Etsy Find: Handmade Cat Collars from Paws ‘n Tails BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Mon, Sep 21, 2009

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Paws N Tails Handmade Cat Collars

Is kitty’s wardrobe in need of an update? Well check out these stylish cat collars from Canadian Etsy seller Paws ‘n Tails. Available in a wide range of hip fabrics including retro/vintage inspired prints, stripes, solids, dots, florals and a whole lot more, each collar is handmade from soft fabric and has a breakaway clasp and removable bell.

BONUS GIVEAWAY! Three Winners!

Paws ‘n Tails is going to make some moderncats very happy! Three lucky winners will be chosen in a random drawing and each winner will receive two collars in their choice of fabrics! To enter, please visit the Paws ‘n Tails Etsy shop and pick your two favorite designs, then come back here and leave a comment on this post listing your top two faves. The winners will be chosen on September 29 and notified via email. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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475 Responses to “Etsy Find: Handmade Cat Collars from Paws ‘n Tails BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 101

    Wow, fabulous variety! It’s so hard to choose, but I like the princess and fushia bubbles

  2. 102

    My two favorites are Dusty Rose Floral and Retro Garden Party. Either one would look lovely on my tuxedo girl.

  3. 103

    I think I would like the Beige Bandana print for my male cat, Cheddar and the Retro purple paisley/w flowers for my female, Sadie. Some really cool designs!

  4. 104

    i LOVE the canadian flag cat collar and over the rainbow!

  5. 105

    I love the Bandana design…both Beige Bandana and Black Banada are perfect! Super lovely!!

  6. 106
    Angus Mhor

    I like the Retro Dots on Green and the Stained Glass Mosaic! They’re all very cool!

  7. 107
    Ash Burgess

    I liked the look of the Black & Gold and the Wine & Gold collars. Very elegant designs on those two, though the best collars I have found, by far, are from Almost Human. It would be nice to see more sellers of elegant and beaded collars. Most cat collars are too cutesy or simple for my tastes. I think a collar should look like jewellry, but is made safe for an animal to wear. If I wouldn’t wear it; I won’t put it on one of my cats.

  8. 108
    kyra bowman

    So cute!

  9. 109

    I love these collars! All were great, it was hard to choose two :)

    1. Retro Dots on Aqua
    2. Ladybug

  10. 110
    Sarah S.

    I love the Paisley Blues Vintage, and think it would be great for my little girl cat.

    The Happy Stripes collar would be great for my boy cat.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 111

    I love Purple and Gold in mega-kitty and Blue Fishies.

  12. 112

    I love the
    Paws ‘n Tails Cat Collar … Christmas Trees
    Paws ‘n Tails Cat Colar … Christmas Holly and the Ivy

  13. 113

    wow these are so creative! my little boy Abe would look great in Blue Fishies — while my pretty girl Zell would love Tiny White Flowers on Green! So cute!

  14. 114

    Purrfect purple and purple and gold – xint color combinations for my ragdolls! Love the vintage fabrics, too — as well as the safety collars. Nice!

  15. 115

    my cat, paisley, would love the paisley blues vintage and the denim paisley. ;)

  16. 116

    Navy Blue Bandana
    Music Lover’s Kitty

  17. 117

    I like the retro dots on aqua and the retro dots on green the best! I guess I love retro dots!

  18. 118

    They are really pretty! The Pink and Green Stripes will look amazing on my grey Persian girl and the Happy Stripes multicolored one on my black kiddo.

  19. 119
    Belinda Bonello

    Those are sooo cute, my two favourite designs are Pink Paisley Vintage and Rainbow Stars. The best collars I’ve ever seen!

  20. 120

    OOOH! My Bear (bright orange girl) would look so dashing in the Fresh Blue and Yellow Stripes and the Purple and Gold collars! How adorable. Thank you. I’ve actually been in the market for a collar, since Bear (indoors only cat, currently without collar) snuck out the front door and was lost (she would say exploring) for 2 hours! I now think that she’s too curious not to have some ID, but of course it must be stylish :)

  21. 121

    What lovely little collars. I adore the safety features, especially given that cats will get into places they may not be able to readily escape — at least, mine do!

