Cat Names: What Do They Mean?

Tue, Jul 7, 2009

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Naming a cat is serious business. A recent poll by Associated has me wondering if your name choice indicates anything about how you feel about your pet. The poll reveals that 50% of the pet owners interviewed consider their pet to be as much a part of the family as any other person in the house. The poll also looked at whether pet owners gave their pets a human-like name, like Sophie or Bruce, versus a non-human name, like Peanut or Fluffy. 50% of owners surveyed gave at least one of their pets a human-like name.

In the Moderncat Reader Survey, the answers to the question “Would you say that you consider your cats to be your children?” are as follows:

  • 1% No, that’s weird, they are animals
  • 38% I consider them to be part of the family, but I don’t think of them as my children
  • 59% Absolutely, I am a cat mom/cat dad!
  • 2% Other

So, I’m interested to see if you think there is a correlation between using human-like names for your pets and how you feel about them as members of the family. Plus, I always love reading what everyone has named their cats, so please leave a comment with your cat names and other thoughts on the topic.

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246 Responses to “Cat Names: What Do They Mean?”

  1. 151

    We actually went to the shelter’s kitten foster home with names in mind. We wanted a girl and a boy to name “Lola” and “Manni” from the movie “Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt)”. My husband picked Manni, a tuxedo cat whom he said “ran the room”. We were told by the foster mom that he had recently bonded with a shy female grey tabby. So Manni picked his Lola :) Manni is also Manni-boy, Manito, Man-a-tee and Man-dog. Lola is usually Lolita, Oh, Hello-la or Monstrapurr. We’ve had them for almost nine years and they are very much part of our family.

  2. 152

    My cat is Snickers. She came with the name, but it suits her fine. I believe it’s actually a shortend version of Snickerdoodle, which I do sometimes call her. She does know her name and while she may not come when called, she will acknowledge that she’s been called (basically just looking at me).

    And, yes, she’s pretty much the fur baby; a definite member of the family.

  3. 153

    Our cats are Clover, a seal-point Siamese, and Kit Kat, a rotund calico. My Siamese I named after one of my favorite desert flowers, owl clover. Kit Kat was given her name when she was my father’s cat, after his favorite chocolate bar! It suits her, because she is a tad overweight and is very roly poly! She loves her name and swishes her tail every time you say it.

  4. 154

    Zeke was named Don Quixote by the shelter people – they were (and are) idiots. My husband started to call him Deke which when I tried to say it came out Zeke. So Zeke he is. Frankie was an arbitrary name that I liked and it was chosen before Frankie was. But it goes well with “fat-butt” as in Frankie Fat-butt, which she has. She also gets called Frank-a-Lulu or just Lu. Now BB was called Ethan by the rescue people and that is just a stupid name. We had a vet’s appointment for him the very next day and would need to give them a name so we called him BB which stood for baby boy but as time passed it came to mean Bad Boy. Now I just call him B and my husband for some unknown reason calls him Roo. Doesn’t really matter since he totally ignores us anyway unless we are doling out food.

  5. 155

    My kitty’s name is Noodles McLovin. The folks at the San Francisco SPCA had him named William, but he didn’t look like a William to me. So I named him after baby Noodles in the John Waters movie Pink Flamingoes and after the character McLovin from the movie SuperBad. He also has MANY nicknames, the sillier the better. I call him things like Mr. Kitty Cat, NooNoo, Bon-Bon or Bonster (like monster). I also call him things like “Purr-Motor-Kitty” and Kitty or Clancy Cuddlesworth and will say to him that he is “the clanciest of all the clancy cats” (don’t ask where that came from…I have NO idea – I guess it was a subliminal cross between the words Classy and Fancy).

    I lately have been suggesting to friends, etc… food names like Gnocchi, Buttermilk, Pickles, Tater, Biscuit, Skittles, etc… I also like girly human names for female cats, like Tiffany, Jennifer, or Jessica or “old man” names for male dogs (Norman, Harold, Marvin, Murray).

