New Cat Furniture Line from Whisker Studio, Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Whisket Studio New Cat Furniture Line

I first introduced Whisker Studio back in May when they released their first product, the Sky Climber. Well, they just launched a complete line of high-quality wood cat furniture to match with fluid organic lines designed to fit beautifully into a contemporary or traditional home.

The new line includes the Catnapper, Cat Cave, Kitty Cot, Cat Cradle, and Ergonomic Scratcher, as well as the Sky Climber. All items are made of solid, furniture-grade birch and finished with non-toxic, water-based, VOC-free finishes. Choose from natural cherry stain, natural walnut stain or espresso paint finishes.

Prices range from $59 US for the Ergonomic Scratcher to $399 US for the Sky Climber.

Whisker Studio


To celebrate the launch of the new line, Whisker Studio is offering a Kitty Cot to one lucky winner! The winner will get to choose the finish, plus they will receive a custom print fabric hammock to go with the Kitty Cot (these aren’t even available on the Whisker Studio website yet!) Please leave a comment on this post to enter. One winner will be chosen in a random drawing on September 24. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to US addresses only.

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1,342 Responses to “New Cat Furniture Line from Whisker Studio, Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 1151
    Judi Bucher

    OMG, my two girls would simply love this, pawease pick me ~

  2. 1152
    Tannis Gordon

    Love the furniture :D

  3. 1153
    dawn freed

    all 7 of my fur babies would love the kitty cot as they love to lay on things that are off the floor.

  4. 1154

    Another beautiful piece of furniture from Whisker Studio. Whoever wins will be one lucky cat. Very nice.

  5. 1155
    Eva Viezel

    WOW! My boys would fight over this. Please don’t let that stop you from giving it to us. LOL

  6. 1156
    kerrie aardema

    My 2 Sphynx kittens would love to cuddle on this.

  7. 1157

    My 4 would love the cot. Their favorite spot to nap is a sagging window perch. They adore all things hammock and cot-like

  8. 1158
    Charlene Ditner

    My cats could nap in style! It would make a great Catmas gift!

  9. 1159

    This would be great for the new cat I’m adopting. He’s coming tomorrow! :) Although, I won’t be his first human, he’ll be my first cat and I want to him be comfortable.

  10. 1160

    Oh boy, that bed looks great! I hope I win. Purrs, Finn

  11. 1161

    Oh, wow! Very cool. Great stuff you guys!

  12. 1162
    Lisa Byers

    My Tiger would love a new bed of his own. We recently bought new furniture for the living room. His “bed” was my recliner. He sat with me at night because it was so big and he could curl up like a ball in my lap. During the day, he slept there because..well, it WAS his bed. Now we have gotten rid of the recliner, we have nicer furniture. I sit in a loveseat but it is shorter and somehow, there doesn’t seem to be enough room as before. He does lie where I sit during the day but I know he misses the recliner. I even had to take him to the vet because he started acting strange. We concluded that he did not like the new furniture. So please, consider my poor Tiger for your bed. You could be making a kitty very happy!!

  13. 1163
    Dale Eggers

    Wow, what cool beds.
    i bet more than one kitty could sleep on them at the same time!

  14. 1164

    my cats would adore one of these! :)

  15. 1165

    My girls will LOVE this.

  16. 1166
    Jenna H

    What a great giveaway! :)

  17. 1167

    Oooh my cat would so loves to nap on that cot!!! I hopes I win, I hopes I win

  18. 1168

    I’ve never seen kitty furniture like this. My 3 would surely enjoy!

  19. 1169

    Those look fantastic.

  20. 1170

    Oh wow! Our furiend Daisy The Curly Cat is getting The Cave.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and win the Kitty Cot!
    All of your furniture is pretty.

  21. 1171

    Awesome cots! My cats are always looking for new places to nap!

  22. 1172

    My new baby bengal kitten would love this! Please pick him!

  23. 1173

    These are the cutest things I have seen in terms of cat furniture. Much prettier than the carpet covered monstrosities at the pet stores and Walmart!! I hope I win…or rather, Cassie hopes she wins!!

  24. 1174

    aww, my four babies would LOVE a new kitty cot!!! So chic and functional :)

  25. 1175

    We found a stray kitten recently and unfortunately she is FeLV positive, so she will be living separately from our housecats in the laundry room. It would be so great to spruce up the laundry room with some modern kitty furniture! Here’s hoping.