    My favorite colors are black and blue, though one of my cats is here with me as I type and she seems to like the ferny green pattern. Good job!

  22. 122

    Oh, the Retro dots on green and Stained glass mosaic are purrfect for Baxter and Sissy! So many cute designs to choose from,Pyewacket is still trying to decide which one she wants. :)

  23. 123

    So many to choose from!
    Lime Bandana and Music Lover’s Kitty are my favorites….( Ladybug is next in line)

  24. 124

    I loved them all – but my favorites were the pink gingham and the green shamrocks. They are adorable!

  25. 125
    Liz & Cassie

    Love the Ladybug Kitty harness. Cassie is pretty quick and agile and a harness would be perfect for her! Thanks! Second favorite is the Rasta Kitty!

  26. 126
  27. 127

    I know the odds are slim, but gotta post anyways, since these are supercute.
    1) Retro Purple Paisley with Flowers
    2) Dusty Rose Floral

  28. 128

    the colors are sooo pretty :) . love them!

  29. 129

    My favorite designs are Stained Glass Mosaic and Yellow Bandana. These are very interesting collars :)

  30. 130

    Luck o’ the Irish and Fresh Blue and Yellow Stripes… the first because of my Irish heritage and my own love of green, and the second because it would look perfect on my big fluffy blonde boy, Claude.

  31. 131

    Oh I like them all! I’d love any of the bright, multi-coloured ones!!

  32. 132

    My favorites are the ‘Black Bandana’ and the ‘Retro Dots on Green’. I also like that they are made of cotton.

  33. 133

    These are so cute. My favs:
    Navy Blue Bandana
    Wine and Gold

    thanks for all the great posts,
    jenny & foofi arlington skittlebrau III

  34. 134
    Debra Bashford

    My 2 favourites are the Retro Garden Party and The Canadian Flag collars!

  35. 135

    Cutest collars ever! My favorites are Piratey Skulls and Paisley Blues.

  36. 136

    I like Starry Blue and Purrrfect Purples.

  37. 137
    Rebecca O

    I love the Pretty Pink Bandana print and the Teal Bandana print. These are so pretty and unique. You can’t find really nice ones like these in stores. Thanks for the chance!

  38. 138

    These are some really awesome collars!

    Very well made, and great choices on fabrics.

  39. 139
  40. 140

    My kitty would love to wear one of those collars.

  41. 141
    Azar ATTURA

    “Retro Garden Party” would look great on Big Bad Baby Twinkle, who LOVES to lounge on my (fenced in Cat-Safe) Terrace garden.

    “Princess” would go great with Cee Cee’s various colors — Cee Cee also adored her beloved “sister” kitty, my beloved Princess (who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 4 years ago)

  42. 142

    very nice. minus would love the red bandanna.

  43. 143

    Beige Bandana & Black Bandana my favourites ;)

  44. 144

    For Silas, I would choose Retro Dots on Aqua or Lime Bandana! They’d both look great against his sleek gray coat.

  45. 145

    Cute! If Lucy decided a collar would be appropriate attire, i think she would choose:

    1) Black Bandana – to match her daily tuxedo choice, or
    2) Retro Purple Paisley with Flowers – because it’s flashy, just like her personality

  46. 146

    These are soooo cute!

  47. 147
    Kimberly Rice

    These cat collars from Paws ‘n Tails are so awesome and would look so cute on my two kitties Faith & Rocky. I LOVE teh Rainbow Stars collar and the Lucky Clover collar – totally unique and i would love to showcase them in our holiday card to our family & friends…these are cute collars…love them.

  48. 148

    Ladybug! Very cute.

  49. 149
    Laura Sanchez

    I love designs!!! all of them!!!!

  50. 150
    Polly Petronella

    I’ve never had a collar before. There are so many to choose from but my favourites are

    Groovy Retro Flowers
    Fushia Bubbles

    cos I like bright colours.

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