    I do think of my cat as my “child” but only because I am wholly responsible for him and he is dependent on me for his care. I do talk to him whenever I come home or just when sitting around I’ll say silly things to him about things going on on TV. I *always* say goodbye to him (and usually kiss him on the forehead also) whenever I leave and he knows the words “dinner”, “brekky” (breakfast), “treats” and “window time” (his early morning time when i first open up the drapes and blinds for him to sit and look at the pigeons and pedestrians below.

  6. 156

    Back in college my roommate and I fostered orphan kittens. The first few litters we poured over baby name books trying to come up with something that would match their personality perfectly…until we realized that the new owners would likely change their names anyway, plus after a few dozen kittens, it gets harder and harder to come up with ‘perfect’ names. So after that we named litters in themes (mountain ranges, food groups, cities, periodic elements, etc.). Out of all those fosters, it was only natural I ended up keeping a few, which is why I’ve got Zucchini (dark chocolate), Tangerine (orange, obviously), and Rosemary (tortie). Sebastian (my eldest) was named by my friend and somehow it suits him. Checkers is a little tortie with a little checkerboard pattern on her chin. And Azzie (Azrael) should have died on the operating table after a horrific car accident as a kitten (it’s how he ended up in the foster system in the first place) so he’s named after the Angel of Death.

  7. 157

    Greta! Before I even began looking at shelters, I knew I wanted a siamese cat with a german name (love German language, culture). My first trip to the Humane Society I met a siamese mix kitten with the given name Greta — the rest is history :)

  8. 158

    I wonder what it says about me and my relationship with my cats when I have named them all except one after Goddesses.
    Isis (Egyptian)
    Inhari (Japanese)
    Juno (Roman)
    And then Sal (human name)

    Haha maybe I feel my cats deserved to be worshiped like the divine creatures they are! :)

  9. 159
    L B

    Half-brothers Jethro and Jayne are part of the family, but not our children. Named after Mark Harmon’s quiet but knowing character Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS and Adam Baldwin’s macho but not so bright Jayne on the series Firefly and movie Serenity. They even have their own nicknames – Jethro is also called The Twitcher (when he gets excited, his tail twitches) or Yellow Man. And Jayne is often called The Big Dog – very tall and rangy!

  10. 160
    sara p

    Molly McButterpants. I named her Molly just after adopting her, and somehow she acquired the “McButterpants” years later. She’s not only a part of the household, she’d have you believe she was the most important member of it.

  11. 161

    Bill and Kit

    Yes, they are our babies.

    Kit is short for Kit Kat, and was not chosen by us, but by her previous human. We rescued her from someone who didn’t want her anymore. :(

    Bill was feral (now fully acclimated), and named by me. :)

  12. 162
    Jeanne B.

    Five of them: Zander, Jake, Ophelia, Sam and Tyler. They are my family. But I consider them equals, not children, because as souls we are all equal. When I named them, I waited for their personalities to emerge. Zander (Z-Man, Big Z), a red bi-color tabby, was a small kitten with huge paws, ears and tail—Zander was a favorite name. He grew into his parts, and became a 23-pound mammoth cat. He has always had a regal presence, so the name fits (Zander the Great?). Jake is an orange tabby—kind of rangy and down-to-earth. They are both from Friends With Kittens Who Know I’m A Sucker For a Baby Cat. ;-)

    Ophelia (Oaf, Feelies) is all black with green eyes and found ME in a friend’s back yard. She basically adopted herself.

    Sam and Tyler are brothers, rescued from the elderly neighbor next door when the momcat was hit by a car. My dear neighbor had no experience with orphaned kittens, so I took them in to foster them then his daughter told me it’s best that they stay with me. The neighbor had been calling them Rascal and Tig(er), so I looked for similar names (Roscoe and Tyler) before I learned I wouldn’t have to give them back.

