BRAND NEW! Eco-friendly Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY

Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger

One of the new products that I found at the the SuperZoo Pet Expo last month is the new eco-friendly pulp scratch lounger from Bergan Pet Products. As you can see, Ando is enjoying the lounger that Bergan sent us to test out. He approves.

This unique scratcher/lounger is made from paper pulp, like the kind of material egg crates are made of. It’s no wonder Ando loves the lounger, egg crates are one of his most favorite things! He loves to chew them to bits and shoot little pieces all over the place. Because of that, I was worried that he would immediately destroy the Bergan lounger, but he only took one little bite (he has to taste everything), then settled down to enjoy the curvy lounging surface. I think he has a little more respect for it that he would have for a plain old egg crate.

Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger

So there are some really exciting things about this product. First, it is the perfect size for the cats to sit on (as Ando demostrates) and the textures seem to be really attractive to cats. Second, it is an extremely eco-friendly product. The paper pulp is made from 100% postconsumer waste, which, according to Bergan, is “fiber from paper that has been used for its intended end purpose, including office waste paper, magazines, and newsprint.” Did you know that forty percent of garbage is paper? That’s a lot of material that can be diverted from the landfill to make these scratchers! And Bergan assures us that the scratcher/lounger is made using no harmful glues or chemicals. And finally, another super-terrific thing about this product — it’s $9.99! I’m not sure they are going to be able to make these fast enough.

I think the natural eco-friendly texture of paper pulp and the simple lines of the scratcher/lounger would fit in nicely with any decorating style, especially an eco-chic mod interior. At this price, even if the cats shred the thing in a couple of months, it’s easy to toss it in the recycling bin and get a replacement.

UPDATE: Now available from Amazon for just $9.99.


But have no fear, I’ve got not one, but FIVE Bergan pulp scratch loungers to giveaway! Please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the new pulp lounger and you’ll be entered to win. Five winners will be chosen in a random drawing on October 19 and notified via email. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

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1,071 Responses to “BRAND NEW! Eco-friendly Bergan Pulp Scratch Lounger Plus BONUS GIVEAWAY”

  1. 1001

    My older cat would love it. It is possible my younger cat would pee on it (but she pees on everything).

  2. 1002

    Wow! My furry purries will pile on top of each other to enjoy this.

  3. 1003

    My kitty would love this, a chew, scratch and sit all-in-one.

  4. 1004

    This is super cute and I’d love to win one to test out on my guys as I’m pretty certain I would need to get one for each of them if they loved it as much as Ando does! ;-)

  5. 1005

    My cat Lucy would LOVE this.

  6. 1006
    Ruben Perez

    My black cat sure love it, the curves of the desing are so inviting to rest

  7. 1007
    Steph B

    I really like how it’s not only made from recycled material but is recyclable.

  8. 1008
    Phyllis The Hopeful

    Oh, my cats would be over the moon for one of these…

  9. 1009

    great! hope I’m one of the lucky ones…..

  10. 1010

    Oh man, my two furballs need one of these! I love that it recycles if they destroy it!

  11. 1011

    Nice! We’d love to try it!

  12. 1012

    I love it. They should make it in people size. I bet that it would be economical (not cheap) too.

  13. 1013

    This is a great product! My cats would love this and I love the fact that it is made of recycled material. Also love the price point!

  14. 1014
    Nina Durniat

    great design!

  15. 1015
    Jen Of The North

    I am sure my cats would LOVE this bed – and would actually have a power struggle because of it! It would be great to win one, as we are in the middle of renovations, and their beds are packed away in a box somewhere (poor kitties have to sleep on the couch…)

  16. 1016
    Robin Patten

    That looks like it would be very comfortable for a cat!

  17. 1017
    Christine Rung

    Wow, my 3 cats would love to have one of these in our house!

  18. 1018
    Jennifer Simpson

    I hope my kitties win this one – they’d be lounging in luxury! :)

  19. 1019
    tammy whitfield

    This is neat. I think my kitties would love this.

  20. 1020

    I love this–I hope they start selling these everywhere soon!

  21. 1021
    Tami Berry

    Looks very stylish. My three cats would fight over this.

  22. 1022

    This looks like a very cool product – I’m sure my cat would love it – he loves to lay on any type of paper product. Thanks

  23. 1023

    why does my cat love scratching so much? why do I love eco-friendly products?
    this would be wonderful for both of us!

  24. 1024

    Looks great- my cats would enjoy hanging out on a few of these

  25. 1025

    very neato!

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  26. 1026

    What a handsome kitty! My cats would love it.

  27. 1027

    I am always looking for an eco-friendly pet product and I really like the look of this lounger. It would be a hit in my home for sure :)

  28. 1028

    This is fantastic! My cats and I try to do as much as possible to reduce our carbon paw prints. We will be getting one for certain.

  29. 1029

    We want this awesome product in our home!

  30. 1030

    It is a great product for our furry cat :P

  31. 1031

    It looks so comfortable to pet.

  32. 1032

    Very cool. Even more so, since it’s made from 100% recycled materials. Would love to see my kitty lounging on it.

  33. 1033

    cool product, wish my kitties had one.

  34. 1034

    What a COOL product!!! I know my cat would LOVE one :)

  35. 1035
    a f r

    I hope I’m not too late to enter! This looks like a great product.

  36. 1036

    i gotta get one. Hey, that looks like my cat Bodhi!

  37. 1037
  38. 1038
    Liz & Cassie

    love this!

  39. 1039

    I can tell this one would definitely be a winner with my cats.

  40. 1040
    Susan Traxel

    Ok, so we have two cats and a dog (both cats are vaster than the wee dog) as well as TWINS on the way.
    We are already a few beds short. His royal highness Malakai who is a young, spry but determined fifteen-year-old tabby (also known by his tribal name: shrunken head raccoon dog) is in dire need of new digs.
    Something to keep him out of the crib and off of the kitchen table and far, far from my head at night. Something to distract him from the crazy twins boys who will be born within the next month or so.
    Hey, can I put one of my babies in the Eco-chic Bambu Lounger . . . ? Kidding. Kind of. No really. It would be great.
    Thanks for the amazing blog. I read it everyday and just attempted my very own IKEA hack kitty litter solution. Will keep you posted.

  41. 1041

    cool scratcher

  42. 1042

    My kitties would love this, and they have just destroyed the ones we have, so this one is far superior and I might win! Yipee

  43. 1043

    love your cute models! what a graceful way to show off the lounger!

  44. 1044

    How great it works !!

  45. 1045

    My cat loves cardboard, so I’m sure she’d love this!

  46. 1046
    Debra Donovan

    How fabulous! I know my cats would just love to lounge on this.

  47. 1047
    jen s

    what a great idea! my black cat loves egg crates too.

  48. 1048

    Love it! Looks cozy!

  49. 1049

    Extremely eco-friendly. I love this…..

  50. 1050
    Brenda Watts

    My british Shorthairs would go mad over these…scratch and sleep what more could they want….great design.


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