SPECIAL CONTEST: Doodle a Caboodle for a Chance to Win a $100 Shopping Spree!

Sun, Sep 27, 2009


Caboodle Contest

Here’s a chance to make your creativity pay off! The folks over at Caboodle want to see what you can do with their product. Caboodles are designed for customization — you can decorate them any way you want to match your style. So we’re asking you to get out your art supplies and show us what you’ve got!

There are three phases to this contest:

  1. ENTER TO WIN! We are giving away 20 FREE Caboodles here on Moderncat (these are the new and improved Caboodles). Leave a comment on this post to enter to win. Twenty winners will be chosen in a random drawing on September 30 and notified by email. Caboodles will be shipped right away so you can start decorating. (Due to shipping time, this portion of the contest is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.)
  2. DECORATE! Everyone will have until November 1 to customize your Caboodle and email photos to contest@caboodlecats.com. NOTE: You don’t have to be one of the 20 winners to enter! If you already have a Caboodle you can enter to win the grand prize! Just decorate it and send in your photos before the deadline.
  3. VOTE! The top designs will be chosen by the Caboodle team and posted on Moderncat then everyone will get to vote for their favorite design. Voting will be open from November 2 -7 and the top design will be announced on November 9. The winner will receive a $100 shopping spree at Puutty Power, your online resource for the most stylish products — for cats only!

This should be a fun contest and I’m guessing that we might even see some Halloween-themed Caboodles. We can’t wait to see what the Moderncat readers come up with!

Enter to win a $100 Shopping Spree at Puutty Power!


Design Submissions: Not every design will be posted for voting due to limited space. Each submission will first be judged by the creative team at InPlay Products, Inc, makers of Caboodle. Cute, original and detailed artworks will standout – so submit your best!

Non-toxic and safe materials:  We highly recommend using only non-toxic and safe materials when decorating Caboodle. Do not use paints or markers with toxic compounds or affix any materials that may present a potential choking hazard to your pet.

Important dates:

  • September 28 – 30, 2009 Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win one of 20 Caboodle Habitats for Cats
  • October 31, 2009 (12pm PST) Deadline to submit your designs to contest@caboodlecats.com
  • November 2 – 7, 2009 Designs posted on Moderncat.net for voting
  • November 9, 2009 Winning design announced!

Awarding & Delivery of Prizes:
All winners are subject to eligibility verification.

Twenty (20) winners will receive:
One (1) Caboodle Habitat for Cats
Retail value of prize: $32.90 each
Winner is responsible for all other expenses incident to use of prize.
The winner will be contacted via email message by a representative from Moderncat.net and must claim prizes via instructions from a Moderncat representative.

Grand prize winner will receive:
One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a $100.00 gift certificate furnished by www.puuttypower.com
The winner will be contacted via email message by a representative from moderncat.net and must claim prizes via instructions from a Moderncat representative.

More contest details here.

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786 Responses to “SPECIAL CONTEST: Doodle a Caboodle for a Chance to Win a $100 Shopping Spree!”

  1. 601

    fun caboodles!

  2. 602
    Jennifer Simpson

    My cats will need this soon as winter is almost here and the kitties spend more time inside when it’s cold out! :)

  3. 603

    Doodle a Caboodle! What kitty cat fun…..

    Murlyka Sibs can hardly wait.

  4. 604
    Kim Warehime

    Please, Please ,Please ! That’s what my kits say about this. They love boxes, it would be so cool to win this!

  5. 605

    What a fun contest. My kitties would love to help me decorate a caboodle.

  6. 606

    My kittens would looove these caboodles. I could decorate them and then they would customize them.

  7. 607
    De Vought

    A Caboodle would be great for my crew. There would never be an empty spot with seven cats around. I do crafts for cats for a rescue group for feral cats that we have here in Rochester,NY to sell for donations. Its called Habitat for Cats. Kind of weird, huh?!

  8. 608

    Finally a cat “condo” that is attractive to the kitties AND me: It’ practical, affordable, and even recyclable = what more could you want? Would love to have your “tower” for MY “Kit and Caboodle” of Four!

  9. 609

    I love caboodles. my cats always love cardboard boxes and they are sure to feel the same about the caboodles. I love the green aspect of them too!

  10. 610

    I’m definitely into this, I could use my creative powers for good instead of evil this time…

  11. 611

    My three cats would love the caboodles – plus the oldest one would love to supervise the decorating!!

  12. 612

    Tyler is ready to doodle on a Caboodle! (should we win :) )

  13. 613
    Sally Babcock

    The Caboodle Habitat is just the greatest! I love it. Sally

  14. 614

    I am getting ideas already!!

  15. 615

    I’ve wanted to get my cats one of these FUUUUURever!!

  16. 616

    So simple and so cute! I’m not sure how I would decorate it but I’m sure our gatos would help!

  17. 617

    Cool, a contest within a contest! I think we can make something unique from these already special condos.

  18. 618
    Babs (formerly kush's human)

    An art project for earn some swag for my tabby? What a great thing to do while I’m unemployed!

  19. 619
    Lauren A.

    Oh my goodness! This is too fun!

  20. 620

    What a cool idea!

  21. 621

    They look great as is, I almost wouldn’t want to decorate them.

  22. 622

    My kitties would love a new hide out!

  23. 623

    Count me in! This sounds fun!

  24. 624
    Allie Phillie

    I would make the best cat-bitat ever known to man. <3 Caboodle

  25. 625

    We love these and so would our cats, Clair and Leo! I think they might even get in on the decorating contest too!

  26. 626
    Jill Gray

    my kittens would love a caboodle!

  27. 627

    My boys want to decorate one! For cats, they have excellent taste in decor…

  28. 628

    I want a caboodle! I;m sure my kitty would love of them!

  29. 629

    Ella and Coltrane would love these!

  30. 630

    My kitties and I are moving into a new home soon and this would be purrfect!

  31. 631

    Sounds like a blast! :)

  32. 632

    perfect for my perfect kitties!

  33. 633
    Wendy L.

    BD cat and I would love to Doodle a Caboodle.

  34. 634

    Cardboard and cats seem to go together.

  35. 635
    Jennifer M

    I’m not sure it would support one of my cats…he’s a bit on the “heavy” side. But my other cat would love it!

  36. 636

    id love to decorate one. what fun!

  37. 637

    how fun! i want to play!

  38. 638
    Jennifer P

    I have so many ideas going through my head right now. This is a really fun one. And the kitties would love it too.

  39. 639

    My boyfriend and I got a kitten a few weeks ago. She’s well pampered and spoiled. I’m sure she’ll love one of these! :)

  40. 640

    The caboodle looks like a fun fortress for my two girls.

  41. 641

    Onyx and Pumpkin would enjoy this!

  42. 642

    How cute are these!!!! LOVE EM!!

  43. 643

    what a fantastic idea!

  44. 644

    This sounds like fun! My foster kitty will be a big help with the design. She is VERY particular about such things. (=^.^=)

  45. 645


  46. 646

    Caboodle has not only great design but also echo friedly – I love this!!

  47. 647
    Phoenix Vie

    I love this site because you’re always featuring great products I’m unfamiliar with. A chance for creative expression is a nice additional bonus.

  48. 648

    I’d love a caboodle, my cats love cardboard.

  49. 649

    love the new look of these caboodles. they would be much prettier than the random boxes i have all over my apartment!

  50. 650

    Will these be strong enough to hold my fat babies?


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