    Tyler fits the fluffy calendar-model grey and white tuxedo, but Roscoe didn’t fit the sleek odd-looking dark grey one. He’s been renamed Sam, but I call him Blue (or Smeesh). He turned out to be the picture-perfect rendition of a Russian Blue right down to the mauve pads, the fur, the bottle-green eyes, the unusual personality—though how he popped out of a grey and white spotted cat, I’ll never know!

  13. 163

    Andalucia (Lucy, we use her nickname) and Lila.
    “Andalucia” is the title of a song my BF and I both love, and “Lila” is, well: (it really fits her! She loves to play ALL the time!)

    We definitely consider them to be our kids, and all my cats growing up have had human names. I’d consider it weird to name them something like “mittens” or “fluffy”.

  14. 164
    Cathy McGeary

    I have four cats, all from shelters. I was on a Three Musketeers kick when I got the first ones. Purrthos (originally Porthos) is now 14 years old, got him at 6 months. He purrs so loud and so continuously that he could only be named Purrthos. Next one is d’Artagnan – just seemed more studly than Athos or Aramis and sounded less silly when yelling it outside in the backyard! He’s 13 now. A few years ago they got a little sister, Sabine (which is the lilttle-heard first name of the Countess DeWinter). And last year we added Minnie, who is just, well, Minnie. That was her name at the shelter and it stuck – she was tiny at the time, over a year old, had already had kittens and only weighed 5 pounds.Plus she was mostly solid gray, kind of mouse colored, so she was Minnie Mouse. Now all she does is eat, so she looks more like a gray sowbug when she rolls up, she’s about 8 pounds now!

    They all have alternate nicknames of course. Purrthos is Monsieur P., d’Artagnan is The Dark Prince, Sabine is the Princess or Fuzzbutt, and Minnie is The Hired Assassin Kitty.

  15. 165

    My cat’s name is Hucklebuck, or Uncle Buck since taking in 5 kittens, haha.
    I only have two of the original litter left that I’m trying find families for. I named one Tybalt and my boyfriend named the other Jean-Luc.

    I really like Tybalt because in Romeo and Juliet he is referred to as “the prince of cats”.

  16. 166

    I have a lavender point siamese names Zoey. She is definitely a member of the family, but still a pet.

  17. 167

    My cats are definitely substitute children. Baby (after “Bringing up Baby” the movie) and Bucci (Boo-chee) ( the name of a childhood friend of my husband’s mainly because it sounded good with Baby.

    Former cats were really not human names either — Muusti, after the finnish name for Blackie, for instance.

  18. 168

    We have Otis (short for his full name of Optimus Prime) and Robie (after John Robie, Cary Grant’s character in “To Catch a Thief”). Yes, John Robie was a *cat* burglar, but that didn’t have anything to do with the name selection… Robie is tall, dark, and handsome, like Cary Grant, and I love that movie!

  19. 169

    Mimic was named after one Menolly’s firelizards in Anne McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern books. The name works really well for him, and he knows it is his name. It certainly is not a human name – and I wouldn’t be inclined to give a pet a human name. But Mimic is our furkid, for sure.

  20. 170
    Jason Hainey

    We’ve got 2 rescued cats living with us atm, their names are Kiah (Tabby Manx) and Sasha (Birman). We love them to bits and my girlfriend always calls them her babies and fusses over them in cutesy voices :P They’re definitely full fledged members of our family ^_^

    They both run to the door to greet me when I get home from work and demand cuddles :) And any time we sit down they’re right there to jump up on our laps, we love them!

  21. 171

    I have a musical theme for my 3 kitties.
    - Fur Elise (female).
    - Rhapsody in Blue, we call her Rhapsody for short.
    - Canon in D, we call him InD for short.

  22. 172

    My cats are Lennie and Ed and I think of them as family, but not my children. They were named after the detectives on Law & Order.

  23. 173

    We have two cats. Darby was our first, she’s all grey with silky fur (the shelter named her “Silkie” because of her beautiful fur…meh). We named her after a nearby city and also because it’s a human girl’s name.

