SPECIAL CONTEST: Doodle a Caboodle for a Chance to Win a $100 Shopping Spree!

Sun, Sep 27, 2009


Caboodle Contest

Here’s a chance to make your creativity pay off! The folks over at Caboodle want to see what you can do with their product. Caboodles are designed for customization — you can decorate them any way you want to match your style. So we’re asking you to get out your art supplies and show us what you’ve got!

There are three phases to this contest:

  1. ENTER TO WIN! We are giving away 20 FREE Caboodles here on Moderncat (these are the new and improved Caboodles). Leave a comment on this post to enter to win. Twenty winners will be chosen in a random drawing on September 30 and notified by email. Caboodles will be shipped right away so you can start decorating. (Due to shipping time, this portion of the contest is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.)
  2. DECORATE! Everyone will have until November 1 to customize your Caboodle and email photos to contest@caboodlecats.com. NOTE: You don’t have to be one of the 20 winners to enter! If you already have a Caboodle you can enter to win the grand prize! Just decorate it and send in your photos before the deadline.
  3. VOTE! The top designs will be chosen by the Caboodle team and posted on Moderncat then everyone will get to vote for their favorite design. Voting will be open from November 2 -7 and the top design will be announced on November 9. The winner will receive a $100 shopping spree at Puutty Power, your online resource for the most stylish products — for cats only!

This should be a fun contest and I’m guessing that we might even see some Halloween-themed Caboodles. We can’t wait to see what the Moderncat readers come up with!

Enter to win a $100 Shopping Spree at Puutty Power!


Design Submissions: Not every design will be posted for voting due to limited space. Each submission will first be judged by the creative team at InPlay Products, Inc, makers of Caboodle. Cute, original and detailed artworks will standout – so submit your best!

Non-toxic and safe materials:  We highly recommend using only non-toxic and safe materials when decorating Caboodle. Do not use paints or markers with toxic compounds or affix any materials that may present a potential choking hazard to your pet.

Important dates:

  • September 28 – 30, 2009 Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win one of 20 Caboodle Habitats for Cats
  • October 31, 2009 (12pm PST) Deadline to submit your designs to contest@caboodlecats.com
  • November 2 – 7, 2009 Designs posted on Moderncat.net for voting
  • November 9, 2009 Winning design announced!

Awarding & Delivery of Prizes:
All winners are subject to eligibility verification.

Twenty (20) winners will receive:
One (1) Caboodle Habitat for Cats
Retail value of prize: $32.90 each
Winner is responsible for all other expenses incident to use of prize.
The winner will be contacted via email message by a representative from Moderncat.net and must claim prizes via instructions from a Moderncat representative.

Grand prize winner will receive:
One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a $100.00 gift certificate furnished by www.puuttypower.com
The winner will be contacted via email message by a representative from moderncat.net and must claim prizes via instructions from a Moderncat representative.

More contest details here.

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786 Responses to “SPECIAL CONTEST: Doodle a Caboodle for a Chance to Win a $100 Shopping Spree!”

  1. 701

    My cats would love hiding in these!

  2. 702

    cooool. i would love to design one

  3. 703

    purrdy pwease me send me a caboodle, i want my kitten sittin in one

  4. 704
    Jackie V.

    Dj and I would have fun playing peek-a-boo.

  5. 705

    Oooh this one looks awesome! Looks like a lot of fun to decorate too.

  6. 706

    As that wonderful creator of Caboodle knows – as he posted my comment at the Caboodle website after we spoke on the phone!!! – I bought one of these for my Caity Sunshine and her son Frisky Business after first seeing this on Moderncat. They enjoy it so much – to this day!! – that they sent one to their cousin, Kitty Johnson, who enjoys his just as much! I would love to get another one to decorate! Their one-year anniversary with me and my hubby is Halloween. Thinking Halloween themed??? Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

  7. 707

    What cool cat playscapes these make! I would love to decorate some for my kitties.

  8. 708

    Bella would love this! Looks like it would be a fun surface for a faux finish.

  9. 709

    Pretty cool! Fun for the human and fun for the feline!

  10. 710

    They look great. My 7 cats would love them!

  11. 711

    Oh my goodness, these are the cutest things ever!!! My cats LOVE any cardboard box they com across, and I bet they would be obsessed with a Caboodle!

  12. 712

    This would be so much fun to decorate!!

  13. 713
    Mike Ferraro

    My four legged children would adore these!!!

  14. 714

    I can haz pleeze!

  15. 715

    we have two already and the cats really love ‘em

  16. 716

    Oooh! Sounds like fun. As a graphic designer, I would *love* to get my (and my kitties’) grubby little paws on this!

  17. 717
    nicole pando

    I wonder if I could get my cats to help me decorate it

  18. 718

    very cute!

  19. 719
    Sheila Gross

    My cats would loooove a Caboodle tower! They adore nests to sleep in, and 2 or 3 of them seem to prefer cardboard as a scratching medium!

  20. 720

    What a fun contest!

  21. 721

    Sounds like fun! Count me in! :)

  22. 722
    Kim I

    My cats would love one of these

  23. 723

    wow, those look great!

  24. 724

    my baby kitties would looove one!!

  25. 725
    Kelley O

    Entering to win, my 2 kitties need these! :)

  26. 726

    My Punkin Cat and Sasha Maree would love these! They love playing in and hiding in boxes.

  27. 727
    Brooke Jacobs

    WE NEED THIS! SO cute! I would definitely decorate mine!

  28. 728

    This would be perfect for the cats to escape from the dogs’ pestering… ;)

    And decorating it would be a pleasure.

  29. 729
    Judi Bucher

    Oh my girls Presley and Paris would simply love this, they are so active and love anything we buy them!! SO KOOL!

  30. 730
    Cat Lover

    These look like they would be hours of fun!

  31. 731
    a f r

    oo, I have a lot of ideas for this!

  32. 732
  33. 733

    There are six kitties in our house that would love to play in these!

  34. 734

    I NEED one of these for my 5 cats!

  35. 735
    Jack Kayden

    We hope we win! We love hiding places to nap

  36. 736

    Would love to Doodle a Caboodle!

  37. 737
    laure baker

    I am amazed at some of the innovative products on this site, I am so excited to try some of them with my own kitties, and the rescues and ferals I work with also!

  38. 738

    What a fun project!

  39. 739

    Ahh I want one! I didn’t realize you could customize them, love it!!!!!

  40. 740

    THis is the most fun contest ever! I really hope I get an opportunity to design this product! I have so many ideas already!!! LOVE it!

  41. 741
    Vanessa Sherwood


  42. 742

    These look fun! My foster kitties would love to play in a Caboodle.

  43. 743
    Finny Buddy & Jasmine

    Coool! We’d love to try one or three of these! We’ll even let mom decorate it.

  44. 744
    Finny Buddy & Jasmine

    Wow! These look like fun! Sure hope we win one.

  45. 745

    The cats would love this! It would give them another place to escape the new puppy!

  46. 746

    I love all these products that I would be proud, not embarrassed, to show to all my house guests!

  47. 747

    I’m sure they will be fun and delicious.

  48. 748

    Oh, our new kitty would love one of these. I really need to look into buying one for him soon.

  49. 749

    how cute! i love the patterns, and i’m sure my kitty, ezra, would too!

  50. 750

    What a kewl offering. Hope I win cause I’ve got some wild and crazy kitties who I know whould have a paw making designs.


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