  26. 1176
    Meg Hill-Grigson

    I never thought I would see cat furniture that was art – but this really is! These are so well designed that you could have them in your house as beautiful objects – not just be stuck with those truly unattractive beige carpet covered cardboard disasters that are all I had ever seen up till now! THANK YOU SO MUCH for really lovely cat furniture – that’s worthy of my really beautiful cats!!!!!

  27. 1177
    GUIDO the Italian Kitty

    Catzowey! This bed frum the Whisker Studio is wiggling my whiskers a got organicat materials too. My MasterCat card is maxed out and I hopes to win this fantasticat lounger bed so I can be a relaxacat. Grazie!

  28. 1178

    Ooh, these are so modern and clean-looking. It seems that they would fit in any house without being obtrusive but they also look like they would be very comfortable if I were a cat!

  29. 1179

    My cat would love this one!! Meow!

  30. 1180
    Wendy Riley

    Your furniture is awesome!! I know Ashley would love laying on it:D

  31. 1181

    Wow! Someone in this house would love this beautiful furniture–either the 18 year old dilute tortie Bathsheba or the new three month old orange kitten Emerson! or both.


  32. 1182
    Mia J.

    I would love to win this for my mother in laws new kitty. She would love it.

  33. 1183

    Wow! Awesome cat furniture – very sleek and modern looking. My cats would love a kitty cot!

  34. 1184

    I have a tonk who loves to lounge!

  35. 1185

    Beautiful cat furniture! My two cats would love it!

  36. 1186
    Kathey Vance

    OMG, what beautiful cat furniture. Since my cat knows that she is the queen of the house and will not sleep on any of the beds I have bought in the past. This would be just purrrrfeeeeccccttt for a queen to watch over her queendome and nap.

    Thank you for the opportunity

    Kathey and Trixie

  37. 1187

    These look amazing! Love the lines.

  38. 1188
    marlaine marden

    This absolutely the prettiest cat furniture I have ever seen! Very reminiscent of Frank Loyd Wright. I am a single cat parent and in November I will graduate with a Bachelors degree in psychology. Then I will find a Masters program.I work full time. What has this got to do with cat furniture? Everything and nothing. It’s just to tell everyone how very hard I have been working to make our lives better. I was a vet tech for 21 years until I had a traumatic brain injury September 2nd, 2002. At the same time I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Curiously enough, this is a common cancer in cats! The vet wouldn’t let me come back to the job I LOVED because I would be a liability. How’s that for harsh?
    I have been working so hard! My cats help me with homework, housework, and yardwork. I would like to win some new cat furniture. In fact, Woodrow T Gump, a 5 month old DSH dark tabby is helping me type our request to be considered in this drawing. Woodie and I just had “that talk” that Wednesday morning he is going to his doctors office to be neutered. Doesn’t Woodie deserve a new piece of furniture in exchange for his testicles? I think so.
    Please consider Woodie when considering a winner??
    Thanks for letting me talk about how needy I am! As a psych major, I know talking about stuff is healing! Woodie thanks you as well!
    Sincerely, Marlaine, Woodie, and friends

  39. 1189
    Elizabeth Munroz

    Now this is the kind of design furniture my cat deserves. I deserve it too, now that I think about it. I’m showing this to everyone I know!

  40. 1190
    Cynthia Brown

    These truly are beautiful items and look to be of high quality. Of my three rescues (two are half Orientals) one is sure to take over the cot and the others will follow!

  41. 1191

    Oh wow…..this is pretty kitty furniture:)
    since I am Princess “Good Karma” I think I would
    be well suited for such a lovely piece of furniture.
    That would add some excitement to my life:)
    Purrs, Karma Kitty

  42. 1192

    What beautiful cat furniture.

  43. 1193
    Gretchen Stewart

    What a fun contest! Thanks for putting this out there.

  44. 1194
    Elizabeth J

    My kitties would love to have this!

  45. 1195

    Ooooh, my 2 cats would love that!!

  46. 1196
    Esther Parris

    Oh the Kitty Cot is just what we need in our house ! Its beautiful cute and cozy .Just like us kittys !!

  47. 1197
    ellen miller

    I would LOVE to win one of these!

  48. 1198

    Fabulous stuff. I can’t decide if Squeaky would enjoy sleeping on top of or in the cot more, lol.

  49. 1199

    Super cute. My cats would be thrilled, and so would I. Thanks for the chance to own this beauty.

  50. 1200
    Nikki Griffith

    What a neat creative vision…


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