    Our second is named Conshohocken after another nearby city, and she’s a double tabby with brown, black, tan, and white fur (the same shelter had named her “Cutie”…again, meh). People from our area don’t bat an eye, but out of town friends become very confused. I had other ideas, but my husband insisted (the name miraculously fit onto the tag). We call her “Conshy” as a nickname.

  24. 174
    Courtney Witty

    I got my kitten’s name Nemo from the Disney film Finding Nemo. I got my cat’s name Jinxie from the cat in Meet The Parents. I guess films inspire cat names for me. On the other hand, my dad gave his dogs people names. He named his male dog Baily and his female dog Wilma. He originally thought that Wilma was a boy when he discovered the stray dog taking shelter in the barn, so used the name Boxcar Willy until he had to change the name to a girl’s name.

  25. 175
    10 cat Mom

    Our kitties are definitely our children. I am retired, my sons are grown, and my husband has no children of his own. Our oldest cat just recently went to the Rainbow Bridge, and his name was Peek a Boo. He got this name because he hid from us for the first week or so until he discovered we had another kitty for him to play with. Our other cats names are Mira, Hans the Red, Cayenne, Nemo, Boris, Natasha, Rusty, Zuri, and Rajah. Rajah is a Bengal who was having a hard time with this many cats, and I did a kitty exchange program with my son. He took Rajah, and I took his calico. I named her Amber, since my son’s name for her was a cat sound, not a name. As you can see, most of our kitties have people names.

  26. 176

    Satsuma (Sattie).
    Blackie (brother to Satsuma).
    Phoebe (Phoebeus Attitudus).

    Sattie & Blackie were part of a litter and Momma Cat that came with our new house. Momma would take the children back to their outside shelter while Sattie would come knock on the door to come in and Blackie would chase the neighbor’s cat off our property. One sibling was rehomed/adopted to a great family who had just lost their cat, another sibling was lost when there was an accident during spay. Momma cat and 2 other siblings now reside in our outside formal cattery because despite all our efforts, they would not remain happily indoors. Sattie and Blackie are indoor only boys.
    Chelsea was offered in a box at a dirt auction we were attending; we left with her straight for the vet’s office. She is quite odd and exhibits some features of anxiety even, but we love her!
    Nikki came to us when my vet’s office called to ask if we would accept an injured (one-eye blinded), recently pregnant, severely underweight fur ball. Said fur ball actually turned out to be a glorius Persian who went unrecognized at first when we returned to the vet’s office a few months later for a routine visit. I should add that we now estimate Nikki’s age to be 25 years. She is still going strong with only a few problems of aging. Tigger came to us when his owner realized that another adult was apparently consistently abusing/torturing him on a routine basis. It has taken months of love and kindness, but he is a beautiful Tabby who surprises us every day.
    A call came one day after severe flooding that a baby kitten had been found and was dying, could we help? Brought to us in a box was a palm-sized fluff, eyes still shut and unweaned. Looking strikingly similar to a baby raccoon, Coonie was hand-raised, bottle and finger fed, and is the most amazing cat that, of course, has absolutely no clue that he is not human. He sits at the table and patiently waits to be fed and expresses himself quite well. A friend had stopped not far from our house near a frozen field to collect some aluminum cans and was dismayed to find the body of a Siamese kitten frozen to the ground in a puddle of ice (it was less than 20 degrees). An ear flickered and the kitten was rushed to us where she now oversees everyone and everything in her kingdom – that would be Phoebe, occasionally aka Phoebeus attitudus.
    I only wish I had a bigger house for this clan!

  27. 177

    We have a house of musicians so all of our cats are named after opera characters. We have two white cats from the same litter named Fiordiligi and Dorabella (the sisters from Cosi fan Tutte) and a kitten named Aida. All are full members of the family!

  28. 178

    I love reading everyone’s pet names. Thanks for making this post!

