BRAND NEW! Introducing the Cat Quarters from Inspired Pet Designs

Cat Quarters

Our beloved cats do require at least the basics including food & water, litter, and a place to nap, but all this gear can require a fair amount of space and in a smaller apartment, it can take over. I just came across a brand new company, Inspired Pet Designs, and their first product, the Cat Quarters. It’s a 3-in-1 litter box concealer, feeding station, and lounging spot all together in a clean, contemporary design. I think they made some excellent design decisions by placing the stainless steel food and water bowls in a nook that is completely separated from the litter box, plus there are two good size openings for access to the box. I also really like the way the litter box fits down into the floor of the box so litter won’t fall over the edge and under the box. Plus, the hinged top makes it easy to access and clean the litter box inside.

Cat Quarters

The lounge pad on the top is covered with Sunbrella fabric that resists moisture, stains, and odor. It is available in two stylish options, Bay Brown and Dash Redwood.

Cat Quarters

The Cat Quarters is made in the USA, so it’s a bit pricey at $525.00 US, but it looks like a very high quality piece of furniture, plus you have to keep in mind that it’s replacing three separate items. If you’re looking for a space-saving and stylish way to keep kitty’s necessities all in one place, then the new Cat Quarters may be for you.

. . .

Note: I know that some readers will make the point that cats don’t like to lounge over their litter box or eat near it, but when you live in a cramped apartment then this does seem like a good use of space.

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39 Responses to “BRAND NEW! Introducing the Cat Quarters from Inspired Pet Designs”

  1. 1
    Kikusia 666

    Looks nice, but I don’t think my cats would like it … sleep above the toilet and eat next to it … No!!!!

  2. 2

    Beautiful! The only problem with this design is that cats prefer to eat away from the spot they use as a toilet. There is potential for litter box mishaps.

  3. 3

    i thought cats don’t like to eat close to where they poop?
    (also, most cats seem to prefer their food and drink separated too)

    i made a litter house where the cat jumps out of the box and onto a mat before they exit the house — thus keeping the litter off the floor. see my URL for a picture of it (and my buddy Keso) :)

    the walls by the box are lined with transparent plastic so they don’t shovel the litter out the holes in the walls. i just lift the lid and plunk the poop into the Litter Champ next to it. convenient, and with a little faux fur on top it provides a resting place for when putting on shoes.

  4. 4

    First of all, Love your place!
    (sorry if my english is bad)
    I think that this product is nothing to recomend, or even show of. Bacause it`s nearly cruel for a cat who has to eat and go to the toilet at the same place. In Sweden, the law says that the cats toilet has to be ATLEAST one meter from its food.

    So I feel very sorry for a cat who has to use this product, it`s cruel!

    Your dayly, truly reader, Emilie- Sweden

  5. 5

    The architecture is lovely but cats do NOT like to eat where they defecate, and I imagine this could cause some cats to become quiet unhappy. Not a good design.

  6. 6

    Like the others… These designers didn’t take cat into consideration and you think they would have for $525, wOw!

    Cats don’t sh*t, eat and sleep in the same place. What knuckleheads!

  7. 7

    It’s a pretty box and it looks nicely durable. It’s true most cats do not like to eat near their box, but I’ve known many, including mine, who will gladly drink near the box. As for lounging near the box… all depends on the cat and how clean the box is!

  8. 8
    Kathryn Schroeder

    Thank you to moderncat for the post and for the feedback on our product! We also wondered at first if a cat would appreciate all three items (litter box, bed, and bowls) being in the same unit, but all of our test subjects seemed to really enjoy all three functions of the Cat Quarters. Every kitty ate well, used the litter box (even when others were available), and lounged on the bed. They especially liked when the Cat Quarters was placed under a sunny window :) Thanks again!

  9. 9

    This look nice, but I dont’ see it as that useful. What I really would want all combined in one unit: litter pan, storage for extra litter, storage for used litter, storage for scooper and brush/dustpan and maybe another scooper for clean litter. A litter pan by itself doesn’t take up that much roon, it’s all the supplies and utensils that do. A couple of food dishes don’t take up much room, but food storage does. Even in a small apartment I’d rather separate litter and food, but especially in a small space would like well-designed units that include storage. If they came up with nice designs that included storage I’d be more interested.

    (As for the sleeping space, my cats will lounge anywhere!)

  10. 10

    What a beautiful and stylish product. I agree with the other comments, though. I’m not sure cats would be thrilled about eating next to where they defecate. I think the people who designed this product must not have cats, or at least, didn’t test it on their own cats.

  11. 11
    10 cat Mom

    This is very attractive looking, but the first thing I thought of was cats do not like to eat and lounge near a litter box. All of my litter boxes are separate from the eating and drinking areas, and my cats like it that way. We do not live in a small apartment, and we have no plans to ever do that again at our age. I am happily retired.

  12. 12

    I don’t know how high this product is, but I think it might make a great ottoman. Put a cushy blanket or pad in the space where the litterbox is supposed to go. It would make a great play or nap space. It’s so beautiful.

