BRAND NEW! Eco-friendly Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY

Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger

One of the new products that I found at the the SuperZoo Pet Expo last month is the new eco-friendly pulp scratch lounger from Bergan Pet Products. As you can see, Ando is enjoying the lounger that Bergan sent us to test out. He approves.

This unique scratcher/lounger is made from paper pulp, like the kind of material egg crates are made of. It’s no wonder Ando loves the lounger, egg crates are one of his most favorite things! He loves to chew them to bits and shoot little pieces all over the place. Because of that, I was worried that he would immediately destroy the Bergan lounger, but he only took one little bite (he has to taste everything), then settled down to enjoy the curvy lounging surface. I think he has a little more respect for it that he would have for a plain old egg crate.

Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger

So there are some really exciting things about this product. First, it is the perfect size for the cats to sit on (as Ando demostrates) and the textures seem to be really attractive to cats. Second, it is an extremely eco-friendly product. The paper pulp is made from 100% postconsumer waste, which, according to Bergan, is “fiber from paper that has been used for its intended end purpose, including office waste paper, magazines, and newsprint.” Did you know that forty percent of garbage is paper? That’s a lot of material that can be diverted from the landfill to make these scratchers! And Bergan assures us that the scratcher/lounger is made using no harmful glues or chemicals. And finally, another super-terrific thing about this product — it’s $9.99! I’m not sure they are going to be able to make these fast enough.

I think the natural eco-friendly texture of paper pulp and the simple lines of the scratcher/lounger would fit in nicely with any decorating style, especially an eco-chic mod interior. At this price, even if the cats shred the thing in a couple of months, it’s easy to toss it in the recycling bin and get a replacement.

UPDATE: Now available from Amazon for just $9.99.


But have no fear, I’ve got not one, but FIVE Bergan pulp scratch loungers to giveaway! Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the new pulp lounger and you’ll be entered to win. Five winners will be chosen in a random drawing on October 19 and notified via email. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,071 Responses to “BRAND NEW! Eco-friendly Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 801

    I think my kitties would love this!

  2. 802

    I have 5 cats, I’m one of them would try to chew it to bits, but they would love to try!

  3. 803
    peggy w

    We would love to win one.

  4. 804

    A couple of our cats are real lounge lizards and would love to get their claws into this lounger.

  5. 805

    I like it, I love that it’s recyclable, but I still think my cat may eat it a little. But she would really enjoy eating it, so that’s ok!

  6. 806

    this looks really comfortable. its great design.

  7. 807

    It’s always the inexpensive things that cats gravitate towards–love it!

  8. 808

    The kitkats will love this!

  9. 809
    Tina slave to four

    With 3 of my 4 being frisky tomcats (neutered of course) I can see this getting constant use!

    My girl would be attracted to the paper… which she adores! Would love to add this to our home.


  10. 810
    Melanie & Gia's pround Mom

    maybe this one I’ll win for my cats! They will love it!

  11. 811

    what’s not to love about this lounger: eco-friendly, non-toxic, stylish, cat-friendly and affordable!

  12. 812

    affordable + stylish + eco-friendly + non-toxic = fabulous

  13. 813

    I love this lounger – They look so comfortable and eco friendly on the top of that!! Can’t ask for more!!

  14. 814
    Jennifer Kessler

    Oh my god my cat would love this!

  15. 815

    Looks nice, my cats would love it!

  16. 816

    My two kitties would be all over it!

  17. 817

    I think my kitties would love this lounger!

  18. 818

    We’d love to win this!

  19. 819
    Nancy Nelson

    These are COOL!!! The more “legal” scratching places, the less my couch is one! And a lounging spot to boot!

  20. 820

    my cats are the lounging kings of north america

  21. 821

    Cool in a low tech way

  22. 822
    Julie Hamann

    I LOVE the fact that it is made from 100% recycled materials. The cat world goes green.

  23. 823
    Theresa Sheldon

    Oh wow, Bailey would just love this. She destroys everything made of cardboard or heavy paper and would be in heaven with this. I love that it is eco-friendly and economically in these tough times. I can see Bailey wanting to shred it while the other three would want to lounge on it. Tequila would rub her cheeks across the surface (she does that with everything).

  24. 824

    Wow! You’ve got to love something that’s 100% recycled. My three cats would love this!

  25. 825

    what a shame that 40% of garbage is paper — i had no idea! but this is such a great use of recycled materials. i really hope they come up with more scratcher/loungers. at that price, i’d get every style they produce.

  26. 826

    oh my – I think I would have a timer set to see how long before my boy Cordoroy ate AND shredded this! LOL. Looks good tho.

  27. 827

    Oh, wow. I love this. Eco friendly is the way to go! :)

  28. 828
    kate t

    ooh my two kitties would LOVE that!!So they can stop digging their nails into my knees!!

  29. 829

    Yay for eco-friendly cat products!

  30. 830
  31. 831

    Love it and the idea of recycling, and the price is right for Christmas gifts for all my friends with cats My Tabitha and Katie always have to elbow each other to claim the new toy in the house and they would love this!

    PS: Ando *is* a handsome model. Is he a professional model?

  32. 832

    Hey my grin disappeared after my Ando comment!

  33. 833

    This looks great for my cats and its so affordable.

  34. 834

    Awesome lounger. I think we definitely need one for the apartment.

  35. 835

    I wonder if my cats would be as appreciative as yours. I bought a case of Coke bottles a couple of weeks ago and gave them the tray. Kali in particular has enjoyed playing with it, sitting in it, sitting under it, and they’ve all taken turns clawing the bottom out. It’s about half gone and still Kali goes and sits in it. I have to think they’d enjoy this lounger to its untimely end.

  36. 836

    Toby would love a free lounger!!

  37. 837
    Lisa Kurklis

    wow, a scratching pad with style!!!!!!

  38. 838

    great idea, ruby would love it.

  39. 839
    Natalie W.

    My kitties would love to lounge on it.

  40. 840

    I wonder, is it made from recycled paper pulp?

  41. 841
    Teri Browne

    This looks great, I know my cats would love it!

  42. 842

    This is great! Eco-friendly, cat-friendly and cheap too!

  43. 843

    Love it! Very cool and eco-friendly.

  44. 844

    It is great to see a company encourage recycling by keeping the price low and their cats happy.

  45. 845
    Karen Balliet

    What a cool idea, and earth-friendly to…I can just picture our kitties lounging on it! Thanks for this creative endeavor at a reasonable price.

  46. 846
    David Holder

    Looks neat-our Miss Kitty would enjoy winning it

  47. 847

    That looks so cool, my crew would love it

  48. 848

    Ninja would love to lounge on that curvy creation!

  49. 849

    I’m sure my cats would love it!

  50. 850
    Hope K

    I love this all around and I think my kitties will, too.


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