    I have Dex Dexter and Edward Quartermaine, two black cats approximately one and five years old. Both are nods to 80s soap opera characters, even though I haven’t watched soaps since back then. I also have nicknames for them that are completely non-human, Doodle and MooshMoosh, so I don’t know if my response tells you anything, haha!

    About 80% of my pets were given human names over the years; when I was a kid I named my first cat Margaret Mead. It seems that I’ve named them for someone famous, whether it be a character or a real person, just as often as I’ve just chosen a random human name that fit each particular animal.

  29. 179
    Kym Sharp

    We have a housefull! In order of age rank we have: Annie, Havoc, Newt, Lily Waits, Dirty Harry, Smudge and our baby Mijo. All rescues. All my ‘kids’.

  30. 180

    Our current cats are named Skylar, Tabby, Carbon, Rori, and Starla. Skylar came with his name (his sister was named Lydia). Tabby is actually a Tabitha, and she and Carbon (who is all black) are named after a friend’s cats with almost identical looks and personalities. Rori’s name was chosen as the girl name for our grown foster daughter’s baby, but the baby was a boy so she wanted to name the new kitten with the girl’s name. Starla’s name was chosen because she’s almost all white, and she’s Skylar’s new companion (Skylar asked us to adopt her).

    We also named our new foster kittens. Michelle was originally Michael, but she’s a girl. Her sister is named Boo, after their mama cat Boo-Boo Kitty who was dumped out of the car before the kittens were dropped off. The other litter, four boy cats, are named Cloud (all grey with white paws, very cuddly), Cousteau (tabby who likes water, exploring, and climbing), Squishy (black with a persian-type nose), and Tabby Boy (tabby).

  31. 181
    Little Doll

    Little Doll: she is. Pi is so cute. (Monster) Jack: big, fuffy and wuffy, huge white paws. Mesmer: now you see him, now you don’t. Princess: she certainly belives she is and she’ll make you believe it, too. Snooky is warm, loving, personable.

  32. 182

    Our cat is called Ticky Mingus. He’s definitely our son.

    He’s named after Ticky Holgado, the French actor ( and Charlie Mingus, the Jazz musician ( My wife came up with Ticky and he kind of grew into Mingus after a few months.

  33. 183

    Ready for this? At the moment, we have feline kids named Taylor, Fowler, PeeWee, Boo, Liam, Angie, Eli, Blaze, C.J., Donar, Peaches (short for Peaches McGee), and Smokey, all inside… and outside, we have Momma, Nugget, Brisket, Tiger, Gracie, Mini, Monkey, Thom, Nedley, and Casper!

    As you see, I have quite a combination of human and non-human names. Whatever their names, they usually come to me almost immediately upon 1st look, and every time it ends up being perfect for them! For instance, I saved PeeWee from my attic about 5 years ago w/5 of her siblings. She was our feral Momma’s #6 of a litter (a stinky little runt!) and I never thought she’d make it. Yet today, she is still our teeny little Pee… definitely a Daddy’s little girl/princess!!

    One morning a year or two before that, my husband stopped traffic in the pouring rain to scoop up a tiny little kitten in the middle of a busy intersection at Fowler Ave. and Bruce B Downs… just had to call him Fowler — he didn’t look like a Bruce!!!

    Now, I can’t go w/out mentioning my canine kids’ names Kenny and Rosey too! …along with some great names we’ve had in the past, such as Gabe (short for Gabriel), Alex (short for Alexandra), Ashes, Sheena, Grey, Punkin’, Smudgey and Paddy (Paddy O’Brien that is!) All beloved with beloved names!

  34. 184

    ‘Akiko’ got her name just because it sounded nice and it means ‘bright child’ in Japanese which is what she was when she arrived.

    ‘Ah Lo’ got his name because it describes him so well. It means ‘older man’ in cantonese.

    And they are both definatly lil members of the family :)

  35. 185

    Well, we currently have 8 pets. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, but still it’s going to be lengthy for a comment, so please bear with me!

