October Moderncat Giveaway: Slant Pet Stairs from Urban Pet Haus

Fri, Oct 2, 2009


October Moderncat Giveaway

This month we’re offering a Moderncat fave, the new Slant pet stairs from Urban Pet Haus. These stairs can be really helpful for older pets who have difficulty reaching the bed or the sofa. The dark zebra wood finish is perfect for a modern interior and the powder-coated metal frame is both sturdy and sleek.

Urban Pet Haus is developing a carpet tile kit that can be added to the Slant stairs. The carpet kit will include FLOR carpet tiles and special adhesive tape for attaching the tiles to the tops of the stairs. This will be quite useful for pets who need a little more traction.

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win, please leave a comment on this post. The drawing will take place on October 31. This giveaway is open to international readers who are willing to pay the extra shipping. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here.

Urban Pet Haus Pet Stairs

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488 Responses to “October Moderncat Giveaway: Slant Pet Stairs from Urban Pet Haus”

  1. 351
    Elizabeth Lano

    I think one of my kitties is ready for this product. He doesn’t leap like he used to.

  2. 352

    My kitties as well as my dog would love this luxury…since they already have the life of Riley (wish my name was Riley lol)!

  3. 353

    cool steps!!! I’ve been looking for something like this.

  4. 354

    I have 3 cats and my oldest Tyson is a huge cat (27 pounds) he isn’t fat just BIG his neck is almost 14″ around. I feel bad every time he has to jump up or down on something so this would be great for him to ease the stress on his joints, he is only 5 years old and I want him to live a long, long time and be as comfortable as possible he is one of my babies. He hopes we win!!

  5. 355

    Oh, this is fabulous. Our kitties (who prefer flying onto the bed at this point, but they’re both young) and especially our collie would really appreciate these.

  6. 356
    Michelle and Abby

    My old gal would love this product! She’s in ship shape for her age, just has lost a bit of her “spring” that’s all.

  7. 357
    Aimee McMahon

    these stairs would help my little Eleanor get onto my bed every night! She would totally love these beautiful steps.

  8. 358

    My tri-pod kitty and his two rheumatic elders would love these stairs! They have to settle for strategically placed cardboard boxes.

  9. 359
    Caitlin B

    My 18yr old Siamese would love these! We have some stairs for the bed, but none as cool as these…

  10. 360
    Missive Maven

    Wow, very cool design. My older kitties could use these.

  11. 361

    Sisters Zibby and Spot, my 17 year old kitties, would love these stairs!

  12. 362

    My sister has an older distinguished kitty who would really appreciate a little helping hand like these funky stairs!

  13. 363
    Gail Clark

    This would make life easier for my 20 year old cat, Speed Bump. She still gets around pretty good but I can tell she’s getting a little weak in the legs. This would be great.

  14. 364

    Beautiful stairs! my 14 year old cat would certainly find multiple ways to use them!

  15. 365

    We have a 14 year old three legged cat that used to love to get up on the bed. He can’t now. So any time he wants up, say 3:00am, he meows to wake me up. I then get out of bed and lift him up. Sid would surely appreciate the stairs as he tries hard to be as independent as a cat should. Thanks!

  16. 366

    These will be soooo much nicer than the bulky foam stairs that we use now for our geriatric cat. Its so nice to see cat furniture designers pay attention to size!

  17. 367

    As the mama of a 15-year-old arthritic kitty, I’m always looking for ways to help her maneuver around the house. We have stairs near the couch, cause she likes to lay there, but we need another set near the bed, cause she doesn’t sleep at my feet any more. I’ve looked at the steps from Urban Pet Haus before and think they’re fabulous!

  18. 368

    I love these stairs… Such a wonderful modern design!

  19. 369

    With 19 cats and some getting up in age this would be perfect for them to get into the couch or even the bed so they wouldn’t hurt themselves.

  20. 370

    This would be so great for my three-legged Mac to get up onto the bed!!

  21. 371

    I’ve always liked the design of these stairs.

  22. 372

    My senior and special needs kitties could use steps like this!

  23. 373

    I have a senior pet, thankfully she still manages to jump up to the bed just fine…but hopefully she’ll grow old enough to need a bit of help.

  24. 374

    Great design – the best one I have seen out there!!

  25. 375
    dorothy moss

    My aging cat would love a boost. What great design too.

  26. 376

    These are brilliant, especially for the older Moderncat. Could come in handy for toilet training too!

  27. 377
    johanna villegas

    these stairs are too cute
    i have a dog and cat who really cant jump on an off the bed so this would be the best solution and i like the shape and style too !

  28. 378

    This will make some little feet really happy! :D

  29. 379

    This would be great for the kitty cats! They would certainly love it!! :)

  30. 380
    Brenda Carrozzi

    My 9 rescued kitties would love this because they are getting up there in age and even my rescued rat terrier (can I say that) would love it!!!

  31. 381
    Ash Burgess

    They have a really clean look

  32. 382

    These are so nice, my old man with arthritis would love a set. beautifully designed.

  33. 383

    This is not only stylish, classy, but very functional.

  34. 384

    great, my cats hate the elevator.

  35. 385

    These stairs are really cool.

  36. 386

    I would love this!

  37. 387

    Yes! Carpet tiles will be a great addition to this product! FLOR has many wonderful modern designs. Can’t wait!

  38. 388

    My cat would enjoy these; it would make jumping onto the bed easier for her…

  39. 389

    What a great design. My cats would love it.

  40. 390
    Azar ATTURA

    Big Bad Baby Twinkle — large kitty with dainty little feet — would surely love to sashay her way up these stairs with ease!!

  41. 391
    Kate T

    cool!!!functional and good looking.

  42. 392

    My cat’s only 2, but she’s a little clumsy and could use the help.

  43. 393

    As my girls get older they’ll be needing something like this to reach their favorite sunny spot on the bed. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  44. 394
    Kirstin Morton

    This would be great for our two kitties to use when they want to come to bed to snuggle!

  45. 395
    Rachel G.

    We have three legged cat who would really appreciate the extra help these stairs could provide.

  46. 396

    Attractive and practical, now that’s a winner!

  47. 397
    Kerry Winger

    What a great set of stairs! This would be great for my boys.

  48. 398

    This would be so great for my cat, Ringo. He’s 11 years old so he’s not jumping around as well as he used to. Also, we just got a 2 month old French bulldog, Ramona. Those short legs make it pretty much impossible to get up on the couch by herself.

  49. 399

    This will be a help to my aging cat…….

  50. 400

    My bed is really high, and it has become a bit difficult for my Fenella to make the leap. This would be great for her to use.

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