Etsy Find: Handmade Cat Collars from Paws ‘n Tails BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Mon, Sep 21, 2009

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Paws N Tails Handmade Cat Collars

Is kitty’s wardrobe in need of an update? Well check out these stylish cat collars from Canadian Etsy seller Paws ‘n Tails. Available in a wide range of hip fabrics including retro/vintage inspired prints, stripes, solids, dots, florals and a whole lot more, each collar is handmade from soft fabric and has a breakaway clasp and removable bell.

BONUS GIVEAWAY! Three Winners!

Paws ‘n Tails is going to make some moderncats very happy! Three lucky winners will be chosen in a random drawing and each winner will receive two collars in their choice of fabrics! To enter, please visit the Paws ‘n Tails Etsy shop and pick your two favorite designs, then come back here and leave a comment on this post listing your top two faves. The winners will be chosen on September 29 and notified via email. One entry per person. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

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475 Responses to “Etsy Find: Handmade Cat Collars from Paws ‘n Tails BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. 301
    Kate Katzban-Beren

    These collars are so cute! Our faves are retro dots on aqua and lucky clover.

  2. 302
    Sally Babcock

    hi, I love the retro and the flower cat collar! My Pepper would look so cute. She is all black and it would really show up! Sally

  3. 303
    Wendy L.

    While I would accept graciously any one of these wonderful designs, my Canadian she cat would be proud to wear the maple leaves or the dusty rose floral because it looks perfect for a classy gal moderncat.

  4. 304
    Gail C.

    I love these beautiful comfy safe collars!! The Blue Fishes and the Stained Glass Mosaic are my 2 favorites. But I have 3 cats so my 3rd favorite is Purrfect Purples.

  5. 305
  6. 306
    Frank and green stripes
    2.Losta Dotsa

  7. 307
    Lisa McDermott

    I like the starry blue and the luck o’ the irish. Jake just took his collar off and I can’t find it anywhere. It would nice to show off one of these collars!

  8. 308

    It’s so hard to choose! But I’d have to say my two faves are:
    Spooky Spiders and Webs – It’s such a nice color of orange, not too brown, not too eye-bleedingly bright.
    Celebration – I love the colors and it would be easy to see on any color cat.

  9. 309

    All the designs are radical, but my cats favorites are Fresh Blue and Yellow Stripes, and Lime Bandana.

  10. 310
    Ellie Colwell

    All of them are really cute. But I’d say my top 2 faves are the retro dots on aqua and the purple floral fantacy.

  11. 311
    Meredith H.

    Tiny White Flowers on Green and Ocean Camo are my favorites…although it was not easy to choose! Meredith

  12. 312

    I love these collars – my two favourites are Dusty Rose Floral and Red Bandana. Very cool.

  13. 313
    Shay Williams

    Hard choice. There were so many beautiful fabrics there. I think that I have to choose Purple and Gold for my black & white and for my all black cat Retro dots on Blue would be perfect

  14. 314
    Jeane Gallo

    My two favs are the retro dots on aqua and the beige bandana. I like to match my babies’ eyes to their collars.

  15. 315
    Michellena S.

    I like them all.

  16. 316

    Black and Gold, and Purrrfect Purples are our faves!

  17. 317

    I love love love Retro Garden Party and Piratey Skulls!

  18. 318
    Alice Duncan

    I love the purple with flowers for my Dinah and the orange with pirates skulls for Daisy Mae, that way everyone would have fair warning before they try and pick her up without asking her permission! LOL. thankyou I hope we win, you may see photos of my pampered pets on my facebook page. I have plenty more but these were the only ones I could get of my cats looking at me saying “fine what do you want now?!” LOL….

  19. 319

    Rainforest n Fresh Pink and Yellow Stripes
    r our favs!

    paws crossed!

  20. 320

    What a great array of patterns and colors.
    Retro Purple Paisley with Flowers and Pink Paisley

  21. 321

    “im too sexy for my collar…except for these.”

  22. 322

    Love the ladybug and the teal bandana! I’ve been thinking about getting my kitty a new collar, what a great contest!