    2 Dogs – “Das Bruce” is our Great Dane named after one of our favourite video games that my boyfriend and I used to play called Worms World Party. There is a team called Brucie’s Heroes and one of the worms on the team was named Das Bruce and would make adorable little remarks. So, we went with that. Our other dog, “Jack”, was a rescue from a shelter I was working at. I was the volunteer behavioural specialist there and he was NOT adoptable (although you wouldn’t know it now!) and has come a long way. He was an owner release and came with the name “Jack” and it fits him seeing as he is the most ‘human’ of all of our pets.

    5 Cats – “Baby” and “Princess” were both adopted from the first shelter I ever worked at back when I was just giving basic care (cleaning cages, feeding/watering, socializing) to the animals as a teenage volunteer at a local shelter in my hometown. “Baby” was a special case. 4-paw declawed and left in a dumpster, so needless to say she was very skittish and had childlike qualities. Hence the name. She truly was my baby. “Princess” was a cat who came from a typical hoarding situation and was under-socialized and showed some feral behaviour signs. That was until she was shown love at the shelter and singled out as my favourite! Very unique personality that one and boy, does she know it! Hence receiving the name of “Princess.” I have had both of those cats for over 10 years now.

    Our other three cats have all come to us within the last year, giving us 5 females. Haha, go girl power, right? Sadly, two of them have male names, but they suit them well. “Aristotle” I rescued from an alley outside of the building my aunt resides. An old man literally kicked her, knocking the wind out of her, off of his porch. He was cursing, yelling, and his young grandson next to him in tears. Apparently he is not a cat person and being an animal advocate, of course I spoke up. He then yelled at me, “If you care so damn much, you take the damn cat!” and so I did. She became the first indoor/outdoor cat I’ve ever owned, seeing as my other cats were indoor only. Obviously, the name “Aristotle” speaks for itself. Those of you unfamiliar – a simple Google search will spare me rambling further on!

    “Sneaky Pete” is a lovely cat with no special story other than she’s special to us and we love her dearly. Her original name was “Luna” after the moon, however, being a curious cat she decided that she wanted to explore the great outdoors. I was not too keen on this idea – however – she’s a feline with fine-tuned reflexes and very very SNEAKY! Door darting and everything it wasn’t long before she adopted the new name.

    Then there is the first kitten I’ve ever owned. We adopted her from a shelter were she was born, but we fell in love. I don’t normally like kittens, but she’s amazing. A small Siamese that we named “Malice” for no reason other than she’s a devious little kitten with a whole world of personality to grow into – that our little family greatly awaits to see what’s in store!

    Last, but certainly not least, is our rat – “Treelo” after the character in Bear in the Big Blue House the kids show. My son changed her name and we’ve had her so long, I honestly don’t recall what it originally was when I named her!

    Perhaps I have no glamorous reasons for why I’ve named my pets what I have, but they are most certainly part of our family and I love them so very much. If you can’t tell, I’m proud and whether or not you took the time to read this comment – I had no problem taking out the time to write it!

    Reading the other posts were very interesting and it’s great so many of you love your pets the way I love mine! =)

  36. 186

    3 cats:

    Hip-Hop…for whatever reason, I always wanted to name my 1st ever cat with the name of my favorite music style. He knows his name and responds to it…but we also call him “pookies” as a nickname because he also used to puke when he was angry with me if I was away for more than a couple days at at time.

    NYLA…her name is a combination of New York and Los Angeles abbreviation. We found her in NY and drove cross-country back to CA and that’s how we decided her name.

    Lola…she was a rescue that we were supposed to just “foster” but couldn’t bare the thought of giving her up after she stayed with us for a couple weeks. Her name just came to us after having her a couple days.

    And yes, they are my babies. I don’t have furless children, so they are like my children. :)

  37. 187

    What great names! Thanks to everyone for sharing. I guess I should add my own:

    Simba – Came with the name, but it fits because she is yellow and fierce.

    Mackenzie – Named after the potter from Minnesota, Warren Mackenzie. We were told a story by someone who had interviewed Warren and apparently he has very large hands. After hearing the story, we were looking at our newly acquired — and yet unnamed — Maine Coon and commenting on how big his paws are, and there you have it.

