October Moderncat Giveaway: Slant Pet Stairs from Urban Pet Haus

Fri, Oct 2, 2009


October Moderncat Giveaway

This month we’re offering a Moderncat fave, the new Slant pet stairs from Urban Pet Haus. These stairs can be really helpful for older pets who have difficulty reaching the bed or the sofa. The dark zebra wood finish is perfect for a modern interior and the powder-coated metal frame is both sturdy and sleek.

Urban Pet Haus is developing a carpet tile kit that can be added to the Slant stairs. The carpet kit will include FLOR carpet tiles and special adhesive tape for attaching the tiles to the tops of the stairs. This will be quite useful for pets who need a little more traction.

To enter the monthly giveaway, make sure you’re signed-up to receive Moderncat updates via email. If you’re already getting the updates but you’d like an EXTRA chance to win, please leave a comment on this post. The drawing will take place on October 31. This giveaway is open to international readers who are willing to pay the extra shipping. Complete details on the monthly giveaway here.

Urban Pet Haus Pet Stairs

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488 Responses to “October Moderncat Giveaway: Slant Pet Stairs from Urban Pet Haus”

  1. 401
    Brian B.

    This would be great for our cat, she just got diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis and gets too tired to jump up to sit with us.

  2. 402
    Elena M.

    I can think of the perfect spot for this!

  3. 403

    These are awesome. We do faster care regularly and this would be great for the seniors.

  4. 404

    Wow! I absolutely love this design, it’s so perfect for my little fuzz ball and my decor!

  5. 405
    Erika I

    That would be so helpful for our older kitties.

  6. 406

    My old cat would love it!

  7. 407
    LeeAnn F.

    This would be wonderful for my cat Sarabella! She is almost 17, and along with having mild arthritis, her circulation is not as good as it used to be. So, many times after she has been asleep on the bed, her back legs take a bit longer than the rest of her body to regain full use, thus she limps around for awhile and has trouble jumping down from the bed. How happy she would be to have some stairs to make her day a little bit easier!

  8. 408
    Connie Hillenbrand

    My cat would love to have this…it takes her a couple tries to make it onto the bed.

  9. 409

    So handy and looks great.

  10. 410

    One of our kitties, Kia, is not a big jumper so this would be perfect for her to get up to our high bed for some good snuggle time.

  11. 411

    oh ya meow meow

  12. 412
    Melissa Comstock

    great idea!

  13. 413
    Jess W.

    Love the stairs. They would make a great gift to my parents. My old kitty back home is having trouble getting up on the bed.

  14. 414

    What a great design!

  15. 415
    Teresa reyes

    Tomasito would love those steps, there isn’t a night that he doesn’t sleep right next to me and this would make his life so much easier!

  16. 416

    those are gorgeous

  17. 417

    puts our human step ladder to shame.

  18. 418
    Katherine Stevens

    These would be wonderful for my boy Jefferson who has severe arthritis in his lower back. He loves to be on the bed, so this would make getting up and down so much easier for him!

  19. 419
    tommy b

    my old-fat-kitty would like this so she can get up in the bay window with out help.

  20. 420

    These stairs are SUCH a good idea! My poor kitty with his bad hips would love this!

  21. 421

    This would be fabulous for my cats! Love it!

  22. 422

    What a modern look for pet stairs. This would be great for my 2 precious kitties, one w/ FIV, the other a bit overweight and having trouble reaching my high bed. They love to spend their days sleeping on opposite sides of my bed.

  23. 423

    It’s nice that these stairs are much more modern looking than most. I’m glad they don’t have tan carpet glued to them!! :)

  24. 424
    Valle Barry

    this is such a great idea. much more sleek and modern that most pet stairs. thanks for the chance to win! >^..^< meow

  25. 425
    Jenny in OK

    Awwww my Jellybean would love such an awesome set of stairs. She is a 15 year old kitty who can’t get up on the bed or chair on her own anymore without Mama’s help, otherwise she still loves taking walks on her leash and playing with toys. These are awesome!

  26. 426

    I’m not sure if the cats would love this, or hate the fact that the dog could sit with them whenever she pleases… I think this is great!

  27. 427

    What a wonderful prize contest!
    Our older cat would appreciate these
    Thanks! Cindi

  28. 428

    I love these stairs so much. My geriatric guy could use them without compromising his style!!! My fingers are crossed this time!

  29. 429

    Much nicer than the cardboard box I have sitting next to my bed for my poor cat to use to get up to the bed.

  30. 430
  31. 431
    Sarah Mae

    I’d love to get this for my small kitten who can’t get on the bed and my senior Maine Coon who is slowly having more difficulty getting up. Looks beautiful!

  32. 432

    My youngest cat just turned one year old. The others range in age from 9 to 12. Two of them of overweight and have a little more trouble climbing up on the furniture than I wish they did (they’re on diet food). I would love to have these steps for them.

  33. 433

    nice clean lines.

  34. 434

    Wow, I would love this for my kitty Max. He limps and has a hard time getting on the bed where his three cat friends are. I have tried a ramp but it stresses his front paw and boxes. I think he would love this. Thank you for designing it.

  35. 435

    good for dachshunds too!

  36. 436

    I love these stairs! There are lots out there, but these are not only functional but attractive. My three cats are 8, 13 and 14,hopefully with long loves ahead of them. But jumping is already harder for the older two.

  37. 437

    I have five elderly cats that have to use chairs to get up to their beds and stuff, so this would be awesome for them!

  38. 438

    this would be great for my 16 year old Siamese who can no longer jump up on things!

  39. 439

    This was my favorite of the designs they had to choose from – it’s very sleek…love it!

  40. 440
    Heather Smith

    This is exactly what my 9yr bichon needs to get on my bed.

  41. 441
    Cathy B

    These would be great to win–we have a chiweenie who has a back problem, and could really use this help. The cats would probably just ignore them, since all of them do very well at jumping!

  42. 442
    Lan Kipling

    My 15 year old Persian, Jackson, would love this. Like all my cats, Jdackson was a rescue and the couple that “bought” him had all 4 paws declawed!! After a few months, they simply decided they didn’t want a cat and planned to have him euthanized. Thank goodness someone called me so Jackson could have the life he deserves. He is very dog-like in that he meets everyone at the door and wants to sit on everyone’s lap for lots of petting.

  43. 443

    These steps are absolutely gorgeous! Our three kitties are getting pretty old, and they could sure use some help stepping up onto the couch these days! :)

  44. 444

    My wife and I LOVE these Slant Pet Stairs, and we know that our kitties would, too! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.

  45. 445

    One of my catsis a senior and this would help her so much getting into our bed at night.

  46. 446
    Robin Patten

    I think this is something any cat, young or old, would like.

  47. 447
    a f r

    The stairs are beautiful, and would be great for my kittygirl.

  48. 448

    my chairman Meow would love it…..

  49. 449
    Skatie Kat

    My kitty Taco would love to have this! And it would look perfect in my mid century Portland house :)

  50. 450
    Boone Jackson

    How very cool!! I just joined your email list.

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