New Cat Collar Styles at Pattern & Paw Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY

Thu, Jul 30, 2009

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Pattern & Paw just added 13 new designs to their already huge selection of super-stylish cat collars. Three of the new designs shown above (top to bottom) are Marquee Dots, Glam Dots, and Cirque Dots. Other new styles include Honeybee, Sundae Dots, Ahoy Lilac, Green Tiger Stripes, Red Skull & Crossbones, another colorway of the Sundae Dots, two other adorable Polka Dots, a Lime Green Zig Zag print, and some bold Orange Pawprints.

All Pattern & Paw cat collars have breakaway buckles and are available in three adjustable sizes for kittens, cats, and fat cats. Each collar comes with a little silver bell.

BONUS GIVEAWAY Winner’s Choice!

Because there are so many great patterns to choose from, we can’t make you choose just one, so two lucky winners will each receive a “style pack” with their top three selections. To enter the giveaway, please visit the Pattern & Paw website, then come back here and leave a comment on this post with the names of your top three favorites. Two winners will be chosen in a random drawing on August 7. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere!

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614 Responses to “New Cat Collar Styles at Pattern & Paw Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 451
    Stephanie LaPlante

    These are super cute…here’s my faves
    1. Honeybee Cat Collar
    2. Cupid Cat Collar
    3. Island Paws Cat Collar

  2. 452

    Those are great!!! If I had to narrow it down to three, though…

    -Ahoy Lime
    -Orange Paws

  3. 453

    The Honey Bee and Tiger collars are definitely my favorite ones! The Royal blue with the polka dots is nice too.

  4. 454

    1. Celadon Cat Collar
    2. Jazz Cat Collar
    3. Marquee Cat Collar

    So tough narrowing it down!

  5. 455
    Jessica S

    Sapphire Argyle Cat Collar, Orchid Dot Cat Collar, Bluebird Cat Collar
    As I kept scrolling down there were more and more designs I liked! But my gray tabby looks best in lavender and blue, so those are what I picked.

  6. 456
    karen ussery

    oooh, that is hard to choose. but here goes, my top three for complimenting peet’s tuxedo coat:

    1. ahoy black
    2. diner cat
    3. zebra cat


  7. 457
    Nancy Meyer

    I love them all, but my kitties would look best in:
    Orchid dot

  8. 458
    Bri Draffen

    Tenderheart Cat Collar
    Shortcake Cat Collar
    Larkspur Cat Collar

  9. 459
    Debbie Criss

    Love the ahoy pink collar. Please enter me, thank you

  10. 460
    DaisyMae Maus & Feline Americans

    Ooo … We like the Honeybee, Cherries, an’ Ahoy Pink! Oh, an’ we’re regular-sized cats.

  11. 461
    Kris B.

    These are very cool…for my three cats i like:
    Ahoy Black Cat Collar for Coal
    Honeybee Cat Collar for Angelo
    Cirque Cat Collar for Cooper

  12. 462

    1-Orange Paws
    2-Ahoy Lilac

    They’re all so beautiful!
    The three I loved the most work best for each of my cat’s purrsonalities.
    There’s my Toby who’s steps are always heard, that orange would look striking against his black fur, Patches my little diva with a sassy twist she has that inner ‘ARGH!’, and Lokki nicknamed Bug wearing bees lol I’m always playing with his knees hehe.

  13. 463
    Sara A.

    I loved the designs on these cat collars! So cute! And so hard to choose just three! Here are my top 3 choices:

    Ahoy Cat Collar
    Honeybee Cat Collar
    Caribbean Cat Collar

    All in Cat size. Thank you!

  14. 464
    jen simpson

    So many choices! My favs are:

    1) Honeybee Cat Collar
    2)Lime Taffy Cat Collar
    3) Milkshake Cat Collar

    Love the names of the styles too!

  15. 465
    Dustin Thomson

    I love the:

    1) Apple Argyle Cat Collar
    2) Honeybee Cat Collar
    3) Moss Cat Collar

  16. 466
    Paul Higginbotham

    1. Sky Paws Cat Collar
    2. Tangerine Paws Cat Collar
    3. Vertigo Blue Cat Collar

  17. 467

    1. Jolly
    2. Bramble
    3. Cirque

    Love them all! Also love that they have bells, I believe that’s a must for my kitties. :)

  18. 468

    cute, cute, cute! Loved them all.

    (1) Chic Paws
    (2) Honeybee
    (3) Zebra

  19. 469

    I like the pacific argyle, the praline, and the sundae aqua. I love all the patterns – very cool. A lot of cat collars are eather really boring or really cheesy, but these are hip!

  20. 470

    With so many cute designs it is so hard to decide! Here are my 3 favorites…
    1. Candy mod
    2. Strawberry Argyle
    3. Larkspur

  21. 471
    Jennifer Meeks

    My favorite are
    1. Cupid Cat collar
    2. Jubilee cat collar
    3. Honeybee car collar

  22. 472

    Island Paws
    Cherry Paws
    Pop Dots

    What a plethora of beautiful designs!