    Ando – Named after the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. He came with the name, which suites him perfectly. It’s good for scolding, and he gets scolded a lot.

    Sophie – She came without a name and Sophie just suited her.

    Flora – She came pre-named and we kept it because it’s kind of ironic, such a sweet little old lady name on a tiny little tortie who can be quite feisty.

    Dazzler – That’s the name she arrived with, which we think is kind of silly, so we call her Dee.

    With almost 1000 photos of the cats in my iPhone, I’d say that I definitely think of them as my kids.

  38. 188

    Just one cat at the moment: Hazel.

    A.K.A. Hazel-Nut, Hazel-Butt, Haze, Hazie, Hazie-Moo or Monkey.

  39. 189

    Baby Totoro – We call her either Totoro or Baby. She responds to neither (but groans just like the cartoon character!) Our grey tabby is a spitting image of Totoro. She cracks me up! <3

    Felix – We’re comic book nerds, what other name would pop up when faced with a 2 month old tuxedo cat? He’s a hyper, animated, funny little guy.

    We’re cartoon & comic books lovers, so our inspiration for names always seems to come from these mediums. :)

  40. 190
    Deb McLaughlin

    I have 2 Maine Coon Cats. When I got them from their breeder I decided, since MCs are the only truly native american feline breed, that I would give them Native American names. I found a language database for the Penobscot tribe – they are near the town where my Dad lived and it was because of an inheritance from him that I was able to purchase them in the first place. The names I found for them really fit their purrsonalities very well

    M’Toulin means magic – she is an “old soul” – laid back, very curious, can “magically” levitate to incredible heights, and just sort of knows things beyond my experience of feline perceptiveness. She also is sometimes called Pudge for her tendency to be over weight. Her song is ” ‘Toulin on the river” (to the tune of “Proud Mary”)

    Mihku (M’Toulin’s sister/litter mate) means red squirrel – she has more red in her coat than her sister and she is a very busy kitty – loves to run, jump, climb, carry things around in her mouth, and has even done flying squirrel maneuvers down the stair case. She also carries on lengthy conversations with the local squirrel population. She is sometimes called Lambie because her cry sounds like maaa maaaa maaa. Her song is “Pretty Kitty Mihku” to the tune of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

    Before I gave them their names both kitties had been very nervous and hiding behind the toilet. When I went in to try these names out on them – I picked each one up and asked how she liked the name – Mihku dived into the food dish for the first time and M’Toulin snuggled up on my lap and began purring.

  41. 191
    Michelle Lewis

    I work for an animal rescue, and therefore have had many many cats to name. Here are just a few. We named one of our bengals Bengali and another Mirembe (which means “peace”). We have a cat named Boney Maroni because he was skin and bones as a kitten but now is a little chunker). We had a large himalayan named Ore Rumpus Sir Purr and another named Romeo Mohawk Surprise. I have a large long haired orange boy named Rolly Poly Pumpkin Pie, Rolly for short. The list goes on. I am definitely a cat mom.

  42. 192

    My cats name is Lotus.

  43. 193
    Monica Duffy

    My cats are definitely my kids and I do generally tend towards more human names (Fluffy, Tabby, etc., just don’t seem respectful enough for such marvelous beings, at least from my perspective).

    I have two 8-year-old sisters, Linus & Bailey. Linus was so named when I got her and it just seems to fit (she’s just a precious little goober). Bailey is named after Bailey’s Irish Cream (she’s a beautiful white cat with a gray “cap”). Her previous name, Spike, was a serious non-fit!

    When the girls seemed to be enjoying their lazy older years a little too soon, I adopted Charlie, a one-year-old, from the local Humane Society to liven things up. He’s the most social little orange tabby I’ve ever met. I think he’s a cat-dog! Charlie just seemed like a happy-go-lucky name that suits him to a tee; he’s sometimes called Chuckie Cheese too.