  13. 13

    I love the way it looks.

  14. 14

    it *is* a great-looking product, but my cats wouldn’t be fond of eating near their bathroom . i would probably put some plants where the food and water are supposed to go.

  15. 15
    JB Traynor

    Neat idea for cramped spaces. My only objection is the food/water area. Some cats may not mind, but mine would. Also, some litters are quite dusty, so not sure this is the best idea for those. But for litters that are not dusty….

    Good-looking piece of furniture, though! :)

  16. 16

    I thought this was a great product. It’s obvious that when you look at it there is a wall between the food section and the litter box which the cat has to access from another side. The litter can’t possibly get into the food. People who humanize cats, and we all do, seem to think that cats have the same distinctions as humans but when I lived in a small Philadelphia apartment with a cat I can tell you that the cat had no concerns about eating or sleeping near the litter box.

  17. 17

    If someone did buy this I would hope they use pine litter because it is going to get in the food and water bowls. Just because a cat eats/drinks in this thing doesn’t mean it would be a healthy thing to do. It would make a nice little private retreat for kitties minus the litter box and bowls.

  18. 18

    I also can’t imagine trying to clean this thing when the cat misses the litter box which all cats do from time to time. They might even hit the bowls, YUK!

  19. 19

    i agree with Amy (comment number 12) and some others.

    though this is a good idea in general, cats do not like it when their food and water bowls are close to their litter box this is something i have learned the hard way after having foster many cats over the years the ones who were unfortunate enough to receive my bathroom (cause the other rooms were already taken by other foster cats) as their living quarter all showed signs of distress and strong desire to not be in the bathroom for long period of times after only a couple of weeks, they usually tended to end up as the most “crazy” ones.
    as Amy said put a nice soft pillow inside the litter box and you get a nice bed for you kitty (or even for any small dog).
    mipmup (comment number 14) idea is also nice put a nice plant instead of the bowls (maybe some grass for the cat to munch on after taking care of business ;-) ).
    personally i like Amys` idea better.

    any how even if i would have thought this is a brilliant idea i wouldn’t buy it, 500$ for something i can build myself or ask a carpenter to build in less then 150$ (and that’s after changing the currency to my local currency), is a tad too much for my liking, i think they are simply overpricing it, even more so since they don’t seem to disclose from what it is made of i searched the entire website and found not one word which clarify what kind of wood or any other natural or man-made replacement they might be using, personally when i buy something i like to know what it is made of and if it is wood then which kind of wood, it’s age and so on to know how strong what i buy is, espicially if i am paying over 500$.

  20. 20

    No, sorry. It’s not great design if the cat has to eat next to his litter box. For me it’s not a matter of litter getting into the food, it’s the fact that litter boxes smell, no matter how clean you keep them–and a cat can smell at least as well as a human. Why does it seem like SO many products designed for pets are designed by people who don’t know anything about animals? And why should an attractive litter-box-concealing piece of furniture cost $525? Sorry–the lack of smart, attractive items for pets (and people) really frustrates me.

  21. 21

    I think it’s very ingenious and extremely stylish and yes, there is proper separation of each function, so it looks cat-friendly, not just aesthetically pleasing to humans. It is pretty pricey for a small apartment dweller, but I’m sure there would be some who could afford it and appreciate it.

  22. 22
    Daniela Caride

    Hmmm. My three cats would like to stay away from their bathroom where they eat. Don’t know if this would work at my place. Here is a pic of my cats’ favorite piece of furniture:

    As you can see in the pic, they wait in line to lounge there!

  23. 23

    I love the design! It looks well-made, and I like how the bowls are elevated and tucked in the side.

  24. 24
    Jen Henry

    i could see this idea working really well when fostering cats and you end up with a different cat, litterbox, and food bowls in each room of your house. could make it a lot easier for setting up a nice temporary spot for a kitty with everything he/she needs.

  25. 25

    A great use for this would be for intake of rescued cats in shelters or foster homes. Most foster caregivers need to keep new cats separated from their own until they have been vaccinated and tested for FeLV and FIV. We normally keep kitties in an extra bathroom, bedroom, or office and this would help to keep the bowls from being tipped over when kitties play in a small area. The enclosed cat litter box would also help to keep the box from being tipped over again during play and thus help keep the cat litter out of the bowls and to provide a nice spot to take a nap.

    In a shelter setting this would also work well in a small intake room or in a large kennel to again keep bowls from tipping and keep them clean.

    Great design!

  26. 26

    For over $500 this should have been made from a nice bamboo or another green material or real wood not wood alternative, also the design looks dated for such an expensive piece. Where do you put the scoop when you are done scooping, is there even a scoop included? I recommend checking out the modkat litter box,, for apartments and it is much more affordable.

  27. 27

    @ Kathryn Schroeder, it’s not a question of whether a cat would appreciate eating, sleeping, eliminating in the same area. It is not a part of their psyche to do so. In the wild a cat (or a feral cat), would not eat, sleep and eliminate in the same area. To force, no matter how you put it, a cat to do this isn’t healthy and is asking for trouble.

