BRAND NEW! Eco-friendly Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY

Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger

One of the new products that I found at the the SuperZoo Pet Expo last month is the new eco-friendly pulp scratch lounger from Bergan Pet Products. As you can see, Ando is enjoying the lounger that Bergan sent us to test out. He approves.

This unique scratcher/lounger is made from paper pulp, like the kind of material egg crates are made of. It’s no wonder Ando loves the lounger, egg crates are one of his most favorite things! He loves to chew them to bits and shoot little pieces all over the place. Because of that, I was worried that he would immediately destroy the Bergan lounger, but he only took one little bite (he has to taste everything), then settled down to enjoy the curvy lounging surface. I think he has a little more respect for it that he would have for a plain old egg crate.

Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger

So there are some really exciting things about this product. First, it is the perfect size for the cats to sit on (as Ando demostrates) and the textures seem to be really attractive to cats. Second, it is an extremely eco-friendly product. The paper pulp is made from 100% postconsumer waste, which, according to Bergan, is “fiber from paper that has been used for its intended end purpose, including office waste paper, magazines, and newsprint.” Did you know that forty percent of garbage is paper? That’s a lot of material that can be diverted from the landfill to make these scratchers! And Bergan assures us that the scratcher/lounger is made using no harmful glues or chemicals. And finally, another super-terrific thing about this product — it’s $9.99! I’m not sure they are going to be able to make these fast enough.

I think the natural eco-friendly texture of paper pulp and the simple lines of the scratcher/lounger would fit in nicely with any decorating style, especially an eco-chic mod interior. At this price, even if the cats shred the thing in a couple of months, it’s easy to toss it in the recycling bin and get a replacement.

UPDATE: Now available from Amazon for just $9.99.


But have no fear, I’ve got not one, but FIVE Bergan pulp scratch loungers to giveaway! Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the new pulp lounger and you’ll be entered to win. Five winners will be chosen in a random drawing on October 19 and notified via email. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,071 Responses to “BRAND NEW! Eco-friendly Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 951
    Pat Leon

    My 2 cats would be fighting over such a cool thing! One of them sits like she’s lounging anyway-with her upper body propped up like the lounger would allow her to do!

  2. 952

    i love this!

  3. 953

    How cute – your cats look like my Baby and Twinky! Love the idea of using recycled materials.

  4. 954

    I think my three cats will racing to see who gets to it first

  5. 955
    Christine Huk

    I have 4 cats and I know they would love this new pulp scratch lounger! It looks cool!

  6. 956

    Anything eco-friendly is great in my book, but these are stylish to boot!

  7. 957

    Max the Cat wants to be entered also .. He thinks its “one cool compfy place to hang out” :)


  8. 958

    What a PURR-fect design for cats. It combines that “snuggle safe” feeling of being “inside” something but with the freedom to move around. I think cats will love the “bump” as well–my Ragdoll loves to flop over things and this would be perfect for her!

  9. 959
    Donna Dailey

    I really like Bergan Pets anyway but this ecofriendly postconsumer stuff sends me over the top. Great job guys!!!!

  10. 960

    Scratching and sleeping, my two boys favorite activities! Would love one of these.

  11. 961

    Very nice! I wonder which one of my cats would claim it first. They’re always looking for things to sharpen their claws on…:D

  12. 962

    I love this! My Ragdolls would love the texture and I love that it’s made from recycled materials and can be recycled again once my kitties scratch it up. Awesome!

  13. 963
    Christa Kofhler

    I like that the Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounge is made from recycled paper. It appears to be large and very comfortably shaped, so that more than one cat can use it at one time.

  14. 964

    My cats would love it! :)

  15. 965

    What a fantastic idea and a beautiful design! Looking forward to buying a few for my cats as I’m sure they’ll love them. Thanks for the good fine!

  16. 966
    Morgen A

    my kitties would love this!!

  17. 967

    Wow, something my green eco savvy kitties and I can get behind. Thank you Bergan!

  18. 968

    Looks like a comfy lounger and it’s sweet that it is eco-friendly too!

  19. 969

    Wow, my cats would make short order art of this, and they would love it!

  20. 970
    Cynthia Leathers

    First I must say that Ando looks supremely regal on the Bergan Pulp Scratcher! Our kitty crowd of 7 (all rescues) likes all things scratchy and I’ve spotted them many a time sleeping atop one of the “old fashioned” corrugated flat scratchers – so I know they’d like the ergonomic curves and softness of the egg crate-like material. It’s also awesome that it’s eco-friendly and comes from recycled materials.

  21. 971

    looks amazing!

  22. 972
  23. 973
    Canadianfree stuff

    That looks so comfy, I wonder if they would make me a full sized one? :D but knowing my Sophie, she’d probably try to make me get off it so she could sleep on the bed. :)

  24. 974
    Rija Beares

    I LOVE this cat scratcher and bed. Brian (my cat) would love it too, but not more than me since it would keep him off of my couches!

  25. 975

    My cat would LOVE this!!

  26. 976

    Wow.Looks comfy, Do they make them for humans?!?!

  27. 977
    Marci P

    what a great product!

  28. 978

    Budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and kitty-cozy? That’s a product I can really get behind (and kitty would not hesitate to get on)!

  29. 979

    Looks cool for cats!

  30. 980

    this is such a cool idea, my cat chews gg crates too and anything akin to plastic. but my mo-mo loves anything he can fit into or on as well. thanks for a eco-friendly product

  31. 981

    My kitty needs a new scratcher! She is very fat and lazy and needs something to get her to s-t-r-e-t-ch!

  32. 982

    My cat would probably like the ridges. Anything to catch her claws on.

  33. 983

    I really like this one. I think the girls would love it. Scratching boxes are always appreciated and soemthing eco-friendly is wonderful.

  34. 984

    I think the Bergen Pulp Scratcher looks fab. My boys love a good chew and scratch, so I’d rather they used this than the couch!

  35. 985

    What a good idea.

  36. 986

    great looking scratcher!

  37. 987

    Wow, this one looks really great. Our cats would love the shape of it & would like to curl up in between!

  38. 988

    Nice to see you featuring some more affordable (but still attractive) products!

  39. 989

    I am a huge fan of Bergan and am very excited to see that they’ve come out with a new product.

  40. 990

    Cool idea, my cat wants it.

  41. 991

    Talk about creative reuse! Simply marvelous……my boogies will love this, and they need it.

  42. 992
  43. 993

    Awh, my KitKat loves chewing on egg cartons too, but I have faith that if you’re cat refrained mine might too. She’s quite picky on lounging surfaces, but I’d love to supply her with a new opportunity, maybe she’d let me wash her other bed!

    Great idea!

  44. 994

    Wow! Love it! Recycling and low cost…Fabulous!

  45. 995

    What a great idea. Any kitty would love it.

  46. 996

    The echo-friendly scratcher/lounger looks like something every cat would want to use.

  47. 997

    What a fabulous idea. I love it.

  48. 998
    Jen Webb

    It’s eco-friendly AND it’ll keep my girls off the carpet and the door frames….what’s not to love?!

  49. 999
    Amy B.

    Oooooo!! My kitties would love this!

  50. 1000

    It looks great! My cats enjoy this scratcher/lounger!


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