    When it became obvious that Charlie was a bit more enthusiastic than my older girls could tolerate, I considered getting a 4th cat around 3- or 4-years old that might balance things out. Soon after, a friend emailed about a stray who’d been roaming her neighborhood and had now clearly been on the bad end of a fight.

    She managed to get him into her house so I could come meet him. He had a large wound on his face & had obviously been through hell, but when I came into the bathroom where my friend was keeping him, he rolled over to have his belly scratched! Needless to say, I brought him home. Given where he came from & how his life is now, I named him Riley (as in “Life of…).

    And then there’s Grace. My others cats alerted me to something outside this March, in the midst of the worst ice storm I’ve ever seen. Trees were down everywhere, many had no power for days/weeks and here was this poor scraggly cat on my front porch trying to eat squirrel food! She’s Grace because it could only be by the grace of God that she survived those frozen, frigid days/nights.

    I suspect I’m quickly becoming the stereotypical “crazy cat lady” but I wouldn’t change a thing. They all make me smile dozens of time a day!

  44. 194
    E. Foley | Geek's Dream Girl

    Mr. Peanut: He’s orange & white tabby with no tail. Very distinguished gentleman cat, very affectionate with those he knows well. Loves to be hugged and squeezed.

    Don Juan: Is a lover, just like his name. He loves EVERYONE. He doesn’t care who you are, he wants you to touch him.

  45. 195

    My husband is a real car-freak! So he wanted to name the cats after his favorite cars: The male-cat is called Aston and the female-cat is called Giulia after a type of an Alfa Romeo.

  46. 196

    I usually read all the comments before adding my own, but I won’t in this case.

    I absolutely consider Be Bop, my 8 months old Chartreux female, to be a member of my family. But she is NOT our child. I love her, I talk to her, I care for her health, her happiness, but she’s a cat. I immensely love her as such, with her feline dignity and grace. I didn’t get a cat to replace the child I didn’t have. I got a cat because I wanted a cat !

    Her name comes from Cow Boy Be Bop, a japanese anime that I love. Neither me nor my husband wanted a human name. I think this name suits her perfectly, because she has both that funky, funny personnality when she’s in a playful mood, and that reserved, immensely dignified look at other times.

  47. 197

    Our two girls are the 13yo tuxedo Starbuck [Beautiful, BigGirl, etc] (named actually as a relatively obscure XFiles reference) and the 7yo tabby Cordelia [Cordy, TheCourt, etc]. They’re both our furkids, and treated like members of the family (holiday cards are from the four of us). (FYI, I’ve had Starbuck since I lived with my parents, and they just know her as B!tchcat, as she has a… healthy… sense of self-worth, as well she should)

  48. 198

    My big black sociable cat Willoughby chose to live with me in 1997, he cried at my window for four days before I finally let him in. At the time I had another black cat Mercutio (I was in acting school when I acquired him so he ended up with a Shakespearean name) it took me a while to name Willoughby I really wanted to find something that fit. His name is both inspired by a street in Hollywood I lived near and the dashing romantic character from Sense and Sensibility. Unlike that character, Willoughby has now been with me for 12 years.

    I found my other cat I found as a stray baby kitten in the parking area behind a friend’s house. As we were attempting to catch him he climbed up into the axl of a car which we had to use a jack to get under and fish him out. His name is now Jack and he turned out to be a very fancy fluffy gray dandy-type boy which is a far cry from his covered in oil skinny flea infested beginnings.

  49. 199

    Our 3 girls are:
    Emma Fife Peale (named after my great-grandmother and the tv character)
    Isis Kyle (Cat Woman’s cat)
    Morgan Freeman LeFay

  50. 200

    I have a calico persian named Ginger, and a baby black cat rescued from a hot tub named Pepper. I have always used food names for my pets, and even for my stuffed animals when I was a child! For these kitties in particular, the food that corresponds with their names reflects both their coloring and their personalities… they are spicey little girls!


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