. 896
    jen simpson

    I like the curve beacuse it’s aesthetically pleasing but also I have a crawling baby and the smoother corners would be more baby-friendly if she bumped into or on to it! :)

  47. 897

    I love number two. It’s a gorgeous contemporary design and just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

  48. 898

    i really like #1, the curve

  49. 899
    kathy f

    #3 – elegant – love the color! My grey guys would look great on it.

  50. 900

    #1 Curve. I like the feeling it gives me.

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