  28. 28

    The design is very nice, but no cat would use such a thing, everybody knows that. I am amazed they did not take it into consideration. Perhaps with another sleeping area instead of the litterbox it would be better.

  29. 29

    I agree with alot of the negative feedback on this item. Cats don’t like to use the litterbox where they eat or sleep for that matter. I hear the defense that this is a nice item for someone who has a small space and not enough room for all the items. 1. How much room does a litter box, two bowls and a small bed take in total? 2. If you are cramped into a small place it probably means you aren’t budgeted for anything bigger which would count out the idea of paying nearly $600 for the price of what would maybe cost $50 for all three of those items separately. Conclusion: Beautiful looking item but terrible design for cats, and way overpriced.

  30. 30

    “In Sweden, the law says that the cats toilet has to be ATLEAST one meter from its food.”
    Emilie, is this really true? That’s very interesting to me, would you be able to find the paragraph in the internet somewhere official, even in Swedish if not in English, I would appreciate it! (Please use my e-mail for the response because this is a bit off-topic :) ) Thank you! Regards from the Czech republic.

  31. 31

    I know my cats (all4) would like it very much.Although I don’t really know which one would claim it for their own.

  32. 32
    Carolina Niebres

    It does look nice but I agree with the rest. My cat would not like it since the litter box is right there.

  33. 33

    It’s pretty and my cat might go for it but I am uncomfortable with my cat eating and pooping so close together. I like cat bowls to be near the kitchen and wouldn’t want the litter there. If it was cheaper I agree that it would be good for a shelter.

  34. 34

    Wow. Expensive! And I’ll have to agree with keeping the food away. I can’t put my cat’s food anywhere near her litterbox – she’ll bother you to ‘feed her again’. :)

  35. 35

    I was about to ask if my cats were just cleaner than most (re: food near the litterbox), but I see I am not alone in this regard. Our cats are pretty tidy – we use an automatic litter box (which they and I both love – nothing like not having to scoop poop for me, or step in poop for them…) I dont even know if this unit would FIT an automatic litter box, and if having to choose between illogical cat furniture and my automatic litter box, I pick the litter box any day! :) (For 500+ bucks, you would think they would realize cats dont eat near where they poop… I mean, whens the last time you had a bowl of cereal on the toilet?… Dont answer that.)

  36. 36

    I would rather spend $500 on a Litter Robot and automatic pet feeder. When I read the name of the product Cat Quarters, I thought it was from where I bought my kitty condo.

  37. 37

    I have to agree with the majority of comments here – my cat would not like to smell his waste right next to his food and water, bleh! Also,

  38. 38

    I’ve decided to make my own cat litter furniture. I bought a primative (simple) pine (made from 1″ x 12″ lumber) chest which is 45″ long and will go at the foot of my double bed. It will have an entry area within the chest where litter falls before kitty walks out the circular doorway. The litter box itself will be a plastic tote which is about 16″ high and it’s fairly long to accommodate a larger cat and ensure that all poo and pee will be despited IN the box because the litter isn’t long enough for a large cat.

    I will make a wooden frame 4″-5″ high with a wooden peg on each corner area of the bottom which will slide into holes in the top of the chest. That will provide an area for a cushion and will keep it from sliding off. If I no longer want a cushion on the top I can remove it and put decorative wooden plugs in the holes.

    TO FINISH IT OFF I’ll be staining it a dark color and buying ORIENTAL HARDWARE so it will ultimately look like an antique Korean blanket chest. ( )

    Note: My Dad was career Army and I grew up in Japan, then later I was an Army wife for 30 years and we were stationed in Korea. I have a collection of antique Korean cabinetry. In fact, 4 of my 6 children were adopted from Korea. The litter cabinet I make should blend nicely with my decor.

  39. 39

    Nice idea but big design FAIL.

    1 – Food and water should NEVER be side by side. Cats are originally desert animals so they will eat at one place – and eventually drink at another one whenever coming across water. Any cat owner will be amazed at how the pet’s water consumption skyrockets with more distance between the food bowl and the water source. Cats don’t drink where they eat.
    2 – Food and water on one side, the litter box on another? That’s a big nono. Felines are peculiar when it comes to hygiene but no human would ever think of putting the food pantry next to the loo, right?
    Cats don’t poop where they eat.
    3 – Sleeping above the odors of your own poop doesn’t seem too inviting to humans so what the hell went on in the head of the person designing this terrible contraption? Cats don’t fancy the idea of resting where they have to bear whiffs of their own poop. By now the reader should’ve come to the conclusion that the designer hasn’t got the least clue of a cat’s needs and behaviour. Why would anyone buy such a product? You would expect a car to be designed by automotive engineers – and drivers, right? Not by cowboys who are exclusively used to their equine four-heel-drive.

    Please – abolish this idea and think of a reasonable and modular system.

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