  23. 473
    Camila Porto

    1. Jubilee Cat Collar
    2. Milkshake Cat Collar
    3. Pink Zebra Cat Collar

    They’re all so beautiful! Any cat would be lucky to use this super cute collars! *-*

  24. 474

    1. Zig Zag Orange Cat Collar
    2. Candy Corn Cat Collar
    3. Pumpkin Dots Cat Collar

    Agree with Ayanda, so hard to narrow it down. Hopefully three very special collars for three very special kitty cats.

  25. 475
    lilly mathews

    Candy Mod, Ladybug and Zig Zag Orange…… cats look good in everything. Fabulous selection!

  26. 476

    1.)Zebra Lime
    2.)candy corn

    My RaRa will be styling and if my roommates cat is lucky enough he will share :)

  27. 477

    ~ Tangerine Paws Cat Collar for my Flame Point Himalayan
    ~ Zebra Lime Cat Collar to match my Blue Mackerel Tabby Oriental’s fur stripes and green eyes.
    ~ Sky Paws Cat Collar or Cirque Cat Collar for my Chocolate Point Siamese.
    ~ Diner Cat Collar, Sundae Mint Cat Collar or Safari Pink Cat Collar for my Blue Patch Persian
    ~ Tiger Cat Collar for my Brown Tabby “Lil one”
    =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

  28. 478
    a f r

    Very cute! My favorites are strawberries, cherries, and ahoy lilac cat collars.

  29. 479

    I love these collar designs! Here are my three favorites (to set off my three youngest cats’ colors and personalities).

    Ahoy Black (cat)
    Pop Dots (kitten)
    Lonestar (kitten)

  30. 480

    1. Berry Mod
    2. Ballet Cat
    3. Rose Argyle

  31. 481

    I have a crazy tabby/Maine coon mix who I think is slightly schizo, so I would choose
    Ahoy Lime Cat Collar
    Bias Lemon Cat Collar
    Riviera Cat Collar

    so hard to pick just 3! so may options for a cat that chases ghost mice!

  32. 482

    Looking at these cute collars made me wish I had girl kitties I could dress up in PINK :-) I think Link and Lee would prefer the following, but the Ahoy ones are super cool.

    Royale Cat Collar
    Moss Cat Collar
    Ahoy Lime Cat Collar

  33. 483

    Haven’t seen cooler collars!

  34. 484

    Bandana Cat Collar

    Circus Stars Cat Collar

    Shortcake Cat Collar

  35. 485
    Melanie Williamson

    So hard to pick ONLY three! LOL But I think these may be my favorites:

    Candy Mod
    Milk Shake

  36. 486
    Maria E.

    -Apple Argyle

    SO CUTE!!!

  37. 487
    Sandy Y

    It was hard choosing just three, but I think these are my favorites:

    Amethyst Argyle Cat Collar (for Buddy)
    Cupid Cat Collar (Roma)
    Firecracker Cat Collar (Kolby)

  38. 488

    My little girl Wolfika plays a game with me where I sing “she floats like a butterfly and STINGS like a bee” which is the point she strikes the fake grass I’m waiving on cue. So my first choice would be the honeybee collar for her. I would pick the snowflake collar next because snowflakes are so individually unique and so are cats. My third choice is the zebra lime. Well, because the 80′s fashions are back and felines are always fashionable!

  39. 489

    Love these! :)

    1. Baby Argyle Cat Collar
    2. Cirque Cat Collar
    3. Sundae Aqua Cat Collar

  40. 490

    A nice selection. I like the catalina

  41. 491

    I have matched collar design to my 3 Kitties’ colours and personalities:
    Tiger Cat for my naughty ginger and white boy Kitty Edmund
    Pink Zebra for my precious black girl Kitty Samba
    Sweetheard for brown tabby girl Kitty Micino, who is the sweetest Kitty on the planet.
    =^..^= ~ MEOW!
    uu uu

  42. 492
    Janea C.

    My cat would look good in the apple argyle, candy corn, or pacific argyle.

  43. 493

    Very cool! Thanks so much for making them breakaway.

    It’s tough to narrow it down, but we choose:
    Ahoy Red (For my wild boy.)
    Tiger Cat (For my tiger cub.)
    Chic Paws (Several of the cats will want to share this.)

  44. 494

    Apple argyle, sundae mint, and ladybug!!!

  45. 495

    Hi, for Dutch cat Aquí (all black with an orange tipped tail) the orange paws, pumpkin dots and circus star would match perfectly!

    I hope Pattern&Paw will also make collars with dayglo/reflective tape- since both my cats are black as the night I usually sow an extra strip of 3M reflective tape on their collars myself, just to make sure they stand out in the headlights of cars.

  46. 496

    Riviera Cat Collar
    Meadow Dots Cat Collar
    Jubilee Cat Collar

  47. 497
    Debbie W.

    Zebra Lime Cat Collar
    Snowflake Cat Collar
    Candy Corn Cat Collar

    It was hard to choose. They are all so adorable.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. 498

    I love these!

    My cats would look just fetching in:
    Royal Violet (Cat)
    Orchid Dot (Cat)
    Tenderheart (Cat)

  49. 499

    I soo enjoy your blog! The collars are adorable and I love to win one for my kitty!

  50. 500

    So stylish!
    And it would be good timing to win…my 3 kitties have lost their collars and harnesses…
    I think they would look best in (cat size):
    Candy Mod
    Safari Pink
    I’ll check out the harnesses too!

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