  23. 323

    Finally a custom-made and handsome collar. Can’t wait to get one of these!

  24. 324
    Angela Corley

    I’m loving the Retro Purple Paisley with Flowers & the Pink w/ Tiny Hearts! Whew – that’s was a hard decision.

  25. 325

    Over the Rainbow and Blue Fishies. It was very hard to choose from so many beautiful designs.

  26. 326

    Wow, extremely hard to only choose 2 styles. I think I would have to go with:
    1. Fresh blue & yellow strips
    2. Luck O Irish.
    Beaufiful designs Paws n’ tails! Thank you!

  27. 327
    Jason Hainey

    They’re all so great!
    But my 2 favs are:
    Princess and Lime Bandana

  28. 328

    I love the pretty pink bandana and rainbow stars. The colors are just awesome. But I love like all of the designs. So colorful!!!!

  29. 329

    Since I can only pick two…

    1. Lime Bandana
    2. Pink Gingham

    Lots of great designs!

  30. 330

    1. Retro Garden Party
    2. Beige Bandana
    3. Retro Purple Flower With Swirls
    …but they’re ALL gorgeous! I know whomever wins these will be struttin’ their stuff in true Moderncat stylee! ;)

  31. 331
    Nancy Nelson

    My two favorites are Princess and Fuschia Bubbles. My two babies are absolute experts at getting out of their collars, so I always need to have some extras on hand.

  32. 332
    Kim Warehime

    Wow we like them all but our favorite 2 are the yellow bandana and the luck of the irish designs. Hope we win.

  33. 333
    Lora B

    I LOVE the designs! It’s definitely hard to narrow the choice down to two (2). But here it goes:

    1. Rainforest
    2. Paisley Blues

    Wonderful selection!!

  34. 334

    What an exceptional range of handmade collars, so tricky to pick just two fave’s. My little lilac Devon, Indigo loves to accessorise with her name and would be delighted to wear the ‘Purple floral fantasy’ and ‘Pretty Blue Stripes’. Simple gorgeous! :)

  35. 335

    They are all so cute! I have 3 boys one who is huge (27 lbs), and two normal size kitties, so I would definetly need a Megakitty size (9″-13″) on one. They are all indoors and I want to be able to let them enjoy the outside with out the hazards of letting them roam free so the harness would make this possible. My two favorites are the:

    1. Blue Fishies Harness

    2. Ocean Camo Collar (for my mega kitty)

    They were all so cute it was hard to choose! Thanks for the great products!

  36. 336
    Judith Agogliati

    Although it was a hard decision, Luck ‘o the Irish and Black Bandana are my favorite designs.

  37. 337

    Black-and-white Ivan would look stunning in “Flowers and Busy Bees” and Grey/white longhair Boo would be quite handsome in “Happy Stripes”, though it was hard to choose, so many wonderful designs!

  38. 338

    My favourites are the Blue Paisley Vintage, and the Candy Stripes ones. I love this shop!

  39. 339

    My favorites are Blue Bandana and Fresh blue and yellow stripes

  40. 340

    I love the ocean camo (my sweet boy would love it!) and the green and yellow swirl is pretty awesome looking.

  41. 341

    i love these collars for my cat!! he has a collection and always needs more!

  42. 342
    Kim Castro

    What cool collars. My cats would be the coolest ones on the block!

  43. 343

    It was a tricky decision but the Ladybug and the Music Lover’s Kitty get my votes! Sooooo adorable! :D

  44. 344

    Retropurple paisley with flowers and over the rainbow would fit my kitty.

  45. 345

    i like the Happy Stripes & ( holidays are comming soon )the Christmas Snowman — pretty neat shop!

  46. 346

    If I had to choose, I would probably go with Candy Stripes and Denim Paisley. My boys would look so handsome in either! :D

  47. 347
    Kim I

    Cute Collars! I love the colors

  48. 348

    1. Retro dots on green
    2. Blue fishies


  49. 349

    1.Coffee Lover’s Kitty – for Luna

    2.Retro dots on Green – for Leo

    These would look great on my four legged kids.

  50. 350

    Oh we love Rainbow Stars and Wine & Gold!

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